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Watching TV Makes You Smarter

These multiple threads is what makes people to be engage in the show and stimulate their brain, which is nourishing.Watching TV can make anyone smarter.Another element that he reports “social network” explaining how, “when we watch these shows, the part of our brain that monitors the emotional lives of the people around us – the part that tracks subtle shifts information and gesture and facial expressions – scrutinizes the action on the screen, looking for clues” (291).Steven Johnson’s argument in “Watching TV Makes you Smarter” that television increases intellectual and enhances our cognitive faculties, therefore making us smarter Johnson’s states that, “For decades, we’ve worked under the assumption that mass culture follows a path dec...

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Opposing Viewpoints Essay

Steven Johnson uses logos when he starts stating facts about TV shows and lets the audience know full details about it.Stevens also says at a point “just turn the set off… and see if you get any dumber.”(Stevens, 2012, p. 298) Turning off the TV for a few days will not make you become dumber.How can TV make you smarter if you’re perfectly fine not watching it for a couple days and can actually gain more knowledge from doing something more educational like taking a trip to the library.In the beginning Stevens (2012) basically says to the audience that anyone who agrees with Johnsons argument that TV makes you smarter are like “rats in a behaviorists maze.” (Stevens, 2012, 295) This creates a negative emotion towards Johnsons argument, no ...

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Annotated Bibliography: How Is Tv Bad or Good? Essay

This bibliography can be used by anyone who wants to decide if watching TV is good or bad, either for their children, or themselves.She is pointing out that shows on TV do not necessarily always do a person good but quite the opposite.Stevens explains in this article that turning off the TV until Sunday will not make you any dumber.It made her realize that watching animal shows are fine, but wonders why people think this when in all reality it could be a violent animal show.“Watching TV Makes You Smarter.” They Say / I Say With Readings.

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Can Television Make You Smarter? Essay

I believe for parents, television can be utilized as a useful educational tool for their children.Johnson's argument, that is in favor of watching quality television and the benefits that one can get from it, is reinforced by some good points the author makes.Is it true that is a common, widely accepted belief that books can make one a smarter person?Johnson asserts, that when watching these programs "you have to focus to follow the plot, and in focusing you're exercising the parts of your brain that map social networks, that fill in missing information, that connect multiple narrative threads"(228).It is also true that certain programs make your brain function similar to the way reading a book does, so I truly believe that watching c...

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Frontline Digital Nation Essay

Some say and believe that Television makes people act out with what they see on the screen into reality.In the last half century of watching television many authors, critic, and people in general has had an opinion on weather watching television is a good thing or a bad thing.Should be allowed to or allow their children to watch TV all day, As I stated earlier its main purpose is meant for entertainment.Dana insist that Steven Johnson theory be put to the test by having everyone partake in a National TV Turnoff Week event to see if anyone gets any dumber.In shows of today such as 24 and The Sopranos: Steven Johnson states how violent and gruesome the shows are and how the “Sleeper Curve” alters the mental development of young people toda...

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Media: Making Society Go Downward Essay

WATCHING TV MAKES YOU SMARTER: Steven Johnson .Whether you watch bad programming in the comfort of your own home or in the middle of a crowded public area they still have the same effect on you and the society.Sometimes while watching these shows it ... ....TV makes you smarter or dumber.Pages: 193-296 .

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Essay about Commentary on Steve Johnson´s Article "Watching TV Makes You Smarter"

An appropriate example of this would be “Breaking Bad” the show.In the article “Watching TV Makes You Smarter “Steven Johnson believes television does make you smarter.A television show in the past like “The Cosby Show” would have had a story plot for just that thirty minutes and the episode wouldn’t have any effect on any other episodes.He also explains that not all television is going to make you necessarily book smart but intellectual as in recalling and relating what happened in previous episodes to what is currently happening now.It has a story line that is connected throughout the series and it may often relate you back to something that happened two months ago when the viewer watched it.

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Television Viewing

Johnson’s argument responds that when we watch the shows all of parts of our brain seem opening out that monitors the emotional lives of the people around like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” or “The love boat,” ect.He uses the images telling us what the intellectual effect of television viewing.Johnson feels that through of TV can make everyone to be better by the way they see.However, in his thesis we can find out the information of early ‘80s between ‘20s century to see what going on at that time like “Hill Street Blues”, “All the family”.Besides the dialogue from the Woody Allen movie Sleeper Curve also tells something about the human mind is developing to all everyone especially to young people today.

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Analysis Of ' Family Guy And Freud ' And ' Watching Television Makes You Smarter '

With this statement she attempts ... ... middle of paper ... ...hnson 29).Peacocke did however provide the opposing view point of her claim by individuals agasint Family Guy such as Stephen Dubner, a co-author of freakonomics, and jounalist Stuart Elliott.To conclude, I must say I found Antonia Peacocke 's paper more convincing over Steven Johnsons.Using Counter arugumemts was a clever tool on Peacockes part to put both point of views and thoughts in her writing.Some believe that watching television is nothing more than staring at a box while others believe that it can help us become aware of things we may not have noticed before such as social issues or in some measure get our brains thinking.

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The Sleeper Curve Technology And The Media Media Essay

Modern TV shows have subtitles that allow viewers to quickly read through and grasp the concept of the TV shows.The more grown up video games such as Halo or Call of Duty and the The Sopranos are what they are watching or playing.He therefore advocates for young people to continue playing video games and watching modern TV shows.Likewise, when watching television with friends or families, one also has to read their minds; what they anticipate and feel about the program.Children who play video games and watch modern TV shows are generally smarter and their smartness is explicitly shown in the educational field.

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Present Day In Age Television English Language Essay

Steven Johnson a credited author and popular culture media analyst goes against the common perception of television in his article Watching TV Makes you Smarter.To study people’s reactions to Television, researchers have undertaken laboratory experiments in which they have monitored the brain waves (using an electroencephalograph, or EEG), skin resistance or heart rate of people watching television.Thru an establishing factor like this Johnson enables himself to make a viable and plausible connection with his audience bring them closer to his argument so they can relate it to themselves.In Johnson’s article “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”, he creates an audacious tone by going against what is commonly believed.Michael Petracca and Madele...

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Effective study habits of working students

The key to effective studying isn’t cramming or studying longer, but studying smarter.If you try and study in your dorm room, for instance, you may find the computer, TV, or a roommate more interesting than the reading material you’re trying to digest.You can begin studying smarter with these ten proven and effective study habits.The library, a nook in a student lounge or study hall, or a quiet coffee house are good places to check out.If you study best with your favorite music playing, make sure your iPod is with you.

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Television's Responsibility in Violent Children Essay

The thoughts in our minds turn into the words that we speak and the actions we imitate.“Watching TV Makes You Smarter..” They Say/I Say.Some might say that there are too many variables that have to be taken into consideration with a child’s... ... middle of paper ... ...tegy, which is highly promoted in television and cinema.That is why television should be held moderately responsible for the violent actions of children.They are promoting negative influences which in return will swarm the young, developing minds of children and create adults with immoral actions and emotions towards violent situations.

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Family Guy and Freud

It shows a businessman speaking into the camera describing how to make sure women feel comfortable in the workplace.“Bart Simpson: Prince of Irreverance.” They Say I Say.“Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and their relation to the unconscious.” They Say I Say.Rushkoff, Douglas.He says to make sure you tell them how good they look and that nothing says “good job!” like a firm open-palm slap on the behind (260).

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Essay on TV Pop Culture: Cognitive Malignancy or Brainpower?

Pop culture clearly fluctuates at a rapid pace and even though fads have come and gone, one thing has remained viable even in more contemporary times: the TV set.“Watching TV Makes You Smarter.” Graff, Birkenstein, and Durst 277-94.Grolier Encyclopedia.MarketingCharts.Watershed Publishing, 20 Apr 2012.

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James Poniewozik, “Reality TV at 10: How It’s Changed Television – and Us” Essay

With all of the benefits of hindsight, we can observe closely the audience’s and judges’ first reactions to this middle-aged woman in need of a makeover (by the standards of reality television).Cowell’s comments are filled with irony: he says that he knew as soon as he saw Boyle that he was in for something “extraordinary.The commentator echoes the audiences’ initial impressions: “you didn’t expect that did you.We can engage our cognitive processes, as Johnson argues, in order to analyze more closely how we can be deceived by our first impressions of reality show personalities.” Watching this video at a later date is instructive.

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Strategies in the Sports Marketing Industry Essay

All these teams have one main goal, to sell you product and make a profit.Asking Smarter Questions."Dallas Cowboys Lead NFL With $2.1 Billion Valuation."MediaPost Publications.Forbes Magazine, 05 Sept. 2012.

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Argumentative Essay on How Sports Affects Grades

Participating in sports is really important for every young student in school.It is most likely like this because in sports, coaches make athletes pass all of their classes or they won’t participate in the sport, which is a big downer.With that, most of the athletes have to do all their work on time, and if they don’t they will not play.It sticks with you throughout your whole life.After that many of them join minor leagues with locals.It makes you stay in shape and makes athletes stay out of trouble.

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Jane Elliot: Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes

If more people fight back and oppose hatred, prejudice, and discrimination; perhaps the out-group can merge and be a part of the in-group and prejudice will be a thing of the past.Jane was aware that none of her children had ever seen a black person before in person and that their only comprehension of a black person was through the TV.Influenced by the right wing extremist, David’s hatred was validated.He stated that his main intent for the bombings was to “spread fear, resentment and hatred throughout this country; it was to cause a racial war.” .While most of us choose not to be in the out-group; most of us are not willing to walk that mile of someone who is already there.

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A Book About Crunchless Abs Essay

I’m sure you may have heard this from your doctor.It is ok, and even good for you, in moderation, but like anything else if you overdo it there can be downsides.They are fake made up junk from top consumers to provide foods with shelf life and taste/texture.These are the way to go.The one you need to watch most is saturated fat.

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Is Television Harmful?

Many TV shows now are more or less aimed at teens and adults and I agree there are not many shows for children but I wouldn’t say TV is bad by all means.They also have new parental blocking systems on some TV networks for those finicky parents that believe SpongeBob can rot your brain.So many TV shows are also very good for teens to watch and also have messages in them that really do get across than someone shouting at them.I have no issue with shows that contain sex, drugs and so on its all part of adult TV.A major priority should be the safety of our child watching TV.

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Some Of The Advantages Of Television

Even kids can enjoy TV by watching Cartoons Channels as well Some Channels such as Discovery Channel to gain knowledge.They can watch television programmes from about six in the morning to the early hours of the next day watching everything.In free time watching TV is good which may freshen your mood by watching show you like the most.Many of people say, that watching TV is waste of time, but I think that it is unnecessary to say it, because everyone can choose those programmes he prefers or can switch off the television.Sometimes students do not pay attention to their studies while watching TV , which affects the education of the students.

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An Educational Counseling Research Proposal Essay

Do they sleep late at night because of TV?The study will make use of the survey process specifically questionnaires for the determination of the opinions of the parents on the exposure of the children to the specified forms of media.Do you think too much time in watching TV is the cause of this?Having hard time in stopping them to watch TV?How many hours spent in watching TV everyday?

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Television Viewing And Its Effects On The Reading Habits Of Children

Reading is a different brain activity that makes use of slow time for absorption and comprehension, an endeavour that is quite contrary as to what the brain is engaged with during television watching.It has been an observation that the whole family even eat while watching their favourite program, all glued and family dialogues reduced to a minimum ( .When television watching and the increasingly prevailing trend of the American public’s obsession in it have negative effects on reading as a specific, fundamental learning ability, then stricter and more stringent guidelines must be imposed by parents on its use.A majority of Americans increasingly spend more time watching television programming.They spend around 28 hours per week watchin...

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The Importance of Computers in Children's lives

A question that needs to be addressed is whether the novelty of computers makes a difference.No author listed: "Do Computers Make Kids Smarter?A bias to the point that computers are becoming a crutch, a learning tool that replaces one-on-one instruction, and makes education even more impersonal than it already is.It is callous to say that the use of computers and a child's interest in spending more time before a screen will reduce crime, make a child more intelligent and obedient, but when a poll of teens shows that only 61% trust the information they get from teachers "a great deal" (compared with 83% from parents) then perhaps giving computers the opportunity to educate and interest school children is a good idea whose time has come.Bu...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Children’s Use of Internet

Even though the internet has a great amount of information, it doesn’t mean that the children are smarter because of it.From reading “It’s fun, but does it make you smarter?” by Erica Packard, she explains how the internet is used by children every day and when researchers recorded the children’s internet use, results showed that they had higher reading test scores compared to the children who didn’t use the internet.Having more information does not mean being smarter.Being smarter is not about learning information, it is the ability to face different challenges in different situations, which the internet is doing the opposite because it gives children an easy way to solve their problems.Communicating through electronics continue to expa...

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Is Liberate Art A Way of Life Essay

WWJ-TV, New York City.Works Cited .“Dead Air.” The Ghost Whisperer.David Bartholomae & Anthony Petrosky.Boston: Bedford St. Martin’s Press, 2010.

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The Simpsons Case

For the small part that Lisa was in the episode she fit the stereotype of “girls are smarter than boys” quite well, as she always does.She does not, however, fit any other stereotype, like doing what her parents want as she is very independent and is smart enough to make her own decisions even at her age.What the audience should realise at this point is that the Simpsons are mocking them as they are rushing home to watch TV, which is what the audience are doing at that moment.ever so slightly, even though it happens a lot through the entire episode.the dog), the Simpsons make the whole thing enjoyable to watch.

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A Nation of Videots

On the other hand, if they didn’t watch TV, they wouldn’t be updated in local news.They can’t tell a story, they can’t read, and they can forget an event, just right after it happened, all thanks to TV.Jerzy Kosinski says that TV, unlike a novel, takes the initiative and says, be passive.However the average working American looks at 1200 hours or more of TV, and reads only 5 hours per year, doesn’t mean that they can’t get a job.I’ll do the moving, talking and acting, you be a spectator to life.

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Is TV bad for your children?

Watching TV appears to affect children’s attitudes and behavior.Your kid would be way better off reading a book, and not watching the movie the book is based on.Is TV actually bad for your child to watch?Americans watch TV up to seven hours a day that can affect our “social lives, ways of learning and entertaining ourselves, family relations, and lifestyles.” Kids spend more time watching TV then going out and doing anything productive or active.“Does watching violence on TV cause children to be more violent?

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