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War Photographer

The poet uses many literally techniques such as word choice, imagery, and tone to make us feel pity towards the photographer and the victims of war.Imagery is an effective technique used in the by the poet in “War Photographer”.The children had no involvement in the starting of the war yet they must live out the inferno of war.“War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem that uses features such as word choice, imagery and tone to make us feel pity for the main character.To conclude, “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy is a thought provoking poem which makes us question the morality of taking photographs at war.

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” The Field-Mouse”, “War Photographer” and “Thistles”

In the “War Photographer” sounds are strong and painful.The poem “War Photographer” describing the thoughts of the war photographer.And “Thistles” are actually describes war as well, but not war between two nations or countries, between plants and humans.In the poem “War Photographer” the poet uses difficult imagery.The Author is trying to explain for all people that if the war is not in your country, it does not mean that here is no war at all.

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How Wilfred Owen and Carol Ann Duffy Convey The Suffering of War

The ending of the poem is somewhat ambiguous, it is unclear if she is referring to the war photographer starting out on a new assignment, or reflecting back on the completed one.The two poems that I have chosen to compare and contrast are Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen and War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy.In War Photographer the structure and length of each stanza remains constant throughout, and this regular form mirrors the environment and emotions of the photographer.His anger is directed at the people in England who believed that there was honour in dying for your country and glamorised and glorified war encouraging innocent children ‘desperate’ for ‘glory’ to become a part of the evil and barbaric war that he so vividly des...

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‘Peace’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘War photographer’ by Carol Ann Duffy

In conclusion the way in which warfare is portrayed in ‘Peace’ and ‘War Photographer’, depended strongly upon the historical context and the ideas and attitude of the poet.‘War Photographer’ is written in four regular stanzas, which helps to emphasise the regular, tedious and uninteresting pattern of the photographer’s job.Rupert Brook described death to be the worst that could happen at war, its simple quick and honourable to die for your country, whereas we are given images by Carol Ann Duffy of the horrific suffering and pain of war.In ‘War photographer’ there is a pattern between the rhyming couplets.Peace is considered the opposite to war, and is associated with what is wanted from war, but peace to Rupert Brook means war, he wants ...

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Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

The war photographer is the man who goes between these two worlds.The structure of this poem supports this dichotomy in that there are two contrasting worlds: the world of war zones ("Belfast.The last line of the poem - a stark juxtaposition - seems to focus the reader's thoughts on the dilemma posed by war reporting: "he earns his living and they do not care."The safe world of England is signified by the cliche of a typical Sunday: "The bath and pre-lunch beers" while the horror of war is expressed through Appropriately for a poem connected with a Sunday supplement, colours are important in the poem.The poem works on a very personal level - it is based on the authentic experience of a war photographer - and on a much wider level, saying...

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War Poems Comparison Essay

In “War Photographer” the vision of children is always conveyed in the lines “…fields which don’t explode beneath the feet of running children in a nightmare heat.” The image of children is hidden within the shocking description of how dangerous the surroundings are there in contrast to where he is now, “fields which don’t explode”.In “War Photographer” someone’s reaction to a number of the pictures that the photographer has developed is described, “The reader’s eyeballs prick with tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers”.The poet explains to us in “War Photographer” how the photographer needs to control his emotion to continue professionally with his job, “He has a job to do/do what someone must”.“War Photograph” contains a great dea...

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War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy Essay

A sense of mystery surrounds the narrator in stealing you don’t know if he is male or female or his age and background although many assume the narrator is a man due to stereotypical criminal gender.In War Photographer we are told the narrator is male this is the only information surrounding the narrator intrestingly there is no desriptions of the physical attributes of the narrators or outsiders which poems usually include to help the reader relate to the charactors within the poems.The poem opens with the Photographer coming home from his job and ends with him flying out to another job this implies his life runs in a cycle.These metophores seem to be effective by shocking the reader I think Carol Anne Duffy has intended the reader to s...

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Comparing The Powerful Images of the Tyger and the War photographer Essay

Carol Ann Duffy also goes on to mention, “The reader’s eyeballs prick with tears” when seeing the “agonies” in the pictures that the War Photographer takes.Similarly, in War Photographer Carol Ann Duffy mentions how the War photographer “sought approval without words to do what someone must.” .Therefore, the religious imagery in both the War Photographer and the Tyger question whether God’s good will for creating suffering in the world emphasized through the creation of the Tyger and War.Duffy emphasizes the effect of War on humans such as the “War Photographer” and the ”readers” of his pictures.For example the War photographer’s hand is described to “tremble” when he is forming the pictures of “agonies.” The words “agonies” and “tremb...

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War Poetry Essay

Six Young Men might have a greater impact on some readers because it speaks of six different characters affected by war rather than sufferings of war in general, and Ted Hughes last verse is far more haunting than Duffy’s as he manages to show the six men as no more alive than any man you meet nor any more dead than any prehistoric beast.Carol Anne Duffy criticizes the Britons to see pictures and sufferings of war so comfortably; Ted Hughes, Herbert Read and Keith Douglas also show us the futility of war.The poem War Photographer deals with the various experiences of a war photographer and his emotions when he develops his films.War Photographer comes from Duffy’s friendship with Don McCullin and Philip Jones Griffith, two very well resp...

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War Poetry Essay

The pictures taken were war photographs, most pictures taken in war had horrific outcomes, people dying or injured.`War Photographer` by Carol Ann Duffy.`Dulce et Decorum Est`, is written by Wilfred Owen, he has done many other well-known war poems and was tragically killed during the great war.In the `War Photographer` the photographer hasn’t got the time to realise what is really happening, he’s only there to get a front-page snap.The photographer cannot be part of his home setting because of the horrors he has witnessed, and the people for whom he works cannot fully appreciate the photographer’s work because they have no idea of the real circumstances of war.

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Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems Essay

Vernon Scannell has used a sense of mystery just like war photographer it doesn’t mention any names but it says “but where are they who sought you?From the start of war photographer you get the feeling of quietness and solitude and if you had to link this with a colour it is quite possible that most people will say something along the lines of blue or green but Carol Ann Duffy has used the colour red and somehow connected it to quietness the colour red is mentioned as it was the colour used when developing a photograph so the room had to be pitch black with the faint red glow.As you read onto the next stanza Duffy talks about the war photographer going home to Rural England he has used caesura here again and it has been used to make “Rur...

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“War Photograph” and “War Photographer” Essay

War Photographer shows the bigger picture in a way that also shows how people don’t realize that what they are seeing isn’t the full story, as there are two sides to each and every story.Where War Photographer shows us memories of a person, captured through photos, War Photograph shows us what happens after a single picture is taken, giving us a more realistic view of the war in question.Both poems try to show us the bigger picture beneath the picture we see, which is a small snapshot that doesn’t really show anything in comparison to the whole war, and is like – I say again – looking through a keyhole.In contrast to this, War Photograph shows this directly, letting us look through the keyhole, then opening the door, letting us see the w...

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Poetry Analysis Comparison

In War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy discusses the death caused by wars.Compare and contrast the portrayal of strong emotions in the poems War Photographer, A Mother in a Refugee Camp, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night and with referenced to: Dulce et Decorum Est , Stealing and The Soldier.This is very different to War Photographer because Dylan Thomas is showing his angry rejection towards death where else Carol Ann Duffy is depress from the victims of war.Dylan Thomas is trying to encourage his father to continue his life instead of showing the weaknesses of human race in War Photographer.Furthermore, the comparison of the photographer and the priest also shows the job the photographer is doing is seem to be very sacred and he take...

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The Strong Emotions In The Poem ‘War Photographer’

This imagery is very powerful because we can imagine the change in the victims face and it also suggests that war is cruel and is a waste of young people’s life.In comparison to the others, A mother in a refugee camp discusses more about love during a war.This is very different to War Photographer because Dylan Thomas is showing his angry rejection towards death where else Carol Ann Duffy is depress from the victims of war.Furthermore, the comparison of the photographer and the priest also shows the job the photographer is doing is seem to be very sacred and he takes a high responsibility for this mission.From War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy has covey the misery cause by war in a very emotional way.

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War Poems: Compare and contrast Essay

Both of these poems deal with the emotional impact of war on the families of its victims.The photographer then goes back to doing his job and the general public forget about him until he comes back with the next set of photographs.The photographer developing the photos is also compared to a priest performing the ritual of mass.The first poem is a pre-1900 poem written by Walt Whitman.In the third stanza of the poem, he watches the photograph as it is developing.

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War Photographer Essay

In the second stanza, the phrase “fields which don’t explode beneath the feet of running children in a nightmare heat” explicitly describes a scene of war, with landmines exploding, and that this has become such a common sight to see for the photographer that he is glad to be away from all the depression.In the first stanza, the phrase “darkroom he is finally alone” paints a picture depicting the depressing feel of war, when the world is dark and devoid of happiness, and the photographer being “finally” alone tells us that he himself is glad to be away from the suffering in war, which brings out the gloomy mood of the poem.The “red” light symbolize the blood shed during war, and the phrase “all flesh is grass” tells us that with all the ...

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Judith Wright Essay “Wedding Photograph” and “The Old Prison”

War is the reason Wright never grew up knowing who her parents really were or what they were like, and it is apparent through the imagery Wright presents to us that her opinion on war is a negative one, as we see the damage it inflicted upon her young family.It is evident that this poem revolves around issues raised during the war, in particular the devastation it caused to the families involved in it.Ineloquent, side by side, this country coupleSmiling confettied outside the family house Again alliteration is evident to imply the closeness that is felt between the personas parents, a glimpse of what could have been before the ravages of war came into being.They did not breed nor love,Each in his cell aloneCried as the wind now criesThro...

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Emotions In ‘A Mother In A Refugee Camp’

Here the poet is describing the famine caused by war (Biafran War) in his native Nigeria.Also Dylan Thomas is trying to encourage his father to continue his life instead of showing the weaknesses of human race in War Photographer.This imagery is very powerful because we can imagine the change in the victims face and it also suggests that war is cruel and is a waste of young people’s life.In Dulce et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen has describe a gas attack during World War One with his strong emotions.In comparison to the others, A mother in a refugee camp discusses more about love during a war.

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Vivid Recollections in Poetry Essay

In contrast ‘The sick equation’ has no particular Patten to the shape of the poem.In ‘I Shall Return’ the whole poem is an autobiographical journey .poem to various degrees.The poem is based on his strong urge to perhaps, .pews in rows , that have come to attend a service of loved ones lost in the war ‘.

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World War II History Essay

Mai’s memory of the re-education camps “as the bus pulled out, a residue of memory surfaced in Mai’s mind.” this was the interrelationship and memories of the suffering that her father was and the effect of the war showing the great suffering that her father was possessing.So through these personal experiences and memories we can see that the purpose of people expressing their personal experiences, memories and history can give us a better understanding on the relationships between purpose and selection of people.This relates to Le’s The Boat because it was written in as a dual narrative which means that the story is being told from two different perspectives; Levertov’s A Letter to Marek about a Photograph has been written in a letter f...

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Lyrics Essay

More recently, the Quebec group the Cowboys Fringants took over Le Temps perdue.In 1945, René Bertelé in turn brought together the texts of Jacques Prévert with the agreement of the poet for the publishing house he had just created, Éditions du Point du jour, and he published the collection on May 10, 1946 under the title Words in the Calligraphe collection with a cover by photographer Brassaï.The themes of the collection are numerous: they often intersect and are highlighted by effective poetic procedures.Many poems in the collection have been set to music, before or after this volume publication, generally by Joseph Kosma or Henri Crolla: .In 1957, the collection is published in paperback with the cover of the original edition: Brassaï...

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‘MCMXIV’ by Philip Larkin and ‘Six Young Men’ by Ted Hughes

We modern twenty-first century readers may not immediately recognize such words, which Larkin uses to his advantage as he is now trying to show us what life used to be like before the war.He also gives the reader details of a time when people knew where they stood and respected the class boundaries (“the differently-dressed servants, with tiny rooms in huge houses”) which also would change with the war.This reminds us how the war in 1914 will change everything, and that it is not just lives, which will be lost.Unlike Larkin’s poem, Hughes’s third stanza has some very graphic violence as he moves away from the peaceful English countryside and goes directly into the war zone.This repetition underlines to the reader that lives, values, and ...

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Shoe Horn Sonata Distinctive Visual Essay

All these visual techniques work together to create vivid and memorable images that convey these distinctive experiences.In Nick Ut’s photograph from 1973 ‘The Napalm Girl of Trangbang’ which is about the Vietnam war and these children being soaked in napalm being burnt, the distinctive visual experiences of truth and trauma of are being shown through the use of vectors and shading.As seen in John Mistos 1996 play ‘The shoe horn sonata’, Kenneth Slessor’s 1942 poem ‘Beach Burial’ and Nick Ut’s Photograph ‘The napalm of trangbang” distinctive experiences such as power, truth, trauma of war and survival can be conveyed through a variety of distinctively visual techniques.These techniques include sound, lighting, projecting image, emotive w...

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History of documentary photography

Images of the war were originally intended to counteract the general unpopularity of war and occasional critical reporting (see Addendum B, fig.He made use of many paid assistants, managing to capture thousands of images of American Civil War.Widely regarded as the “first iconic photograph of war” (see Addendum B, fig.Francis Frith, an English photographer, was born in 1822.Brady is best acknowledged for the documentation of the American Civil War and his portraits of celebrities.

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This Is a Photograph of Me Essay

By giving the details of the photograph it makes the reader think that the photograph is old, same as how she feels like she is fading, even though she can be seen clearly.Even though while reading the poem we feel as though we are looking at a photograph, when really we have a poem describing what the photograph would look like, consider Atwood’s poem “This is a Photograph of Me” as an example open form poem because she uses the photograph to symbolize the speaker’s feelings of how she sees herself on the outside.After reading this poem a few times, the meaning of theses words will make the reader feel as though Atwood’s character in this poem felt as though she feels a loss of her identity, confused and unfocused.Lastly Margaret Atwood...

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Illusion and Identity in Atwood’s Essay

The reader is left with uncertainty, just like the blurred and distorted photograph of the poem.The photograph in the poem, in the first half, is described as “smeared” and “blurred” and in the second half there is still “distortion.The poem opens with a description of a picture that at first seems blurry but slowly comes into focus, like a photograph slowly developing, that even resembles a written poem itself (“blurred lines and grey flecks/blended with the paper.On the contrary, the photograph creates illusion and obscures identity.The pace of the poem after this revelation seems frantic, searching for the narrator in the lake, which was in the first half described as being “in the background” and now “in the center/ of the picture.

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Defence of the Realm Act

The defence of the realm act went to great lengths to cover up what life was really like in the trenches during the war there were many posters and other forms of propaganda brought out to help the government with their campaign to get people to join up for the war the posters were used to paint a heroic not so dangerous trench life for people who were going to sign up.The reason the defence of the relm act did all this was because they didnt want people to find out what life in the trenches was really like as the countrys moral would drop and people would stop joining up for the army.Also advertisements were used not only to sell products but to sell the war as in one example sours D shows the calm and relaxed side of war the “time for ...

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Journey Representations through Texts and Visual Image Essay

Near the end of the poem the simile describing his father ‘like a dumb prophet’ expresses how his father knew that his son was moving further away from his heritage and there was nothing he could do about it.There are several poetic techniques used in the poem to convey meaning on journeys.For the immigrants they are leaving war torn Europe to Australia, their land of promise.Clearly the poem reinforces the idea that a physical journey can very much be an inner one.The image of these protagonists journeying across a great landscape is comparable with the poem ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ in the allusion the poem creates of journeys.

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Margaret Atwood’s “This is a Photograph of Me” and “Morning in the Burned House”

A house is meant to support a family and bring protection to those who reside in it, however, in this poem, that proved to be ironic because it was this piece of security that took the lives of the family.Ironically, the title of the poem is “This is a Photograph of Me” however, the photograph is not of her, it is merely a photograph of a beautiful landscape.On the other hand, “Morning in the Burned House” can also be compared through similar techniques as described in “This is a Photograph of Me”.To conclude, the theme and writing styles of the poems “This is a Photograph of Me” and “Morning in the Burned House” are similar in Margaret Atwood’s use of contrasting, irony, and symbolism.The use of such connotation contributes considerably...

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Victorian poetry Essay

The second poem, “Ulysses,” has several parallelisms with the first poem.This is the beginning of the new knowledge that Yeats had intended to impart on his poem.One best example of this is the poem “The Photograph.One of the prevailing themes of poetry during the First World War is despair and pessimism.The poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is a poem by Eliot that talks about the quandaries of an overeducated man.

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