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Free Essays on Terrorism: The Language of Terrorism

Helping to demonize those responsible, the initial language used by the President and later incorporated by the press, has since served as a political weapon from which to fight ³the war against terrorism.²   In that the President¹s speech evoked from his audience (most notably the American people) feelings of fear, terror, anger, and hatred, the appeal has been to the public¹s emotions and senses rather than their ration and intellect.Instilling a strong sense of nationalism and pride, the implications of the President¹s speech are already being felt.Framed in colors of red, white and blue, were such headlines that read:  ³America Under-Attack,² ³The War Against Terror ² and ³The Attack on America²; all the while, urgent ticket taped me...

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The French revolution Essay

Revolution and Terror in France, 1789-1795 (Longman 1974) .The government felt such events ‘threatened’ the revolution and as Doyle states: “the system of Terror established itself by force of circumstance”.According to Boscher, “The Terror was based on the violence of the populous led mainly by educated leaders who approved of popular violence on ideological grounds” .Although at first the Terror was used in conjunction with the ideals, in the end the search for “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” was forgotten by those in power, and the Terror was indeed the triumph of violence of ideals.The war was not going well for France, there were increasing food shortages, tax, inflation and growing numbers of counter-revolutionaries, especia...

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Essay about Impact Of Terrorism On The West

The west is not an innocent victim of terrorism.I encourage those with the mindset that the west is the innocent victim to further analyse the actions the western countries have taken in regard to terrorism, and not always focus on what the mainstream media tells us.While the impact of terrorism on the West is by far more predominant in the media, it is easy to understand the majority of sympathy is pointed in that direction, however on deeper analysis and whilst maintaining a partial ethical view, I disagree with this because the West are the ones suffering the least from the impacts of terrorism, and are the ones who in fact created its own perpetrator.For what we see is only a small fraction in a biased ‘westernised’ lens from what is...

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Journalists war on terror

This essay will focus on illustrating the present difficulties facing by journalists who will report war on terror after the outbreak of 911 and series of terrorism activities around the world, to make us understand the serious status quo of journalism in the warfare time and nations.Then it moves on to illustrate the threats and hardships that have been or will be undertaken by war journalists in their reporting process and give us a detailed analysis of the reason.Journalism, Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism.Journalism And The War on Terrorism.As a response, the Bush Administration implemented the “war on terror” program immediately after the attack and international coalition gathered for rooting out terrorism has created a da...

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Terrorism in America Essay examples

(Bush) He is referring to the war with Iraq, and according to him, the war will "free its people and defend the world from grave danger."However, President Bush's speech shows his personality, desire for power, and war beliefs and which Hertsgaard and Andreas have accurately criticized Bush for these qualities and therefore blame Bush for foreigners' anger and hatred towards America.(Bush) He makes the decision to go into war and he seems very confiden... .Bush has also demonstrated that his true desire in war is to show off weapons.Acting out of arrogance and anger is not always best, going to war to show off is definitely wrong and hurting innocent people by using of violence and intimidation with weapons can definitely be classified a...

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War on Drugs Speech

The topic of the War on Drugs directly coincides with the War on Terrorism.I come to you today with a request for your support to help me fight the War on Terrorism along with me.WAR ON DRUGS SPEECH The following speech is to be presented to the youth of America currently enrolled as High School Students.With your help, together, we can stop the drug funding of terrorist organizations right here in your own neighborhood.Even if you have never...

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The Axis of Evil vs. Evil Empire

Meanwhile in the war against terror the conflict was created because of countries possessing so much weapons and artillery including nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.The Cold War was a stand-off between the United States and Russia.The Cold war and the war on Terror are very similar; the conflicts reveal that when the United States is in economic trouble it develops a need for having a psychological enemy.America was in great financial stress as the World War had just ended.The war on terrorism is the actual war against terrorists groups that started murdering people on 2001 September, 11.

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September 11 Speech by President George W. Bush Essay

The world has become more vigilant in fighting terrorism after this and we can now say that the war against terror may not be totally finished but we have regained our sense of security within our country and continue to keep our homeland safe.The Taliban regime was replaced with a new government.The speech gave the people hope that this will never happen again to the country.It was an act of war done on American soil to innocent citizens.In the speech of President Bush, he thanked the support of countries from different parts of the world and explained to the American citizens, who were responsible for the terrible acts, which was the Al Qaeda, an extreme Islamic terrorist group that’s being protected by the Taliban regime in Afghanista...

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Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified?

Similarly, for Elshtain (2002) in her article How to Fight a Just War, the aim of terrorism is terror.He further notes that ‘even if one were to grant that terrorism necessarily involves the killing of innocents, this alone does not place it beyond the scope of just war theory, for innocents may be killed in a just war.‘Acts of terrorism target the safety of innocent citizens, of non-combatants, and it is an analysis of the status of non-combatants that shows that terrorism, as we commonly understand it, is not compatible with just war theory.’ Moreover, he criticises Valls definition of terrorism for being too broad and by doing so, Valls extends the umbrella under which certain political violence can be labelled as terrorism.Elshtain, ...

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The author first establishes “alienation” about the war in Iraq among Georgetown students and presents a scenario of conflict with regards how soldiers who participated in the war itself feel (Quinn, 2010).Another article of interest is “Intellectuals and the War on Terror”, written by Missy Ryan (2010) which exposes the links between intellectuals and the war on terror.One such study is T. Lynch’s (2010) work entitled “Academic vs. Bush: a War on Error” which exposes the lapses in judgment with regards the Bush administration’s decision to wage war against Saddam Hussein’s regime.It discusses the utility of scholars to be part of the government of think-tanks within the Bush administration and how these think-tanks were there to primari...

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Human Rights, War and Terrorism Essay

War and terrorism are .Acts of War is usually a conflict between .It is a reign of terror when people are always on .However, the right to emigrate should not be curtailed by municipal .The right to expression: Freedom of speech and expression could .

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Analysis: Rhetoric and Speech Essay

Apart from the formal diction, the employment of various rhetorical devices greatly contributed to the vividness and persuasive effect of the successful speech.A detailed investigation is conducted on the style and rhetoric aspect of the speech “Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat” in this work with the approach of stylistic analysis.The speaker emphasizes the importance of the war, and how it will affect the future.The appropriate using of these short simple sentences added smooth rhythm into the speech, making it colorful and powerful.Victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

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Terrorism in Kenya Essay

www.africanconnections.com/AnthonyKuria.html .Professor Thea Sinclair and Dr. Guntur Sugiyarto, Christel DeHaan Tourism and .[10] “Sudanese plant bombed by Pentagon was civilian” By Sarah Sloan, Worker's World .The paper seeks to understand the political, social and cultural variables that have thrown Kenya into the geo-political limelight insofar as the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’ is concerned.[12] “An analysis of reactions to a U.S. government policy regarding compensation for .

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Can Democracy Stop Terrorism?

Also Bianchi and Keller stated that “the irony is that their [democracies’] distinguishing traits and foundational tenets in many ways constitute fertile ground for international terrorism.” Namely the free speech right might be able to raise some violent reactions from the outside, when for example, like in Denmark, cartoons with Mohammed wearing a turban with a shape of a bomb (among other cartoons with the prophet) were drawn.In my opinion, however, (and even though the regressions might not be statistically significant in proving that there is an inverted relationship between terrorism and political and civil rights) a more empirical analysis would suggest that it can really exist and might even embody a trend to getting worse in ne...

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George W Bush And Barak Obama Foreign Policies

Obama Administration tripled the use of drones, as a result, the Administration achieved to eliminate top Taliban leaders in Pakistan, Such as Pakistan Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud was killed on drone strike, this brought huge achievement for the War on Terror for the US and its allies.Bush intervened in Afghanistan in response to 911 to remove Taliban from power and eliminate Al-Qaida leadership, soon after, the purpose on war in Afghanistan has been changed and later it was also war on drug and women’s right and promotion of democracy.Bush continued to pump more troops into Iraq, however, Obama (Cordesman et al 2012) stated clearly that his priority for the War in Afghanistan and brought the Iraq War to end.However, Obama made the W...

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Bush and Blair 9-11 Speeches: Analysis of Rhetorical Devices

The Former President George W Bush utilized pathos, anaphora, and personification in his speech to convey an optimistic tone.He implements this emotional appeal into his speech to involve all Americans--people living in the United States of America, regardless of their ethnicity, race, or culture, and to acknowledge that the American people have endured this together, and that they will continue to advance after this event with stronger resolve, stronger than ever.In contrast, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair took a different approach in his speech.This statement was reassuringly directed at Americans specifically, in contrast with the focus of the entire speech, which was aimed at people worldwide.Throughout the speech, the Form...

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Maximilien Robespierre, the Incorruptible Leader

In the summer of 1792, the enemies of the people were few, but during the Terror, assassins, intriguers, and traitors to the Republic’s cause increased dramatically.(Carr 137)” Robespierre stated that Louis was an exception that was allowed to be put to his death, but the Reign of Terror was more than just that.Paris in the Terror: June 1973- July 1794 J.In response to the war, Robespierre gave a speech as a warning, in which he sated “What does it avail us to conquer the kings if we are conquered by the vices that lead to tyranny?According to Robespierre’s argument, victory in a war may present a greater danger than defeat.

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The Role of the Media in The Contemporary World Arena

The majority of people would find it offensive to justify Osama Bin Laden’s involvement in the September 11th attacks, and though many may argue that the war has proved highly negative, portraying Saddam Hussein as an innocent man even though he has murdered hundreds of Kurdish opposition and sent thousands of young men to their death in needless wars against Middle Eastern states.On the one hand we were seeing from the British and American perspective the ease in which Western machinery ploughed through southern Iraq, but on the other many saw the horror of war, the children killed in cross fire, the inevitable bombed hospital, the father who loses his entire family to a stray American bomb.At the outbreak of war, many news corporations...

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Treason, Terrorism and Wartime Criminal Justice Essay

The Constitution’s division of powers leaves the President with some exclusive powers as Commander-in-Chief (such as decisions on the field of battle), Congress with certain other exclusive powers (such as the ability to declare war and appropriate dollars to support the war effort), and a sort of “twilight zone” of concurrent powers.The Supreme Court swiftly ruled that this was an unconstitutional extension of the president’s war powers.From the Sedition Act of 1798 to the current war on terror, the Constitution and its amendments have been challenged to ensure national security.Human rights in the ‘War on Terror’.Fascism and the Axis Powers were defeated both by military victories in World War II and by post-war assistance that painsta...

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Essay on Dangers of the War on Terrorism

“War on Terrorism” would first seem to be used in the metaphorical sense to define our determination to stop terrorism, but out efforts and definitions have made this a “real” war.The use of the word war in the case of terrorism creates numerous dangers.The Civil War, World War II, and even the Vietnam War or Conflict designates our determination to give the lives of soldiers and spill the blood of the enemy to maintain our freedom.It is not my intention to end the “War on Terrorism”, or even end the use of the phrase.The “War on Terrorism”, does not have a limit of enemies, a location, or a way to end.

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The Consequences of Terrorism Essay

Agendas the people are not bothered about, the people who actually live through the events of the "war against terrorism" and are a part of the "collateral damage".the "Muslim extremist" in Afghanistan acted as the gateway for the war to spill over into Pakistan.The war against terrorism is terrorism".A famous American actor and activist, Woody Harrelson, in response to the bodies falling in the "war against terrorism" said, . "The western contrived term was first used by used by the American President, George W. Bush, during tenure trigger of the "war against terrorism" happened.

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The ' Three Victims Of Terrorism Essay

. . The blatant inaction, failure of dialog, and perceived-created fears by the West has not only brought constant fear to the Islāmic people both in America and in their homeland but has aided the corrupt state officials and the terrorist themselves. Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister, discusses this in her speech “Three Victims of Terrorism.” She explains in detail that not only does the Muslim nation wholly support and rally around the United States in its War Against Terror, it does so although the West does not consistently commit themselves to promoting stability and democracy in the Middle East. . . Although the war on terror has greatly raised the profile of democracy and its undeniable need in the Middle E...

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A Critique of Bush's Speeches after September 11 Essay

These words and phrases are his attempts to comfort the United States people but only anger the terrorists he has declared war with.1) The president allowed the citizens of the Unites States of America to feel confident with the status of our nation in the future, after he gave this speech.After the speech was recited, Ted Kennedy stated that The presidents speech was exactly what the nation neededa message of determination and hope, strength and compassion.Bush, George W. "President Bush's Speech to the Nation."The president was there most of the time his writers were working on the speech, and it seemed he was comfortable speaking the topics of the speech.

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Essay on The Between Religion And Terrorism

We will define terrorism here as a "politically motivated tactic involving the threat or the use of force or violence".Before turning to our analysis of the interactions between religion and terrorism, we shall firstly seek elements in the definition of both of the potential causal relationship.As for terrorism, its definition is rooted in a sharp definitional academic debate.For Durkheim, as a matter of fact, the system to which religion is related indicates the good and bad habits one ought to have, while our given definition of terrorism makes no mention of religion.To conclude, religions act as normative systems that inherently contain, in their sacred texts, the roots of social reprehension and violence, so far as the prohibited beh...

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Habeas Corpus Essay

In tackling war and terror, people are arrested, and the right of defendants to be charged for war or terror crimes should be put into consideration.The power of habeas corpus in America: from the King’s Prerogative to the War on Terror Latimer, C. P. (2011).Such suspension can occur in cases of civil war when state prisoners are held in custody violation of the federal law (Latima, 2011).He can only do so in actual theatre of war.For example, detaining a terror suspect for years seems fit for the state but at the same time unconstitutional.

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Is The Threat Of Terrorism Exaggerated Politics Essay

India needs arms to protect its border and to sustain the conflict in Kashmir and Pakistan needs it to sustain the war on terror and sustain the conflict with India in Kashmir.After 9/11, Pakistan was considered as a strategic partner in the war against terror.As far as the myth goes no country besides the United States and a couple of allies such as Pakistan gained from the war on terror.So in short, there is more to it that meets the eye, meaning war on terror is not simply for the sake of American national security or to take revenge of the 9/11 attacks.If we pay attention to the arms production in America, one can imagine how many arms have been built or how much of the U.S annual budget has been allocated towards arms production by ...

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Terrorism as global phenomenon

He is losing domestic support for the war that he inherited from his predecessor.In his recent speech, General Kyani spelled out Pakistan’s regional security concerns by saying: “We want strategic depth in Afghanistan but do not want to control it.” Afghanistan , which has been a breeding ground for terrorism, has become a territory where a number of regional states are struggling for influence.President Obama claim to “finish the job” by bringing the war to a “just end” but the success is far from being achieved.The war torn region is riddled with terrorism and apparently there is no end to the insurgent movement.Obama in his speech declared that the “days of giving blank cheques are over.” This has led to a monitoring mechanism under t...

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Reconciliation for 9/11 Terrorism Essay

It is time to act.Some believe that if war ends in the Middle East, a majority of the fight against terrorism will be accomplished.However, reconciliation first requires risk and sacrifice.These terrorists don't represent peace-they represent evil and war."As students of reconciliation, we must remember that Muslims and their positions can change.

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What is the War on Terrorism Essay

It was especially surprising, considering that he was a psychiatrist.The second plane was heading for the white house but the passengers rose up, killed the terrorists, and crashed into a local field.He finally plead guilty and instead of dying a death that he deserves, he died as a mortar.What is the “war on terrorism?” A lot of people have different views on it but my perspective is that it is a series of tragedies led by a group of individuals or a single person that hates everything America stands for.I am for the war against terror because of all the dead and injured innocent Americans.

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Military Actions Against Terrorist Organisations Politics Essay

those who could make good peace would never have won the war.” .Supporting nations like India, in launching pre-emptive surgical strikes against terrorist training camps, would yield better results in the war on terror.The US war on terror in Af- Pak region is aimed mainly at the Taliban and Al- Qaeda.The group advocated invoking of Sharia Law and strongly opposed Pakistan Army’s support for war on terror.US and ‘War on Terror’.

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