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Factors Of Waste Generation Environmental Sciences Essay

.. Construction waste management is too wide for carrying out a research as waste is classified into two types, waste of material and waste of manpower.For our country Malaysia, it is quite surprise to say that the Government spends RM400 million per year on waste disposal and the waste is only refers to municipal solid waste which is a huge amount of money (The Star, 2005).There are many waste generate everyday in a construction site such as construction waste, material waste and solid waste.Singapore defined the classification of construction material waste into three major categories namely material waste, labor waste and machinery waste (Ekanayake and Ofori, 2000): .Hazardous waste which the wastes are radioactive substances, chemic...

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Types of Waste

For example household waste, garden waste, building rubble, dry industrial and commercial waste.Businesses are different and get waste removed twice a week depending on how much waste is generated.“The metropolitan council wants a waste disposal strategy; identification of waste disposal sites, establishments, operation and control of waste disposal sites.” The community water supply and sanitation programs aims to ensure all South Africans have access to clean water.Medical waste is known as any solid or liquid waste which is generated in treatments.In my community the waste management plan for households is that waste is collected once a week.

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An Environmental Risk Assessment Environmental Sciences Essay

Only recyclable waste such as plastics, paper and glass were used as a case study because they are the major waste materials found in municipal solid waste in Port Harcourt.However, they do not include plastic medical waste, waste steel cuttings and waste paper (Environmental Law Library 2010)... Recovery is a waste management method whereby the biological, physical or chemical essence of a waste product is altered in order to reduce the effect of such waste on the environment (Cheremisinoff, 2003) Energy can be recovered through various means; example chemical, thermal, physical and biological processes.Incineration of waste is a highly effective method of reducing waste as studies have shown that it reduces the amount of waste dumped ...

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Material Wastage on Construction Sites Work

Waste management is defined as the collection, transportation, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials.The contractor is to monitor waste data by gathering site waste data and comparing them against site waste data.Contractors and sub- contractors can manage a process of waste reduction that will allow them to meet the waste targets, if estimates of the quantities of materials and the waste likely to be generated are produced accurately.A Hazardous Waste Worker Training Programme (HWWTP) was created to support the Health and Safety of workers who work with hazardous waste.The waste hierarchy remains the cornerstone of waste management strategies.

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The Nature Of Biomedical Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Though he stated that the medical centre of SVC was not performing advanced medical treatments and thus the composition of their centre’s biomedical waste would differ a lot from that of a hospital, still he had the knowledge of the waste generated in hospitals and how is it managed.It is a process in which the waste material is brought in contact with steam for a time period which is sufficient to disinfect the waste material.Biomedical waste is that waste which is generated by the diagnosis and treatment of human beings or animals or by the medical research activities conducted or during the production of medical equipment.the incineration of waste is observed to be done at 400 C which is to be done at 1000 C resulting in release of po...

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Waste minimising and recycle in construction

.. “Sustainable waste management means using material resources efficiently; to cut down on the amount of waste we produce, and where waste is produced, dealing with it in a way that actively contributes to the economic, social and environmental goals of sustainable development.” [1] ..The waste hierarchy (see figure 1) establishes waste reduction as one of the highest priorities for addressing the increasing volumes of waste.As construction professionals we should follow a hierarchical approach to waste management by aiming primarily to reduce the amount of waste produced then aim to reuse and recycle any waste that is produced.There are two main types of waste in the construction industry, this include solid waste (which may be recyc...

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Level of Awareness of Improper Waste Disposal

This category of waste is composed of both hazardous (infectious) and non-hazardous wastes (also referred to as general waste) (Basic principles and concepts of waste management, n.d.).In urban settings, municipal waste refers to the solid waste that is collected by local government (the municipality) and may include household, commercial, industrial waste and street sweepings.You can describe the solid waste from general housekeeping as residential waste, refuse, household waste or domestic waste.ISWM means considering not only the appropriate disposal of solid waste but integrating this with other management options such as minimizing waste production, recycling, composting and other waste recovery options.Material for recycling may be...

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Solid Waste Management And Urban Development Environmental Sciences Essay

The research will include surveys from the process of collecting solid waste and recycling waste, the concern, belief and behaviour of people towards recycling waste.The waste is made up of paper, glass, textiles, cardboard, organic waste (food and garden waste) and wood (EIONET 2009).The European Waste Framework Directive (1975) has at its centre the hierarchy of waste management and the basis of its strategy, is to encourage movement up the hierarchy and thereby increase the levels of waste reduction, re-use and recycling (Williams 2005).Municipal waste comprises of residue waste, bulky waste, sweeping, litter collections, secondary materials from separate collection and household hazardous waste.The legislation set up national waste s...

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Waste Management And Remedial Measures Environmental Sciences Essay

The biodegradable waste like food waste is sent to the biogas plant and the other waste which cannot be treated by the campus is sent with the PMC waste disposal truck which takes a round in Viman Nagar daily.The plant gets input (biodegradable waste) to its full capacity occasionally during the college fests when the amount of waste generated is 3-4 times the waste generated during the normal college days.Biodegradable waste is the waste which is of plant or animal or natural origin and can be broken down into simple compounds by microorganisms.Municipal waste- The municipal waste includes the household waste, construction debris and waste from the streets.Now this cannot be done by asking students to unnecessarily generate more waste w...

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The Classification Of Solid Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Solid waste can be further classified based on the source of the solid waste: .The need for municipal solid waste management arose since the effects of solid waste in the environment outweigh the benefits.Domestic solid waste has become a health and environmental hazard in many developing countries as a result of careless handling and a failure to make arrangement for appropriate solid waste collection techniques.Since, domestic waste, commercial waste and institutional wastes are collected and transported by similar authorities, that is the municipal council or district council, they are usually group together and called Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).The unexpected increase of waste production emphasizes on the necessity of a right balanc...

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Municipal Solid Waste Management – Essay

Waste Management is the term that refers to the collection, processing, recycling, transport, and monitoring of waste products.There are various methods of waste disposal including integrated waste management, Plasma gasification, Landfill, Supercritical water decomposition and Incineration.The waste management refers to the need for a waste producer to pay for proper waste disposal.In pyrolysis, waste is converted into solid &liquid, in which solid is refined into carbon form& liquid got from the waste is used as energy giving oil.The waste hierarchy is the cornerstone of majority of waste minimization strategies.

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Hospital waste management Essay

A large amount of waste generated in any health care facilities are general waste and can be disposed of with community waste.Of the first group of hospitals with particular techniques, some give back the waste to providers, the other hospitals disposed of the waste with the rest of the medical waste in yellow bags.pharmaceutical waste, infectious waste) into coloured coded bags where waste was generated.Infectious waste, pathological waste and sharps are separated from the central waste of hospitals.4.Final disposal: is the removal of all types of medical waste, liquid, sharps, and hazardous chemical waste from the inside storage of the facility, by using the Burn and Non-Burn methods: .

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Background information about waste disposal practices Essay

[6] While waste transport within a given country falls under national regulations, trans-boundary movement of waste is often subject to international treaties.Waste will only be collected by the city council if waste is disposed in government issued rubbish bags.In the [3] MetroTaifun Automatic Waste Collection System, the waste is automatically collected from 74 waste feeding points spread out across the area and then transferred via a 20-kilometre pipe network to a central collection point, keeping all the waste collecting activities out of sight and below ground with the central collection point well away from the public areas.Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste mater...

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The Municipal Solid Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Garcia-Sanchez (2007) also used street cleaning, waste collection and the treatment of solid waste as indicators on the performance of Spanish solid waste collection.According to the Kumasi Waste Management Department (2009), and the private waste management companies in Kumasi, their inability to collect all the waste generated from the households and the commercial areas are as a result of poor road network within the city, inadequate waste collection containers and the frequent break down of bulldozers and compactors at the landfill site.They are gathered in waste bins, plastic or metal containers, plastic bags for collection by waste collector using a waste collection vehicle.Prominent among the private waste management companies con...

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The State Of Waste Disposal In Colombo Environmental Sciences Essay

To make the environment to encourage the people for waste management, the CMC implemented several projects to encourage and comfortable the public during the domestic waste disposal.Solid waste consists of household waste, construction and demolition debris, sanitation residue, and waste from streets which are generated mainly from residential and commercial complexes.General people do not seem much aware of the possible environmental problems caused by the disposal of household waste Most have never thought about what happens to waste after disposal.All collected waste by CMC are transported to city waste dumping points at Bloomendal and Sedawatte areas marked as dumping sites for the city’s waste and garbage.Glass waste Waste glass is ...

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Waste Management in Rye Facility Case Study

Diaz, F, Chiumenti, G, Savage, N & Eggerth, L 2006, ‘Managing the organic fraction of municipal solid waste’, Biocycle, vol.They can both reduce the rate of waste disposal at Rye waste management facility.Hiramatsu, A, Hanaki, K & Aramaki, T 2003, ‘Baseline options and greenhouse gas emission reduction of clean development mechanism project in urban solid waste management’, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, vol.This requires the deployment of waste measuring scales together with installation of software running on a computer system to monitor waste production rates with time.This paper discusses the challenges of waste management with reference to Rye Waste Management Facility.

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Problems of global waste

The caring for and management of global waste is a global concern for the Earth as the population of Earth grows, and places where waste is deposited becomes a problem.The arc converts waste into elemental gas and solid waste in a plasma converter.Is the future of waste management that of recycling or turning waste into usable energy such as electricity and other powered devices.Landfills affect pollution levels of the environment the contamination of groundwater and aquifers that are used for consumption by humans and animals the leakage of waste and soil contamination methane gas caused by decaying organic wastes methane which is a greenhouse gas more potent and deadly than carbon dioxide it can cause severe problems for the local envi...

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Root Causes Of Excess Waste Output

With collective decrease in consumption and methods of managing waste such as reusing and recycling, UAE can contribute globally to the world in minimizing hazards of waste output.The electronic waste (e-waste), medical waste, hazardous waste, demolition and construction waste, marine waste, etc.Provide benefits, rewards, and privileges to those industries that best recycle their excess waste and/ or most efficiently convert the waste into energy.Furthermore, it is not only the utilization of these products that lead to waste generation, but the waste released during the production process, resource acquisition, and unwanted by-products are also leading components of waste in the UAE (Schneider, 2012).It should be dually noted that waste...

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Solid Waste Management For Hotels In Mauritius

Biodegradable waste will be composted .Other waste will be kept in sealed bins located in the back house prior being carted away by licensed companies .Measures for waste management to be implemented are as follows : .Therefore, the amount of waste generate per hotel room is over ten times the amount of waste generated per day .From both study it was concluded that 80% of waste is organic .Waste is unsightly, malodorous and unaesthetic, polluting land, air and water, clogging drainage systems, posing serious public health risks, and restricting potential land use (Pernia,1992 ).Improper SWM can result in pollution and health risks and waste, if not disposed of properly can become a nuisance and a health hazard.Decomposing waste harbor di...

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Discuss One environmental problem facing cities and outline some solutions Essay

The causes of waste are the spawning of Municipal Solid Waste, industrial activities and citizens’ and industries’ non-standard behavior.To show an example, by 1990 the amount of industrial waste has raised up to 265 million tons, which is a shocking figure to the public (Waste Industries, 2013).Hugo (2012) stated ”Some industrial waste management services companies even emphasize on understanding clients’ industrial processes that produce waste and then supplying the tools for deterring accurate chemical and physical properties.” In addition, hazardous waste is damaged in both human health and the city environment.The spawning of municipal solid waste, which including residents living garbage, hospital waste and commercial waste, buildi...

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The Management Problems Of Household Food Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Get the most environmental benefit from that investment, through increased recycling of waste and recovery of energy from residual waste using a mix of technologies.Figure 10: – The Waste Hierarchy This Directive establishes a framework for the management of waste across the EU.Figure 10 shows the Waste Hierarchy, it sets out the order in which options for waste management should be considered based on environmental impact (DEFRA 2010).Secure the investment in infrastructure needed to divert waste from landfill and for the management of hazardous waste .Education of waste options and strategies helps increase knowledge and makes the general public feel included in their local waste management plans.

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The Intel Corporation Waste Management Plan in the Workplaces Case Study

Considering that Oregon’s department for environmental quality and the city of Hillsboro have high interest on giving incentives to organisations seeking to install systems for waste reduction and proper waste management, with such incentives, the payback period for Vegawatt waste oil vegetable generator can be reduced even to 6 months.Through proper management or reduction of waste at the facilities, the paper holds that municipal solid waste reduction at both Oregon and global platforms would become a reality when other organisational and individual consumers follow similar strategies for waste reduction across the globe.Recycling requires good administration of the waste collection process coupled with acquiring of waste collection bi...

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Classification of Wastewater

In practice, it is better to use the characterization ‘hazardous’ and ‘non-hazardous’ having regard to both toxicity and the environmental implications of the waste on disposal.Maximum amount of hazardous waste is generates by chlor-alkali, dyes and pigment, organic chemicals, pesticide and plating industrial sectors.Based on the thermal properties, typical waste materials are classified as follows, where combustible wastes are a group that includes wastes which will sustain oxidation reaction without additional energy requirements, noncombustible wastes are groups that represent low-Btu value wastes, which will not sustain oxidation reaction without additional energy supply.The wastes produced by chemical industries or other more specia...

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Literature On Solid Waste Management In Nigeria Environmental Sciences Essay

This has an impact on household waste storage, waste segregation, recycling, collection frequency, littering and “fly-tipping” (illegal dumping), willingness to pay for waste management services, and the level and type of opposition to waste treatment and disposal facilities.They found that the major component of solid waste is organic waste (40-64%) which is wetter, corrosive with high density (Ogwueleka, 2009)and agree that composting will be an adequate solid waste practice to reduce the waste especially (Iman et al 2008) with the removal of government subsidies for the sale of fertilizers creating a market for it.During the UN conference in Johannesburg in 2002 reduction of waste through source separation was affirmed as one of the s...

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Benefits of Medical Waste Management Methods

Thus, if the waste is not segregated properly at the point of generation it will be a mixture of all these garbage plus kitchen waste, office waste and other wastes which do not arise as a result of patients being attended (Lloyds, 2003).Generally Medical waste management activities in Sumbawanga Municipal Council were not given sufficient priority or concern because of unimproved system of medical waste management.Also, Manyele et al (2003) contented that lack of plan for management of medical waste, lack of recording the amount of medical waste generated, reduction of quantity and toxicity of waste at the source and segregation were the challenges facing Tanzania in management of medical waste.Lack of lid on medical waste storage tools...

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Solid Waste Management

* Waste reduction can be achieved in three basic ways: 1) Reducing the amount of material used per product without sacrificing the utility of that product 2) Increasing the lifetime of a product 3) Eliminating the need for the product * Waste reduction in industry is called pollution prevention.50 Series of 1998 * ADOPTING THE LANDFILL SITE IDENTIFICATION AND SCREENING CRITERIA FOR MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITIES * The DENR is the government agency responsible for the management and development of the country’s environment and natural resources * The basic services and facilities, include, but are not limited to general hygiene and sanitation, beautification and solid waste management .* Reduction of waste on the household...

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Sustainability and Waste Management Case Study

These documents provided important information such as the amount of waste generated per year, the cost of disposing the wastes, and the strategies being used by the company to minimize waste.The wastewater is collected in a single waste tank where the chemicals in it mix to form solid waste (sludge).In this regard, the waste disposal system will be modified by installing different waste tanks to collect wastewater that contains each of the major chemicals that produce sludge.The training should focus on improving environmental conservation awareness among the employees, cleaning procedures, installing waste disposal facilities, and effluent management.The waste assessment was conducted to identify the waste generating processes and how ...

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Quantity Surveying And Construction Management Construction Essay

The waste management has been a long issue worry for the public, Increasing the Amount of waste by increasing the population producing, therefor continually been a concern that where waste drives or sprits.One of the largest waste producers is the construction industry and the waste is producing 32 tons for disposal per year [Over view Construction waste in Doha Qatar, 2007].The recovery from waste as well-defined within the Waste Strategy is to achieve done of the followings.Therefor gives value to waste, and attempts to create a situation where the landfill of waste, becomes an economically un-viable disposal route (Waite 1995).The new standard have been arranged with a view to establishing a fresh waste management talent, in positive ...

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The current legislation in Australia for managing wastes Analytical Essay

Although the territorial and state governments have been on the forefront in waste disposal, it is interesting to note that the challenges being posed by waste production are being addressed at the national level.For instance, waste production has tripled over the last few years and unless proper waste management legislations are adopted, it will even be a bigger problem in future.Some of the long term objectives include lowering the risk of exposure to wastes, minimizing unlawful dumping of waste products as well as reckless littering, and constant review of the legislative frameworks that have been put in place in order to boost resource recovery process and improve waste disposal (Burritt 2002, p.391).2012, “Developing a Social Busine...

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Recommendations For Solid Waste Management In Mauritius Environmental Sciences Essay

In doing so, materials which were bound to become waste can be used again and there will be no need for recycling, combustion for energy purpose and disposal of waste materials to landfill.There should be a continuous awareness programme in place, so that every person gets well accustomed to the new techniques of municipal solid waste management.It is believed that waste minimization methods that focus on avoiding waste from ever being created, (source reduction) and recycling is encouraged.Waste minimization is considered as a waste management approach that emphasizes on decreasing the amount and toxicity of hazardous waste that is generated.Zero Waste implies merging communities, businesses and industries such that one’s waste becomes ...

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