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‘Peace’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘War photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy

Peace is considered the opposite to war, and is associated with what is wanted from war, but peace to Rupert Brook means war, he wants a change and this seems the perfect adventure. Rupert Brooke makes war out to be a fantastic opportunity for the men of England, whereas Carol Ann Duffy portrays war as an emotionally painful experience.

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Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

Her poem, " War Photographer ", (from Standing Female Nude, 1985), is based on conversations she had with him. Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy In his darkroom he is finally alone with spools of suffering set out in ordered rows.

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Comparing The Powerful Images of the Tyger and the War photographer Essay

Carol Ann Duffy also goes on to mention, “The reader’s eyeballs prick with tears” when seeing the “agonies” in the pictures that the War Photographer takes. William Blake and Carol Ann Duffy both utilize powerful imagery to describe the “War Photographer” and “The Tyger”, making similar statements about them.

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Poetry Analysis Comparison

This is very different to War Photographer because Dylan Thomas is showing his angry rejection towards death where else Carol Ann Duffy is depress from the victims of war. The poems War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy, A Mother in a Refugee camp by Chinua Achebe and Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas although they may first seem t...

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How Wilfred Owen and Carol Ann Duffy Convey The Suffering of War

In War Photographer the structure and length of each stanza remains constant throughout, and this regular form mirrors the environment and emotions of the photographer. In contrast Carol Ann Duffy’s poem was written in the 1970’s and was based on conversations that she had with Don McCullin a famous photographer, whose war photographs were widely pu...

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War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy Essay

In the War photographer photographical launguage is used as metaphors to shocking images the war photographer encountered ; . These metophores seem to be effective by shocking the reader I think Carol Anne Duffy has intended the reader to start to think of the effects of the war not only on the victims but on the people who work their such as the ...

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The Strong Emotions In The Poem ‘War Photographer’

Likewise, both poet’s from War Photographer and Dulce et Decorum Est were disturb by the scenes from wars however Wilfred Owen only wrote about the gas attack which most disturbed him and Carol Ann Duffy wrote the whole poem based on wars in general. This is very different to War Photographer because Dylan Thomas is showing his angry rejection towar...

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War Photographer

The children had no involvement in the starting of the war yet they must live out the inferno of war. “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem that uses features such as word choice, imagery and tone to make us feel pity for the main character.

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Emotions In ‘A Mother In A Refugee Camp’

In Stealing, Carol Ann Duffy also based this poem with the theme of strong emotion by using symbolization. From War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy has covey the misery cause by war in a very emotional way.

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War Poetry Essay

`Night Patrol` by Alan Ross, `War Photographer` by Carol Ann Duffy and `Dulce et Decorum Est` by Wilfred Owen. `Dulce et Decorum Est`, is written by Wilfred Owen, he has done many other well-known war poems and was tragically killed during the great war.

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Vivid Recollections in Poetry Essay

This also reflects how the poet's feeling change in each verse . pews in rows , that have come to attend a service of loved ones lost in the war ‘.

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Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems Essay

So Owen met some friends and they wrote poems about what the war was really like and this is where he wrote this poem and in it uses the phrase “the old lie Dulce et Decorum Est Propatria Mori”, In war photographer instead of showing the public the reality of war through poetry he has done it through vivid images that really hit the public and show ...

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War Poems: Compare and contrast Essay

Another victim of war and brutality. This, again, deals with the emotional impact of the war on the families of victims and leaves them sad and also angry that their loved one has been taken.

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War Poetry Essay

The War Photographer gets into the mood of war in the second line of the poem itself ; “with spools of suffering…”,and this mood is continued throughout, while Six Young Men starts of in a much lighter mood and slowly builds up to the finale. Apart from the poems “Six Young Men” by Ted Hughes and “War Photographer” by Carol Anne Duffy, “Vergissmeini...

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War Poems Comparison Essay

“War Photograph” by Kate Daniels and “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy are war poems that both convey similar strong messages about humanity. Kate Daniels communicates this message in a much more obvious and frank manner in “War Photograph” than Carol Ann Duffy manages to in her poem “War Photographer”.

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Class and Death Essay

Carol-Ann Duffy is very excited about growing up and thinks that its great, but doesn’t really know what is to come as she says that “the sky is sexy. Carol-Ann Duffy tends to focus on metaphors “the inky tadpoles changed from commas to exclamation marks” similes “like the faint uneasy smudge of a mistake” and personification “An xylophone’s nonsens...

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Analyse three poems

The words in the poem such as “ansaphone” is not a standard English but it gives the writer gives it a touch of sound an the inner person to the poem, its very similar to the way Carol Ann Duffy wrote her poem havisham and she used “b-b-b-breaks” to let you here the desperate sounds. I also know this poem is about war because of the atmosphere they ...

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“Nostalgia” by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

Nostalgia by Carol Ann Duffy, the mercenaries, strong brave men, described in the poem are tormented by the same feeling of nostalgia. Carol Ann Duffy portrayed a perfect ‘sweet pain’ when a flashback on the warm and safe home flickers in a mercenary’s head.

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“The Devils Wife” by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

the sinister atmosphere is highlighted when Carol Ann Duffy makes a direct reference to one of the murders. when Carol Ann Duffy says “he made me” this makes the reader question whether or not she was involved in the murders or if she was only forced to hide the evidence.

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”Shooting Stars” by Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy convincingly shows this through theme, imagery, word choice and structure. She also juxtaposes everyday events with this to reinforce it, “after the immense suffering someone takes tea on the lawn”; the formal nature of “tea on the lawn” is calm compared to the ugliness that is war.

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Simon Armitage And Carol Ann Duffy English Literature Essay

.. Carol Ann Duffy writes in first person. Thanks to this fact I think that the poems that they wrote are related more or less with our nowadays society, for example, the last poem by Carol Ann Duffy refers to a theme that unfortunately is occurring nowadays, the children abuse.

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Childhood and Memories poetry Essay

In “Brothers”, Carol Ann Duffy uses another sense; hearing to emphasis her mothers repetitive comments about children and her wishes to be a grandmother but then finding out that Duffy was a lesbian. By Litany, I believe that Carol Ann Duffy is actually trying to portray the things that really stood out in her childhood, a good example of this could...

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Poets Rethink Everything Anew

Some very good examples for this are Wislawa Szymborska’s “The Joy of Writing”, in which she explores the process of creating poetry, and “Hitler`s First Photograph”, which is about the dictator as a child, as well as Carol Ann Duffy’s “Valentine”, that compares love with an onion. In “Hitler`s First Photograph” Szymborska explores the life of Adolf...

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Carol Ann Duffy uses the theme of growing up in her poem Essay

‘The classroom glowed like a sweetshop’ a child’s favourite place is a sweetshop so Carol Ann Duffy here is using a simile showing that the atmosphere in her classroom is electrified by excited children as if they’re in their favourite sweet shop. But Carol Ann Duffy is basically showing the reader that they don’t know what they’re in for and could ...

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Primary School classroom Essay

For example, in Duffy’s ‘Stealing’ it shares the feelings of a child who steals for no reason and Duffy adds comments from her own experiences. Explore the Memories Expressed in their Poems and consider what Views they are sharing about Growing Up Carol Ann Duffy expresses her views and gives her true experiences to do with childhood and growing up.

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Analysis of Before You Were Mine Essay

Duffy perceives recklessness and contentment, idealising and applying an imaginative image of what her mother was like from the famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch standing on the grid, revealing her legs, introducing a sexual element. Duffy believes her glamour never truly left her and she endeavours to recreate the lost roma...

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Essay about Compare the way in which poets create a threatening or menacing

Carol Ann Duffy then immediately establishes an ominous . The poem ‘Salome’, by Carol Ann Duffy, is written in the first person, .

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Carol Ann Duffy Explores The Theme of Childhood

Carol Ann Duffy also explores the theme of childhood through “Stealing.” Stealing is about a young boy who steals because he is bored. Carol Ann Duffy explores the theme of childhood through the memories of the grown man in the poem.

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The Theme of Romantic Love in To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

The Theme of Romantic Love in To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy . many minor details can be missed which in the long term could prove .

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Style and Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy opening sentences engages with the reader immediately as it creates suspense and humour. Carol Ann Duffy has created sympathy for the character by adopting symbolic imagery and characterization to convey the deteriorating and pessimistic life Havisham portrays.

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