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History of Greenwich Village in Manhattan Essay

That street also had many stables with apartments above them some of which can be still seen today.In the early 20th century, Greenwich Village’s theaters and galleries attracted artists and writers, and new luxury apartment buildings appeared.The late 19th century also saw the erection of beautiful maritime hotels (Great Eastern Hotel) and ecclesiastical buildings (Victorian Public School at West Street) (“The Far West Village and Greenwich Village Waterfront”).In the late 18th century, the area known today as Washington Square Park was occupied by a Potters Field Cemetery, closed in 1826.Buildings in the Greek Revival style appeared around Washington Square as well as the marble arch commemorating Washington’s inauguration as President...

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The Ancient Roman Architecture History Essay

The common Roman vault consisted of an arch at both sides and a long arched tunnel in between the two arches.The Roman creation of concrete allowed the Romans to develop the design for the arch.These structures include the vault, the arch and the dome.The Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. and the New York Stock Exchange building in New York City are replicas of the Pantheon designed by the Emperor Hadrian in Rome in 126 AD.The Eiffel Tower uses an arch design to strengthen and heighten the building.

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Essay on Othello’s Themeland

D. F. Bratchell.New York: Washington Square Press, 1957.In The Electric Shakespeare.The Folger Library General Reader’s Shakespeare: The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice.Princeton University.

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Othello’s Sinister Side Essay

Clarice Swisher.Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1957.Our attention remains centered on the arch villainy of Iago and his plot to plant in Othello’s mind a corroding belief in his wife’s faithlessness.N. p.: Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1957.“The Engaging Qualities of Othello.” Readings on The Tragedies.

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Monumental Architecture Essay

Many people now visit the memorial to remember not only the lives lost but of the heroes who went into the buildings to save others.This design contains the footprints of the buildings that stood.The memorial officially was opened to the public on September 12, 2011.On September 11, 2011, a dedication ceremony was held at the memorial.www.911memorial.org .

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Ancient Roman Architecture Report History Essay

For example, the capital building in Washington D.C has a roman type of architecture.Romans have one of the most advance and innovative architecture of their time and of our time.Their arches and domes are still used today and are most famous part of roman architecture.This type of arch was one of the most famous types of architecture the romans have left behind, .The Romans made many innovations in arch work and dome work.

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Palazzo Art History Essay

In 1630 Mantua and the palace were sacked by invading forces, the remaining population fell victim to one of the worst plagues in history.It contains a collection of Mesopotamian art.Part of the Palazzo today houses the Museo Civico del Palazzo Te, endowed by the publisher Arnoldo Mondadori.The East façade differs from the other three by having Palladian motifs on its pilaster and an open loggia at its centre rather than an arch to the courtyard.Mannerism’s most famous fresco: Giulio Romano’s illusionism invents a dome overhead and dissolves the room’s architecture in the Fall of the Giants.

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Richard Morris Hunt : Administration Building Chicago 1893

The Architecture of Richard Morris Hunt.Philadelphia: Historical Publishing, 1893.Stein, Susan R., ed.History of the World's Fair; Being a Complete Description of the World's Columbian Exposition from its Inception.The plan of the building comprised four square pavilions jutting out from the diagonal sides of a 120-foot wide central octagonal space, creating deep recesses for the arched entrance portals.

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Freemasons And The Founding Of America History Essay

From the Declaration of Independence to the building of Washington DC, the Freemasons have influenced America’s founding.In the ceremony, Washington laid corn, oil, and wine on the cornerstone before it was laid in the ground.George Washington was in charge of the ceremony for the Capitol Building on September 18, 1793 (Wasserman 35).Many Masonic scholars, although there is no concrete evidence, believe that George Washington served as a Grand Master for a lodge, as shown by a eulogy for Washington given by Thomas Bigelow at a Grand Lodge of Massachusetts meeting, “The information Received from our Brethren who had the happiness to be members of the Lodge over which he presided for many years, and of which he died the Master…” (Hieroni...

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Church Architecture of the Early Christian

Church architecture changed a lot from its early beginnings during Constantine’s rule up to the eleventh century; however, at first glance the churches still appear to have many of the same elements.The crossing squares were used as the nave’s dimensions–three crossing squares long and one square wide.A square mass of stone containing narthex chambers corresponding to the two levels of the chapel rises between twin cylindrical towers and is fronted by a huge entrance niche.Later churches got many of their ideas from Early Christian and Byzantine church architecture and also improved upon those ideas.The architects’ use of pendentives unites the full dome to the square bay below.

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Renaissance Architecture in Britain

, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.The Story of Architecture .The average architectural designs of British Renaissance were tall square houses which had symmetrical towers., Thames & Hudson, London, .Nuttgens, Patrick (1983), .

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Greenwich Village Essay

Sullivan Street was the address of the godfather Vincent Gigante, of the Genovese Family.A long-time resident, shortly before dying in federal prison, he told a cellmate that "Greenwich Village is the best place in the United States" ("Greenwich Village is the greatest place in the US") .The Village has several others, smaller, including Father Fagan, Minetta Triangle, Petrosino Square, Little Red Square, and Time Landscape.The property even has a secret back exit to Barrow Street.The historic Washington Square Park is at the heart of the neighborhood.

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Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

Yahoo Images of the Milan Cathedral, Milan, Italy (n.d.).The Romanesque style of the building has a square form to the structure with very little sculptures and designs on the outside of the building.A history of the Gothic period of Art and Architecture.With the increased influence of the Roman Catholic Church, the height and size of the Gothic style churches would increase, to include an increase in sculptures and design on the outside of the buildings, whereas, the Romanesque style churches would have relatively plain square structure style and very limited sculptures over the doorways.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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Seasonality in the Indian Stock Market

However, unlike Nifty monthly Nifty Junior returns exhibits autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (ARCH) effects.A more parsimonious model was developed by Bollerslev (1986) leading to generalized ARCH class of models called GARCH in which, the conditional variance depends not only on the squared residuals of the mean equation but also on its own past values.Table 11 shows that after correcting for serial autocorrelation and ARCH effect, we found June and December effect in monthly Nifty Junior returns because the coefficient of these dummy variables are found statistically significant at 5 and 10 percent respecti .The variability in returns as measured by standard deviation which is the square root of variance The standard devia...

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Cathedral of Sainte-Marie-Majeure in Marseille Essay

It gives access in its middle to the axial chapel which alone forms an autonomous building, with its narthex, its nave and its apse surmounted by its dome on horns decorated with angel busts.On the square stands the statue of Monsignor de Belsunce, which was illustrated during the last major plague epidemic in France, the plague of 1720. .At its center, at the crossroads, the four monumental arches support the central dome mounted on horns, thus passing from the square plan to the octagon.Each year, for the feast of the Assumption, on August 15, the Procession to Our Lady is celebrated.The Golden Virgin leaves the Major to go in procession, carried by a group of men, in the old streets of the nearby Panier district, in the middle of a cr...

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Fontaine Saint-Michel in Paris Essay

The monumental fountains after the Saint-Michel fountain are isolated in the center of squares or squares.RATP 21 24 27 38 85 96 OpenTour RER .It is composed in the manner of an ancient triumphal arch, with a rhythmic bay marked by Corinthian columns in red Languedoc marble cushioned by four bronze statues representing the cardinal virtues.The first idea was to erect an enormous statue of Napoleon I, but it was abandoned, and at the insistence of the municipal commission - which wanted to recall the memory of the old "Saint-Michel chapel in the City" -, it was finally the fight of Good against Evil which was retained as program: the Archangel Michael slaying the Devil in a triumphal arch surrounded by winged chimeras (or dragons).Critici...

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Roman Forum And How It Changed Society

The start of leadership and the expansion of it started with the Roman Forum and have been utilized in today’s society through leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama.Also with regards to technological advancements that the Romans started with, their innovation of the arch and the recreation of art.Romulus was much like George Washington.The following quote from Peacemakers and Breakers: George Washington demonstrates his actions during his presidency, “George Washington tried to be a fair president.The arch was also used for the highly sought after design of many Roman buildings and landmarks, Such as the Coliseum, or in Pisa the leaning tower also uses these arches.

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Trafalgar Square Essay

Trafalgar Square is located north of the intersection of Charing Cross, where Whitehall (joining Parliament Square), The Strand, The Mall (joining Buckingham Palace via Admiralty Arch), Cockspur meet Street and Northumberland Avenue, while north of the square leads to Pall Mall East (extending Pall Mall) and Duncannon Street.The layout of the square, designed by the architect John Nash, began in the 1820s on the site of the former royal stables.These bronze lions were executed by Edwin Landseer, also animal painter, with the help of sculptor Carlo Marochetti .Since the turn of the 20th century, Trafalgar Square has been the main gathering place for people calling for the democratic right of free expression in the United Kingdom, trying t...

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The School of Athens by Raphael Essay

The School of Athens is an elaborate painting with a multifaceted story.In conclusion, this painting has many facets and details, which could go unnoticed.With the arches in the back being less showy, the foreground with the people stands out more.The main arch in the front has a very geometric pattern on it but the column connecting it to the ground is flowery.Behind the large arch in the front, there is a hallway type of structure.

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Similarities Between Greek And Roman Architecture Essay

A similarity between the two mythologies is that the symbols and designations of powers are the same in the two.Greece and Rome have also made tremendous contributions to our civilization with art and architecture.The Roman and the Greek gods seem to relate to each other.The Romans perfected the use of the arch, which added decorative effe... .Thus, Roman followed some basic ideas of Greek and Greek and Roman share a great distribution in the history of world.

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Religious Architecture Case Study

‘’Imam Square.’’ PPS, Great Public Spaces.Compared to the eastern iwan, this one has bigger muqarnas units, each of them decorated with small square pieces of glazed tiles in dark blue on its face.Imprint New York : Parkstone International (2009): pp.Title Art of Islam.Consulted on 9th Nov.2012 .

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Henry James' Washington Square

"On Washington Square."Within the pages of "On Washington Square ," published in English 3230, Hardwick offers her readers the entire plot, including the ending of James' novel, without shedding new light on the text.Henry James' Washington Square is more than a simple novel with simple characters connected by a simple plot.Her unfortunate lack of synthesis regarding James and his novel leaves any reader who has read Washington Square disappointed at her inability to critically examine James' work.Washington Square.

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Relationship of Washington Square to Henry James's Other Novels

Although James might have wished us to treat Washington Square as an orphan, an outcast, a black sheep as compared with its "better" relatives, Howland's essay quite clearly establishes a familial link between this and James's other, more famous works."Washington Square, the Family Plot."According to Bette Howland in "Washington Square, the Family Plot," the idea that Henry James should leave Washington Square out of his New York Edition, is "a fitting irony" in that "like Dr. Sloper in the novel, James disinherited his heroine; [and] cut her out of his will" (1).By confining the characters to the small world of Washington Square, says Howland, James created a "closed system" in which he could work his irony most effectively (5).As Howla...

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Bette Howland's Criticism of Henry James's Washington Square

Half way through the article she changes directions and shows how Washington Square is the forerunner of his other novels.According to Bette Howland, Henry James never cared for his novel Washington Square.He claimed that, "I've tried to read over Washington Square and I can't and I fear it must go" (1).Bette Howland also examines the similarities present between Washington Square and The Portrait of a Lady, The Wings of the Dove, and The Golden Bowl.Bette Howland's Criticism of Henry James's Washington Square .

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The Construction of the Eiffel Tower

Moffett, M., Fazio, M. W., & Wodehouse, Lawrence (2003).Harriss (2004) said that “the tower’s relative lightness is one of th most astonishing things about it… To illustrate: if the tower’s iron girders and braces were melted down and spread out into a square sheet equal in area to the four acres enclosed by its base, the sheet would be a mere two-and-a-half inches thick.The construction of the Eiffel Tower.In may 1886, “French architects and engineers bidding to construct the fair’s semi-permanent buildings and other attraction were invited to ‘study the possibility of erecting on Champ de Mars an iron tower with a base 125 meter square and 300 meters tall’”.La Tour Eiffel.

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Kota a’Famosa

When the authorities discovered the brick façade leaks, they covered it with plaster and painted it white.The Fountain in the centre of the square is beautiful and surrounded by nice landscaping.Later, in the 1920s, the British changed the colour to a bright salmon red.Instead they were faced with bricks.All the buildings here wear a coat of maroon paint, giving the square a decidedly foreign feel not found anywhere else in Malaysia.

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Feminist Re-reading of Henry James's Washington Square

Rasmussen, Barbara.The article "Re-producing James" is a defense of the feminist perspective in regards to Henry James's Washington Square.An Inappropriate Feminist Re-reading of Henry James's Washington Square .However, Washington Square was written in 1880 and was very much a patriarchal time.23.1 (1989): 63-83. .

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Normal Occlusion And Its Characteristics

Previous studies done in analyzing dental arch shape have used conventional anatomical points on incisal edges and on molar cusp tips so as to classify forms of the dental arch through various mathematical forms like ellipse, parabola, cubical spline, etc, as has been mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs.These experts conducted some diverse studies on the dental arch in getting to know the 3-D inclinations of the dental axes, assessing arch curves of both adolescents and adults and statistically analysing the Monson’s sphere in healthy human permanent dentition.They formed the opinion at the end of their study of subjects – all sourced, incidentally, from nationals of Saudi Arabia – that the 4th order polynomials could be effectively us...

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Geometry And Mathematics In The Renaissance

First of all, Geometry is simply a branch of mathematics that is concerned with shapes, size, position of figure, and properties of a space like for example, a square have a property of the flat equal-distance lines from all sides that gives it, its shape and the same goes for the other shapes like rectangle, hexagon, circle etc…Mathematics in general is the study of any types of structure, a space like a house, any designs etc., changes in velocity of an object, in general, anything that has to do with equations and calculations is categorized under mathematics.The Renaissance period strongly emphasized the following elements: Geometry which relied on having buildings, windows, and doors in square and rectangular shapes.Moreover, we t...

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Alcazar of Seville Essay

The Alcazar served as the backdrop for the following films: .This entrance is known as the Arch of the Peacocks (arco de los Pavones), for its decoration repeating the motifs of this animal.It is a rectangular courtyard measuring 21 by 15 meters, surrounded by four galleries with seven arches in the length and five in the width, the central arch being raised on each side.Directed by Joaquín Romero Murube (es) and designed by Javier Winthuysen (es), it revolves around a pond and recreates the typical Seville garden, a synthesis of Islamic, Renaissance and Romantic influences.The two side arches, originally horseshoe, are identical, while the central arch, higher and made of stone, is a raised semicircular arch.

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