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Educating Rita – Willy Russell

She realised that she has wasted her life but has not the conviction and determination necessary to actually change anything.So, in effect, Frank and Rita have almost traded places in society.Rita has now developed into a respectable woman, with tact and maturity, like any Middle Class woman.Of course, the reverse holds true for Rita.At very beginning of Educating Rita, the cultural differences between Frank and Rita are illustrated.

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Willy Russell’s “Educating Rita” Essay

An example of this to illustrate the differences of their language is when Rita asks “What does assonance mean?” and Frank gives a short laugh then reply “What?”.For example, in Act I scene I, Rita mentions a poem she has read about fighting death and Frank jumps to the conclusion that she means Dylan Thomas.Rita is a ‘breath of fresh air’ (I, i) in Frank’s life, teaching him to view things from a completely different perspective unlike the conventional point of view he had adopt when teaching literature for the past years.However it is a poem by the Liverpool author Roger McGough that Rita has in mind.Yet, Frank can offer Rita an education and therefore choice.

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Thesis Statements

This thesis clearly illustrates the complexity of the themes within the film.Revised again: Educating Rita celebrates the liberating potential of education as an enabling force open to real-world, working-class experiences.This is better because it specifically indicates why the evidence matters.Working thesis: Educating Rita celebrates the liberating potential of education.Notice how this thesis provides an even more specific application of education to particular aspects of people’s lives.

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New Stages of Experience Essay

Frank argues the fact Rita has not found a better song she has simply ‘found a different song’.Further growth in Rita is seen when she quotes Blake, to Frank’s surprise, and it is evident that Rita has come so far.Rita not only has become more confident but she has bought new second hand clothes, a symbol of her growth into the world.This is a clear indication that Rita has changed her ways to move into the world of education and her new life.This is illustrated in Educating Rita as Rita grows with knowledge and changes as a result of moving into the world of education and middle-class society.

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Power Rangers : Mighty Morphin Essay

In order to stop Lord Zedd, who has come to replace Rita in the fight against Good, the Rangers need to assemble their DinoZords to the TonnerreZords.In turn, Kimberly leaves the team for her training for the Gymnastics World Cup.When the future of the planet is in danger after the accidental release of Rita Repulsa, an interdimensional being, Zordon of Eltar (who fought and imprisoned Rita 10,000 years ago), established in a Command Center in Angel Grove, recruits five teenagers to take on the powers of the Transmutation Network and defend the planet as Power Rangers: Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Zack.She gives her powers to Katherine who becomes the new Pink Ranger.Shortly afterwards, Master Vile, Rita and Rito's father, arrives o...

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The changing relationship between Frank and Rita

Rita realizes now that perhaps Frank had other motives besides desiring her to remain young and unreserved forever, but there was also truth in what he described of her views, ‘You think I just ended up with a load of quotes an’ empty phrases; an’ I did.Rita, having acquired both the academic understanding and self-assurance she had strived for from the beginning seems slightly flippant about her future when discussing it with Frank.It is obvious that Frank is completely unfit to tutor Rita in this drunken state, he himself admitting he feels ‘off my cake’, a phrase reminiscent of the ‘old’ Rita, yet he refuses to let go of his role as Rita’s guide and teacher.Rita is a twenty-six year old woman belonging to the ‘working class’, yet unli...

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Educating Rita

However towards the end Rita has grown up to an extent that she refers to herself as “… educated… ” Although Frank has low self-esteem he proves to be a good teacher by educating her to an extent where Rita herself is able to discover the meaning of ‘Howard’s End’ by herself: “Criticism is never subjective… criticism must be supported by reference to established literary critique” .This influence is nothing but the character of Rita herself.However during these periods Rita is not the only one who learns about literature.The characters change to such an extent that, Frank goes from correcting Rita in criticism to being accused by Rita of “being subjective”.This positive and negative influence appears to be intentional for example Rita wa...

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What impression of Rita does Willy Russell create in Act One, Scene One

When Rita asks, quite suddenly, what assonance is (a basic technique), Frank laughs, perhaps before he has thought about it.Despite this understanding, Frank still treats Rita with perhaps less respect than she deserves.Our idea of the stereotype is quickly unravelled as Rita begins to comment on different issues.We see that Rita, although aware of her deficiency in factual knowledge, is still proud – “Don’t laugh at me”.However, most of the play deals with (not so surprisingly) educating ‘Rita’; that is, the person Susan White decided to become and indeed developed into – so for the purposes of this essay she will remain Rita.

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Educating Rita Essay

However, Rita is not prepared to do this and her quest for an education brings her into conflict with her husband Denny, revealing how the pathways into new worlds may undoubtedly contain problems and drawbacks.Similarly, in Bruce Dawe’s “easy does it” explores similar themes to Educating Rita.Eventually, when Denny makes Rita decide between education and him, she chooses education and makes another significant step ‘into the world’.This concern echoes frank’s concern that Rita will lose her “uniqueness” as she makes her way into a new world full of rules and regulation.Rita questions everything in the fashion of a curious kid writing on her in case she should lose her fresh perspectives The speaker’s word act as a self- imposed warning,...

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Developments Of Ritas Character English Literature Essay

The ending in the Educating Rita is left open.No one knows what happens to either Rita or Frank.Rita wanted to gain education and she largely succeeds in this.He is now a poet in Australia and publishes his poetries every week in the newspaper whereas Rita has become an English literature teacher.I personally liked this play and this is because of the way Russell presented the both characters Frank and Rita.

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Educating Rita from a Director's Point of View

By this point it is not only Rita who has changed significantly.To conclude, I believe that the actress playing Rita must be able to .Rita has become a person with more intellectual opinions and abilities .much Rita has changed and how her relationship with Frank has turned .In this scene the costume for Rita should be very .

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The Development Of Frank And Of Rita English Literature Essay

Rita wants to be like them “I wanna talk seriously with the rest of you…” Rita then tells Frank about how she visited the pub.In Act 2 Scene 3, after Frank says that her essay is “not wrong.”, Rita says, “You’re being subjective”, precisely what Frank said at the beginning and so reflects how Rita has become more educated in terms of language.What’s more, Rita also has better choice, which is essential as that is what Rita aimed for, to some amount.When Frank says that he wouldn’t mind if she’d “walked in with a bottle of Spanish plonk”, Rita then says that “It was Spanish” and this is amusing to some level as what Frank consider to be rubbish wine, is precisely what Rita had brought along.Rita says that if she had seen those poems when ...

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Educating Rita

There are some obvious differences between Rita and Frank, some which partly prevent Rita from being accepted in Frank’s world.‘ Rita says that they should be dealing with literary criticism and so Frank hands her his poetry works and requests and criticism essay on it.Rita explains how she came up with the views ‘I’ve talked to other people, read other books an’ after consultin’ a wide variety of opinions I came up with those conclusions’ Rita is proving that she does not need Frank as much as she used to.Rita has a stereotype for middle class society; ‘the sort of dress you’d only see an educated women, on the sort of women who knows the difference between Jane Austen and Tracy Austen’ this is the stereotype, which Rita is clearly tryi...

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Exploring moods, atmospheres and stories in paintings

“My background is Catholic so there is a rich legacy of imagery and iconography there” (Rita Duffy).Rita Duffy is then quite different from both Munch and Kollwitz as her work is more detailed, is often autobiographical and includes themes and images of Irish identity, history and politics.Rita Duffy One of Northern Ireland’s most celebrated artists, Rita Duffy; born in Belfast in 1959 and grew up in South Belfast.The use of texture, tone and contrast are also strong elements.It is also important to adapt your style depending on what type of atmosphere you are trying to create, whether it is happy or sad, desperation or celebration.

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Willy Russell in his play ‘Educating Rita’ Essay

Through this comment we see how Frank sees himself as somewhat of a fraud, however, Rita does not get the deeper meaning of his reply, she simply admires the way he can construct a phrase like that, and as often happens in this scene, the audience, understanding Frank, should have one level of meaning, while Rita has another.This also occurs later in the scene, when Frank comments that he would like to take Rita by the hand and, ‘run out of this room forever.’ Rita thinks he is merely being sarcastic, yet the audience can see the deeper level of meaning in his words, in that he feels trapped and unhappy.For example in the first scene, during the use of spotlights, when Frank and Rita are having a serious discussion, Frank’s confusion ove...

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Billy Liar – In this play how is Billy presented

An overall summary of this play would be that Billy’s father’s criticisms over his life have led to Billy developing an inferiority complex which leads to him lying a lot which eventually leads to the crumbling of his world.Billy would appear to have got involved with Rita more for the physical side of their relationship, and she does not particularly have any real feelings for her; it is definitely more about sex.The only reason I can think that he took the money out of the postage book is to buy the engagement rings for Rita and Barbara.I think that this is because he has had to work very hard to make his own living and to give Billy the best chance in life that he could, and Billy has wasted the opportunity that his father would have ...

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Billy Liar

Barbara is prim and proper compared to Rita and feels that she has a serious relationship with Billy.Rita on the other hand meats his physical needs and Liz is more of a friend to him as they have very similar personalities.I feel that he has wasted a lot of chances in his life due to idleness, i. e. his grammar school education.He needs to have some respect for people.My reactions to Billy is that of sympathy as he is constantly lying to get out of previous lies and messes about with all of his friends and family.

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Example Lay Out of School Paper Essay

That is a specialty of a teacher that no one could ever had.Rita just gave a big “hahahahahahahahhaha” .“What did you feel w2hen you were crowned as Miss WVSU-LC?” Rita replied with a sweet smile on her face “well, when I was crowned as Miss WVSU-LC 2012, I couldn’t exactly explain what my feeling was.Well, to maintain your beauty and body; simply relax, eat moderately with healthy foods, be stress free and most of all smile, all out smile and the world will smile at you.” “Thanks Rita.“Hello Miss Rita can I ask you a favor?” .

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Educating Rita

Frank explains to Rita what a tragedy is and then Rita proposes a visit to an art gallery.Although Frank is teaching Rita, Rita manages to help Frank reinvent his teaching skills as he customizes them to suit her.The audience may react to this negatively because Rita is being very rude and nosey but the audience may also just think that Rita just wants to get to know Frank.He realizes or thinks that if Rita is successful in ‘learning everything’ (which is what she wanted in the beginning) then it will spoil what is so special about Rita.I think that the audience will respond to Rita in many ways during the play “Educating Rita”.

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Educating Rita

Frank’s feelings about Rita have increased from just being friends, and know Frank is being to love Rita.As Willy Russell has make Rita, a girl who wants to sound confidant and to help this seem more realistic Willy Russell gets Rita to mock and change the meaning of things when she doesn’t understand/know what they are.By Willy Russell, making Rita immediately start a conversation suggests to us that Rita is confidant.Rita used to make fun of Franks educated speech, but instead now Rita is using educated language, and Frank is taking the mick out Rita.Rita used to go to Frank every week, and Willy Russell suggests that Frank’s office is a place where Rita feels that she can become free in, and that Frank is helping her become educated a...

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The Character of Rita in Educating Rita

Willy Russell wrote Educating Rita as a comedy .Rita wants to explore and learn myself, so she is the reason why she went to college to find a mentor to help her learn.Rita "Educating Rita" by Willy Russell is only two characters and a set of two-handed game.Danny wants to have children in Rita, but Rita is taking oral contraceptive medicine, but Danny does not know about it, but then found it in the play.Characteristics of Rita education In the book "Education Rita" by Rita Wita Russell, a 26 year old student is a hairdresser, a working class named Rita.The script was seen not instead of being studied.The editorial Rita thesis is a quotation of academic papers mainly written by students and provides a critical analysis of educational Ri...

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Educating Rita

Overall she has settled into a hybrid Rita, halfway through the old and the new Rita.The old Rita wasn’t happy with the way she dressed, this shows a metamorphosis in Rita, but is it for the best?Rita now wants to sit on the grass with the “real students,” Rita used to look up to them as if they were her superiors, now she feels like she’s their equal, and has the courage to join them.” When Frank tries to surprise Rita by introducing her to Blake, but he finds out Rita has already ‘done’ him, she also recites one of his poems by heart to prove her point.In conclusion, we see a tremendous change in Rita through the course of the play.

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Rita's Change and her Relationship with Frank

"Education Rita" is the story of a married working-class woman Rita who tries to find himself better by taking an open university course.Rita does not have to "hold hands" in Frank as before.As she is looking for real Rita, Rita's role has changed dramatically throughout the show.To show this, I pay attention to her behavior, her appearance, her speech, and her actions.In scene 8, Rita talks to Frank about her private life.Now Frank has come to like this view, but Rita thinks that the garbage is not suitable for those who received education.How does essay.com / Willy Russell express changes in relationship between Rita and Frank with "Rita Rita"?How does Willy Russell express changes in the relationship between Rita and Frank with "Rita ...

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Educating Rita by Willy Russell

It can be looked at as Frank is acting professionally by asking Rita to support her opinion to finding “Howards End” boring, or Frank and Rita were enjoying each others company and taking what they say to each other in a more sexual way.‘Educating Rita’ greatly concentrates on the relationship between Frank and Rita.Rita questions Frank “Have they sacked y?” Rita suggests that Frank has not done something worth while in the place and has done something wrong.As Frank tries to contact Rita, it can be seen that Rita no longer need him and is fine while Frank is upset and lonely which makes the scene extremely poignant.In Act 2 Scene 6, the impact of the fight is clear as Frank is alone without Rita which is a dramatic device used by Russel...

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Rita Repulsa Essay

It is at the end of a terrible fight that the Rangers destroy Goldar, Rita emerges from him and warns Rangers that other villains will come to seize the Zeo crystal.Rita is afraid but not yet defeated, she merges with Goldar and engages in combat.Rita has become the Mystic Mother, the mistress of all good magic.We learn that Rita and Zedd have had a son, Thrax, who is ultimately destroyed by the Guardian Knight of the Crown Aurora.Rita Repulsa is the main antagonist of the film.

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Educating Rita

He was really looking forward to teaching Rita something new, and did not know she was going to study Blake at Summer School.She changes her name from Susan to Rita, because Rita Mae Brown was the author of Ruby Fruit Jungle.Rita acts all cleave and says, “Of course; you don’t do Blake without doing innocence and experience, do y”?This quote shows Rita really wants to learn, as before Summer School she only wanted to ask Frank about his life, and talk to him about her life.Frank chooses to do Blake; he does not know Rita did this at Summer School, and Rita recites from memory the poem.

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Do you think Willy Russell portrays Rita's metamorphosis to good dramatic effect?

But this is also true for frank, "RITA whats your name?(he gives a short laugh) RITA don't laugh at me."FRANK Not after anyone RITA maybe y' parents named you after the quality FRANK what?When Frank tells Rita to read a poem by "William Blake" Rita could recite it from memory.RITA I'm sorry-it was a joke."

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Do you think it is right to call Educating Rita a serious comedy

Trish has also changed Rita into a more sophisticated woman.As Rita becomes more educated, she stops telling jokes, as she doesn’t see the need to any more.This show how much Rita has changed over the course of the play so far, it also shows how serious Rita is about learning, and that she takes in everything that she has been taught by Frank.Frank starts to tell jokes that Rita doesn’t find funny, as she is more educated.Now she does not work in a hairdressers, she works in a bistro, all of these things show how much more sophisticated Rita is getting.

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Educating Rita

After discussing what happened to Trish, Rita decides to be herself and change her name back to Rita.The main purpose of this coursework is to cover all the changes in Rita throughout her tutoring period with Frank and to decide whether these changes helped Rita achieve her goal, which was to have a good education and to be able to mix in with clever people without sticking out like a sore thumb.Rita has also a variety of friends, whereas before she only made friends through her hairdresser salon.Rita trusts frank and as well as receiving help from Frank she also helps Frank (e. g. ) When Frank has problems at home, Rita is prepared to give advice because she feels as if though she owes him something.To begin with, Rita was a down-to-ear...

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Educating Rita

When Frank and Rita are talking about poems Frank immediately picks up on what he thinks Rita means “Aghhhh….Dylan Thomas?” This quote shows Franks knowledge of literature, Rita replies with “No Rodger McGough” this shows Rita’s lack to recognise literature, Rodger McGough was a populist writer and in no way what frank was thinking.This is yet another barrier between not only frank and Rita, but also between Rita and her education.Rita asks Frank if e took the job because e needed the money which is cheeky and slightly offensive, therefore not conforming to the typical student/teacher relationship Rita sees no social barriers and she is also using a lot of colloquial language.Rita want frank to recognise how much Rita is willing to chang...

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