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Bette Howland's Criticism of Henry James's Washington Square

"Washington Square, the family plot." Bette Howland, in her criticism of Henry James's Washington Square, focuses on two different aspects of the story's development.

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Catherine Sloper's Self-realization in Henry James' Washington Square Essay

Washington Square. Gargano, James W. "Washington Square: A Study in the growth of an Inner Self."

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Relationship of Washington Square to Henry James's Other Novels

Although James might have wished us to treat Washington Square as an orphan, an outcast, a black sheep as compared with its "better" relatives, Howland's essay quite clearly establishes a familial link between this and James's other, more famous works. By confining the characters to the small world of Washington Square, says Howland, James created a...

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Henry James' Washington Square

Her unfortunate lack of synthesis regarding James and his novel leaves any reader who has read Washington Square disappointed at her inability to critically examine James' work. The biggest fault in "On Washington Square" is that Hardwick does not recognize that the narrator of Washington Square provides the reader with only the information he wants...

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Feminist Re-reading of Henry James's Washington Square

However, Washington Square was written in 1880 and was very much a patriarchal time. She also implies that the feminist perspective, which she uses as no more than a title under which she can vent her own sexist attitude, is of crucial importance in reading James's Washington Square and Bell's perspectives.

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Catherine's Inner Self in Henry James's Washington Square

Catherine's Inner Self in Henry James's Washington Square . Gargano, James W. " Washington Square : A Study in the Growth of An Inner Self."

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A Critique of Henry James' Washington Square

Washington Square . By Henry James.

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Character in Henry James's Washington Square

After reading Henry James's Washington Square, I was left a bit curious as to why James had so many static characters in his novel. What then is the driving point to Washington Square ?

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Essay about The Immortal Villain of Washington Square

New York: Penguin Books USA Inc., 1993. The Immortal Villain of Washington Square In Washington Square, Henry James confronts us with an exceptionally hopeless kind of tragedy.

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Michael Kearns on Henry James' Washington Square

Michael Kearns on Henry James' Washington Square: Much Ado About Nothing . Had this question been posed in our class discussion of Washington Square, it would be possible that we would discuss it for a short while and then move on.

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Henry James, Principled Realism

Henry James, Principled Realism . Although Kearns thinks that we who read Washington Square with a principled realistic perspective should remain ethically neutral, he does urge that we also become emotionally involved.

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T. S. Eliot's Critique of Henry James' Washington Square

In Washington Square , there are several components that cause the novel to come across as unrealistic. Regardless of James's failure to present real characters who have believable social settings, work for a living, and express emotions and opinions about the trials and tribulations that they encounter, Eliot argues that, "had James been a better h...

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Henry James' The Wings of the Dove Essay

Introductory Notes on Henry James . “The Subtext of Violance in Henry James’ The Wings of the Dove: The Sacrificial Crisis”.

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Henry James' ‘Washington Square

She is depicted finally as a person who has been able to mature past the effects of the brutal coldness of conventional high society which James depicts so adequately with the use of narration, language, irony and symbolism. In ‘Washington Square', Henry James used a refined technique of narration, language, symbolism and irony as he explored the ps...

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The Dismal Washington Square, by Henry James

These loses she suffered behind "her ancient facility for silence" (James 216). The Dismal Washington Square, by Henry James .

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”Washington Square” by Henry James

The book, Washington Square by Henry James is largely about the coming-of-age of a timid girl named Catherine Sloper, who, after having been expected to become a spinster with her plainness and timidity, suddenly acquires a suitor of the name Morris Townsend. Then again, this was not an easy lesson, and I guess that to her, giving up on love, trusti...

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Essay on Catherine's Conflicting Feelings in James' Washington Square

Through the novella, Washington Square, James portrays how Catherine’s problem regarding her love for Morris causes her to have conflicting desires and obligations that tear her mind in contradicting directions and reveals the novella’s theme of deceit. Dr. Sloper deceives himself when he states that he does not allow Catherine’s marriage because of...

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Henry James Essay

Henry James then wrote Washington Square (1880), a relatively straightforward tragicomedy that captures the conflict between a girl, gentle, submissive, and clumsy, and her father, a brilliant manipulator. His mother died in January 1882, while James was staying in Washington.

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New York Herald Essay

The New York Herald is a large circulation American newspaper launched on May 6, 1835 in New York by James Gordon Bennett, Sr. . On the north side of the square a monument commemorating the Bennett father and son has been erected which features the clock by French sculptor Antonin Carlès depicting Minerva, carillonneurs and owls striking every hour,...

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Theatre (Acting) – ‘The Heiress’

“Washington Square,” a novella by Henry James, turned into a lively and durable stage property, “The Heiress,” by Ruth and Augustus Goetz. The play, whose run has been extended because of surprisingly good business, is based on Henry James’ novel Washington Square.

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Ben Chaplin Essay

He continues with Washington Square, the film adaptation of Henry James' novel, signed Agnieszka Holland. An accomplished theater actor, Ben Chaplin returned to his first passion in 2004 by shining in Stage beauty by Richard Eyre.

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Rhetorical Devices and Chracter Analysis of Washington Square by Henry James

James often draws aside certain parts of the story devoted to Penniman’s thoughts, those of which are usually extremely exaggerated and far ahead of the actual story itself. The level at which James characterizes the individuals in the story paves the way for their interactions and leads to the overall growth of the plot.

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William Henry Harrison Essay

William Henry Harrison, (1773-1841), was 9th President of the United States. Thereafter he was promoted to captain and given the command of Fort Washington, Ohio.

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Compare and Contrast of Henry O Tanner’s painting "The head of a Jew in Palestine” wit"h Alice Pike Barneys´s painting " The head of a Negro Boy"

After viewing many works of art, I decided to compare Henry O Tanner’s painting “The head of a Jew in Palestine” with Alice Pike Barneys painting, “The head of a Negro Boy” Henry Tanner was a realism painter during the Harlem renaissance. For my research I decided to visit the Smithsonian art museum in Washington dc.

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American Literature Questions Essay

A. Robert Frost B. Theodore Dreiser C. Henry James D. Hamlin Garland 36. James Joyce C. William Faulkner D. Henry James 39.

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Henry James

On the other hand, Henry James judged the world from a perspective "...offered by society and history..." . (Wagenknecht 68) Realists such as Henry James and William Dean Howells , two of the most prolific writers of the nineteenth-century, used typical realistic methods to create an accurate depiction of changing American life .

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The Independence Day

Although not a signer of the Declaration of Independence, but another Founding Father who became a President, James Monroe, died on July 4, 1831, thus becoming the third President in a row who died on this memorable day. Sometimes large civic works such as the Erie Canal and the Washington Monument start on July 4, emphasizing their contribution to ...

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Frankenstein Essay

He draws her a skull and a square forehead using cotton soaked in collodion. The film is part of the Universal Monsters series and reveals actor Boris Karloff, director James Whale and makeup artist Jack Pierce.

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Founding Fathers of the United States Essay

In the narrowest sense, according to historian Richard B. Morris (en) refers to a group comprising the seven key Founding Fathers namely: Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790), George Washington (1732–1799), John Adams (1735 - 1826), Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), John Jay (1745–1829), James Madison (1751–1836) and Alexander Hamilton (1755–1804) ,,,. George ...

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Washington History Essay

From the start of the conflict, black slaves fled from the plantations of the Southern States, towards the North, some of them settling in barracks in Washington. Washington is now governed by a college of three commissioners appointed by the President of the United States.

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