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Essay on Merrill Lynch Internship Experience

I am truly grateful for the opportunity and recommend this internship to anyone willing to make the sacrifice as well.This summer I was offered an internship for Merrill Lynch in my hometown of Towson, Maryland.It was shocking to see how much the finance classes I took actually drew a parallel to the work I did during my internship.There are numerous Merrill Lynch offices in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.For example, I learned the differences between the Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA): the Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and the SEP-IRA, which I went into detail in my journals.

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Looking for a Job Essay (Critical Writing)

Another way of seeking for job is enrolling in a career center (Randinelli, 2004).It is important for the intern to network as much as possible during the internship.Randinelli, T. (2004).In addition, it is significant to keep in touch with employees and superiors on completing the internship (Randinelli, 2004).Secondly, it is crucial to solicit for feedback from superiors and other staff members during the internship (Randinelli, 2004).

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Talent Management Samsung

Internship/Job application .•Internship Process Submission of application .The Global Marketing Institute, CS Environment Center, Purchasing Strategy Team, Production Technology Center, and Design Management Center each have their education units whose function is to train the best experts in each of the work functions.The center is assisted by separate organizational units set up according to business division and work function.Education System Education programs are overseen by the HR Development Center.

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Cover Letter Handbook Essay

A cover letter is an application or letter of interest for a particular job whether solicited from advertisement or non-solicited.4) Maintain your credential packet that the career center can keep on file for you to send out to potential employers .You can visit the career center or search online for employment.Always detail how you will follow up on your application.Familiarize yourself with the latest technology in the career field you are interested in pursuing.

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My Career Path For Disease Prevention Essay

As an aspiring pediatric dietitian, I have made it my obligation to... .My experience with mothers and children acquired from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles gives me a greater edge for my rotations at WIC and a pediatrics offered by your internship.My career vision and goals align with the dietetic rotations for Cal Poly Pomona’s Dietetic Internship program.I believe that I possess these qualities and I am confident that I will be a hardworking and knowledgeable dietetic intern for your dietetic internship program.Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

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Internship Essay

Conclusion My internship has been a most fulfilling experience.Serving as a liaison officer with the communities and/or outside agencies regarding their human resource programs, I have had the chance to work with the American Heart Association (AHA); specifically working with local AHA personnel in submitting an award application for the company.I started off with a formal interview with the company’s human resources manager; and having applied for the internship via the internet I was a bit surprised when the interview centered on my personal as well as professional skills.On a general note, I think I have had much to learn about the real business world.Part of my duties during the internship has been to promote healthy lifestyles and t...

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My Start in the Film Industry Essay

I know that an MBA is an essential building block to achieving my ultimate goal of supporting the longevity and effective growth of a production company or advertising agency.After I had graduated, I received a prestigious paid internship at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota....mature my passions in the entertainment and media sector.I envision being a mid-level project manager at a company and later advancing into the role of a VP of operations.I would like to utilize the new developments of online media platforms to distribute web content and multi-media worldwide.

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Comparative Study of Traditional and Online Degree Programs Essay

Find the Best Inc., n.d.University of Washington, n.d.University of California, Irvine.“Regis University.” Find the Best.UC Regents, n.d.

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Internship Project at the Mega Branch, Vashi

* Improvement of response time of application such as finacle – This may be achieved by improving network bandwidth at branches and scaling the application database and servers.This forms a part of the term III – internship project at the Mega branch, Vashi.The practical exposer to the theoretical knowledge gained at campus has given me a holistic understanding.Take aways for the next phase of internship in the field of specialization I gained a deeper understanding of the banking as a whole.* MIS dash board – An integrated dash board to be created with live feed from finacle, tradefactory and other application.

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hu same school Essay

She wanted to meet the growing demand for Western students, recent graduates and young professionals wishing to combine internship and Chinese lessons.· Family tourist trip with Chinese lessons.The app allows users to not only take private Chinese lessons with online teachers, but also enjoy dedicated videos and games.In 2015, Hutong School Shanghai officially became an HSK center.“Hutong School” available on iOS and Android.

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Nutrition Application Internship

I have developed various menus for diffenent dietactic needs, and I am currently preparing display materials for cafeteria to teach participants about healthy eating in my college also.Also, the Coordinated Dietetics Program has a large outreach with the community through the internship.It was my dream to study here and learn from other Human Nutrition students.I have applied for the internship because I am proud to be a student at Rush University Medical Center.Currently, I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house, the program is to prepare chronically mentally ill adults to integrate in the community.

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Statement of Purpose Essay

I developed a snake game using 8051 series of controller as a small project in the internship.It was just a few months in my undergraduate studies, that I realized that the true charm of engineering existed in its application and to gain an insight into the wider domains of Electrical Engineering I pursued internships every year during the summer vacations.of India Center, which not only offered me an insight to microcontrollers but made me realize the grandness of the field, motivating me to explore even more.It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan”.I was selected for internship in Deutsche Telekom laboratories- TU Berlin (The R&D Center of the largest telecommunications company in Europe).

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Organizational Behavior Essay

c. What would you do if you found that a productive, loyal employee had lied on a resume when applying for a job?Source: Tine Bush, Director of Finance and Operations at Lighthouse Counseling Center, Inc. .Each employee is required to read our policy before they are hired.I call their previous employers and try to speak with a manager or department head.Answer: In our policy, it is grounds for termination.

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Essay about Application Of Recommendation For Jasmine M. Mclean

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.I am pleased to recommend her to you with the highest level of confidence that she will excel in your program as she has in ours.To Admissions Committee: It is with great pleasure that I enthusiastically submit this letter of recommendation for Jasmine M. McLean, in support of her application for admission to your advance standing MSW program.In summary, I recommend Jasmine to your program without any reservation.She brings a broad array of talent, exceptional student-faculty interaction, and is a team player.

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Internship in an Investment Bank Essay

Goldman Sachs was a good shot to achieve out of this internship – improved Problem Solving, Industrial Exposure, Understanding of Financial Markets.This makes it a fun place to work even though the nature of work is very challenging.Internship is a system of on-the-job training for white-collar jobs.To me internship is to combine theory with practical work experience.Trading and Principal Investments is the largest of the three segments, and is the company’s profit center.

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Recruitment Process at Hewlett Packard

At the end of the interview she was informed that in the next week she will receive a phone call in order to find if she was admitted to the internship program or not.During the internship HP did not paid Andreea for her work and they could analyze her strengths and weaknesses.The recruitment process is different for the internship programs within HP than for the usual vacancies.During the internship program she was guided by a tutor.The idea that candidates for internship have interviews with team leaders is because in this way the team leaders, who are potential future managers, are trained for the potential future interviews with regular candidates.

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Raduis Telecom, Inc

The Program Coordinator or Faculty Adviser shall intervene in order to rectify the situation in the interest of all parties concerned.b. the INDUSTRYPARTNER does not provide the kind of responsible training as agreed upon; or .a. the TRAINEE violates the rules and regulations of the INDUSTRY PARTNER, or if there is serious misconduct; .This Memorandum of Agreement shall become effective upon signature of both parties and implementation will begin immediately and shall continue to be valid hereafter until written notice is given by either party thirty (30) days prior to the date of intended termination .That both parties shall exert all efforts necessary to achieve the objectives of this joint undertaking; and .

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Analysis of Operations at Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd

During internship, different activities are performed in this department which are as following: * Providing general information to customer about different internet services provided by the company * Accepting payments made by customers .The internship program is very fruitful for the development of students.Some of the lessons learnt during this internship program are stated below: * Learnt to work as a part of team .During internship period, I was placed in this department for short period of time.From internship, students are exposed to real world of commerce and able to gain broad knowledge and experience t\with different departments as well as working principles of organization.

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School to Work after the School to Work Opportunities Act

Schools are learning to target their educational practices to enhance academic achievement while connecting learning to its real-world application in the workplace.School-to-Work Intermediary Project.New York: NY: Institute on Education and the Economy, Columbia University, 1997.Washington DC: American Youth Policy Forum, Institute for Educational Leadership, 2000.Boston, MA: Jobs for the Future; San Francisco: New Ways Workers National, 2000.

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Formal Business Memorandum example

Cluster Analysis Cluster analysis is a statistical tool used to group observations characterized by similar features into smaller groups within the larger population.By employing the Cluster Analysis, we can also cluster the first year students and applicants to develop the targeted marketing program (for example, based on the specific features of the most successful cluster we can construct the applicant profile and target those groups).For example, as a dependent variable we might use the students’ achievements during their tuition (average score, research publications, etc), while independent variables can include TOEFL score, SAT score, high school, middle school, financial status, place of birth.Cluster analysis may help to partitio...

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Five Important Factors to Success Essay

No matter where one is or what one does in their free time, if they are publicly misrepresenting themselves, and therefore, the company as a whole, the business will no longer allow that individual to continue portraying the company in such a bad manner and will fire them.Having a leadership background can definitively increase an individual’s likelihood of gaining employment or an internship.The more connections one has, the more likely they will receive a job or internship within a company.Recruiters are looking to hire individual’s that will represent their company in a good light 100 percent of the time.A professional businessperson is always on the best of their behavior and always keeps the goals and priorities of the company befor...

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Analysing The Current Graduate Labour Market Management Essay

This essay evaluates an internship also briefly analysing the current graduate labour market and identify the skills, knowledge, attitudes required from internship to enter the market, where there are 10 important skills, and shows that UK’s employers are expecting to increase their graduate labour market by 6.4% and the most common requirement is for finance and IT vacancies in 2012.This report is going to define what an internship is and the skills required and gained from an internship; define graduate employability based on existent literature.Internship also have many benefits which are including the development of strong teamwork skills balanced with the exercise of individual responsibility, the opportunity to experiment with jobs...

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Personal Strategic Plan Essay

There are many benefits when you participate in an internship program.People are now competing for jobs not only nationally but globally.Technology can be very helpful to a point, but once it becomes too advanced it then becomes a threat.As of now my busy school and work schedule has not allowed me the necessary free time to participate in an internship.Technology is also creates a threat when it makes things more efficient.

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Job hunting after graduation Essay

They may not advertise specific ‘graduate’ vacancies but can be a good environment if you’re at the beginning of your career as there is often more flexibility to learn new skills.Otherwise, think carefully about whether this will help in the long term.Don’t give up .You may, of course, also find an internship by applying directly to the employer.If things aren’t going well, review your progress and ask for help and support if you need it.

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Linternship Report on Pearl Global LTD Essay

Merchant) Mr Siddhart Puri (I.E Head), Mr Sanjay (Senior Merchandiser) and Naman Bedi (Merchant) for their strong and continuous support all the way through my project.I also owe my thanks to Mr. Abhishek Garg (Fabric Manager) and his team members , Mr Sanjay Mishra (QA Department) for giving us the valuable insights during m internship, Mr Nizam (Cutting and Spreading Department) and their team members for coordination providing us important guidance and knowledge about their respective departments and helping us to solve our queries.At my institute I would like to express my sincere thanks to my Mentor Dr. Prabir Jana and Mr N.A.Khan and all the staff members of ‘Department of Fashion Technology’ for allocating us this organization and...

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Narrative report internship Essay

They should be able to work that not depending to others.TINATAMAD NA AKO .They have to work independently.Internship inside or outside the campus is the student’s choice.Trainees also recommend in giving important to the required hours needed to complete the internship.

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The Wound Care and Ostomy Nurses Association

WOCN has proven to be an excellent association that has gained the trust of the people with its Leadership and Integrity.Members can also post jobs vacancies and apply for jobs by visiting the website.Tuition scholarships are also given to members to attend the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) program.The board of directors rejects or accepts application based on the criteria set forth.Wound Ostomy & Continence Nurses Society.

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The Heart Of Social Work

Students may accumulate internship hours between the fall and spring semesters.SWK 488: Internship Practicum I and SWK 489: Internship Practicum II each require 225 documented hours, for a total of 450 hours of agency work over the course of two semesters.SWK 488: Internship Practicum I and SWK 489: Internship Practicum II, meet weekly throughout the entire period of the field placement.In addition to the goals and learning objectives of the Internship Practicum, it is very important that each student be aware of and verbalize individual goals for field instruction which are pertinent to personal learning needs and the particular field agency.Discussion is geared toward enhancing students’ experiences in their internship, assisting them ...

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The Role Of A Sheriffs Department Social Work Essay

His career path started with him being in the adult detention center for about a year, every deputy starts in the adult detention center.From the patrol unit, I spent some time within the detention center and then the courts.With composition of the adult detention center being so drastic officers have to be fully aware of their environment.The time spent in the detention center was the worse for me, however there I got to visit the other departments of the agency.One of the services they provide to victims of family violence is The Cherokee Family Violence Center (CFVC).

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Community and public school Essay

Gardner G. (1999): Guide to internship: GGC.(2001): how to get, make and keep most of internships: Simon Spotlight, pp23-26.Planning process and interview for internship is supposed to begin three terms before the term where actual internship begins.INC publishing, pp14-17.They assist those who are in need and internship offer great opportunity to get job experience, develop good relationship with other people who are out of college atmosphere.

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