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Effects of Watching Too Much TV

However, people who spend match time watching TV every day, they may not see what happen to them right moment, but by time they will know that they got a lot of problems in their bodies and health.All in all, spending too much time watching TV will affect any person whatever hi or her age.As a result of spending too much watching TV, the health of the human body will become very week, which is so bad for any person because that will cause sick vulnerability for the body.When a person spends too much time watching TV, and gives a lot of focus and attention his or her brain will lose a lot of neuroses.In fact, it is one of the worst results that comes from spending too much time watching TV.

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The Negative Effects of Watching Tv Too Much for the Children

Television is a good media but we need to know how to use it to bring positive effects.The final harmful is that children watch TV to much can only get the one-way information.Actually, watching television causes many serious effect to the child’s focus that is not good at the development of their body and mind..Children watching TV too much can face to many diseases and other psychological problems as clarified in the following essay The first harmful from watching TV too much is that it can reduce the ability of concentration and awareness.Children watching television more than two hours a day increases the risk of becoming obese (17%), cardiovascular system problems (15%) and increases cholesterol in the blood (15 %).Besides, accordin...

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Personal choices determine whether TV is a negative or positive invention in our lives.The combination of inactivity and snacking that often goes with watching TV inevitably leads to added pounds.TV watching tends to reduce communication in a household.To add to this problem of inactivity while watching TV, many people consume lots of snacks in front of the TV.The most serious physical consequence of too much TV watching is obesity.

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Effects of Watching T.V

Our reality is the strong evidence that the effects of watching TV are bad rather than good ones.When it comes to entertaining, watching TV is not a good alternative to, say, communication with friends, yet it makes up about 40 % of the reasons why people watch TV.In a nutshell, the effects of watching TV may be divided into cognitive, entertaining and negative.The above-mentioned effects of watching TV demonstrate that it is not the TV sets at home which should be blamed for our problems, but the lack for sense of proportion.There are a lot of researches, statistics and other scientific data, which are dedicated to effects of watching TV, which, however, don’t demonstrate the situation as it is.

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Effects of Watching TV

A viewer enters a hypnotic state while watching TV for a long time.Over a period of time, their reflexes get slow and their lives become imitations of what the TV shows them.One stops thinking while watching TV and it slows down brain activity over a period of time.Instead of watching TV as a relaxing activity, try reading, chatting with your family members, painting, playing a sport, playing with kids, and other such activities that exercise your mind and body at the same time.However, people who watch TV very frequently and for hours together tend to get addicted to this kind of passive activity, which provides the mind a good break from the hectic working hours.

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Why You Shouldn’t Watching?

Nowadays, we can see movies, series, and shows that present scenes of violence and drugs.The time we spend watching TV could be applied to useful activities like exercise, reading, interacting with friends and family, activities that are a crucial for a healthy lifestyle.The third reason why people shouldn’t watch too much television is because it negatively affects people’s mental development.However, this doesn’t mean that we should ban TV, but if we are going to watch it, we should do it with moderation.Television is a resource that we should learn to use through the right selection of programs by taking an active and critical attitude towards it.According to several scientific studies, watching TV for prolonged periods of time has a ...

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Too much tv Essay

You can solve this problem by not watching such programs and PROHIBITING children from from watching.The third reason why people shouldn’t watch too much television is because it negatively affects people’s mental development.However, this doesn’t mean that we should ban TV because it can be a great resource to CONFORM the human brain, but if we are going to watch it, we should do it with moderation.Watching television is an experience shared by most people.People shouldn’t watch too much television because the content of many TV programs is not educational, it makes people waste time that could be used in more beneficial activities, and it affects people’s mental development.

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TV Addiction Children

According to a recent study done by the Yale Family Television Research and Consultation Center, over the course of the year, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school or participating in any other activity except sleep (Sather, 2007).Watching too much television can have negative effects.“Television Addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching” (GNU free documentation, 2008).Other tips to overcome a TV addiction include, only watching when a certain show is on, setting a timer to limit oneself to how long they watch, or throwing out the remote control (Sri, 2008).It is easy for children to fall into the category of be...

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How television effects children

Moreover, Watching TV takes up most of the children activity time, as well as reduces the time on looking at the picture, see the picture album, reading, game time.David Isaacs, in his essay “Television and Children,” states that watching too much of television leads to obesity, especially if the time spent watching is not spent exercising.New Zealand Otego university researchers take a survey between 5 and 15 years old children about the time spend on watching the article “Considerations on the Impact of Television and Internet over the Children’s and Teenagers’ Behavior”, the author shows that the consequences of watching too much TV makes children to think less and image less.And, how much impact TV has on children depends on ma...

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TV Addiction Problem

Even though it takes long to quit TV addiction, the main purpose is to find you feel free from TV watching.Even though it takes a long to quit TV addiction, the main purpose is to be free from TV watching.You need to know how much time you spend watching TV.Third, set a limit for how much TV you will watch in later on.“Television addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching.” It is common beliefs that stop watching TV is the fastest method to quit TV addiction.

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Disadvantage of T.V

So if you have kids, make sure you are very careful regarding various things like: what they are watching, how much time they spend watching T.V., don’t allow them to watch too much of cartoons and scary shows, they should not affect their eyesight and stuff like that.It increases their knowledge by watching various channels, vocabulary by watching English movies, shows etc.The good and bad effort for watching television, first one is showing that they are gathering something about the world and another is showing, that the youth is watching television without keeping any distance and this result eye effect as today’s most of the child is watching television.So watching too much TV can also stop thinking for the youths, so we must think ...

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The Negative Effects of Violence on TV Essay

Now, if you put that stat along with how much children watch TV daily.TV channels shouldn’t be allowed to expose inappropriate material and violence to adolescents.In sum, most depictions sanitize violence by making it appear to be much less painful and less harmful than it really is.First of all, there is way too much violence on television whether it is on some prime time channel, or even a Saturday morning cartoon program.(Frazier) This shows how much violence there is on “children shows”.

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Original Oratory

Guys who watch shows like The Apprentice, Survivor, The Real World, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Cops are watching shows that display a lot of guns, swearing, fighting, and shootings.All of these acts of violence can easily stick in boys and girls minds, so we limit how many of those TV shows we watch, we have a better chance to not be aggressive later.We need to remember that the reality TV shows we watch aren’t real, and it shouldn’t change how we act and how we look at our lives.The American Psychological Association produced a study on how early TV violence is linked to adulthood aggression, “Early childhood exposure to TV violence stimulates an increase in aggression later in adulthood.” If guys watch violent TV shows, it is more like...

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Television is harmful Essay

This is probably the result of taking in too many calories (junk food — which is advertised on television — stuffed in unconsciously as kids stare at the screen) and not burning up enough calories (sitting still rather than running around and playing), “66% of Americans eat dinner while watching television” (Television Project).Centerwall (1989, 19930) analyzed crime data in areas of the world with and without television and made comparisons in areas before and after the introduction of TV “homicide rates doubled in ten to fifteen years after TV was introduced for the first time into specified areas of the United States and Canada.” .There is no other experience in a child’s life that permits so much passive intake while demanding so l...

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Television, a Waste of Time And Money Essay

Once families start watching TV, it becomes a routine that is not easy to break.73.5% of people watch TV when they are not doing any thing (“Television”).If the kids watch excessive amounts of TV when they are really young, they will react to what they saw on TV when they are in a crisis or problem in there life, when they grow up.Children who watch more than three hours of TV a day are very likely to commit a violent act with in their life.In 1993, the average child was watching 8,000 murders and 10,000 acts of violence before leaving elementary school (Hepburn 244-249).With all the choices of premium cable, HBO and many others, it’s not surprising that TV is rising in price too.

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Tv Viewing- Good or Bad? Essay

Most kids that watch TV for many hours tend to have lower grades on school and even lower if they just see shows where there are murders and many blood.While other children which watch a controled amount of TV, are better at clases and have higher grades because they are focused and pay more attention.TV benefits you in some aspects like patience, reading and attention.Watching television has been a favorite thing to do for many people for decades and raises the question; does television affect your intelligence?TV can have both negative AND positive effects on people’s intelligence; it’s just in between them.To offset the little amount of time your family does spend watching TV, spend plenty of quality time together.

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Our Culture and the Media

Here are some statistics that I found: •Approximate number of studies examining TV’s effects on children: 4,000 •Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5 •Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680 •Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day: 70 •Percentage of parents who would like to limit their children’s TV watching: 73 •Percentage of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television: 54 (parents are finding it hard to compete with all of the excitement of the media) .Watching TV and playing games can affect people’s emotions, too.If kids watch a lot of TV,...

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Essay on The Effects Of Television On Children 's Children

So therefore, children should only be watching TV for no more than two hours each day.The effect of television is known to direct children in a negative way, such as brain development, behaviour, and their health.Also, a lot of the shows on television promote plenty of violence, which is not right for a child to be watching at such a young age....o get away from watching too much television and causing them to have poor eyesight and having multiple health issues.However, children can still watch television, but less of it is better otherwise a child tends to have no social life and causes damage to the eyes.

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Effects of television on children Essay

Besides, the time of TV watching significantly cut back contact with family and companions (Judith and Lawrence, 2004).Conclusion In summary, the viewing and watching of television causes an important impact on the behavior and development of children of all ages.Violent shows and late-TV watching has been known to be associated with sleep problems in kids.So there is no harm in watching a little entertainment television here and there, and can be a source of relaxation for children who are in pain or stressed.An example in an account from the American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Children and Television, it was decided that: “Television watching promotes an attraction toward vehemence, an apathy when real vehemence is seen, passi...

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TV Effects on Children Essay

“University of Michigan Health System.” Television (TV) and Children: Your Child:.The average child will spend 1,500 hours a year watching television and in those 1,500 hours they will view an average of 200,000 acts of violence by the time they graduated high school (Norman Herr, Ph.D.).“The quick pace of television shows actually rewires the brain to accept information only in short chunks, thus reducing an individual’s attention span.” Finally, touching basis on morality and its influence on today’s television, it can play out in a moral way just as much as an immoral way.Once TV reaches the viewer, the viewer must be aware that they are responsible for the effect that they allow television to have on them, and how they relay these ef...

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Benefits Of TV For Children

Furthermore, through watching television shows, children can discover animals, things or places that they could not have seen otherwise.Nonetheless, children should not watch too much television, instead they should engage in active things such as sports and other hobbies.Excessive TV watching can cause weight problems like obesity and also affect the intellectual skills of children.Other key findings include 66% of parents identifying the positive effect TV is having on their child’s numeracy and musical skills.Also, much of children’s programming can help stimulate and develop their imaginations, leading them to lives of creativity.Educational and Informative – With cable channels such as Discover, National Geographic and the History C...

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Childhood Obesity Essay

Dietary habits mostly children’s eating lifestyles have away from the traditional healthy foods that includes fruits, vegetables as well as whole grains to new an to a larger extent, much reliance on fast food, sugary drinks together with processed snack goods as well as many other foods that are high in fat content and sugar.Much as it is admissible that the designers of these programs have a crucial role to play both in ways to help bring down the addiction aspect of the children to their games, and also to help limit the number of children suffering from obesity but with links to video or TV games.A lot of people including parents have tended to blame the media as a whole laying a blanket condemnation and particularly directed their a...

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Television Addiction- a rising problem Essay

While watching television people eat too much without doing any physical activity.The basic is that is good source of entertainment but there are some restrictions that we need to keep in mind while watching television.Families, children, and elders have negative effects of watching too much television.Watching excessive television causes health problems and depression in youth people.Overall we shouldn’t watch TV for excessive amount of time.

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Influence of Cartoon on Children Essay

Television’s Effect on the Brain and Eyes In December 1997, an episode of the Japanese cartoon “Pocket Monster” (later renamed “Pokemon” for international distribution) drew worldwide attention after multiple cases of children suffering seizures after watching the episode were reported (Warner, 2004).The Children who watch too much cartoons on television are more likely to have mental and emotional problems, along with brain and eye injuries and unexpectedly the risk of a physical problem increases.They paid more attention to the effect of TV on children in their daily lives.” TV is a very quick medium.This has become a problem because too many children are watching too much television and the shows that they are watching (even if they a...

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Violence on Television Essay

This will lead us to the TV ratings board which judge TV shows whether they are suitable to an age bracket or not.Let’s look at the TV manufacturers.That’s why, the amount of the violence in TV shows must be reduced.In a survey made in America by a group of psychologists, children of ages 2 to 5 are watching television for an average of almost 30 hours.They are busy with home chores or they go to work that they had no enough time to ensure that their children are watching what should be watched.

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Pros & Cons of Television Essay

Pros of watching television The positive aspects of watching television include that you have something to talk to friends and relatives about.It’s addictive Even though there are many negative aspects associated with watching television, many people enjoy television far too much to reduce the amount they watch or to avoid watching television altogether.For most people, watching television Is an enjoyable way to spend time.Although here is no conclusive evidence that watching violence on television makes children tofu people would become desensitizing to it, and that this could make it easier for children to engage in violent activities.Poor parenting and weight gain It is also evident that many people spend too much time watching televi...

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Television Essay

According to scientists, watching TV has nothing no benefit for people, particularly for children.Take “ chuyen la Vietnam” as an instance, a man strike himself a brick on his head, then, on account of curiosity, kids emulate the actor after watching that show ; because of this an accident happens In short, TV has tremendous potentiality as a power means of mass communication; whereas, it is obvious that TV has bad impact on children in private and on people in general.Take “ chuyen la Vietnam” as an instance, a man strike himself a brick on his head, then, on account of curiosity, kids emulate the actor after watching that show ; because of this an accident happens In short, TV has tremendous potentiality as a power means of mass commun...

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Rampant Violent Crime Essay

I ask an opponent to find one source linking TV to violence directly.To blame tv is irresponsible, not taking responsibility to yourself.I can’t agree with my opponent that Television is the leading cause of violence in today’s society.If they watch an action movie and it doesnt have much friction (the bad guy being caught) the viewers might think “I could do this!” and get an idea of violent actions.2.If the violence you see on television causes you to act violently, each and every one of us (since most of us watch TV) would have been violent 3.Those who act violently are people which are naturally violent.

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The effects of excessive television viewing Essay

According to Statistic Brain Research (2012) children spend 1,480 minutes per week watching television.Allowing a child to watch that much television could effect the child’s behavior depending on what is they are watching and its health by allowing a child to watch television and snack.Those ads are shown during the after school hours when children are normally watching television upon doing other things.Children may view the world as a bad, mean or scary place after watching TV of such content.UNIT 2 IP Introduction Discussed in this essay are 2 effects that excessive television watching has on children and what parents can do to help prevent those effects.

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Psychosocial development of children

Children, particularly girls, are much more likely than adults to be portrayed as victims of violence on TV, and this can make them more afraid of the world around them.The Research Center for Families and Children indicates that moderate television watching with discretion in program viewing can be somewhat beneficial for school age children.How much impact TV has on children depends on many factors: how much they watch, their age and personality, whether they watch alone or with adults, and whether their parents talk with them about what they see on TV.Know how much TV your child is watching.Numerous studies have shown that young kids who watch too much TV struggle with schoolwork and are more likely to behave aggressively and become o...

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