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Why People Should Not Watch Too Much TV Essay

In conclusion, people shouldn’t watch very much television because the content of many TV programs is not educational, it makes people waste time that could be used in better activities, and it affects people’s mental development.The second reason why people shouldn’t watch very much television is because while watching people waste time that could be used in better activities.According to several scientific studies, watching TV for prolonged periods of time has a negative effect over the intellectual development of children and leads to deterioration of the mental capacity in older people by causing both attention and memory problems in the long term.Because of this, TV has become a very important mass media around the world.The time we...

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Too much tv Essay

However, this doesn’t mean that we should ban TV because it can be a great resource to CONFORM the human brain, but if we are going to watch it, we should do it with moderation.In this way, TV has become an important mass media around the world.The first reason why people shouldn’t watch too much television is because the content of many TV programs is not educational.TV has also become one of the worlds most PREDOMINANT bad habits.The time we spend watching TV could be applied to useful activities like exercise, reading, FRATERNIZING with friends and family, activities that are a crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

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Why You Shouldn’t Watching?

Watching television is an experience shared by most adults and children.Sadly, this resource isn’t used in a way that people could get the best possible benefits from it.In this way, TV has become an important mass media around the world.Television is a resource that we should learn to use through the right selection of programs by taking an active and critical attitude towards it.Nowadays, we can see movies, series, and shows that present scenes of violence and drugs.

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Reality TV Shouldn’t be a Reality Essay

When you turn on a television today, reality TV litters the media.Is this what we should be watching?Most reality TV shows, like “Jersey Shore”, is just a brain-numbing wreck that most children, teens, and even adults get sucked into.They could be doing more important things than to watch reality TV.By allowing them to watch reality television, parents are giving children the right to follow these “reality TV stars’” horrible example and waste away their lives.

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Television Essay

They waste time in watching their favorite programs on TV.We require some kind of etiquate to educate the human beings for watching TV execessively without getting the advantages of the same.The joint study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the University of New England also found that a third of Australian children aged over two are spending more than the recommended two hours a day watching TV.According to a report of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia, which was published on Circle magazine, people who watch TV for more than 4 hour a day have a higher risk (80%) of dying from heart disease compared with those who watch less than two hours.Combine that with the high calorie snacks most people c...

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Effects of Watching TV

A viewer enters a hypnotic state while watching TV for a long time.Mental disorders and slow learning are very much attributable to watching TV.However, people who watch TV very frequently and for hours together tend to get addicted to this kind of passive activity, which provides the mind a good break from the hectic working hours.As watching TV curbs your logical thinking, reduces your attention span and makes you an addict, all of this put together hampers the brain development too.Also, as watching comedy shows on the TV releases endorphins, it makes one physically addicted too.

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The Importance of Media Nowadays

Second of all, if you have a TV, it is impossible to get bored.To sum up, we have to say that media is one of the best achievments humans discovered.You can get a sickness and you’ll be worse and worse until you have to wear glasses.No one has to watch it every hour.Each of us has to use TV moderately.

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Some Of The Advantages Of Television

They can watch television programmes from about six in the morning to the early hours of the next day watching everything.Sometime distraction from work by watching TV.If people spend much more time on watching TV then they may become lazy.Disadvantages: Some adults say that TV watching is bad for kids.Maybe they like watching TV and videos where kills .

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Neil Postman Essay

With social media easily at our fingertips it is easy for us even to think that by watching videos we can learn, when really it takes much more than that.Leading back to the point that while television is fun and can be educational it is best to leave the majority of tv watching outside of the classroom, except in specific cases where it does not take up too much of the valuable class time.Which means if I was to go back and re-watch all of the tv shows I have binge watched on Netflix that I would find things I had totally forgotten and possibly forget them again later on after not watching them.Postman also argues that even though he does not find Sesame Street non educational he is the unpopular opinion that “kids will only learn to lo...

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Personal Life and Hobbies Essay

A hobby can give you energy, happiness, personal accomplishments and willingness.In spite of these advantages, some disadvantages of having a hobby can appear.All in all, if you are a rational person it is a very good thing to have a hobby because you’ll be able to distinguish the good and bad parts of a hobby.An activity that people enjoy doing in their free time is called a hobby.A hobby can be a real waste of money.

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The Effects Of Television Essay

What are Advantages of watching Television?Everyone must agree that the advantages of watching TV are very considerable.Children watching scary shows may affect their mental condition.By watching recipe channel, we can learn many recipes.Children watching any violent acts have more tendency to develop violent behaviour.

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TV Addiction Problem

You might find yourself talking to your family again instead of watching the TV too much.Even though it takes a long to quit TV addiction, the main purpose is to be free from TV watching.Secondly, List all the other fun activities you can do at home instead of watching TV.Next, compare the amount of time you watch TV to average time people spending on TV.You need to know how much time you spend watching TV.

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Net Is a Waste Essay

While the Web is still new, TV has been around for some years and has become a regular leisure activity for most families.We watch ourselves watching Beavis and Butthead, who are watching rock videos.We need to be careful how much we depend on technology; we have already become an obese nation.We need to leave technology where it is, and let man catch up to it.Simply to watch, without the buffer of irony in place, might reveal a naiveté” (Gibson 692).

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BBC – Time Essay

Time is important.They spend time on facebook, online games, watching tv.Whether I like to say or not, people don’t treat time important, many people wasting their time unconsciously.Once you set a goal, your life will be a lot more appreciate.But they never know there are some more important things are waiting for them .

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Is Television Ruining America? Essays

Karen Springen, in the article Why We Tuned Out, (Muller and Wiener, 2009, p. 293-296) explains that her family has made the decision to not allow their children to watch television at all.The effects of teasing on children.There is also a middle ground of people who watch television to keep informed on what’s happening in the world as well as entertained by the latest sitcom, or more popularly today, reality show.and Wiener, H.S.New York: Pearson Education, Inc .

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Principles of Time Management Essay

Do not focus on how to manage .Do you procrastinate?Do you always entertain interruption and waste your time in unproductive work?Keep track of, and in control of, how much time you spend on the Internet, reading and sending e-mails, watching TV, or talking on the phone.Watch out for time gobblers.

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Looking At The Future Of Broadcasting

Indeed, nowadays people mainly watch TV during their spare time in order to relax and get entertainment.And it’s in this context that TV contents owners are going to be more and more powerful.In fact contents owners are going to be able to become greedy because a result of a survey conducted by Nielsen/AIG and according to Jason KIla shows that :”Hulu’s[a payTV distribution] video advertising service is roughly 2x as effective as traditional TV video advertising services.First, we want to focus on the consumers’ changing behavior concerning TV and so in this part, we are going to look at the consumers’ demands regarding TV and Medias.This phenomenon could lead to the end of the public TV broadcasting service because people would neglect ...

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Negative Impact of Media on Children

Therefore, David Bickham, PhD of Children’s Hospital, states that ” I think the critical thing is to tell parents to take the TV out of the kid’s room because we’re finding some evidence that TV is splitting families” (Marshall, 1).There is a big issue that links TV to the student’s poor performance in classroom.In this survey, researchers at Children’s Hospital found that the more time young students spent in watching TV, playing games and some other media, the less they spent in communication with their family members (Marshall, 1).In the future, parents should monitor their children time management to make them grow up in an excellent way.The most typical forms of media include video games, computer games and TV programs.

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Breaking The Television Watching Habit

.. One thing we fail to realize is that little things count when it comes to TV and how it relates to school performance.For most of you, as it was for me, I grew up watching three, four and even five hours of television a day.The next highest from the city with one channel and tailing closely behind the second city was the third in last place with many TV stations.One had no TV capabilities.TV is like a drug, it acts like a good emotional and mental laxative.

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TV: The Worst Invention Ever?

Last but not least, TV is not the worst invention ever because TV can motive the industry and whole country’s economy.Based on TV technology, there comes VCD, DVD, HDTV, Internet TV, Blu-ray, and 3D.TV acts as the inspiration, the connection and the motivation that will lead people to a colorful life.For instance, watching too many TV shows wastes people’s time and hurts their eyes.While Chinese are watching the TV shows, they usually play mahjong, chat with each other, and eat the feast on New Year’s Eve.

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Negative Influences of Media

Also, advertisements on TV and billboards are displayed to children and teens daily.Most teens take what they see on TV and reenact them in order to be “cool” (NYTimes).Advertisements on TV also influence kids and teens to want things that are not essential (Buzzle).“Each year, the average American spends 1550 hours of TV, listens to 1160 hours of radio, and spends 290 hours reading newspapers and magazines,” (Workingpsychology).As parents, they should either block certain channels or shows; or watch the shows with their children.

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Many films are a bad influence on young people Essay

The extreme setting in front of TV is harmful for education and health also.However, there are some positive effects of the films like movie “Tara Zameen Par” in which a child which is been weak in one subject can be good in other subject and the strictness of the parents on the weak subject can make the child mentally disabled.The modern audiences want songs and dances, spectacle and gorgeous costumes, love scenes and fights.It has been noticed that boys and girls are crazy of watching movies.In the last movies and films are bad for the youth because positive effects are lesser than negative effects.

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The World of Cosplay Essay

This interest soon developed into a hobby – a hobby of watching shows you love and listening to music groups you admire; a hobby of talking about your interests and making friends along the way; a hobby of collecting merchandise related to your fascination; the possibilities are endless.Cosplayers want us to be happy as much as they enjoy cosplaying but we have to treat them with the same respect that we demand from others.They are not freaks with mental disorders nor are they dressing up for our viewing pleasure.They are living everyday with the rest of us and are not objects of amusement.If a cosplayer is truly active in the hobby, he may also be involved in hosting conventions for other cosplayers.

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Free Time In Germany And Bangladesh Cultural Studies Essay

According to their national survey (OECD) only 28 percent people spend their free time by watching TV or listening radio.In Germany people spend their free time watching soccer, they practice a lot of sport, passing their time with outdoor activities, otherwise, they’re busy with their pets (especially dogs), they spend the weekend visiting their relatives living in another city, they throw out barbecue parties, and they have spectacular brunch Sunday.It’s not only the woman, the man also like to watch TV especially live sports (cricket).But they watch different kind of sport.In Germany not many people watch TV on their free time.

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TV Commercial

Why are they on cable TV anyway if we are paying a large monthly fee for TV viewing.Who has never ever been interrupted from watching your favourite movie by sometimes absolutely ridiculous commercials?I can understand free network channel TV but cable?On the other hand, most of the people don’t like to risk missing a single second of the movie they’re watching, so they end up waiting for it with a horrific feeling of hunger.What about the money that advertising creates, thus allowing your favourite TV show to be made in the first place?

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Uses and Absues of TV Essay

Just like drinking alcohol, watching TV must not be overdone.However, nowadays we are literally overwhelmed by dozens of advertisement clips on TV all vouching how good their products are, A couple of clips in between programmes are welcome breaks, but to watch clip after lip for more than five minutes at a stretch is just too much.Without any doubt, watching TV is a good way of getting informed.Even if more people are watching, they usually say little to each other, apart from occasional remarks about what is happening on the screen.Long hours of watching television affect the eyesight to a large extent.

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Stricter Traffic Laws

A large number of people thought it is a wonderful life to be in front of endless shows of TV.While time is wasted for TV shows, other activities are soon put off.This is synonymous with having a chance to earn a promotion in job and being successful in life.However, I do agree that television is doing harm for these reasons: First of all, many TV watchers are influenced by harmful states of mind and aggressive or violent behaviors due to watching harmful programs such as violence, sexual activities… Secondly, TV will soon bring addiction and take viewers out of life in order to enter into the world of unrealistic state.We should practice them simultaneously and shouldn’t defy any of them.

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Benefit of watching television Essay

Many parents think that kind of exciting movies are too violent for their children to watch because they blame the movies for their children’s behavior rather than tell their children what is right and what is wrong; furthermore, parents and adults can watch “RoboCop” by themselves and they can enjoy the movie without worrying about their children learning bad things or violent behaviors from it.Secondly, there is the excitement that I can get from television when I am bored.Moreover, I can call in the show to win the prize if there is no winner today; this kind of television program suits both children and adults; there is no bad influence or side effects.There are many exciting movies on HBO, for instance, “Terminator I, II, and III” a...

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Women Make Better Teacher Than Men Essay

I would say limit the time for television and other media accordingly and use the television and other media to your advantage as there are many things that we can learn from watching TV.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that V-chips in new televisions recognize the TV Parental Guidelines and the age group rating system and block those programs that don’t adhere to these standards (How TV affects your child, n.d. p.4).I myself talk to other parents and my sons pediatrician about their TV watching policies and kid friendly programs that they recommend.The possibilities for fun without the TV are endless, so turn off the TV and enjoy the quality time together.Parents can also preview programs before their children watch ...

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Reading Written Works And Watching TV Essay

However, one is more likely to get addicted to watching TV; he or she may spend much time watching TV, become a couch potato and not feel like communicating with others.The last aspect displaying the similarities and differences between reading and watching TV is: social interaction.The activeness of mental activity between reading and watching TV is significantly different.The similarities as well as the differences between reading books and watching TV vary, but they can be divided into three main aspects: the activity factor, entertainment and social interaction.Through watching TV, one can relax and enjoy many kinds of entertainment with fewer attempts (Rubenoff, 2012).

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