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‘Peace’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘War photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy

In conclusion the way in which warfare is portrayed in ‘Peace’ and ‘War Photographer’, depended strongly upon the historical context and the ideas and attitude of the poet.In ‘War photographer’ there is a pattern between the rhyming couplets.‘War Photographer’ is written in four regular stanzas, which helps to emphasise the regular, tedious and uninteresting pattern of the photographer’s job.Taken from ‘War photographer’, immediately we are persuaded that war is something to be glad to get away from, as suffering is everywhere.In ‘War Photographer’ a war photographer has returned from his latest job to his quiet home in England.

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Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

The poem works on a very personal level - it is based on the authentic experience of a war photographer - and on a much wider level, saying something about the views and attitudes within our society concerning things that happen much further away.Her poem, " War Photographer ", (from Standing Female Nude, 1985), is based on conversations she had with him.The last line of the poem - a stark juxtaposition - seems to focus the reader's thoughts on the dilemma posed by war reporting: "he earns his living and they do not care."The safe world of England is signified by the cliche of a typical Sunday: "The bath and pre-lunch beers" while the horror of war is expressed through Appropriately for a poem connected with a Sunday supplement, colours ...

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Comparing The Powerful Images of the Tyger and the War photographer Essay

Similarly, in War Photographer Carol Ann Duffy mentions how the War photographer “sought approval without words to do what someone must.” .Duffy emphasizes the effect of War on humans such as the “War Photographer” and the ”readers” of his pictures.William Blake and Carol Ann Duffy both utilize powerful imagery to describe the “War Photographer” and “The Tyger”, making similar statements about them.This produces a contrasting image on the War Photographer as it suggests he is doing something right and “what someone must” as making people aware of the death and suffering in the world, is a step closer to resolving this problem of war.Therefore, the religious imagery in both the War Photographer and the Tyger question whether God’s good ...

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Poetry Analysis Comparison

Furthermore, the comparison of the photographer and the priest also shows the job the photographer is doing is seem to be very sacred and he takes a high responsibility for this mission.In Stealing, Carol Ann Duffy also based this poem with the theme of strong emotion by using symbolization.Likewise, both poet’s from War Photographer and Dulce et Decorum Est were disturb by the scenes from wars however Wilfred Owen only wrote about the gas attack which most disturbed him and Carol Ann Duffy wrote the whole poem based on wars in general.In War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy discusses the death caused by wars.Dylan Thomas is trying to encourage his father to continue his life instead of showing the weaknesses of human race in War Photograph...

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How Wilfred Owen and Carol Ann Duffy Convey The Suffering of War

Her poem is fictional and written about a war photographer alone in his darkroom.The two poems that I have chosen to compare and contrast are Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen and War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy.In War Photographer the structure and length of each stanza remains constant throughout, and this regular form mirrors the environment and emotions of the photographer.In contrast Carol Ann Duffy’s poem was written in the 1970’s and was based on conversations that she had with Don McCullin a famous photographer, whose war photographs were widely published and respected.Carol Ann Duffy’s title War Photographer appears to serve the purpose of indicating one of the main considerations in her poem, how could someone continue t...

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War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy Essay

This is interesting because it seems that their jobs are their life and feeling even so they both share an extent of guiltiness related to their occupations, In War photographer he is guilty that he is at home in comfortable quiet rural England and all the people he photographs are still suffering.the colour red is used to remind the reader of the blood shed during war.In Both the War Photographer and Stealing By Carol Anne Duffy the occupations of the narrator play a leading role even the titles are names of the occupations they both partake in.A sense of mystery surrounds the narrator in stealing you don’t know if he is male or female or his age and background although many assume the narrator is a man due to stereotypical criminal gen...

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The Strong Emotions In The Poem ‘War Photographer’

From War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy has covey the misery cause by war in a very emotional way.In Stealing, Carol Ann Duffy also based this poem with the theme of strong emotion by using symbolization.His detailed description illustrates his outrage at the suffering cause by war.In comparison to the others, A mother in a refugee camp discusses more about love during a war.Here the poet is describing the famine caused by war (Biafran War) in his native Nigeria.

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War Photographer

Although the readers are generally upset by seeing images of war sufferers, the emotions only last momentarily as the reader is detached from the experience and is unable to fully relate to the true terrors of war.The poet uses many literally techniques such as word choice, imagery, and tone to make us feel pity towards the photographer and the victims of war.To conclude, “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy is a thought provoking poem which makes us question the morality of taking photographs at war.The suffering relates to that of the photographer as well as the suffering of the victims of war.As well as feeling pity towards the photographer, we also feel pity towards the victims of war.

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Emotions In ‘A Mother In A Refugee Camp’

In Stealing, Carol Ann Duffy also based this poem with the theme of strong emotion by using symbolization.The poems War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy, A Mother in a Refugee camp by Chinua Achebe and Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas may at first seem to have a little in common.This imagery is very powerful because we can imagine the change in the victims face and it also suggests that war is cruel and is a waste of young people’s life.Also Dylan Thomas is trying to encourage his father to continue his life instead of showing the weaknesses of human race in War Photographer.In comparison to the others, A mother in a refugee camp discusses more about love during a war.

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War Poetry Essay

`Night Patrol` by Alan Ross, `War Photographer` by Carol Ann Duffy and `Dulce et Decorum Est` by Wilfred Owen.The first three lines are about his view on going to war, he describes it as if he was forced to go to war.As this is not a first hand piece she may have not got all the detail correct, unless she has spoken to a photographer that went to the war.In the `War Photographer` the photographer hasn’t got the time to realise what is really happening, he’s only there to get a front-page snap.The pictures taken were war photographs, most pictures taken in war had horrific outcomes, people dying or injured.

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Vivid Recollections in Poetry Essay

pews in rows , that have come to attend a service of loved ones lost in the war ‘.The lines are .complexity of his thoughts and emotions.‘War Photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy, ‘The Sick Equation’ by Brian Patterson and ‘I Shall .Duffy also uses enjambment and rhyming to lead the reader through the Photographers thoughts.

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Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems Essay

As you read onto the next stanza Duffy talks about the war photographer going home to Rural England he has used caesura here again and it has been used to make “Rural England” sound really blunt and plain and she says “to fields that don’t explode beneath the feet of running children in a nightmare heat” this makes you think how much suffering there would be in the world if it was all like these places Beirut and Phnom Penh and the planet was a war zone.You do not know who the people were same as in war photographer .To help us get a better perspective of the word I have used three main poems that demonstrate different elements of suffering War photographer is a poem by carol ann Duffy and he is looking through the pictures he has taken ...

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War Poems: Compare and contrast Essay

This, again, deals with the emotional impact of the war on the families of victims and leaves them sad and also angry that their loved one has been taken.The photographer developing the photos is also compared to a priest performing the ritual of mass.Another victim of war and brutality.In the last verse, Carol Ann Duffy points out that the general public only care when they’re looking at the pictures and it doesn’t leave an emotional impact or an empty space in their lives, unlike the victims grieving families.Both of these poems deal with the emotional impact of war on the families of its victims.

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War Poetry Essay

The contrast between a relaxed atmosphere and the shock of war with the mention of death, the flash of guns and smell of cordite, the noise of war is hard hitting.The poem War Photographer deals with the various experiences of a war photographer and his emotions when he develops his films.The War Photographer gets into the mood of war in the second line of the poem itself ; “with spools of suffering…”,and this mood is continued throughout, while Six Young Men starts of in a much lighter mood and slowly builds up to the finale.The War Photographer by Carol Anne Duffy .War Photographer comes from Duffy’s friendship with Don McCullin and Philip Jones Griffith, two very well respected still photographers who specialized in war photography....

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War Poems Comparison Essay

In “War Photographer” someone’s reaction to a number of the pictures that the photographer has developed is described, “The reader’s eyeballs prick with tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers”.“War Photograph” contains a great deal more emotion and is more focussed directly on the images of distress whereas “War Photographer” is looking at the reaction of the photographer to the same events, through his own eyes and this is what makes it have less impact on the reader.The poet explains to us in “War Photographer” how the photographer needs to control his emotion to continue professionally with his job, “He has a job to do/do what someone must”.“War Photograph” by Kate Daniels is undoubtedly the most effective and has had the most imp...

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Class and Death Essay

Carol-Ann Duffy makes the reader feel safe, but aware of the dangers that are going on outside school.In this piece of coursework I am going to be conducting an in-depth analysis of “In Mrs. Tilcher’s Class” by Carol Ann Duffy and “Death of a Naturalist” by Seamus Heaney.Carol-Ann Duffy is very excited about growing up and thinks that its great, but doesn’t really know what is to come as she says that “the sky is sexy.In Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, she uses second person narration and tells of how she can’t wait to grow up, for example ” you run through the gates impatient to be grown.Carol-Ann Duffy was born in Glasgow, but moved to Staffordshire in 1960, her father was a counsellor and the manager of a small football club.

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Analyse three poems

The words in the poem such as “ansaphone” is not a standard English but it gives the writer gives it a touch of sound an the inner person to the poem, its very similar to the way Carol Ann Duffy wrote her poem havisham and she used “b-b-b-breaks” to let you here the desperate sounds.I also know this poem is about war because of the atmosphere they say, “and starring face to face I shot him as he at me” because in war they use to face each other and so on.Also in these two poems their characters were upset, depressed and won’t let go of their past, and both characters from Havisham and Hitcher wanted to be free.Now I am going to analyse “The man he killed” this poem was probably made around World War 2 because of some of the words.If link...

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“Nostalgia” by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

Carol Ann Duffy portrayed a perfect ‘sweet pain’ when a flashback on the warm and safe home flickers in a mercenary’s head.Carol Ann Duffy used a range of language techniques, symbolism and diction to make readers engage in the power of nostalgia through the story of the mercenaries, of how strong and feared men became weak when confronted by this sensation.Nostalgia by Carol Ann Duffy, the mercenaries, strong brave men, described in the poem are tormented by the same feeling of nostalgia.The poem Nostalgia, written by Carol Ann Duffy presented a strong theme of that although the place and buildings have not changed, time has passed and the person has changed.The past is lost….. ..forever.

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“The Devils Wife” by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

The description that Duffy writes about the vulgar things Hindly and Brady committed is what creates the sinister atmosphere and the very distressing feeling.The reader is left with a chilling, dark feeling.“The Devils Wife” is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy.Through the use of poetic techniques such as word choice, structure and imagery, Carol Ann Duffy creates a sinister atmosphere, the sinister atmosphere changes as the poem progresses and also as hindlys life progresses.the stucture of the poem is a dramamatic monologue written by Carol Ann Duffy, however we can not fully trust what the narrator is saying as it is not from Myra Hindly herself.

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”Shooting Stars” by Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy convincingly shows this through theme, imagery, word choice and structure.She also juxtaposes everyday events with this to reinforce it, “after the immense suffering someone takes tea on the lawn”; the formal nature of “tea on the lawn” is calm compared to the ugliness that is war.I found the treatment very convincing since the war was not glorified in any way, it was told as the harsh and disgusting thing that war is.She is symbolic to all those killed in the war.Convincingly, Duffy tells us that the woman is dead, “After I no longer speak”; this euphemism helps us to see that she is telling us of her last dying moments, and how she saw many innocent people being killed.

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Simon Armitage And Carol Ann Duffy English Literature Essay

First there is the biography of Simon Armitage and then the biography of Carol Ann Duffy.Carol Ann Duffy ... Carol Ann Duffy try to rewrite a sonnet by Shakespeare but in the way his wife would do it, so she doesn’t follow the rules of Shakespeare’s works, maybe because she wants to refer that Anne Hatheway wasn’t as good as him writing poems.This summary starts one year after that the first work by Carol Ann Duffy was published.Thanks to this fact I think that the poems that they wrote are related more or less with our nowadays society, for example, the last poem by Carol Ann Duffy refers to a theme that unfortunately is occurring nowadays, the children abuse.

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Childhood and Memories poetry Essay

Another poem with religious iconography is “Brothers”, in which Carol Ann Duffy describes her four siblings, on of which is illustrated as “an alter boy” I believe she is trying to tell the reader that they lived solitary lives and didn’t have a very active social live inside or outside the family.Synaesthesing allows the audience to imagine one thing, in this case someone stammering and put it into another situation, a butterfly crawling and flapping its wings.These two examples are quite obvious but the final one is a little more subtle.This gives the all important realistic picture.Perhaps Duffy was often old of for damaging her mother’s sofa or can remember her mother tidying up the house and the bedspread for visitors.

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Poets Rethink Everything Anew

This contrast between our expectations of the topic and the actual diction and imagery is one thing that this poem has in common with the earlier discussed poems by Szymborska.To conclude, all three of the discussed poems create a new sensation of poetry by choosing a common topic, of which we have a certain conception, and then disprove our expectations.In “Valentine” Carol Ann Duffy rethinks the idea of valentine gifts anew and suggests that an onion would be perfectly suitable as one.The odd structure supports the content of the poem .The poem lacks structure, which clearly breaks with tradition and shows the attempt to create something new.

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Carol Ann Duffy uses the theme of growing up in her poem Essay

Moving on to the next stanza, Carol Ann Duffy has started with ‘Over the Easter term, the inky tadpoles changed from commas into exclamation marks’.‘As the sky split open into a thunderstorm’ this is a very powerful use of language, it almost hits the reader.‘Impatient to be grown’ after all the children or should I say young adults have hit the puberty barrier and now want to be just like their mother and father, no longer embarrassed about sex but wanting to be involved with it.But Carol Ann Duffy is basically showing the reader that they don’t know what they’re in for and could turn out to be horrendous.Carol Ann Duffy, I think, has added these to humiliate them and to show the reader that the children are safe and in a totally differ...

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Primary School classroom Essay

In ‘Mrs Tilscher’s Class’, Carol Ann Duffy starts with “you”, which makes it personal and sets the scene “travel up the Blue Nile”.It also appeals to the senses by using sounds as well as visual images.He uses less imagery than Carol Ann Duffy, but in one particular poem ‘Kid’, he uses a great more rhyme.They both include experiences towards school life, where Carol Ann Duffy writes about the younger years and Simon Armitage writes about the older years at school.School has so many good memories that it is able to make the bad ones disappear.

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Analysis of Before You Were Mine Essay

There are numerous references to time throughout the poem; Duffy mentions herself at the beginning of each stanza as a reminder that she does not yet exist and her mother has never given a thought about her.The thought of me doesn’t occur…” Duffy then continues to inform the reader about her gratification of dancing and being content once again.Duffy gives the consensus that her mother enjoyed life much more before her existence.This gives the impression that Duffy is guilt-ridden for besmirching her mother’s pleasure.Duffy perceives recklessness and contentment, idealising and applying an imaginative image of what her mother was like from the famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch standing on the grid, revealing her ...

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Essay about Compare the way in which poets create a threatening or menacing

ruthlessness of the speaker in ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘Salome’.atmosphere they create for the reader.other three, which are much darker and far more threatening in the .outrageous, especially in comparison to the quite, subdued .Carol Ann Duffy then immediately establishes an ominous .

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Carol Ann Duffy Explores The Theme of Childhood

Duffy uses the character in the poem to explore the theme of childhood.Another of Carol Ann Duffy’s poems that explore the theme of childhood is “The captain of the 1964 top of the form team” the poem is a dramatic monolouge in the voice of the captain of the team but as a grown man, again Duffy is exploring the theme of childhood through the childhood memories of an adult.Carol Ann Duffy also explores the theme of childhood through “Stealing.” Stealing is about a young boy who steals because he is bored.A common theme in many of Carol Ann Duffy’s poems is childhood.Innocence is one of the ways in which Duffy explores childhood in her poems.

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The Theme of Romantic Love in To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

other hand, in "Valentine", Carol Ann Duffy sets out to cast aside any .The Theme of Romantic Love in To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy .many minor details can be missed which in the long term could prove .separate entity and to realise that it is necessary to always look at .regarding the value of true love, as in order to have a good .

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Style and Carol Ann Duffy

Poet has adopted colour imagery to visualise old dirty appearance of Havisham, which also connotes death and decay.The word choice to describes Havisham as she opens her closet and sees herself in the mirror connotes fear and insecurity.Carol Ann Duffy has adopted metaphorical setting to express the evil and vengeance Havisham possess to create the theme of hate and revenge.Carol Ann Duffy penned a dark, cynical poem titled Havisham.Carol Ann Duffy has created sympathy for the character by adopting symbolic imagery and characterization to convey the deteriorating and pessimistic life Havisham portrays.

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