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Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

The poem is written in the 3rd person and creates a powerful picture of a real photographer: "In his darkroom he is finally alone/ with spools of suffering set out in ordered rows."In my view, Duffy is siding with the photographer in the poem.The structure of this poem supports this dichotomy in that there are two contrasting worlds: the world of war zones ("Belfast.The war photographer is the man who goes between these two worlds.Her poem, " War Photographer ", (from Standing Female Nude, 1985), is based on conversations she had with him.

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How Wilfred Owen and Carol Ann Duffy Convey The Suffering of War

Her poem is fictional and written about a war photographer alone in his darkroom.The poem War Photographer I could relate more to because it typifies people’s attitude and indifference to war today; out of sight, out of mind.In contrast Carol Ann Duffy’s poem was written in the 1970’s and was based on conversations that she had with Don McCullin a famous photographer, whose war photographs were widely published and respected.In Duffy’s poem she focus on the wider social implications of war, as well as the dying men she sympathizes with the suffering wife, and the children that are forced to live in this dangerous environment.His anger is directed at the people in England who believed that there was honour in dying for your country and gl...

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War Photographer

The children had no involvement in the starting of the war yet they must live out the inferno of war.The poet uses many literally techniques such as word choice, imagery, and tone to make us feel pity towards the photographer and the victims of war.As well as feeling pity towards the photographer, we also feel pity towards the victims of war.“War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem that uses features such as word choice, imagery and tone to make us feel pity for the main character.The poem is about the emotional struggles that the war photographer faces daily in his job.

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” The Field-Mouse”, “War Photographer” and “Thistles”

In the poem “War Photographer” the poet uses difficult imagery.In the “War Photographer” sounds are strong and painful.In the “War Photographer” the conflict is between the majorities of people who do not care about the war, because it is somewhere in the opposite part of the world, but the war photographer was in Vietnam and Beirut and he saw all the horror of the war.In ‘Thistles” conflict is between men and thistles, In “War Photographer” conflict is between majority of people who don’t care about the war and some people who try to explain how important is this problem.For example poems “War Photographer” and “Field-Mouse” both describe the war and how horrible it is to live in the country where is the war.

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‘Peace’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘War photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy

In ‘War photographer’ there is a pattern between the rhyming couplets.He goes from one extreme to another, this connects with the extremes of the life in rural England, and the life at war that the photographer experienced.Carol Ann Duffy’s poem was written after an experience of war and this reflects on her poem also.In ‘War Photographer’ a war photographer has returned from his latest job to his quiet home in England.Rupert Brooke makes war out to be a fantastic opportunity for the men of England, whereas Carol Ann Duffy portrays war as an emotionally painful experience.

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War Poems Comparison Essay

In “War Photographer” the vision of children is always conveyed in the lines “…fields which don’t explode beneath the feet of running children in a nightmare heat.” The image of children is hidden within the shocking description of how dangerous the surroundings are there in contrast to where he is now, “fields which don’t explode”.In “War Photographer” someone’s reaction to a number of the pictures that the photographer has developed is described, “The reader’s eyeballs prick with tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers”.Many people take comfort in religion and by using it before describing the pictures of war and pain it reminds the reader of how hard it must be for people living in circumstances that involve war to remain or become...

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War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy Essay

These metophores seem to be effective by shocking the reader I think Carol Anne Duffy has intended the reader to start to think of the effects of the war not only on the victims but on the people who work their such as the War photographer, newsreaders or charity workers who aren’t necessarilly thought of being affected by war.In Both the War Photographer and Stealing By Carol Anne Duffy the occupations of the narrator play a leading role even the titles are names of the occupations they both partake in.conjures images of body bags holding victims of war laying side by side.The war photographer is set in four regular stanzas which emphasises the pattern of the war photographers day.In the War photographer photographical launguage is used...

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Comparing The Powerful Images of the Tyger and the War photographer Essay

Duffy emphasizes the effect of War on humans such as the “War Photographer” and the ”readers” of his pictures.This is exemplified when Carol Ann Duffy says that the War Photographer “stares impassively at where he earns a living.” The use of the adverb “impassively” conjures up images showing how the War Photographer is so unemotional and machinelike in the way he takes pictures of the death and suffering of War just to “earn a living.” Therefore, in this way, the mental images formed in reader’s mind from each poem illustrate that the War Photographer is synonymous with the Tyger as they both cold-heartedly use the medium of death to improve their own lives.In conclusion, Carol Ann Duffy and William Blake both present powerful images of...

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War Poetry Essay

The surface subject of the poem is the war photographer of the title but at a deeper level the poem explores the difference between “Rural England” and places where wars are fought (Northern Ireland, the Lebanon and Cambodia), between the comfort or indifference of the newspaper editor and its readers and the suffering of the people in the photographs.Six Young Men gives the impression that 6 young men have lost their lives all in the name of war, Bombing Casualties in Spain gives you an idea about how unjustified war is by forming a scene out of the civil war in which many children have been slaughtered due to aerial bombing, Vergissmeinicht demonstrates a painful irony when it states that the very weapons we use to cause destruction ul...

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War Poetry Essay

`Dulce et Decorum Est`, is written by Wilfred Owen, he has done many other well-known war poems and was tragically killed during the great war.In the final two lines the photographer is on a plane heading presumably, for another war zone.`War Photographer` by Carol Ann Duffy.In the `War Photographer` the photographer hasn’t got the time to realise what is really happening, he’s only there to get a front-page snap.As this is not a first hand piece she may have not got all the detail correct, unless she has spoken to a photographer that went to the war.

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Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems Essay

A four foot box a foot for every year” this line puts the poem in to perspective when you think just how small this child is and helpless he was, this comes back to the point made in ‘War Photographer’ and ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ and you can see this part plays a big role as it very important and is one of the most frequent forms of suffering.There comes no worse than a death of a child especially your own, you may say this poem demonstrates death more intensely than war photographer or Wilfred Owens poem this is similar to Mid term break where Seamus Heaney talks about the death of a younger brother and they are similar in that a child is used to amplify the sympathy from the reader.To help us get a better perspective of the word I have ...

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“War Photograph” and “War Photographer” Essay

In the poem War Photograph, Kate Daniels immediately expects us to know which photograph she is talking about as soon as she gets past the first verse (which describes the photo in question) which explains why it is so short.Both poems try to show us the bigger picture beneath the picture we see, which is a small snapshot that doesn’t really show anything in comparison to the whole war, and is like – I say again – looking through a keyhole.War Photographer shows the bigger picture in a way that also shows how people don’t realize that what they are seeing isn’t the full story, as there are two sides to each and every story.In the poem War Photographer, the idea of the photographer being “finally alone” makes us think how he could be usin...

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Poetry Analysis Comparison

The poems War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy, A Mother in a Refugee camp by Chinua Achebe and Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas although they may first seem to have a little in common.Likewise, both poet’s from War Photographer and Dulce et Decorum Est were disturb by the scenes from wars however Wilfred Owen only wrote about the gas attack which most disturbed him and Carol Ann Duffy wrote the whole poem based on wars in general.In War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy discusses the death caused by wars.Compare and contrast the portrayal of strong emotions in the poems War Photographer, A Mother in a Refugee Camp, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night and with referenced to: Dulce et Decorum Est , Stealing and The Soldi...

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The Strong Emotions In The Poem ‘War Photographer’

Furthermore, the comparison of the photographer and the priest also shows the job the photographer is doing is seem to be very sacred and he takes a high responsibility for this mission.Dylan Thomas is trying to encourage his father to continue his life instead of showing the weaknesses of human race in War Photographer.Likewise, both poet’s from War Photographer and Dulce et Decorum Est were disturb by the scenes from wars however Wilfred Owen only wrote about the gas attack which most disturbed him and Carol Ann Duffy wrote the whole poem based on wars in general.In comparison to the others, A mother in a refugee camp discusses more about love during a war.Here the poet is describing the famine caused by war (Biafran War) in his native...

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War Poems: Compare and contrast Essay

Another victim of war and brutality.He is trying to get across the idea that this war destroys normal families and stops them being happy.When he is at home in his dark room, everything is calm and peaceful, unlike the war zones that he has to work in.Both of these poems deal with the emotional impact of war on the families of its victims.In the third stanza of the poem, he watches the photograph as it is developing.

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War Photographer Essay

Therefore, by using vivid imagery, the poet is able to make the readers envision the scene of war, and in the process create a depressing and gloomy mood.The “red” light symbolize the blood shed during war, and the phrase “all flesh is grass” tells us that with all the explosions and firing going on during the war, the flesh of dead soldiers has become as common a sight to see as the grass growing around us.The fact that the photographer thought of his work as “what someone must [do]” tells us that he does not enjoy what he is doing, but thinks of it as a necessity, thus exemplifying the gloomy mood of the poem as readers will pity him for what he has to do, despite not wanting to.The phrase “hands which did not tremble then though seem ...

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Judith Wright Essay “Wedding Photograph” and “The Old Prison”

In the poems, Wedding Photograph, 1913 and The Old Prison, poet Judith Wright uses strong imagery to comment on the themes and issues present in society, from the devastation of war which is relayed through the use of personification and alliteration, to the impracticality of altering the past showed by the inclusion of symbolism and simile.In Wedding Photograph, 1913, Judith Wrights views on society in her time was made evident through the insertion of alliteration that contributed to conveying the concept of war, and the devastation it can inflict upon those directly and indirectly involved with it.War is the reason Wright never grew up knowing who her parents really were or what they were like, and it is apparent through the imagery W...

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Emotions In ‘A Mother In A Refugee Camp’

Also Dylan Thomas is trying to encourage his father to continue his life instead of showing the weaknesses of human race in War Photographer.In Dulce et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen has describe a gas attack during World War One with his strong emotions.The poems War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy, A Mother in a Refugee camp by Chinua Achebe and Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas may at first seem to have a little in common.In comparison to the others, A mother in a refugee camp discusses more about love during a war.As well as in Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night the theme was also strong emotions however the idea of the poem was different.

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Vivid Recollections in Poetry Essay

‘War Photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy, ‘The Sick Equation’ by Brian Patterson and ‘I Shall .poem to various degrees.In contrast ‘The sick equation’ has no particular Patten to the shape of the poem.This also reflects how the poet's feeling change in each verse .pews in rows , that have come to attend a service of loved ones lost in the war ‘.

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In The Park Analysis

Frank Einstein's biography paper has a compelling thesis that concludes with a call to action buttons for old media and new media papers to make a short essay on political and corrupt UN Eps entry articles successful It is.Interview of Cadaveres perlongher analytical article Biography, beispiel thesis, chez lionel criticized the stress about this article.pdf editor pleasant house alison bechdel thesis can help my mother flower explanation thesis.Working Memory Vision Columbian Paper for Analysis Oral Paper Bowling Paper Whistle, Provisional Budget 2016 Analysis National Park Paper Romeo and Juriet pdf Research on Strategic Collision at Work Papers Civil War and Slavery Thesis Low Frequency in Research Papers Hourly news stories about sto...

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World War II History Essay

Levertov uses nature imagery, reflections and acceptance to show the importance and meaningless of this poem.This poem is also a point of departure yet on where they still find happiness which is also relating to The Boat because they are departing their country in search for a better life.Nam Le’s The Boat shows the purpose of having to go through the horrifying experiences with horrific memories of innocent people just trying to live a better life.Whilst Denise Levertov’s poetry better explains her personal experiences through her life challenges.So through these personal experiences and memories we can see that the purpose of people expressing their personal experiences, memories and history can give us a better understanding on the r...

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Lyrics Essay

The dissemination of the poems of Paroles was also largely done through song thanks to the music of Joseph Kosma and to performers such as Agnès Capri, Marianne Oswald, Juliette Gréco, les Frères Jacques, Germaine Montero, Mouloudji or Yves Montand (sometimes in combination cinema as for "Les Feuilles mortes", song from Marcel Carné's 1946 film Les Portes de la nuit, made famous by Yves Montand).The themes of the collection are numerous: they often intersect and are highlighted by effective poetic procedures.The dominant aspects of Jacques Prévert's art, which the title Paroles underlines, are spontaneity and orality, nourished by surrealist influences made of new expressiveness and provocation.More recently, the Quebec group the Cowboys...

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‘MCMXIV’ by Philip Larkin and ‘Six Young Men’ by Ted Hughes

We modern twenty-first century readers may not immediately recognize such words, which Larkin uses to his advantage as he is now trying to show us what life used to be like before the war.Fifty years on, they can see that World War I had no final good purpose and that all that World War I did for Great Britain was not to make it safer or better but just to change the way of life they had always known.Larkin’s view of the war is more subtle but he still gives us an insight to the war and his version of life is more realistic.He also gives the reader details of a time when people knew where they stood and respected the class boundaries (“the differently-dressed servants, with tiny rooms in huge houses”) which also would change with the war...

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Shoe Horn Sonata Distinctive Visual Essay

All these visual techniques work together to create vivid and memorable images that convey these distinctive experiences.This allowed the audience to see the truth behind what was going on in the image and what purpose was behind it.As seen in John Mistos 1996 play ‘The shoe horn sonata’, Kenneth Slessor’s 1942 poem ‘Beach Burial’ and Nick Ut’s Photograph ‘The napalm of trangbang” distinctive experiences such as power, truth, trauma of war and survival can be conveyed through a variety of distinctively visual techniques.The use of these visuals, impacts the text as a whole by leading the audience to certain impressions and understandings but that can be open to interpretation.The distinctive experience of power and survival is shown in K...

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History of documentary photography

His most widespread acclaim came in 1855 with the Crimean War and becoming the official photographer for the British Museum after photographing Queen Victoria.The images from Fenton were transformed to woodblocks and then published in which was regarded as a less critical publication This staged image illustrates the civilised, structured and almost glamorized way in which Fenton wanted to portray the war.Images of the war were originally intended to counteract the general unpopularity of war and occasional critical reporting (see Addendum B, fig.It is from these images taken that we gather the most knowledge and understanding of the curcumstances which occurred during the War.Widely regarded as the “first iconic photograph of war” (se...

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Revisiting Approaches and Strategies in Araling Panlipunan Essay

Collage making A collage is a collection of photos from various sources that are put together to make a whole.Asking students to make a collage on issues that related to economic problems will help them to understand those issues better.Song /Poem Analysis Many songs and poems contain economic related messages.Case studies are stories or scenarios that require analysis and invite solutions.Students are put in the position of problem solvers who discover underlying issues, position and interest.

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This Is a Photograph of Me Essay

In the poem, “This is a Photograph of Me” Atwood reveals the mysterious identity of the speaker.Lastly Margaret Atwood uses imagery throughout the poem, “This is a Photograph of Me”.Even though while reading the poem we feel as though we are looking at a photograph, when really we have a poem describing what the photograph would look like, consider Atwood’s poem “This is a Photograph of Me” as an example open form poem because she uses the photograph to symbolize the speaker’s feelings of how she sees herself on the outside.By giving the details of the photograph it makes the reader think that the photograph is old, same as how she feels like she is fading, even though she can be seen clearly.Atwood uses irony through the title of the po...

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An Analysis of The Building

"In most cases, such tenants will provide more budget to the design team to provide more expensive state-of-the-art green design solutions," he added.Commercial tenant analysis / resident profile: Includes tenant mix of commercial buildings or analysis of resident files of apartment houses.A photograph of the building and a list of major maintenance and capital improvements needed over the next five years is an important part of the five-year financial forecast.The poem title "architecture" already implies the theme of this poem.Building Code The Urban Building Standards Law is the backbone of the analysis of the occupancy of individual buildings, but it is also important for community scale analysis.According to Mr. Hoffman, this is bec...

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Illusion and Identity in Atwood’s Essay

Identity in Atwood’s “This is a Photograph of Me” In her poem “This is a Photograph of Me,” author Margaret Atwood uses imagery and contrast to explore issues of illusion versus reality as well as identity.Perhaps the ambiguity of the poem and the exploration of illusion and identity are hinting at a feminist perspective that a woman’s true spirit is overcast by a male-dominated society.The photograph in the poem, in the first half, is described as “smeared” and “blurred” and in the second half there is still “distortion.The pace of the poem after this revelation seems frantic, searching for the narrator in the lake, which was in the first half described as being “in the background” and now “in the center/ of the picture.The poem is spli...

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Defence of the Realm Act

Also advertisements were used not only to sell products but to sell the war as in one example sours D shows the calm and relaxed side of war the “time for one more” side of war it shows in the advert a soldier blatantly sticking his head way above the safety of the trench and him scanning the land with a sort of half smile on his face.if anything else other that what was instructed was put on the postcard it would have been destroyed.Propaganda was not just used in posters it was also used in newspaper storys this was so as that the defence of the realm act did not want the true picture of the war to be shown and it wanted to keep peoples spirits so it would feature such photographs as the one used in source b of army recruiting office t...

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