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Analysis of BBC Documentary, Texts in Time: Comparing Frankenstein and Blade Runner

The font used for “Blade Runner” is symbolic of movement and progress of society shown in the futuristic setting of “Blade Runner”, the ideas shown in the film were common perceptions of the future during the 1980’s as it was a time of great technological advancement.A reverent, idealistic attitude towards nature again shows the influence of Romanticism on Shelley’s writing.Bursts of fire are seen, showing the amount of pollution in the air.An extreme close up of an eye reflecting the cityscape acts as a symbol of a window to the soul of the city.The DVD cover for the BBC documentary “Texts in Time: Comparing Frankenstein and Blade Runner” visually represents the central themes shown in Mary Shelley’s 1818 gothic novel, Frankenstein and ...

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Black Dahlia Case Essay

Lover of art, and of fine parties, George Hill Hodel had been linked to the photographer Man Ray who participated in his crazy parties.In his book, Steve Hodel questions the possible connection between the mutilations carried out on the corpses and the famous photos entitled Minotaur and Red Lips Cut Out of Man Ray.Among the various theories on the identity of the killer that have caused the most ink to flow at the time, we can cite that of Short's last boyfriend, that of Jack Anderson Wilson or that of a doctor.The author thus accuses a certain Jack Anderson Wilson (in) (Short's boyfriend, see above) of having committed fourteen murders between 1934 and 1950 in Cleveland.The enigma finally solved, the French writer Stéphane Bourgoin tak...

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The Wasteland and The Matrix Essay

Eliot’s "The Wasteland" is considered by many to be the greatest poem of all time.The Waste Land.Both worlds of “The Wasteland” and The Matrix center around the struggles the inner self faces when modern society no longer reliable for spiritual sustenance."The Wasteland" begins with The Burial of The Dead.Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski.

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The History Of Documentaries Film Studies Essay

Often, a documentary film will include interviews with the people in the film.The film maker Mustafah Arrafat used the term documentary in 1926 to refer to any nonfiction film medium, including travelogues and instructional films.Flaherty, often regarded as the “Father of the Documentary Film,” also made the landmark film Moana (1926) about Samoan Pacific islanders, although it was less successful.Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, better known for King Kong (1933), directed the landmark documentary Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life (1925), the first documentary epic, which traced the travels of the Bakhtyari tribe in Persia during their migrational wanderings to find fresh grazing lands.Indeed, the commercial success of these do...

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Differences Between Documentary and Fiction Film

The filmmaker’s attempt is to make the viewer believe that what is shown in the film is a possibility (in case of fiction film) or a reality (in case of documentary).The interactive style of documentary covers the facts and figures but allows the presenter to interact with the people within the documentary.“Firstly, some documentary filmmakers now aim for commercial success when they create a film; and second, in a development related to the first issue, some documentary films are in fact fictionalized to some extent through misrepresentation and omission” (Layton, 2010).The numerous moving camera, sound formed in the studio and theatrical music in the fiction films but the contrary in documentary films like location sounds and infrequen...

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Mockumentaries And Documentaries

Even though mockumentaries have documentary codes, it is still a fictional documentary, which is also called as a hoax.It ripped off the value in researching and producing of a documentary as it leaves documentary in shades of doubts by the viewers.A documentary film is a film that shows true-life histories or current event exposure.The emerging of mockumentaries in our recent days of film industry has raped the pride of a documentary.There are similarities between documentaries and mockumentaries as mockumentaries use all the documentaries codes and conventions, such as that turn a mockumentary into a documentary, be determined to show the film as a documentary even though it is not a documentary.

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Relationship Between Documentary And Reality Film Studies Essay

The documentary filmmaker gathers, structures and edits the material in a manner that changes it from a simple record of actuality into a form which we can refer to as documentary dialogue.In order to explain documentary further Bill Nichols identified six documentary modes .Though they claim to present the world as it is and try to hold the attention of their audiences by the strength of their argument, documentaries can never accomplish the level of impartiality to which they from time to time desire ‘it can tell the truth but not the entire truth.’ (Chapman 1988, p.23) Therefore by analysing some of the conceptual and practical issues involved in defining the genre along with its relationship with reality across a variety of documenta...

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Essay about Ethics in Filmmaking

The ethical choices that occur within each documentary mode are somewhat similar but manifest differently within each mode.Ethics are a constant issue that are raised when embarking on a film, particularly when filming a documentary.Each particular documentary mode poses different formal choices that must be made in order to operate in an ethical fashion.‘Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?’ Introduction to Documentary.It is because of this reality that the issue is much more important because it “adds a level of ethical consideration to documentary that is much less prominent in fiction filmmaking, (Nichols, 2001).” People are portraying their real selves and are not masked by a personality that has been asked of t...

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Analysis of JFK (1991) and Thin Blue Line

Carroll’s approach to these arguments about the prospects for truth or objectivity in documentary is often to return to examples where the “truth” claimed by the documentary seems clear and uncontentious (as with his common use of nature documentaries as discussion points).Any given standard for objectivity will have embedded political assumptions In documentary, these assumptions might include belief in the self-evident nature of facts, in rhetorical persuasion as a necessary and appropriate part of representation, and in the capacity of the documentary text to affect its audience through its implicit or explicit claim of “This is so, isn’t it?”17 .How helpful this argumentative nature is as a distinction between fiction and documentary...

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Analysis of Capitalism: A Love Story Essay

Capitalism: A Love Story [Motion Picture].Reference Moore, M. (Producer & Director).The film narrates and explains on the financial crisis as well as of other topics that are encompassed in the film.The approach used in the documentary film is the dialectic approach.This type of approach was best utilized in the documentary wherein it uses two contradicting ideas that try to overpower each other.

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The codes and conventions of documentary film-making

The presenter adds authenticity to the documentary because of their status (and therefore our willingness to believe them), and because ‘we can actually see them there’, and so “it must be true”.Documentary film-makers use various techniques to achieve this.Interviews are central to all modern documentary films.It is usually used where it would have been impossible for the filmmaker to film the shots themselves, especially in the case of unique events which only happened once, and would be impossible to re-film.Documentary film-making has a history as long as that of fiction film-making and began in the late 1800s.

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Types of Documentary

It is very hard to make a documentary that isn’t biased to one opinion and is fair towards both sides of an argument.The film doesn’t have a voice over and is mixed with an observational documentary genre.Observational documentary is a fly on the wall type of documentary.Expository documentary is considered as a classic form of documentary in which an unseen presenter gives a voice-over commentary that explains the images that we are seeing.Roger Friedman of Fox News called the film a “brilliant and uplifting new documentary” and praised Moore for the way in which he lets “very articulate average Americans tell their personal horror stories at the hands of insurance companies” and “criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for their inac...

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Control Room | Documentary | Analysis

This particular documentary film is made of conversations of journalists and different people involved in the news industry.Most of ordinary people including journalists, who come into view in the documentary film are doubtful, to say the least of the Bush administration’s policies, but they also stick to a journalistic ethic of objectivity and fairness, trying to navigate between their political allegiances and the code of their craft.In this particular documentary film, I have focused on the details of the opening scenes in the different aspects, whether it is a sound, camera angels or emotional influences, and if to pay attention, it is easy to see and understand the scenes and the way that the director expresses the key moments by us...

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Documentary Analysis Of Control Room

An Observational documentary mode: This film uses a ‘fly on the wall’ technique to observe the Al Jazeera journalists (and other media organisations) as they record stories and interact with the U.S. military media spokespersons.In my view, the editing of the shots and conversations, along with interviews, wounded pictures of children, played a key role in this documentary.Therefore, the complete documentary film represents American military troops in the cruel and very ‘devil light’.Most of the ordinary people including journalists, who come into view in the documentary film are doubtful, to say the least of the Bush administration’s policies, but they also stick to a journalistic ethic of objectivity and fairness, trying to navigate be...

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A Study On Triumph Of Will

Hitler wanted a first-rate filmmaker to direct the film of the party rally, having insisted several years earlier that he wanted to “exploit the film as an instrument of propaganda in such a way that the audience will be clearly aware that… they are going to see a political film.Triumph of the Will a propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl and Super Size Me is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock are the two documentaries I will take into account because their genres are completely different from each other, and this could lead to an interesting analysis of the documentaries’ purpose and what they attain in the end.The ultimate aim of documentary is to find the perfect way of representing the real is what Stella Bruzzi believes is the funct...

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Documentary Film Analysis of Tough Guise Essay

•Did you know anything about the subject before you watched the documentary?•Who/what is the subject of the documentary?•What is the purpose of the documentary?Step 4 Summarize the documentary .•What are the drawbacks of the documentary?

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Grey Gardens Documentary Essay

“Big Edie” singing on the documentary showed hope and optimism about life.Unlike many other documentary films wherein only the selected chapters are highlighted on the story, this was something different.The film was more of a reality show than a documentary film.The message the filmmaker wanted to convey was not clear at the start of the documentary.The 1975 documentary film tells us about the story of the Beales, “Big Edie” and “Little Edie,” aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, respectively.

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Movie Analysis : ' Print The Legend ' Essay

The scenery of this film was in Las Vegas, Nevada one of the most crime infested places in the United States.Based on certain details viewers can see the difference between a film made based on reality or based on 'a fantasy. 'According to the film "The Hangover," Las Ve... ... middle of paper ... ...n society who prefer to watch an educational film rather then a film based on entertainment.In the popular film "The Hangover," viewers everywhere were entertained with the journey the three friends went through to locate their missing friend.This film created an opening in the eyes of millions.

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The purpose of the documentary film Step into Liquid Essay

Camera shots under water behind waves help the documentary in achieving its purpose, visually inviting viewers to step into liquid.The audio codes used in Step into Liquid helps the documentary film to achieve its purpose of affecting a positive response to surfing in the viewer.The purpose of the documentary film, Step into Liquid, directed by Dana Brown, is to persuade viewers to surf, to step into liquid, as the evocative title suggests.The presentation of a diverse range of people enjoying surfing and others who surf as a lifestyle stipulates to the viewer that anyone can surf, anywhere; that ‘surfing isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that.’ By filming in water below or behind the wave, the documentary involve...

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Production Report Of 5 Minute Documentary Film Studies Essay

These include low angled shots that we used to film Nick doing his press up, wide angled shots to film the tracking shot of the entire gym and even several close-ups of one of the people working out at the gym lifting weights along with Nick doing several bench presses.As part of my group’s video production work this year, we were tasked to film and produce a five minute documentary on any chosen subject based on a topic of interest or an individual.However, this might have been the biggest mistake the we did as had we taken just 5 minutes to restart the camera or re-attach the microphone, things might have turned out quite differently and we could have had a clear and crisp sound throughout the documentary.The reasons why we decided onl...

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Nanook of the north: An overview

This information about his life raises much controversy over whether this be regarded as a true official documentary or not.In one of the scenes in the film, he is seen laughing at a phonograph and biting into a record as if the objects were strange and foreign to him, and that he had never seen them before.I find this film highly informative, even though Robert J. Flaherty, the producer and director of this film, altered and staged some things that were quite different in reality, a subject that has brought this film some criticism.So I’m not going to call this an official documentary, but neither am I going to say that it’s not either.These, among many other things, did correctly show the more ancient ways of the Inuit, which is likely...

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How Product Will Affect Its Target Audience

This was because I wanted to clearly show where the individual was being filmed and therefore where they were living to give an idea of their background and social status for the audience, therefore making the audience more actively involved in the program.I filmed at the local landmark due realising that other documentaries also tended use footage of where their own documentary issue was taking place.For the main interview scene I had the actor sat in front of an ‘Arnold Schwarzenneger’ poster from the film ‘The Terminator’, the reason for this was to portray the drug user in a very masculine light as would be the case of a stereotypical steroid abuser.I had the power to portray my actor, as all documentary makers do, in the light I wis...

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Female Film Directors and the British Film Industry Essay

"Dreams Of A Life" Director Carol Morley In Her own Words On The Challenges She Faced In Financing The Film FEATURES.Extended Essay discussion.BFI Statistical Yearbook Shows Decline In UK Female Writers And Directors.I will also look at ways in which films are shown to their audience, and whether those doing the selecting of which films are shown at festival have an effect on the commercial success of a film.I will also be looking at the statistics from film festivals and the British Film Institute, and interviews with various British female filmmakers.

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13th – the Documentry

I thought that this documentary was both jaw-dropping and eye-opening.I think that this documentary enlightens its audience about raw facts and it needs to be known to everyone.I also recognize that this documentary was released around a time where it is more relevant to today’s society than some may realize.Personally, I learned many different things throughout the documentary.The documentary starts out with stating an astonishing statistic: “One out of four African-American males will serve prison time at one point or another in their lives.

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Presenting Reality In Documentaries

As he sarcastically says in the beginning of his documentary; ‘… The biggest people, America has now become the fattest nation in the world, CONGRATULATIONS!’ This statement by the filmmaker suggests that in teh documentary, the audience will be seeing and hearing the reality that Morgan Spurlock chooses to show them and he has already taken the liberty to express his personal emotions towards the theme of the documentary.If ‘super Size Me’ was to be categorised in the basic six mode of documentary according to Bill Nichols, it would be a participatory documentary.It will be appropriate at this point to go deeper into the documentary ‘Super Size Me’ and analyse it in order to understand the objectives and mode of the documentary.However,...

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Humphrey Jennings’ film

This source, combined with that of the inclusion of the soundtrack means that one should be wary of labelling such a source a documentary.The two possibilities open are, primarily, that Humphrey Jennings’ film was simply a documentary to show those of a later era the impact of the German bombardment, or, the film was designed with the intention of raising the morale of the ‘blitzed’ Londoners.If one were to argue the case that this film was a historical documentary then the evidence for such is strong.Primarily it is useful to recall the styles, dialogue and equipment required to make a film of any kind during the war.This was accompanied by a script, an obligation in any film, (one knows this from a further source linked to I was a fire...

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The Film Industry And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

The film industry has become a large part of part of human culture for over a millennium.Furthermore, climate change can be viewed as an immediate problem as illustrated in The 11th Hour.While the effects of climate change is not as abrupt as in The Day After Tomorrow, future generations might be at an even greater risk.The movie is set on Earth in the year 2805 where the Earth is a barren wasteland, void of any signs of life (save for cockroaches).Since the development of the motion picture camera in the 1890s, shortly followed by the establishment of production companies, film has vastly gained popularity.

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Significants of Gallipoli Film and Documentry Essay

Both the documentary and the film highlight Australia’s blind devotion to the Empire.Woven throughout the documentary are the historical perspectives given by academic and military experts.Both the film and the documentary are rich resources to support the study for year 9 and 10 students in the frist world war and as apart of the mandatory Australian History course.Weir’s film is an easy introduction while Ornak’s documentary further extends a students understanding of the Galipoli campaign.Although there were many reasons to enlist the documentary focuses on the larrikin spirit of the Australians and the adventure and pride the ANSACS felt serving their mother country Great Britian.

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The Struggle for Peace and Politics Essay

Some others may even stretch the argument that the documentary is just another form of Western expansion under the guise of the claim for a world peace day.But here you have a documentary film spearheaded by one man trying to augment those efforts to achieve world peace even for a brief moment.The documentary “Peace One Day” is the brainchild of British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, a compelling film that has envisioned a world without war even for a day.That is, by allowing the documentary to penetrate the collective consciousness of non-Westerners, the documentary in effect influences the thinking of the ‘natives’ of foreign countries, thereby altering the ways in which they think about their respective countries.With that in mind, the docu...

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The Reality of Ethics in Truman Show Essay

The bigger things that go on throughout the production stage of a documentary are concealed from the audience who only watch the highlights of the filmed footage (JBC Online, 2003).The very error of trying to present reality comes from the confusion between the truth of the documentary and the reality of the situation in which it was shot.In dealing with reality TV program or any documentary, the film usually suggests real life events.In contrast with fiction films, the theme in reality TV is yet unknown until the editing of the film commences and from then, the plot and focus of the film is decided.“Documentary filmmakers tend to adhere to their definition of a documentary: a film of real people in real situations doing what they usuall...

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