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Visual Rhetorical Analysis

Proclamation of rhetoric papers in English may mean different from expressing opinions to the public and including support in the environment.In the photograph, I rarely missed won the Pulitzer Prize, and a teenager was seen to pierce the carnation into a barrel of a member of the US National Guard.I will use trustworthy data and logical arguments to invoke the spirit and logo and further persuade my audience to agree with me.The purpose of rhetorical and visual analysis is not to analyze authors' claims on problems, but to analyze how authors and vision authors present this claim.Objective analysis of the pros and cons of using the author's spirit, logos, and sorrows, using visual texts related to community issues.The flower's power is ...

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Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy In his darkroom he is finally alone with spools of suffering set out in ordered rows.The poem works on a very personal level - it is based on the authentic experience of a war photographer - and on a much wider level, saying something about the views and attitudes within our society concerning things that happen much further away.In the 1970s Carol Ann Duffy was friendly with Don McCullin, a famous photographer whose photographs of war were widely published and respected.The war photographer is the man who goes between these two worlds.The safe world of England is signified by the cliche of a typical Sunday: "The bath and pre-lunch beers" while the horror of war is expressed throug...

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How Wilfred Owen and Carol Ann Duffy Convey The Suffering of War

She shows her bitterness at the attitude and lack of compassion of those living in England by contrasting the atrocities of war ‘a hundred agonies in black-and-white’ with the fickleness of people in ‘Rural England’; ‘eyeballs prick with tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers’ and then life goes on as normal.Carol Ann Duffy’s title War Photographer appears to serve the purpose of indicating one of the main considerations in her poem, how could someone continue to visit dangerous places, putting themself at risk, to bring back photographs which have little affect on the rest of the population.The two poems that I have chosen to compare and contrast are Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen and War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy.They b...

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The Aerial Photography Weapon

The ‘cold war’ was fought entirely in the newly created cyber-space of information, mis-information, military intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance.By the 1914-1918 war, photographic technology and air transport had developed and with the juxtaposition of fixed-wing aircraft like the de Havilland DH-4 and the Kodak A-2 camera the aerial weapon was effectively created.However, by the end of the Second World War (WW2) the technology had of course, advanced considerably and the quality, quantity and availability of images into the public domain was much greater.The death and destruction felt directly by central London and a few other British cities earlier in the war was no consolation to the eyes and minds of people all over the we...

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A critical review of a story in the press Essay

The photograph is different to the one used by The Guardian; it’s in a different place, and in addition is not posed.Furthermore, a photograph of Mr Bond’s children appears beneath the main headline, which is black and white, and 2″ squared in size.The photograph used by The Daily Mirror, is identical to The Guardian, but is scaled down in size and a different shape.Directly beneath the photograph of fugitive, Derek Sykes, alias Derek Bond, a different style of typography has been used, to show a comparable section in which comparisons are made between, what Mr Bonds family claim, and what the FBI claim is true.In addition, a photograph of Mr Bond is placed directly beneath the second statement.

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Photographers – Weegee (Arthur Fellig) and Robert Capa

The images from Robert Capa show nothing but the troubles and spoils of war.Gerda was to serve as secretary and sales representative; Andrei was to be a darkroom hired hand and these two were to be employed by a rich, famous, talented (and imaginary) American photographer named Robert Capa.All the photographs are of murder or war, which really go hand in hand.Returning to Europe, he photographed the Spanish war until its end in early 1939. .Leaving Acme in 1935 to freelance as a police beat photographer on the night shifts.

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Comparison of two photographers, namely, Weegee (Arthur Fellig) and Robert Capa

Returning to Europe, he photographed the Spanish war until its end in early 1939. .The second image of a dead soldier lying in his blood is a great deal more violent and aggressive than the first of soldiers running towards a bank, giving different views of war, not just gore and battle.Leaving Acme in 1935 to freelance as a police beat photographer on the night shifts.He already had four books to his credit: “Death in the Making” on the Spanish Civil War, “Waterloo Bridge” on the London Blitz, “A Russian Journal,” with John Steinbeck narrative, and “Slightly Out of Focus” on World War II.Gerda was to serve as secretary and sales representative; Andrei was to be a darkroom hired hand and these two were to be employed by a rich, famous, t...

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Kevin Carter: The Prize Winning Photograph

The Bang-Bang Club BOOK- Snapshots from a Hidden War: The Making of the New South Africa.On another level, it is possible to understand that at the time that Carter took the photograph, he was a deeply troubled man, haunted by the things he had seen during his career, plagued by personal problems, and battling a drug habit but is it fair to take advantage of the little girl?They have published famine, war, misery and death to the world in an unknown perspective.Kevin was destiny to become an inspiration, he began his career as a weekend sports photographer, he then moved on to work for the Johannesburg Star, enjoying the afford of other photojournalist to expose the brutality of Apartheid.All these expressions refer us to an environment ...

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Documentary photography

These rules cover a wide range of topics such as how a photographer should act while taking pictures, what he or she can and can’t photograph, and whether and how an image can be altered in the darkroom or on the computer.Thwarted by military censors from reporting the “what, where, and how” of World War I, journalists engaged the “who” – the human interest stories that were already a staple of early 20th century media.The issues were too complex for neat photographic embodiments, and the war itself had few triumphs.This means the photographer must only photograph what has happened, when it happened and not recreate a situation because they didn’t get there on time.There are some who would even say that the mounting weight of photographi...

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A comparative analysis of ‘The Sun’ Essay

The use of the colour green and the headline ‘Green light… ‘ is almost a metaphor; it suggests to the reader that war is forth coming and at hand.At present the threat of war hangs heavily around the world if not more so in the UK.Spread across the top of the two pages like a mini-headline that reads ‘Millionaire courtroom in stitches as game show host takes witness box’ this is intended to make the story sound more amusing and an added factor is the over large photograph of the jovial Chris Tarrant; this only reinforces what ‘The Sun’ thinks its audience wants to see.This article takes a more poignant look at the effects of war and is entitled ‘left behind to stave’.In stark contrast to ‘The Sun Says’, ‘The Guardian’ takes a different s...

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Has Television Taken Over Photography?

[7] See picture 10 .A form of undeclared censorship has been watching over photography all the time, and war reporters have been its principal targets.On the other hand, ( ) was an homage to the Furher from his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, and was completely dedicated to him and his private life.One of the most recent and outstanding case is the story occurred to a now famous picture taken by Kenneth Jarecke during the first Gulf War (1991).In the USSR, Iosif Stalin reduced the avant-garde photographer Aleksandr Rodchenko to a mere instrument to convey the perfection of a state working in the best imaginable way, where every movement was preordained and nothing could go wrong.

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War Photographer

Although the readers are generally upset by seeing images of war sufferers, the emotions only last momentarily as the reader is detached from the experience and is unable to fully relate to the true terrors of war.Imagery is an effective technique used in the by the poet in “War Photographer”.The suffering relates to that of the photographer as well as the suffering of the victims of war.The poet uses many literally techniques such as word choice, imagery, and tone to make us feel pity towards the photographer and the victims of war.To conclude, “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy is a thought provoking poem which makes us question the morality of taking photographs at war.

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First landing on the moon Essay

The motives of the hoax as suggested include Cold War prestige, money, distraction and the risk that the mission posed.The one who took the photograph must have been on the surface of the moon and we are told that Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon, then who is supposed to have taken the photo and how?During the Cold War, the United States regarded the winning of the space race as vital to its establishment as a world power.The analysis of the pictures for instance reveals great loopholes that suggests to the contrary.It has to be noted that the moon landing episode is said to have taken place in the 1960s, a time when the United States and the Soviet Union were battling for space supremacy in the infamous Cold War era.

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War Poems Comparison Essay

In conclusion I believe “War Photograph” has a great deal more impact than “War Photographer” The poem is structured well with simple short sharp sentences that are extremely effective and also longer detailed descriptions.This is unlike “War Photographer” in which the writer only briefly mentions the children and concentrates on the environment that surrounds the youngsters.Kate Daniels communicates this message in a much more obvious and frank manner in “War Photograph” than Carol Ann Duffy manages to in her poem “War Photographer”.In “War Photographer” the vision of children is always conveyed in the lines “…fields which don’t explode beneath the feet of running children in a nightmare heat.” The image of children is hidden within the...

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The Power of Images Essay

Martin’s, 2000.Works Cited Brower, Kenneth.Andrea A. Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz.“By Means of the Visible: A Picture’s Worth.” The Presence of Others.Stephens, Mitchell.

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Comparing The Powerful Images of the Tyger and the War photographer Essay

Similarly, in War Photographer Carol Ann Duffy mentions how the War photographer “sought approval without words to do what someone must.” .This is exemplified when Carol Ann Duffy says that the War Photographer “stares impassively at where he earns a living.” The use of the adverb “impassively” conjures up images showing how the War Photographer is so unemotional and machinelike in the way he takes pictures of the death and suffering of War just to “earn a living.” Therefore, in this way, the mental images formed in reader’s mind from each poem illustrate that the War Photographer is synonymous with the Tyger as they both cold-heartedly use the medium of death to improve their own lives.In conclusion, Carol Ann Duffy and William Blake ...

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Impact Of Photojournalism Upon Important Of American Culture History Essay

The images from World War II of both the fighting and the Nazi concentration camps inspired and horrified the nation and the world.The end of the Vietnam War was brought about with the help of photojournalists who exposed the misconceptions under which the war was fought.These photos because necessary testaments to history by encouraging the recognition and support of the new State of Israel, helping to bring some of those responsible for war crimes to justice, and serving as a reminder that persecution cannot be tolerated.Upon publication of the photograph and caption, support for the war skyrocketed.Until photographs surfaced of the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people during World War II, few people knew the ext...

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Society of the Spectacle and War Photography

The quiet subtlety and blankness of the desert distances them from the spectacle associated with the medias representation of war, there is an unknown tension in the images Seawright generates a view of the futility of war.The French Photographer Sophie Ristelhuber Photographs depicts the aftermath of war they are usually un peopled with no survivors and no dead, concentrating on the spaces of war rather than its participants, the scars and burns are found on buildings and landscapes rather then the people.With the technological advancement of cameras and not needing to haul darkroom equipment with them the first world war photographer could get closer to combat and then during the 2nd world war the introduction of the 35mm camera increa...

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Impact Magnum Has Had On Photography Photography Essay

In addition a lot of images produced during World War II were captured by Magnum photographers.Nevertheless some of its art may deal with issues but they are usually already covered by photojournalism and documentary, such as famine and war.Also what we seeing today for example in war photography is meant to show us the impact of war not its devices.Again documentary is mostly assumed to be subjective because photographer has a point of view on what he is about to photograph.They showed examples of suffering and human dignity, brutality of war and photographer braveness in witnessing.

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“War Photograph” and “War Photographer” Essay

In the poem War Photographer, the idea of the photographer being “finally alone” makes us think how he could be using it as a form of sanctuary for himself after being in all the chaotic destruction and panic of the war in which the photos he has taken are subject to.Both poems try to show us the bigger picture beneath the picture we see, which is a small snapshot that doesn’t really show anything in comparison to the whole war, and is like – I say again – looking through a keyhole.In contrast to this, War Photograph shows this directly, letting us look through the keyhole, then opening the door, letting us see the whole thing.On the other hand, War Photographer mentions this keyhole effect briefly, and then moves on.In the poem War Phot...

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The Society Of The Spectacle Media Essay

we can never experience the true horrors of war unless from first hand experience but photographers seem now to be taking the stance of the modernist painters of the first world war who painted what they felt rather than what they saw.Goyas images are constantly being revisited looking at Francis Bacon triptych Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 1944 the twisted screaming distorted creatures depict mans inhumanity to man and capture the fear of the future mood after the second world war and still our mood today, bacon like Goya still has a hold over our imagination, for example the Chapman brothers reconstructed the Disasters of war in 1991 using miniature plastic figurines.One of his photographs is almost identical t...

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Eddie Adams: A Man Who Fixed Historical Moments

[11] Zelizer, “When War is Reduced to a Photograph,” p. 119. .[6] In such case the photograph carries within it a meaning that the photographer has put there, and this meaning will be visible in the photograph just as the photograph’s status as art or science is visible in it.“When War is Reduced to a Photograph,” in Stuart Allan and Barbie Zelizer, eds., .[10] Barbie Zelizer, “When War is Reduced to a Photograph,” in Stuart Allan and Barbie Zelizer, eds., .Studying in high school in his native city he participated in publishing the school newspaper as the photographer, shot weddings and other events for money; after school he joined the Marine Corps and served there as a combat photographer in the Korean War; later he wo...

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War Poetry Essay

In the final two lines the photographer is on a plane heading presumably, for another war zone.In the `War Photographer` the photographer hasn’t got the time to realise what is really happening, he’s only there to get a front-page snap.As this is not a first hand piece she may have not got all the detail correct, unless she has spoken to a photographer that went to the war.The first three lines are about his view on going to war, he describes it as if he was forced to go to war.The photographer cannot be part of his home setting because of the horrors he has witnessed, and the people for whom he works cannot fully appreciate the photographer’s work because they have no idea of the real circumstances of war.

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War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy Essay

It is hard to establish what the message is in the war photographer at times he is praising the war photographers job And condeming the people he works for at other time he shows compassion to the victims he encounters but in the last line The narrator seems numb to what he witnesses as he works .In Both the War Photographer and Stealing By Carol Anne Duffy the occupations of the narrator play a leading role even the titles are names of the occupations they both partake in.the colour red is used to remind the reader of the blood shed during war.The poem opens with the Photographer coming home from his job and ends with him flying out to another job this implies his life runs in a cycle.These metophores seem to be effective by shocking ...

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The Power Of Photography In The Vietnam War History Essay

That the Vietnam War was reported by a media with a generally free access may be a reason why the American military was keen to prevent another ‘Vietnam War’ scenario from happening, such that in other wars such as the Gulf War unfolded in realms of the hyperreal.In conclusion, photography can capture a cross-section in time and intensify the horror of war via a simple click.Photography hampered the war effort in Vietnam.Another outcome of the Vietnam War was concretization of the media as an institution that had a grip on public perception.Even when General Loan moved to America and set up a pizza parlor after the war, the outcome was that others remembered him and defaced the walls of his restaurant with ‘we know who you are.’ It seems...

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A Comparison of Photographic Approaches towards American Culture Compare and Contrast Essay

Similarly, Duncan’s images from Korea expressed a scorching, inconvenient fact: that is, war is hell, and people still die horrific deaths, although the war in subject should be a “police act.Siskind, on the other hand, used photography as a skylight into the subconscious minds of Americans and a technique to react to the dirty happenings experienced in World War II.Duncan, in his common volume “This Is War!” described the astounded, rigid Marine chief trying to regain his strength following an assault by North Korean army.In conclusion, photographic works of both Duncan and Siskind play a central role in American culture, since they represent the happenings experienced in World War II, which is an historical event.However, Siskind used ...

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The Importance Of Media In Vietnam War

The conclusion about the role of the media in Vietnam War will give the historians a deeper insight into the nature of this war.Hammond’s book “Reporting Vietnam: Media and Military at War” is an invaluable resource in terms of researching the attitudes of government and  the media to the events in Vietnam and the “cold war” between them as their reports became more and more different.As a result, “certain bond of trust between government, military, and press that existed up until Vietnam has totally been shattered now…”[9] Still, it seems that the hype around the media involvement in the war events lead to a trend to overestimate the media importance in the Vietnam War.“Covering the War” article from Online Focus is a transcription of t...

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Postmodernism in the media

This loss of the real within photography is only enhanced by developments in photography making it accessible to everyone meaning the value of a photograph and photography is not as high.This sense of the ‘real’ is not lost, but could be forgotten within photography, and taking a step back just to look at a photograph as a whole would bring back the ‘real’ into that photograph.Is anybody of work free from this postmodernist trap every photographer seems to fall into.In my opinion, postmodernism and the no-ending reference meant that we are now always looking for analysis of a photograph and a reason and reference behind it.But the title ‘The East Anglians’ could refer to Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’ a post World War II look beneath the...

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‘Peace’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘War photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy

Peace is considered the opposite to war, and is associated with what is wanted from war, but peace to Rupert Brook means war, he wants a change and this seems the perfect adventure.Rupert Brooke makes war out to be a fantastic opportunity for the men of England, whereas Carol Ann Duffy portrays war as an emotionally painful experience.In ‘War photographer’ there is a pattern between the rhyming couplets.Taken from ‘War photographer’, immediately we are persuaded that war is something to be glad to get away from, as suffering is everywhere.In conclusion the way in which warfare is portrayed in ‘Peace’ and ‘War Photographer’, depended strongly upon the historical context and the ideas and attitude of the poet.

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History Of Photography: Edward Steichen

Such a notion, he felt, served only to confine and inhibit the creative photographer (p.236).” This is relevant to the modern world as it promotes the pluralistic recognition of the various emerging approaches to photography that were spawned by the movement of the Photo-Secessionists.Edward Steichen came back from World War I, where he had been in charge of U.S. Army aerial photography, and burned all his paintings.The day after Carl Sandburg finished his classic “Abe Lincoln: The War Years,” Steichen, who was his brother-in-law, made six images showing the writer’s mood.World War II heralded his “Road to Victory” and “Power in the Pacific” photographic exhibitions commissioned by the U.S. Navy at the New York Museum of Modern Art.…exce...

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