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Australia Waste Management Quantitative Research Essay

In the wake of waste management, many companies have sprouted in Australia to deal with the menace (Zaman & Lehmann 2011).Disposal of waste through landfills be a last resort when other forms have been proven ineffective for a particular kind of waste.Memon, M 2010, ‘Integrated solid waste management based on the 3R approach’, The Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, vol.Figure 1: Waste Management Hierarchy (Boyd 1994) Energy recovery is found at the second level from the bottom of the waste management pyramid.Parsons, S & Kriwoken, L 2010, ‘Maximising recycling participation to reduce waste to landfill: a study of small to medium-sised enterprises in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia’, Waste Management and Research, vol.

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The current legislation in Australia for managing wastes Analytical Essay

Recovered waste oil, uncontaminated wood waste and biomass from agriculture are some of the eligible waste fuels that have been shortlisted for consideration.The draft Victorian waste policy suggests that environmental protection in terms of waste management can only be sustained through advanced technology in waste conversion.From the above discussion, it can be seen that the current legislative measures in Australia on waste management are indeed very effective in tackling the challenge.Sinha, R.K., Herat, S., Agarwal, S., Asadi, R. & Carretero, E. 2002, “Vermiculture and waste management: study of action of earthworms Elsinia foetida, Eudrilus euginae and Perionyx excavatus on biodegradation of some community wastes in India and Austr...

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Global Sustainability Essay

Previously, Australia was a very unpopulated region in the world.He considers, that once actually a computer or for that matter any electronic device is not required, immediate considerations should be made to actually reuse or recycle it rather than thinking of it as some sort of waste product.Amount of E-wastes generated The huge amount of e-wastes generated seems to be an important issue for Jim Harford, DEQ Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance Specialist.However, today in Australia, cities and towns are crowded, and people do not have space to keep the items that are utilized less frequently.Thesis statement In today’s electronic and information technology age, is the management of E-wastes critical for the sustenance of the environ...

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Policy Planning for a Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Industry Case Study

Sorted waste within and around the Albert Park is also collected and later on-processed in order that they may be effectively recycled into raw materials that can be reused.Both events are responsible for environmental degradation, including air pollution through excessive combustion of fossil fuels, noise pollution mainly from fans’ cheering, as well as excessive dumping of waste materials.Part of the sustainability effort in as far as the tennis competition is involved includes managing the environment such that aspects like water, air pollution, and waste management can be catered for effectively.Australian Open Tournament Information 2009, Melbourne, Tennis Australia, 2009 Davey, B, Personal communication, Formal interview, Site Oper...

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Food Waste Marketing Brief

Those diagnose will cover food waste both inside and outside McDonald’s restaurant, but mainly analyses inside the restaurant.The aim for the research is by offering reliable data analysis for food waste to convince McDonalds improve food processed techniques and take on their CSR to educate customer get involved with environmental friendly activities.Examine other aspects of behavior relating to food waste .Build awareness and knowledge of the food waste in McDonald’s employee and customer’s perception Identify the motivation of customer get involved with reducing waste identify barriers and difficulties encountered by customers Examine future sustainability of McDonald .However, sometimes kids are only care about the toys rather than ...

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Waste Management in Rye Facility Case Study

This paper discusses how this goal can be achieved with reference to Rye waste management facility in Australia.2: Current Rye’s Waste Management System Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire (2009) Management for wastes encompasses one of the core mandates of all municipalities in Australia.Landfills are “used for waste management purposes such as temporary storage, consolidation and transfer, or processing of waste materials” (Diaz, Chiumenti, Savage & Eggerth 2003, p.52).They can both reduce the rate of waste disposal at Rye waste management facility.World Bank 2013, Global Review of Solid Waste Management.

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The Macro Environment Analysis | Australia

According to the data which estimated per capita waste generation and diversion rates for Australia from 2006 to 2007, there were 4,181,000 people in Queensland.According to paper presented by the then Department of Environment and Heritage to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into waste generation and resource efficiency in Australia, during 2002-03, Australians generated 32.4 million tones of solid waste (domestic, commercial and industrial), with QLD generating 2.86 million tones of that waste.Also, the local waste and recycling management can influence the travelers concern the environmental issues and choose the ‘green tourism’ product and services.Last, waste and recycle management to advance customers protect environment and r...

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Waste Management In The Construction Industry Construction Essay

It is reported that through its waste minimization measures, Fletcher Construction reduced waste disposal costs by 55% and increased profits compared to another project, of very similar design and construction, in which waste minimization measures were not implemented (McDonald, 1996).In the waste management process, additional to the provision and emptying of skips, waste disposal contractors can also assist in through offering services.Construction Contractor can also reduce solid waste during construction, as their works may include waste management plans, good site management and organization.“The practice of solid waste management is underpinned by a hierarchy of waste control measures (Peng et al., 1997).” This hierarchy, shown in ...

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Environmental Analysis Essay

Recovering Resources from Waste – Veolia Australia and New Zealand.Pty Ltd if more councils outsource their waste needs to private companies, they in turn aside from environmental requirements have a commercial obligation to seek profit.Pty Ltd, particularly if they are seen as not encouraging waste minimisation or if their operations produce an unacceptable amount of air pollution.There is nonetheless opposition to companies that seek to turn landfill gas into electricity, for several reasons such as its relative high costs, local air pollution but namely it suggests that it is acceptable to dump waste at landfill sites rather than pursue waste minimisation or recycling initiatives (Shrank, 2011).Many councils utilise outsourced waste c...

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Hungry jacks annual report Essay

and % of total waste).Over 1.5 million tray liners were produced to highlight the KAB Week 2009 call to action and encourage schools and junior sports clubs to enter a Waste Reduction Challenge to reduce litter and the amount of waste sent to landfill each year.The recycling program included collection of source separated waste from the restaurant in addition to the kitchen, using a newly designed bin system to collect: 1) Compostable waste (green bin); 2) Comingled waste (yellow bin); 3) General waste (black).In June 2009, a kitchen food waste composting trial was introduced in two South Australian restaurants, Fulham and Darlington, to assess the amount of food waste that could potentially be diverted from landfill from Hungry Jack’s k...

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Recovering Energy from Waste Qualitative Research Essay

Figure 1: Waste Management Initiatives Source (Roberts 2014, p. 84) As shown above, the government has been pushing for reduction in the production of waste materials as the best solution in managing this problem.According to Plitch (2008, p. 51), the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste) Act 1985 was enacted as an amendment to the 1970 laws on environment to bring more focus on waste management using local solutions.Recovering of energy from waste materials has been seen as the best alternative to managing waste other than disposing them to landfills.This new law was enacted after it became apparent that the issue of waste management was dynamic in nature.Nee and Ong (2013, p. 119) say, “The Victorian Waste and Resource Recovery Po...

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Develop Workplace Sustainable Policy Management Essay

After training and seminar management keep that in their employees mind and should tell them the importance of this policy and middle management should implement the policy.Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989 .Explain who product stewardship related to waste management .The Act gives a mixture of mechanisms within a frame that seek to support waste reduction and resource recovery and thereby reducing the impact on environment of waste even as promote sustainability.Recycling waste .

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Pros And Cons About Perth Tourism Development Tourism Essay

.. Hyatt Regency Perth Hotel is the example of doing Waste Water Management.As for Environmental impacts, Air Pollution, Coastal erosion, Waste Water Management in Hotels, Public Drinking Groundwater Sources are some of the issues are being discussed above.This often contributes to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources such as John Forrest National Park and Matilda Bay Reserve in Perth , the protection of local heritage like Aviation Heritage Museum and Heritage Cottage Bed & Breakfast, and a revival of indigenous cultures, cultural arts and crafts.Tourism Western Australia will continue to assist investors to ensure quality hotel developments are built in the Perth central business district and regional W...

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Life Cycle Assessment

· waste management .McDonald’s was required to develop an integrated waste management program, however a report one year prior to the Olympics by the environmental ‘watchdog’, Green Games Watch 2000, claimed that McDonald’s activities did not demonstrate an ‘integrated approach’ to waste minimization.The four packaging options were the current packaging option of paper wrap and cardboard collar with unsorted waste trucked to landfill, the current packaging option with increased recycled content and on-site composting of biodegradable waste, a biodegradable starch hamburger clam with on-site composting of biodegradable waste, and reusable porcelain dinnerware with a dishwashing system.This opinion was based on the findings of a literature...

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Environment Essay: Old Growth Forests in Western Australian

Schultz B., "Green View - Forest sellout is a slap in the face", The West Australian newspaper, 10 May, 1999, p. 12.", 1999, Forest Information Resource Kit, WA Forest Alliance, Australia."Fire and Forests" 1996, Facts about WA Forests, Department of Conservation and Land Management, Australia."Where Do Our Old Growth Forests Go?"Endangered species and Our Old Growth Forests", 1999, Forest Information Resource Kit, WA Forest Alliance, Australia

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Antarctica Essay

South America, which is 1000km away Australia, which is 2500km away Africa, which is 4000km away .Methods for detecting and monitoring impacts, particularly in the adjacent marine environment are also being developed ....clean-up and remediation of abandoned work sites and disused tip sites.Sea-iced material would travel out with the ice as it broke up at the beginning of summer to be dispersed among the marine environment.Its location is in the... .

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Waste Management in Australia Problem Solution Essay

However, the best option for this company is to burn the waste oil and chemicals.EPA Victoria 2014, Hazardous waste management in Victoria.Since waste is generated both in domestic and industrial activities, effective waste management is key towards environmental sustainability.This company can dispose this waste in various ways.A company that produces a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals should follow the right waste disposal rules to avoid pollution.

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Corporate Sustainability Management: Toyota Australia Case Study

Lin, R., Chen, R., & Nguyen, T 2011, “Green supply chain management performance in automobile manufacturing industry under uncertainty,” Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol.This is achieved through putting in place strategies to minimize costs associated with energy use, procurement of materials, waste management and disposal.The main strategies, which should be implemented within the company, are the development of the sustainable car design with references to using materials that are more efficient; the improvement of a supply chain; the focus on research and development in the company; and the introduction of technologies orienting to reduce waste and the usage of resources.Specifically, GSCM incorporate green purchasing, gre...

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Top 500 Polluting Companies Exploratory Essay

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is an organization that advocates for clean environments, free from pollution.Anglo American is the second biggest coal mining company in Australia.It reports that it has collaborated with Energy Developments Limited in the Waste Coal Mine Gas Power Station, which will reduce the harmful effects of CO2 by about 1.3 million tonnes.The closure of Australian coalmines in Australia leads to a loss of its global market share to other producing countries like South African and Indonesia.Stakeholders and companies in the mining industry of Australia are not happy with the government’s decision to impose a 23-dollar tax on the country’s 500 largest polluters.

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Management essential in achieving organizational goals

One of the management strategies of the bank is to ensure customer service is appropriate by considering the diversity of the customers.Hence, the importance of appropriate human skills which are both efficient and effective for management to work with in order to achieve organisation goals.A sound management strategy is to have good clear organisational and management guidelines for workers.Management is the process of achieving organisational goals through the four functions of management, planning, organising, leading and controlling (Davidson, 2006: 5).In conclusion, it is shown that to achieve good management, organisation needs to be able to achieve organisational goals by creating efficiency, effectiveness and productivity through...

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Case Study in Waste Management of Philippines Essay

All the policies established by the participating universities make energy conservation, waste management and “sustainability’’ key aims of the environmental program.This article provides an analysis of environmental management in ten universities surveyed throughout Australia and New Zealand.The survey asked respondents to comment on what, if any, management structure and budget had been established to facilitate the implementation of the environmental management program.Read more: Waste Management in the Philippines .Facilities and Services Division, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia Keywords Australasia, Environmental management strategy, Universities Abstract Discusses the extent to which environmental mana...

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Sustainability and Waste Management Case Study

The new waste management system will enable the company to realize cost reductions as shown in table 4.The waste assessment was conducted to identify the waste generating processes and how to minimize waste at Nowra Chemical Manufacturers.In this regard, the waste disposal system will be modified by installing different waste tanks to collect wastewater that contains each of the major chemicals that produce sludge.The final objective is to train all the five employees who are working in the technical department on the new waste management system.Figure 1: comparison of waste management cost items Figure 2: Six-year waste management costs Table 1 indicates that solid waste (sludge) is generated when wastewater that contains different ca...

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Operations Management Essay

This software has assisted the Glad Group in the management of property services and the assets and life cycles of our client’s properties.The Glad Group takes hazard assessment and risk management very seriously.Risk and Insurance Management .The Glad Group is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.Furthermore, not only does the truck bring its own water, it takes the waste water away for recycling.

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Management Essays – Chemical Waste

Landfills form a vital part of chemical and petrochemical management in Victoria waste management infrastructure.Such methods may include performing analysis on the nature and the type of emissions from a specific company and coming up with ways to reduce the pollutants in a method called waste minimization.This can result in rise in food prices given that maize is the staple food in Africa .. At the end of the day the EPA policies will ensures that by reducing the output of the waste treated, money is saved, raw materials used in treatment are reduced and also other operating costs are minimized.Such a waste is hard to control unless the Victoria government pass a policy that will encouraage3 the use of unleaded gas for motor vehicles ...

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Goals of The Firm

Many firms will also generate waste in the production process.However, Australia has magically been able to keep unemployment and inflation at near record lows.Australia is fortunate in the sense that entrepreneurial expertise and business acumen is rewarded well.Australia’s Free Trade Agreement with USA most definitely will benefit firms in Australia who engage in foreign trade as they will not be required to pay certain import duties or taxes when importing from the USA.Another motive of management may be to maximise the rate of growth of the firm’s assets.

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Virgin Australia Airline Quality Management System Qualitative Research Essay

Virgin Australia 2012.Some of the airline’s key stakeholders include: Table 1: Task input and output for Virgin Australia Upon implementation of any program or strategy, it is critical for firms’ management teams to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.Some of these risks include: Charantimath, E 2007, Total quality management, Pearson Education India, Sydney.In Australia, the Occupation Health and Safety Act 2004 forms the foundation of legislation of firms within the mining industry.Some of the issues considered in its quality include: To succeed in the competitive airline industry as a sustainable entity, Virgin Australia appreciates the role of stakeholders in its operation.

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The Great Barrier Reef and the Environment and Social Impacts of Tourism

Besides funding research on the Great Barrier Reef, this fees contributes to the management of the marine park, which in turn includes the reduction of enviromental and social impacts of tourism (Australia’s report to the UNCSD on the implementation of Agenda 21 – 1996, 1996).The management of tourism at the Great Barrier Reef is centered on ecological sustainability.Another noteworthy fact is that all visitors must pay a small amount of fees as environmental management charge whenever they are carried by commercial tour operators.Vicki J. Harriott (2004) writes that “Industry and management agencies have included education of reef visitors and tourism staff as part of a planned framework for sustainable tourism and recreation, and this ...

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The Great Barrier Reef Case Study

Thus, this table shows that current management of the Great Barrier Reef can be significantly improved.Year book, Australia.The Great Barrier Reef: biology, environment and management.Finally, one of our tasks is to determine if the management of the Great Barrier Reef corresponds to the latest environmental standards.ISO 14000 environmental management standards: engineering and financial aspects.

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The Impact of People on Their Environment Essay

Air quality and biodiversity are two current issues that can be related to the role of governments.They have recognized that the main source of poor air quality originates from air pollution sources such as motor vehicles, industrial premises and aircraft emissions.Firstly the environment can be defined as the natural features of our surroundings such as plant and animal life and their habitats, water, soils and the atmosphere.A local government named Rockdale Municipal Council has implemented certain actions to deal with the quality in that region.Air quality is a major issue in most states within Australia that affects our greenhouse, to tackle the implications state governments have created policies and responsibilities.

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Human Resources Management – Downsizing Essay

Its data validity can be strongly substantiated as both ABS and DEEWR are under the management of Australian government; and OECD is also a renowned international economic organisation which promotes economy and social well-being of people globally.Waddel, D., Cummings, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2007).Organisation Development and Change.The authors claimed that older workers undoubtedly will become crucial to the Australia economy in the near future.South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Cengage Learning Australia.

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