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Why did the Communists gain control of China in 1949? Essay

With this abdication, China disintegrated into various smaller provinces, each one rules by a different warlord.During the years of war with Japan, the KMT gained massive amounts of war aid from America.When at last Japan was forced out of China and defeated in 1945, China broke into civil war.Chiang failed to provide democracy to China, and ensured his own failure, by allowing corruption to run uncontrolled through the Kuomintang.In 1937, Japan invaded China and once again the CCP and the KMT were united.

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Japanese Culture and Literature Essay

Contacts with China also brought roads, irrigations works, harbors, new fabrics and pagodas to Japan.At the time of the last dated poem, 759 AD, Japan had just changed into a society with a governing emperor, a new national identity and government and a new religious system.The other one is that Japan ‘imitates’; the idea that Japan does not make its own products, but tries to improve other products.This concept of impermanence is not only seen in the culture and religion of Japan, but also in literature.These warlords and wealthy families established many different centers and Japan was not a unity.

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Why Did Mao Rise to Power in China?

The main advantage of that was that with few casualties he could “free” huge areas from ruthless and oppressing warlords control and convert them into Communist, having a source of new soldiers, labor and food for the growth of the CCP.Without foreign intervention, it would have been more complex to get in power, as the country would have lacked of instability with the warlord era and the Kuomintang would possibly have had defeated the CCP, saving them from a two-front war and people´s discontent of their incompetence with dealing with Japanese invasion.Before the arrival of the Red army, they lived in miserable conditions, were oppressed by first warlords and then landlords, but with the introduction of the Red army, they were freed fro...

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Analyses of the factors that led to the rise of the communist party in China

If the warlord situation hadn’t been prevalent, perhaps communist ideas would not have spread across China at this time.The communists however wanted to focus on the problem of Japan.The fall of the Manchu dynasty, the civil unrest and the warlord era all set China up for a change in government.In 1941 Japan launched their ‘Three All Campaign”- kill all, burn all, destroy all.Their actions during the Long March and the Japan War caused them to be regarded as national heroes.

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Kuomintang Essay

Sun flees to Japan, where it takes a long time to reorganize.Tchang Kaï-chek decides to start the northern expedition and sets up the Revolutionary National Army, to pacify China by reducing the warlords and, ultimately, to seize the power.The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was then allied with the Kuomintang as part of a united front to fight in particular against the warlords.These two resolutions are adopted unanimously.The latter set up a coalition with warlords which militarily confronted the troops of Tchang in 1930 in the war of the central plains; Tchang wins however.

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Marxism and Mao Essay

Mao combined basic principles of Marxism and the situation of china to come up with a new system which is suitable for china.In Mao’s idea, these are a lot of warlords exist in china, and those would be the first source of oppression.How do Mao’s ideas about revolution resemble and differ from those of Marx?There are some things in common between Marx and Mao, which they are the leader of proletariat and fight for the proletariat.Mao Zedong developed his unique Chinese variant of Marxism, which was based on the promise that peasant, not the urban proletariat, would lead china to socialism.

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Japan vs. China Essay

During that time period, Japan began a process of rapid industrialization and modernization in order to counteract western colonialism and prevent the Western powers from taking over Japan like they did with China (5).How long that lasts is impossible to determine, but given the current set of circumstances, China will surpass Japan in the future as regional hegemon.Japan vs. China ....tors all give Japan the advantage; however China is not far behind Japan in the contest.From a historical perspective, both China and Japan have occupied the place of regional hegemon, albeit at different times.

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The Causes Of Spanish And Chinese Civil Wars History Essay

It was the affronts to national pride committed by warlords and ‘foreign devils’ that presented the Chinese people with a collective sense of injustice.Their weak ideologies and failed reforms lead to the violent and destructive warlord era that lasted from 1916 until 1927.In China, there was a common aim; a strong independent nation and so, although the ideological differences provided basis for civil war, the tensions were not significant themselves to cause war.Despite the formation of the United Front between the GMD and CCP in order to combat the warlords retarding the approach of civil war, this alliance broke down by 1927 when the GMD purged the CCP.Author and historian Jung Chang recounts her father’s reasons for joining the comm...

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Chinese Communists and Guomindang Forces Relationship

In order to defeat and overthrow the warlords who held most of the country, Sun Yat-sen, using his political party Kuomintang, sought for assistance from major foreign powers of the time, his efforts were however ignored by western countries.In the early part of the alliance between the two parties, Guomindang was much stronger and had a far larger number of members as compared to the Chinese communist party which was a small growing movement at the time, Instead of a situation where the two parties would work together for the greater good of China, Guomindang part leadership would not trust the communists and the communists in return did not have trust in their fellow nationalists, instead Guomindang adopted a policy where communists co...

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History of the Chinese Economy

These civil wars officially lasted until 1928 but some minor warlords still operated trying to gain power of regions well into the 40’s.There was also hugely damaging war with Japan (1937-1945).This incremental approach allowed Deng to test the waters in one of his first reforms.Beginning with the fall of the Qing dynasty which lasted from 1644 to 1912, the country soon became embroiled in a civil war headed by warlords that emanated from the Qing dynasty and blighted most of the newly established Republic of China.By learning from the mistakes of the Mao era and by understanding the political, social and economic landscape in which he operated, Deng gradually married a system whereby he developed a new system of implementation alongside...

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The Unequal Treaties Provoke In China History Essay

The ideas of nationalism and expansionism were further enhanced by its victory in the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05), which Japan had achieved dominance over Korea and eventually established colonial control all over Asia in the next two decades as Borton commented,”Japan seemed to have been catapulted to the world stage by an uncontrollable an compelling urge to become strong, to force its will on any who challenged its position, and to be the leader of Asia”.After the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, China was quickly fractured into kingdoms which were ruled by local warlords.By 1890, Japan was in an advantageous position in terms of industrial growth, technological advancement and military strengths....

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Indianization Term Essay

Most of the nomadic cultures lacked such “civilizing” characteristics as a large and detailed government system, with most using a system that was very feudal in nature, chieftains owing fealty to greater warlords.Within that period were also many times of strife where Japan had no strong leader but was instead fragmented into many separate warring states, led by Daimyo.Why did Chinese culture become so popular and accepted in Japan?One was the establishment of a civil bureaucracy as opposed to rule by warlords.Both Confucianism and Buddhism made strong inroads in Japan, which at the time had a much less sophisticated form of religion.

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Chinese Century of Humiliation

During World War I, Japan took advantage of the dismay in Europe to seize the Shandong Peninsula in China in effort against Germany.The Manchu government lost further power in this rebellion, not only in the unrest of their people but from the need to allow warlords and foreigners to suppress the rebellion for them (6).The Treaty of Versailles did not give fair acknowledgement of China’s needs and allotted the lands to Japan.The rice bowl mentality of the ruling Manchus stopped China from properly advancing and defending itself.These events were not the sole points of humiliation during the Chinese Century of Humiliation, but each most importantly influenced and demonstrated the important factors in said humiliation and the fall of the C...

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The 1911 Revolution: China

Indeed the 1911 revolution did not develop China, as China still remained an international joke and failed to strengthen international relations with the Western world , which was crucial , in order for China to advance economically and politically to benefit its people.Thirdly, the revolution did little to unite the country.China, consequently remained backward and the Chinese people faced economic hardship.For instance the unequal treaties still existed, in addition the forced acceptance of the Twenty-One Demand (1915) presented by Japan further highlighted the unsolved problem.China lacked any essence of a strong central government.

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The Seven Samurai (1954)

The end result is that it appears as though every samurai is moving as one person.Yet in Japan during the Sengoku period, what you were born into is how you remained.‘ Kurosawa also uses camera techniques to convey a sense of teamwork and working as one.‘In war, it’s teamwork that counts.Kurosawa set the film during the Sengoku Jidai period 2; a time when Japan was in constant war, a war in fact that lasted for over a century.

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Turning Point In History: May Fourth Movement

The warlord government did stop the aggression but could not end the movement.Lu Xun and his short story, A Mad Man’s Diary, was a symbol of the New Culture Movement as he criticized the warlords and feudal remnants of Chinese society in baihua.Seongchaljeog Jisig-in Cheongnyeon Hagsaeng-eul Wihan Junggugsa Sanchaeg [Chinese History for the Intelligentsia].When the Chinese warlord government forcefully stopped the peaceful march and arrested the students, the students began to divert their wrath towards Cao Rulin, Lu Zongyu and Zhang Zongxiang, politicians condemned as “China’s internal traitors” (Lynch 40).Seoul: Ilbit, 2011.

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Essay on Kurosawa's Adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth

As opposed to having Macduff's counterpart act as the catalyst for Washizu's demise, Washizu's own soldiers turn on him, riddling his body with arrows.Due to his awe-inspiring directorial skills, he was able to morph the tale of the 16th century Scottish warlords into the form of the samurai warriors of feudal Japan.The theme from the actual play written by Shakespeare reflects a core value in Japanese society, which probably m... ... middle of paper ... ...on is also quite memorable.Characters such as Lady Asaji, who are dressed in timely garb and makeup that display everyday styles for noble women, add to the vividness of the film.The ingredient of the Noh flutes certainly brought the play nearer to Japanese culture, which in t...

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“China in Revolution, 1911-1949” Critical Essay

From the movie, it is clear that for a revolution to be successful, proper planning is necessary.In 1927, Chiang Kai-shek, who succeeded Sun, engaged the warlord armies in a war, which he won under the assistance of the Soviet Union, and he managed to centralize the government before introducing his nationalist agendas, thus invoking opposition from the communists.In addition, one can realize why the people readily supported Mao and subsequently accepted his optimistic vision of a Communist state based on equality and fairness.Japan took advantage of the internal violence that existed in China to invade and occupy some parts of the country especially the coastal areas in order to block the country from accessing its ports.This move stirr...

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The Spread of Chinese Civilization: Korea, Japan and Vietnam Essay

Korea: Between China and Japan .Chinese influence in Japan waned as the decline of power in the imperial court made maintenance of Chinese models useless.Only Japan remained permanently independent of China and, thus, was able to selectively adapt Chinese models to Japanese needs.The Breakdown of Bakufu Dominance and the Age of the Warlords The first shogun of the bakufu was Yoritomo Minamoto.The attempted wholesale introduction of Chinese culture into Japan met with resistance from the aristocracy.

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Conditions Leading To Maos Rise To Power History Essay

Warlords that he had pacified by letting them continue their control, began to panic as Manchuria was taken by Japan.Conrad Brandt, Stalin’s Failure in China, 1924-1927, .Starting with a shaky truce, Chiang gained controlled based on pledges of loyalty with warlords as well as the wealthy giving him assistance if he turned away from the communists (Crozier).Harvard University Press, 1958. .Stuart & Schram, Mao Tse- tung, Simon and Shuster – New .

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The Edo Period Of Japan

But though the name was appropriate in describing the chaotic feudal warfare, it was more of a war (power struggle) among warlords.1990)” According to Tokugawa Japan: The Social and Economic Antecedents of Modern Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu made an extra effort to control the daimyos and minimize them in number.During the occupation years, Japan was in a sunken economic state and the black market emerged as a more viable option for the people to survive.They proved to be an extreme difficulty for the Americans in controlling Japan.The yakuza were also vital during the American occupation years in Japan.

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Chinese Imperialism

A revolt was occurring in Korea at the time so both Japan and China sent their troops over.Sun overthrew the Qing Dynasty and became president in December 1911 with the help of peasants, warlords, politicians, and students.Not only did they have to give up land to Japan, they also had to open up five ports to trade and pay a high indemnity.Guang Xu, an emperor, started the Hundred Day Reform after China was defeated by Japan.In August of 1894, a war between Japan and China occurred for the possession of Korea.

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Satow’s Perception of the Meiji Revolution

I entertain the kindest feelings toward your majesty’s person and government, and that I have no other object in sending [CommodorePerry] to Japan but to propose to your imperial majesty that the UnitedStates and Japan should live in friendship and have cornmercial intercourse with each other… The Constitution and laws of the UnitedStates forbid all interference with the religious or political concerns of other nations.On my way to Japan I met the English governor of Hong-Kong, JohnBowring, who told me that he was about to be appointed an ambassador to go to Japan, and I have received four letters from him since my arrival in Japan.Appropriately, perhaps, the vessel that carried them from Japan to San Francisco was the navy frigate Powha...

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Terms Of The May Fourth Movement

The May Fourth Movement was also more culturally significant than the 1911 Revolution.To conclude that May Fourth movement was politically, culturally and socially superior to the 1911 Revolution in terms of lasting revolutionary change.Finally the May Fourth Movement was also more important than the 1911 Revolution in regards to social terms.The 1911 Revolution involved ideas about creating cultural change but the May Fourth Movement resulted in revolution in literature, education, drama and historiography.Cultural agitation also resulted in aversion to tradition and a new found interest in modern and western culture.

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Creative Writing: My First Battle as an Ancient Warrior Essay

My first battle became to a fantastic memory and caused by it, I could get to a higher ranking.A beginner like me killed the warlord who was like a monster.Since I killed the enemy warlord, the celebration was all for me.However, I refused it and said I would be the top samurai instead.As I thought we would win this battle, I quickly got the enemy warlord?s majestic armor.

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hu was Essay

After the latter's death his heirs ceded the province to warlord Cao Cao, who succeeded in seizing virtually all of northern China, but the latter was defeated by warlords Liu Bei and Sun Quan during of the famous Battle of the Red Cliff (208 AD) which takes place a few tens of kilometers east of Wuhan.In 1861, five foreign concessions (United Kingdom, France, Russia, Japan and Germany) were established in Hankou.Hubei now has 41 higher education establishments, including: .The rebellion of the Yellow Turbans indirectly leads to the fall of the Han dynasty and the break-up of the empire, whose territory is divided between several warlords.Among the most famous tourist places in the province, we can mention: .

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China: Nationalism and Communist Revolution

* The effectiveness of the CCP in dealing with socio-economic as well as political problems confronting China in the first half of the twentieth century.* Foreign domination.Ideology and Praxis.1916-c.1927 Politics in China dominated by various regional WARLORDS.NATURE OF CHINESE COMMUNISM: * The Comintern-CCP problems, ideological and pragmatic considerations.

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Theory of Divine Right of Kingship Essay

This is particularly clear in the Mayan world where supernatural spirit companions such as jaguars played an important role as sources of power and influence.However, the god-king was usually considered an individual deity independent of all others he also could be regarded as the son of a god, an idea found in the cultures such as Japan, Peru (Incas), Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Greek and Roman worlds.The king’s ability to maintain social order has sometimes been extended to the cosmic order, which is thought to be influenced by the sacred ruler’s earthly actions; conversely, the king can be held responsible for disrupting the cosmos and so causing natural calamities and misfortune.They will function to mediate or divine through oracles...

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A Theory On Nation Building Politics Essay

However, although it should create the prerequisites of it – equality, a fair fiscal system, education, etc., it should not form democracy itself.The second problem is the political problem of local rulers and warlords: As security is one of the major aims, for the intervening power as well as for the local population, a cooperation on the spot is often implemented.Nation-building has emerged in 19th century from nationalism in Italy and Germany and continued by external actors in post-WWII in Germany and Japan.This normally includes economic and socio-political components such as a safeguarding food supply, healthcare, jobs and accommodation, but should also contain personal security and infrastructure.This can easily contradict to the...

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Orientalism In Film Or Animation Cultural Studies Essay

They imagine that the East is brutal, ugly, and weak.“Hollywood always portrayed Muslim, Chinese and Indians as thieves, warlords and terrorists, and the East itself has been described as indecent and strange land, where life is very cheap and eroticism is pleasure and abundant.” In American film history more than one century, the Chinese people’s images have already constituted a very prominent phenomenon of Hollywood films, not only sizeable, but also diverse genre.This kind of discrimination and prejudice to “Orient”, especially China, in the West screen there is also a large number of embodiments and the “Orientalism” in the West complexly exists.The image of the East has become the quintessence of irrational, immoral, childish and r...

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