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Why People Should Not Watch Too Much TV Essay

The time we spend watching TV could be applied to useful activities like exercise, reading, interacting with friends and family, activities that are a crucial for a healthy lifestyle.The purpose of this essay is to persuade the reader that people shouldn’t watch very much television because the content of many TV programs is not educational, it makes people waste time that could be used in better activities, and it negatively affects people’s mental development.If you’re watching TV all day you might learn a few things but not nearly as much as you would had you been in lets say Mr. Vogt’s class.However, this doesn’t mean that we should ban TV, but if we are going to watch it, we should do it with a purpose, and sometimes for enjoyment.I...

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Too much tv Essay

In this way, TV has become an important mass media around the world.TV has also become one of the worlds most PREDOMINANT bad habits.According to several scientific studies, watching TV for long periods of time has a negative effect over the intellectual development of children and leads to deterioration of the mental capacity in older people by causing both attention and memory problems in the long term.The purpose of this essay is to persuade the reader that people shouldn’t watch too much TV because a lot of TV programs are not educational; it makes people waste time that could be used in more beneficial activities, and it negatively affects the STATUS of people’s brains.You can solve this problem by not watching such programs and PRO...

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Why You Shouldn’t Watching?

This has established wrong concepts among the audience that influence them into having a negative behaviorThe second reason why people shouldn’t watch too much television is because it makes people waste time that could be used in more beneficial activities.Sadly, this resource isn’t used in a way that people could get the best possible benefits from it.In this way, TV has become an important mass media around the world.The purpose of this essay is to persuade the reader that people shouldn’t watch too much television because the content of many TV programs is not educational; it makes people waste time that could be used in more beneficial activities; and it negatively affects people’s mental development.The first reason why people shou...

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Reality TV Shouldn’t be a Reality Essay

So as you can see, reality TV should be banned form our society for multiple reasons, including that it glorifies and promotes bad behavior, is a waste .Instead of going outside and being active, a lot of people prefer to stay inside to watch reality television.Children and teens waste hours of watching reality television.They could be doing more important things than to watch reality TV.And instead of living a good, clean, and meaningful life, the reality TV stars spend their life’s acting foolish and immoral.

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Television Essay

We require some kind of etiquate to educate the human beings for watching TV execessively without getting the advantages of the same.Watching TV has become habbit and some time we do not prefer to visit relatives and friends house and also do not prefer to be visited by them.Combine that with the high calorie snacks most people consume while watching that suspenseful television sit-com and you can see how watching T.V.We should generate awareness among the people about the disadvantage of watching the TV.Watching TV does not involve the person participation actively.

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Effects of Watching TV

Instead of watching TV as a relaxing activity, try reading, chatting with your family members, painting, playing a sport, playing with kids, and other such activities that exercise your mind and body at the same time.Also, as watching comedy shows on the TV releases endorphins, it makes one physically addicted too.A viewer enters a hypnotic state while watching TV for a long time.Studies have shown that your brain is more active when you are sleeping, as compared to the time you spend watching TV.However, people who watch TV very frequently and for hours together tend to get addicted to this kind of passive activity, which provides the mind a good break from the hectic working hours.

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The Importance of Media Nowadays

To sum up, we have to say that media is one of the best achievments humans discovered.But, like I said, we don’t have to spend all our time watching TV.Each of us has watched TV at least one time in our lives.Each of us has to use TV moderately.You can get a sickness and you’ll be worse and worse until you have to wear glasses.

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Some Of The Advantages Of Television

Many of people say, that watching TV is waste of time, but I think that it is unnecessary to say it, because everyone can choose those programmes he prefers or can switch off the television.Sometime distraction from work by watching TV.In free time watching TV is good which may freshen your mood by watching show you like the most.Sometimes students do not pay attention to their studies while watching TV , which affects the education of the students.As there are thousand of shows or movies shown on TV 24/7 , Hence some people waste more time everday while watching TV.

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Neil Postman Essay

Which means if I was to go back and re-watch all of the tv shows I have binge watched on Netflix that I would find things I had totally forgotten and possibly forget them again later on after not watching them.Tv programs where education a paramount can be re-watched but it isn’t the same and cannot necessarily be slowed down to the pace we always need.Which serves as further proof that the Education system was deeply flawed for believing that a tv series specially made for the classes would show any sort of improvement.Just from reading that it made me realize how many hours I have wasted on Netflix binge watching certain tv shows just to find out what happens.When we watch tv the average tv watcher only retains 20 percent of what they ...

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Personal Life and Hobbies Essay

Hobbies can turn into a kind of dependence like for instance a person who watches too much the TV is becoming a couch potato.All in all, if you are a rational person it is a very good thing to have a hobby because you’ll be able to distinguish the good and bad parts of a hobby.Although after retiring from their job people usually dedicate their time to an activity, which they enjoy.In spite of these advantages, some disadvantages of having a hobby can appear.The bug of watching TV all day bites many persons, and some are found of listening music, cooking, reading books and newspapers or even eating.

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The Effects Of Television Essay

What are Advantages of watching Television?By watching news channel, we get updated with the things going around the world.Children watching scary shows may affect their mental condition.Children watching any violent acts have more tendency to develop violent behaviour.By watching recipe channel, we can learn many recipes.

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TV Addiction Problem

Next, compare the amount of time you watch TV to average time people spending on TV.Secondly, List all the other fun activities you can do at home instead of watching TV.If you do so, you will feel less guilty about wasting your time watching TV.You can control yourself spend watching time within limited time, Fourth, commit to exercising whenever you watch TV by walking on a treadmill, or riding a stationary bike.You might find yourself talking to your family again instead of watching the TV too much.

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Net Is a Waste Essay

Gibson writes “Technology would leave us less and less to do” Gibson (692).When Gibson wrote this essay in 1996 the web was new, and there is about a TV in every home now.We need to be careful how much we depend on technology; we have already become an obese nation.While the Web is still new, TV has been around for some years and has become a regular leisure activity for most families.Simply to watch, without the buffer of irony in place, might reveal a naiveté” (Gibson 692).

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BBC – Time Essay

Everyone has to live for a purpose.But they never know there are some more important things are waiting for them .Whether I like to say or not, people don’t treat time important, many people wasting their time unconsciously.Understand yourself about what do you want and how do you want to live, you will cherish a lot around you including people and spending time with them.They spend time on facebook, online games, watching tv.

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Is Television Ruining America? Essays

She also does not allow them to watch movies or videos.The effects of teasing on children.She states that, “without tv our daughters spend more time doing cartwheels, listening to stories and asking interesting questions.” (Springen, 2009. p. 293) She cites some very good evidence as to the link between television viewing and obesity, aggressiveness, and slow learning.New York: Pearson Education, Inc .and Wiener, H.S.

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Principles of Time Management Essay

Keep track of, and in control of, how much time you spend on the Internet, reading and sending e-mails, watching TV, or talking on the phone.However, you should also get a sense of time by tracking your watch.Watch out for time gobblers.Time management may be difficult but as the Bible says, make time for everything.It is not telling the time in your watch but knowing the right thing to do at the right and proper time.

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Looking At The Future Of Broadcasting

Indeed, nowadays people mainly watch TV during their spare time in order to relax and get entertainment.This phenomenon could lead to the end of the public TV broadcasting service because people would neglect cultural programs in favor of entertainment programs.In fact contents owners are going to be able to become greedy because a result of a survey conducted by Nielsen/AIG and according to Jason KIla shows that :”Hulu’s[a payTV distribution] video advertising service is roughly 2x as effective as traditional TV video advertising services.As a consequence we could notice an increase of the Dallasification phenomena on the TV market because people are usually more seduced by the American programs for entertainment.Today, you can find in ...

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Negative Impact of Media on Children

Therefore, young students shouldn’t spend too much time with media and it is better to spend the time in some healthy activities.Students who watch television, movies and video games on school nights do worse in the classroom than peers who don’t (Marvin, 1).Moreover, lack of good judgment makes young students imitates improper behaviors in the media.Therefore, David Bickham, PhD of Children’s Hospital, states that ” I think the critical thing is to tell parents to take the TV out of the kid’s room because we’re finding some evidence that TV is splitting families” (Marshall, 1).In the future, parents should monitor their children time management to make them grow up in an excellent way.

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Breaking The Television Watching Habit

I think if you asked me what I saw on TV I could only tell you selected parts of the last five minutes.For most of you, as it was for me, I grew up watching three, four and even five hours of television a day.TV is like a drug, it acts like a good emotional and mental laxative.One had no TV capabilities.When reading score were compared between the three town they found that the highest scores were from the city with no TV.

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TV: The Worst Invention Ever?

What’s more, family members may watch other important events on TV, such as the Olympic and Super Bowl, etc.While Chinese are watching the TV shows, they usually play mahjong, chat with each other, and eat the feast on New Year’s Eve.What’s more, we can’t put all the TV dramas (such as Glee) and TV shows (such as the Voice and X factor) on the Internet or sell them as DVDs, thus they are likely to struggle to die away.Last but not least, TV is not the worst invention ever because TV can motive the industry and whole country’s economy.To begin with, the reason I disagree TV is the worst invention ever is that TV played a basic role in creating other relative inventions afterwards.

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Negative Influences of Media

With all the TV that kids watch, it is no wonder as to why some kidsdisplay inappropriate behavior.Advertisements on TV also influence kids and teens to want things that are not essential (Buzzle).As parents, they should either block certain channels or shows; or watch the shows with their children.“Each year, the average American spends 1550 hours of TV, listens to 1160 hours of radio, and spends 290 hours reading newspapers and magazines,” (Workingpsychology).The shows that teens watch such as “Laguna Beach”, glorify sex and alcohol, which for some ages is not appropriate (NYTimes).

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Many films are a bad influence on young people Essay

This fast growing bad habit is expensive because of increasing electricity bill and the waste of precious time which can certainly be devoted to healthier, less wasteful and more gainful pursuits.The studies are affected because youth like to watch television when parents are not there in home, and having no self-discipline.However, there are some positive effects of the films like movie “Tara Zameen Par” in which a child which is been weak in one subject can be good in other subject and the strictness of the parents on the weak subject can make the child mentally disabled.The extreme setting in front of TV is harmful for education and health also.Another notable aspect of the situation is that whenever some enterprising producer present...

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The World of Cosplay Essay

If a cosplayer is truly active in the hobby, he may also be involved in hosting conventions for other cosplayers.Actually, cosplay hones more skills than an average hobby.Cosplay is no different.If you weren’t able to watch a tv series at the time they air on television, it is possible to watch it by streaming or downloading from the internet.Cosplayers want us to be happy as much as they enjoy cosplaying but we have to treat them with the same respect that we demand from others.

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Free Time In Germany And Bangladesh Cultural Studies Essay

Because of German soccer league on TV the percentage goes bit higher otherwise I could’ve been much lower.So we can tell now, both country loves to see sports on TV in their free time.According to their national survey (OECD) only 28 percent people spend their free time by watching TV or listening radio.So the large number of Bangladeshi women spending their free time by watching TV.In Germany not many people watch TV on their free time.

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TV Commercial

People say “If you love it, you can wait.” So, if you’re truly in love with the movie or series you’re watching, no matter how much time passes by, no matter how many nasty, nonsensical images you see on your TV screen, you will hold on to your program.It all started in the early 1940’s, when the first short TV commercial was ever invented, then finally aired on the TV screen.Why are they on cable TV anyway if we are paying a large monthly fee for TV viewing.Thailand, China, Ukraine) still have ear-splitting TV commercials, which might give you headaches.I can understand free network channel TV but cable?

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Uses and Absues of TV Essay

Just like drinking alcohol, watching TV must not be overdone.Without any doubt, watching TV is a good way of getting informed.To many, watching news on TV is also more convenient and enjoyable than reading a newspaper or a magazine.Long hours of watching television affect the eyesight to a large extent.Watching news gives a good insight into what really is happening in the world.

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Stricter Traffic Laws

We should practice them simultaneously and shouldn’t defy any of them.In conclusion, none of these 4 skills is the most important.While time is wasted for TV shows, other activities are soon put off.A large number of people thought it is a wonderful life to be in front of endless shows of TV.Crazy TV fan just sits on one place, keeping eyes to the monitor, and switching the channels from hour to hour without any care about the world around.

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Benefit of watching television Essay

To sum up, it is in terms of absorbing information, getting excitement, and stimulating my brain so that television has no negative but only positive impacts on my life.Moreover, I can call in the show to win the prize if there is no winner today; this kind of television program suits both children and adults; there is no bad influence or side effects.Actually, most people hold the wrong views about watching TV; it is beneficial to watch TV.Many parents think that kind of exciting movies are too violent for their children to watch because they blame the movies for their children’s behavior rather than tell their children what is right and what is wrong; furthermore, parents and adults can watch “RoboCop” by themselves and they can enjoy ...

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Women Make Better Teacher Than Men Essay

I myself talk to other parents and my sons pediatrician about their TV watching policies and kid friendly programs that they recommend.I would say limit the time for television and other media accordingly and use the television and other media to your advantage as there are many things that we can learn from watching TV.Kids spend more time watching television every day than any other single activity, aside from sleeping (Conger, 2010, July 7).Parents should limit the number of hours their childrent are watching TV, perhaps stock the room in which you have your TV with plenty of other non-screen entertainment such as books, kids magazines, toys, puzzles, and board games to encourage kids to do something other than watch the TV.Establish ...

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Reading Written Works And Watching TV Essay

Through watching TV, one can relax and enjoy many kinds of entertainment with fewer attempts (Rubenoff, 2012).The last aspect displaying the similarities and differences between reading and watching TV is: social interaction.To sum up, reading written works and watching TV have both similarities and differences in the activity factor, entertainment and social interaction.However, one is more likely to get addicted to watching TV; he or she may spend much time watching TV, become a couch potato and not feel like communicating with others.Moreover, reading book and watching TV are activities that can ease the sense of isolation.

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