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The Theme Of War And War Poems

This poem explores the theme of war in the sense that war is good and some thing to be proud of. In this essay I would be explaining how six war poems explore the theme of war.

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Poems written during World War One

The middle war poem is about a soldier who can not cope anymore with the war situation; this is contrary to my other chosen poems as the post war poem is posing the rhetorical question – What is war for? Through the aide of the poem Sassoon is very negative about the war and he expresses his view of the war using simple words but with strong meanings.

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Dulce et decorum est and Who’s for the game

I talked about all of the different poetic techniques that were used and also pointed out the main variations Obviously the main difference was the one poem denigrates war and the other glorifies war. The other poem, written by Wilfred Owen, completely denigrates war and tells us of the futility of war.

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How did poets in the early stages of World War 1 seek to glorify war Essay

Rhetorical questions were used in many war poems and ‘Who’s the Game?’ uses rhetorical questions almost all the way through as mentioned earlier rhetorical questions are used to interact with the reader and help the reader connect and relate with the contents of the text in turn the writer will persuade the reader to share the same view point. In th...

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In times of war one of the casualties is truth Essay

The poem ‘The Volunteer’ was written by a man called Herbert Asquith who was a politician and his aim was to get people to sign up and volunteer them selves to go to war, so his poem gives off a positive view of war. All of the poems have strong description of war and create powerful images, whether they are good or bad.

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War Poetry

The difference between the two poems, the later poems and the earlier poems is that the earlier poems are trying to encourage men to join the war and the later poems are trying to put people off because of the experiences that they have already caused to the peoples family and friends. Peace is trying to say that war releases from further war but ye...

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A Comparison of The Poems ”Glory of Women” and ”My Sweet old Etcetera”

The poem includes lot of brutal truths about war which suggests a reader that war is bad and brutal. This comparison suggests that the poems are meant for the hearing of those people who does not no the reality of war, and obviously those people will be the people who are not involved in war directly.

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” The Field-Mouse”, “War Photographer” and “Thistles”

For example poems “War Photographer” and “Field-Mouse” both describe the war and how horrible it is to live in the country where is the war. And “Thistles” are actually describes war as well, but not war between two nations or countries, between plants and humans.

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The Drum, The Two Mothers and Dulce et Decorum est

War poems have been recited from the earliest recorded times and the theme of war has had a deep influence on many poets from these times. Out of the three poems I have studied “The Drum” and “Dulce et Decorum est” could be described as anti-war poems as they are very critical of war and the poem “The Two Mothers could b described as a pro war poem ...

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“The Drum”, “The Two Mothers” and “Dulce et Decorum est”

For example Jessie Pope was one of these poets who believed in the romantic image of war that it was honourable to die for your country but Wilfred Owen believes that going to fight a war is wrong. Out of the three poems I have studied “The Drum” and “Dulce et Decorum est” could be described as anti-war poems as they are very critical of war and the...

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English Poetry Coursework

The poem consists of four stanzas, so it is a shorter poem than ‘The Send-Off’, and the poem rhymes all the way. But she keeps hope that she will find him, unlike the other two poems this poem is not actually touching the ‘war’ part.

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The poets of Happy is England Now in the anthology Up the Line to Death present World War I Essay

In contrast, “Men..” does not mention England at all; it is a more general poem about war, which perhaps makes it more ambiguous and shows that unlike the other poems, there is no positivity towards the war. Hardy and Freeman, on the other hand, never went to war as they were too old, so they had to write their poems from second hand knowledge; inde...

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From Patriotism to Realism

Underestimating the number of causalities a war causes and the duration of a war are a natural weakness. An example is the war in Iraq, although this is a really different war.

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The Charge Of The Light Brigade and Dulce Et Decorum Est

The 1st poem was strong, and sounded almost like a war chant. The realities of war in this poem are very obvious.

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Jessie Pope Essay

Stanza one begins again by referring to the war as a ‘game’ for the above reason and also emphasises that it is the ‘biggest’ game ever known, war is not a game where you may loose points but where it is likely to loose a limb or loose your life. Stanza one begins again by referring to the war as a ‘game’ for the above reason and also emphasises tha...

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An analysis of Wilfred Edward Owen’s literature

The poem is a satirical attack on the war generals who do not risk their own lives by sending young soldiers to fight in the war and die. Anger and bitterness is expressed in the poem and there is a direct remark on the ones who send their subordinates to fight the war which in reality they had initiated.

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The Different Attitudes Towards War That You Have Studied in the Martin Anthology

It is slightly amusing, however, that before Wilfred Owen fought in the war and realised how execrable it was, he too wrote a poem praising war. ‘Peace’ was an effective poem when it was written because Brooke wrote it at the outbreak of war, when war still seemed like an adventure, and people didn’t yet know how brutal it actually was.

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The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy

In Hardy’s poem, the poet adopts the persons of a war veteran in the Boar war. This adds to the meaning of the poem, how war has so many lasting affects, how the soldiers are cursed with their days in the war, even when it is over.

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“The Man He Killed” by Thomas Hardy and “Dulce et Decorum est.” by Wilfred Owen

Hardy’s use of language does indicate that the poet is troubled with guilt about his actions in the war, and this adds to the meaning of the poem, of how war has many lasting effects. In Hardy’s poem, the poet adopts the persons of a war veteran in the Boar war.

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War Poets Research Paper Essay

All throughout the poem he talks of how dismal he and other soldiers are and the terrible experience they had during war. In this line Owen is kind of giving a warning that war is a stressful event and loved ones can be lost in the act of war.

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Studied First world War poems from “War Poems” by C. Martin

Wilfred Owen is one of the most well known poets from the First World War, he wrote a poem called “Anthem for Doomed Youth”. In 1914 England declared war on Germany, at the time Lord Kitchener was made Minister of War.

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How the World War 1 Poets Challenged the Way Society Regarded War

Before World War 1, war poetry had reflected the opinion that all soldiers were to be honoured as heroes, regardless of the role that they played during the war. Other poems of the time depicted World War 1 much more enigmatically, using many more adjectives to effectively show an accurate picture of war.

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Compare and contrast the two poems, focusing on how the poets use Essay

Both poems are war poems of two different periods in history. war through the senses, which allows readers enter the shoes of .

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Owen’s presentation of war and soldiers in ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ and ‘Disabled’ Essay

In the poem Dulce et Decorum Est Owen provides the reader with a realistic presentation of the war in the trenches and the soldiers fighting in the war. I can admire aspects of Brooke’s poem after reading Owens as Brooke was an idealistic even romantic man and he was obsessed with war and also Brooke was a patriot and I admire him as he was not hesi...

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Fall In by Harold Begbie and Who’s for the game by Jesse Pope

The second verse is when the man as young children who “Clamour to learn the part you took in the war that kept men free” This verse again implies that you will be ashamed if you do not fight in the war. This poem starts on one specific event but ends talking generally about the war.

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The First World War changed the way people thought about war and patriotism

Out of the three war poems I have considered the first is called the Destruction of Sennacherib, and was written by Lord Byron. Now that people have realised the loss involved with war, poetry is generally anti war and emphasizes brutality, showing war as a last resort with little honour and glory, and showing pacifism as a respectable position.

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How the concepts of glory and death in conflict have been dealt with by the poets of the 19th and 20th centuries

We must be aware that Tennyson never fought in the war and wrote this poem ten years after the war ended. I also think that the two poems, which show war in a more realistic light, are more truthful of what war entails.

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Comparing Two War Poems By Wilfred Owen and Maurice Hewlett

Before going to war Owen was lead to believe that war was glamorous and right, after experiencing it he wrote this poem showing people what life was really like in the trenches. This is a horrible thing to happen to anyone and it makes the reader consider war in a different light and also pity the poor man who was killed and many other who died for ...

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War Poetry Essay

Homecoming’ is concerned with the effect of the Vietnam War, but the rest are about war in general. The six war poems I chose have a very similar content because the topic is common to all of them.

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How Have Poets’ Attitudes to War Changes From Tennyson to Owen?

Jesse wrote poems telling people who weren’t at war that they were missing out on ‘the fun’, she also avoids mentioning death in her poems so the reader doesn’t get put off by the true horrors of war. This really makes the readers question who is right about war Jesse, the writer who has never experienced war, or Owen who was a soldier in the World ...

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