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Solid Waste Management Case Study

Solid waste management: Present and future challenges.Regional proximity determines whether the community would opt for a privatized or public solid waste management practices.Facilities located far away from the residence areas of the community might increase the chances for a privatized waste management strategy (Uriarte, 2008).Solid waste management.Increased compactness of solid waste increases the likelihood of the community to seek for a privatized system of waste management.

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The current legislation in Australia for managing wastes Analytical Essay

For instance, waste production has tripled over the last few years and unless proper waste management legislations are adopted, it will even be a bigger problem in future.These are priority areas that are also in line with waste production and effective waste management (Qian & Burritt 2007, p.148).Sinha, R.K., Herat, S., Agarwal, S., Asadi, R. & Carretero, E. 2002, “Vermiculture and waste management: study of action of earthworms Elsinia foetida, Eudrilus euginae and Perionyx excavatus on biodegradation of some community wastes in India and Australia”, The Environmentalist., vol.Qian, W. & Burritt, R. 2007, “Environmental accounting for waste management: A study of local governments in Australia”, The Environmentalist., vol.2012, “Devel...

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Benefits of Medical Waste Management Methods

Interviews were used to collect data on the efficiency of medical waste management, tools for collection, storage, transportation; and treatment, to determine effectiveness of medical waste management practices; and to examine knowledge of health workers towards sorting, collection, storage and treatment of medical waste.The effectiveness of medical waste management practices was highly affected by inadequate staff and time spent in management of medical waste which resulted into poor cleanliness of some health facilities... Based on the findings and discussions, the following recommendations are made to the Regional Medical Officer, Municipal Medical Officer, Diocesan Health Coordinator and other Stakeholders to improve healthcare wast...

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Solid Waste Management In India Environmental Sciences Essay

Overpopulation permits the more waste generation which adds to more problems to the pre-existing waste management.Example of waste management system in state of India : .Health issue arise due to poor waste management for example is malnutrition, especially the children which is the condition that develops when the body does not get the right amount of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to maintain healthy tissues and organ function.Furthermore the insufficiency municipal solid waste collection and improper segregation of municipal solid waste and improper processing of solid waste can also contribute to main problems waste management this is due to lacking of some technique, actions and management from authorities to i...

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Solid Waste Management In India Environmental Sciences

The solid waste management members in India must organize and manage the management excellently in order to provide a better living environment to the humans, animals and plants.The main objective of the (CoE) is to develop the strategy and framework for solid waste management (SWM) and Wastewater management (WWM) in the Urban local bodies (ULBs) of India and also to established of a knowledge centre on solid waste and waste water management.(Medical dictionary,2012) Furthermore, health issue such as dengue, fever, Hepatitis, tuberculosis , malaria , pneumonia, and also poor sanitation due to poor waste management.Example of waste management system in state of India :The Karnataka town and country planning act, 1961 Shimla municipal corp...

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Municipal Solid Waste Management – Essay

The waste hierarchy points to the “reduce, reuse and recycle” that classify waste management strategies as per their effectiveness in regards to waste minimization.There are lots of concepts about waste management which differ in their usage as per the varying regions or countries.Waste Management is the term that refers to the collection, processing, recycling, transport, and monitoring of waste products... 1) LANDFILL: it is one of the inexpensive methods of waste management.The practices of waste management differ from developed and developing nations.

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The Municipal Solid Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Changes in waste management policies in recent times have shifted waste management planning from reliance on landfill towards Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) approaches (Read, 2003).Prominent among the private waste management companies contracted by the Waste Management Department of the KMA to help fulfill its mandate of addressing solid waste management issues in the metropolis is the Zoomlion Ghana Limited, which seems to be performing its task creditably in the face of daunting challenges associated with urban solid waste management in Ghana.The study seeks to review the waste management policy of KMA waste department and the operations of its associated contracted private waste companies in the Kumasi Metropolis.In high in...

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Literature On Solid Waste Management In Nigeria Environmental Sciences Essay

As stated above most developing countries are plagued with solid waste management problems that are degrading the urban environment and posing a serious threat to the natural resources and consequently holding back development (Sujauddin.,M., et al 2008) solving this problem will require knowledge about the per capital waste generated, composition and also attitudes towards waste.Bisson (2002) stated that since waste is a product of human behaviour, to maintain a good waste management we need information on the behaviour and attitude of people with regard to waste and accurate data on waste generation .Lack of institutional arrangement, insufficient funds absence of standards and by-laws, insufficient information on waste composition and...

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Problems Of Waste Disposal In Developing Countries Environmental Sciences Essay

Waste management planning should be done in such a manner that, all stakeholders should have a say on the issue of waste as well as training programs can be made an important part of waste management planning.In fact, the whole system of effective solid waste management must ensure absolute protection of waste management workers and safety of the entire public health through diseases prevention as well as it must be sustainable in both environmentally and economically manners.Some of the principles of municipal solid waste management involve the application of the principle of sustainable development and principle of Integrated Solid Waste Management ISWM).By this notion, it means effective solid waste management must have the capacity t...

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Waste Water Management Essay

Are there strategies that could address improper waste management at the grassroots level?2) Are the people aware of these waste management programs?In particular, the research will focus on how understanding the nature and dynamics of waste management could effectively lead to effective waste management.Such a massive waste management problem in the Philippines reflects two things: first is the question on the effectiveness of waste management programs implemented by the government and second is the social responsibility of the Filipinos themselves.1) What are the waste management programs that are inexistence and implemented in India?

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E-waste management practices Essay

In 2008, an e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA) was established to help establish an sustainable environmentally sound e-waste management system for the country (Waste management world, 2013).Additionally, In Serbia, waste management infrastructure is seriously underdeveloped, with few regulated landfills.Waste Management World.E-Waste management provides guidelines for selecting the most environmentally desired methods for managing a waste stream.Technical Background and Project Description E-Waste Management Practices among the City of Dumaguete is a research study about the mode/method of management of Internet cafes pertaining to their e-wastes.

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Solid Waste Management

Studies also showed that the set of guidelines and targets for solid waste avoidance and volume reduction through waste minimization measure, including composting, recycling, re-use, recovery, green charcoal process, and others, before collection, treatment and disposal in appropriate and environmentally sound solid waste management facilities in accordance with ecologically sustainable development principles has been a less priority in one community.ensure the proper segregation, collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of solid waste through the formulation and adoption of the best environmental practices in ecological waste management excluding incineration; and strengthen and integration of ecological solid waste manage...

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Level of Awareness of Improper Waste Disposal

This method is useful for disposal of residue of both solid waste management and solid residue from waste water management.C.Main components of waste management In any waste management process, there is a stage when waste will be temporarily stored or contained onsite (i.e.Collection and transfer or transport activities are not common in rural areas because the waste is usually disposed of immediately onsite in a prepared waste disposal or composting pit (Basic principles and concepts of waste management, n.d.).The solid waste that is produced as a result of food preparation, or any foodstuff leftover after eating, is called kitchen waste or garbage (Basic principles and concepts of waste management, n.d.).Incinerators convert waste mat...

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Solid Waste Management Problems In Cameroon

Cameroon government and urban councils are copying ill-adapted global strategies and technologies not suitable to the local realities.The management of municipal solid waste in Cameroon urban cities still have many problems which need’s to be address.The existing collection facilities and regulation systems of solid waste management do not fit the present requirements.Most of the municipal solid waste collected at the source are not been sperated, treatment and collection facilities are limited,collected waste are mostly doumped haphazardly on the streets and open areas in Limbe.The Government of Cameroon,Limbe urban council, NGO’s and private sectors are working hard in this field,but more still has to be added to the existing efforts.T...

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Factors Of Waste Generation Environmental Sciences Essay

The main purpose of conducting waste management is to reduce/ remove the amount of waste produced and in the same time reducing disposal costs and the environmental impact (Pitt et al., 2002).With the study of waste management in Malaysia, I can know how the contractor did the waste management and how much level of awareness about waste minimization by contractor.It can be said that Malaysia’s construction waste is one of the largest waste rate and yet despite a number of government policy initiatives to address this problem, suitable resource and waste management on site remains a low priority for the majority of the contractors (Begum, 2009).According to (Woolley, 2000), with the help of waste management in term of reducing, reusing an...

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The Intel Corporation Waste Management Plan in the Workplaces Case Study

Considering that Oregon’s department for environmental quality and the city of Hillsboro have high interest on giving incentives to organisations seeking to install systems for waste reduction and proper waste management, with such incentives, the payback period for Vegawatt waste oil vegetable generator can be reduced even to 6 months.2: Pie chart showing most discarded waste at Ronler Acres Cafe 3 and the Jones Cafe 5 Source: Intel Corporation (2010, p.7) Through the new pre-consumption waste management system, Ronler Acres Cafe 3 and Jones Cafe 5 have been in a position to reduce their waste production levels tremendously as shown in table 1 below.Concepts of foods waste management attract attention for retails food organisations as ...

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Solid Waste Management

9003 Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR AN ECOLOGICAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, CREATING THE NECESSARY INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISMS AND INCENTIVES, DECLARING CERTAIN ACTS PROHIBITED AND PROVIDING PENALTIES, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.Solid waste management is defined as it includes all the activities that seek to minimize the health, environmental and aesthetic impacts of solid waste.Prevention is the most desirable waste management option as it eliminates the need for handling, transporting, recycling or disposal of waste.50 Series of 1998 * ADOPTING THE LANDFILL SITE IDENTIFICATION AND SCREENING CRITERIA FOR MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITIES * The DENR is the gover...

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An Environmental Risk Assessment Environmental Sciences Essay

Finkbeiner (2003) stated that the number one priority in waste management should be waste prevention as it is the best way to stop the accumulation of waste and a reduction of loss of resources.In the words of McGraw(1993), “municipal solid waste management is the discipline attendant with the control of the generation, storage, collection, transfer, processing and control of disposal of solid waste in a manner that is in accord with the best principles of public health, economics, engineering, conservation, aesthetics and other environmental considerations and that is also responsive to public attitudes” Bloomberg (1989) described solid waste management as “the discipline that deals with the control of generation, storage, collection, t...

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Recommendations For Solid Waste Management In Mauritius Environmental Sciences Essay

Waste management plans, national as well as local/regional are essential tools helping in the implementation and achievement of policies and targets that have been set up.Waste management plans have essential roles to play towards sustainable waste management.Solid waste management plans .Waste minimization is considered as a waste management approach that emphasizes on decreasing the amount and toxicity of hazardous waste that is generated.To achieve a sustainable waste management, the Government must take actions against those who by-pass the law by throwing wastes haphazardly.

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Australia Waste Management Quantitative Research Essay

Entrepreneurs should take advantage of the opportunities that are brought about by the availability of unused materials to venture in the multi-billion dollar waste management industry.Parsons, S & Kriwoken, L 2010, ‘Maximising recycling participation to reduce waste to landfill: a study of small to medium-sised enterprises in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia’, Waste Management and Research, vol.Boyd, W 1994, ‘Agricultural waste management planning’, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, vol.Memon, M 2010, ‘Integrated solid waste management based on the 3R approach’, The Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, vol.Pickin, J, Yuen, S & Hennings, H 2002, ‘Waste management options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from paper in Austr...

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Breakthroughs In Solid Waste Management

The Philippine has no effective waste management system since then, set off a kind of global chain reaction on the need for ways to understand and benchmark waste management systems in low and middle income countries.Their effective way in solid waste management must be promoted by the government and the local government unit for the public awareness of their obligation and responsibility in their community.Solid waste management whose importance is directly related to public health, resource management and utilization, and maintaining a clean environment, is necessary in ensuring human development.The Municipality of Los Baños, Laguna, and Barangay Bagumbuhay of Quezon City were able to address the problem in solid waste management stra...

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Biomedical Waste Management in Hospitals

73.7% were aware of BMW Management Rules 1998; 86.8% were identified the biohazard symbol while 92.1% knew the diseases spread by improper waste management .The hospital waste was classified as sharp waste, infectious waste, pathological waste, pharmacological or cytotoxic waste, chemical waste, radioactive waste, non-hazardous general waste.The study included all health care provider among consultants, junior residents, staff nurses, laboratory technicians and house-keeping staff in Kasturba Hospital in manipal, Among the total study participants 337, 189(56%),where are staff nurses, the result shows that nurses (62.4%) of participants know about BMW and 44% of participant had BMW training, and 46 (24.3%) Knowledge among the participan...

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E-waste Management Plan for Melbourne School Essay

It is important for the school to introduce a recycling policy for e-waste management programs.Across the globe, management of e-waste has presented series of challenges to the gains made on environmental conservation efforts.As a result, the school will be in a position to practice a preventive e-waste management strategy instead of the current responsive strategy.Prashant, N 2008, Green Technology, Norwalk, Connecticut Wang, J., & Tay, H 2002, “A hybrid two-phase system for anaerobic digestion of food waste,” Water Science and Technology, vol.The process of creating an effective waste management poster is complex and requires series of considerations especially on content and the target audience.

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Environmental Sustainability Audit: The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company Essay

Major projects of Be’ah include the expansion of Al Amerat landfill, the development of Al Batinah temporary hazardous waste storage facility in 2011, the designing, contraction and operation of Barka landfill in 2010 and the Dhofar medical waste facility in early 2011, the creation of Dhofar integrated waste management system in 2011, Duqm waste management plan in 2011, used tyres recycling facility in 2010, national medical waste plan in 2010, electronic waste plan and national hazardous waste facility (OESHC: Projects 2011).Aside from implementing key projects which serve as the company’s standard projects in promoting waste management in Oman namely the expansion of Al Amerat landfill and Al Batnah Temporary Hazardous Waste storage f...

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Solid Waste Management Essay

To be specific, the information dissemination, cooperation, and policies and procedures set for the purpose of implementation of waste management, the factors that cause it and its unacceptable levels that may influence the integrity and performance of Filipinos in how they treat their waste properly.WASTE MANAGEMENT IN THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES .According to a Study on the Overview of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia, there are six elements of SWM: the generation, storage, collection, transportation and transfer, processing and treatment, and the disposal.The Output will result to a more effective implementation of the Solid Waste Management Program and a clean healthy community.This study will give them appreciation and full understan...

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Thesis Study

Perceived risk of developing cancer due to solid waste burning was significantly higher in females, younger, with an educational level lower than university and who believed that improper waste management is linked to cancer.(2012), showed how the business model of two leading Swedish municipally owned solid waste management companies exposes them to four different but related markets: a political market in which their legitimacy as an organization is determined; a waste-as-material market that determines their access to waste as a process input; a technical market in which these companies choose what waste processing technique to use; and a commercial market in which they market their products.Those who more frequently perform with regu...

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Article Critique: “Management models of municipal solid waste: A review focusing on socio economic factors” by Cherian and Jacob Critical Essay

The researchers expected that their findings would facilitate the development of new, more effective waste management design options.The latter provide better knowledge of the factors impacting waste management and, at the same time, allow for more reliable waste quantity forecasts (Cherian & Jacobs, 2012).In addition, Cherian and Jacob (2012) have failed to meet the goal of their study, which was to delineate the main features of the earlier solid waste management models and to review their socioeconomic identifiers.The following key words were used: solid waste management, solid waste generation, municipal solid waste, and household waste (Cherian & Jacob, 2012).First, constituency versus households – the researchers explored the compe...

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Vegetable Waste Disposal and Management in Cebu City Public Markets Essay

In 2003*, we have generated 27,397 tons of garbage daily, a step backwards compared to the 19,700 tons of garbage we have generated daily in 2000 (*based on the study conducted by the NSWMC-Secretariat and the Metro Manila Solid Waste Management Project of the Asian Development Bank in 2003).It was found that a large amount of Philippine solid wastes composition are mostly biodegradable (Navarro,R.,2003).Improper solid waste management may lead to environmental, health, social and economic problems.Janeses Ponce, head of the city’s Solid Waste Management Board, stressed that this bigger budget would fund the disposal of the city’s garbage in privately owned facilities like the landfill in Consolacion.Implementation of ordinances, collect...

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Waste Management in Rye Facility Case Study

This waste is collected by bins before being transferred to Rye waste management facility.This paper discusses the challenges of waste management with reference to Rye Waste Management Facility.Hiramatsu, A, Hanaki, K & Aramaki, T 2003, ‘Baseline options and greenhouse gas emission reduction of clean development mechanism project in urban solid waste management’, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, vol.Landfills are “used for waste management purposes such as temporary storage, consolidation and transfer, or processing of waste materials” (Diaz, Chiumenti, Savage & Eggerth 2003, p.52).The current waste management systems at the Rye facility focus on waste reuse to minimise its implication to the environment.

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Solid Waste Management For Hotels In Mauritius

Biodegradable waste will be composted .Other waste will be kept in sealed bins located in the back house prior being carted away by licensed companies .Measures for waste management to be implemented are as follows : .Priority must be given to the development and implementation of a sustainable and integrated solid waste management system, encouraging current practices such as reuse, recycling, composting, waste reduction and prevention, facilities for waste disposal and technologies to convert waste into energy.The main objectives of this mini project were: to provide a review of key concepts and issues relevant to solid waste management for Small ,Medium ,and Large Hotel in Mauritius ; to analyse and evaluate the hotel solid waste mana...

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