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Minds Are Opened When Our Hearts Opened Essay

Director Mysore University, Jayalakshmi Vilas palace Museum from 27.10.2007Dirctor, Prasaranga, Manasagangotri, Mysore 1995 to 2000 University of MysoreMembership of Government Committee`s and InstitutionMember of Wholesales Book Purchase Committee, Government of Karnataka, Kannada and Culture Department 1991 to 1993Member of the Publication Committee of Popular Book Series of the Government of Karnataka, Kannada Culture Department 1991 to 1993.Member of Kannada Pustaka Pradhikara of the Government of Karnataka-from 1991 to 1995.Text book Committee member for the Pre University Board, Bangalore, 1995-1996.Film Pre-Review and Selection Committee member for Bangalore Doordarshan Kendra from 1997 to 2000.Member of Karnataka Sahitya Academy,...

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Mangalore Essay

Mangalore is the headquarters of the Dakshina Kannada Telecom District, the second largest telecommunications network in Karnataka.There are multiple local TV channels which broadcast programs and information in Toulou, Konkani, Beary and Kannada.The Dakshina Kannada District Football Association (DKDFA), annually organizes the "Independence Day Cup" (August 15) on the soccer fields adjacent to the Nehru Maidan Stadium.The city's drinking water is supplied by a dam, located across the Netravati River in Thumbe, 14 kilometers from Mangalore.The Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environment Management Project (KUDCEMP) aims to improve drinking water supply systems and reduce leaks and losses in the Mangalore distribution network.

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Matribhasha Diwas Report

Total number of 90 students and seven staff members along with four Faculty and 17 students of MSC HTM participated in the event This programme was conducted as per the scheduled community outreach programme of MSc HTM as part of the curriculum, under the mentorship of faculty P Valsaraj, coordinated by Nandini, Rajnigandha and Piyush.School children singing Kannada song .Awareness programme on Matribhasha and cultural integrity .A talk in Kannada was delivered by MSC HTM students Nandini and Manmohan Pai.Drawing competition .

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Indian Literature Essay

Works of Kannada literature have received Eight Jnanpith awards, which is the highest number awarded for the literature in any Indian language.It is a writing on literary criticism and poetics meant to standardize various written Kannada dialects used in literature in previous centuries.Since the earliest available Kannada work is one on grammar and a guide of sorts to unify existing variants of Kannada grammar and literary styles, it can be safely assumed that literature in Kannada must have started several centuries earlier.The book makes reference to Kannada works by early writers such as King Durvinita of the 6th century and Ravikirti, the author of the Aihole record of 636 CE.Kumara Vyasa, who wrote the Karnata Bharata Katamanjari, ...

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Impact of Agricultural Changes in Goa

Large number of farmers are dependent on rainfall, they are also faced with problems like lack of transportation and marketing facilities.The farmer name Gurram Adi Reddy, hold a view that the real issues behind there non elegibility for any benefit under waver scheme is lack of adequate water power, the timely availability of inputs and fair, remunerative and consistent prices for the produce.This paper studies the major trends of agriculture sector in Dakshina Kannada District and also examines the crop diversification in Dakshina Kannada District.These activities lead to rain water clogging instead of it rushing into the sea.That all the categories of farmers facing scarcity of family labor due to involvements in non farm activities a...

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Contributions of ramanujan and aryabhata to mathematics

His academic research ranged across five languages: Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Sanskrit, and English.His poems like the “Conventions of Despair” reflected his views on the cultures and conventions of the east and the west.A. K. Ramanujan died in Chicago, on July 13, 1993 as result of adverse reaction to anesthesia during preparation for surgery.He worked in the departments of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, Linguistics, and with the Committee on Social Thought.In 1976, the government of India awarded him the honorific title Padma Shri,[3] and in 1983, he was given the MacArthur Prize Fellowship (Shulman, 1994).

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Dalit Discourse in Indian Education Dhanaraju Vulli Essay

“soft” liberalism reasoning seems to have been the basis for the Karnatak High Court decision in the summer of 2008 against the In the central schools the medium of instruction is where the state government mandating Kannada as the medium of upper castes and other central government employee children get instruction in private schools13.There is indeed Kannada quoted ‘flourish India in blood and the colour but European in chauvinists who preach an exclusive Kannadiga identity14, task and manner’, the educational enterprise of the Government giving a “divisive and dangerous”15 or “particularist at all levels of education remained within the confines of protectionist” content to their politics.org/go?/dfn/about/C33/, Accessed on 22 May, (2...

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Violence Against Women In India Essay

And nobody takes responsibility when anything goes wrong.Women returning from work carry pepper spray; the streets are dimly lit and deserted by evening.This is where we live and work, we all need to work to make it safe.” .As the Citizens Collective Against Sexual Assault says, Women have a right to be safe – In homes, on streets, in buses and in workplaces.Gurgaon shows a horrific crime graph and its Mahatma Gandhi Road, connecting the many malls and swanky housing estates, is now called the Rape Mile.

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Kaveri River water dispute Essay

[20] On Oct 17, 2012, Tamil Nadu made a fresh plea in the Supreme Court reiterating its demand for issuing appropriate directions to Karnataka to make good the shortfall of 48 tmcft of water as per the distress sharing formula.Within a few hours from this, Karnataka stopped release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu [19] On Oct 9, 2012, Tamil Nadu chief minister directed authorities to immediately file a contempt petition against the Karnataka government for flouting the verdict of the Supreme Court by unilaterally stopping the release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.SC has asked centre to indicate the time frame within which the final decision of cauvery water dispute tribunal(which was given in feb 2007) will be notified.[16] On Oct 4, 2012...

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Goan Literature and Translation! Essay

Translation from Konkani does more than that; it creates awareness of the very existence of the language and region.But the Indians believed that translation is a valuable activity.Many works from Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and Hindi have been translated into English.Indeed, only through good translations can there be communication and understanding of continuum of other common heritage.It has enhanced knowledge of our multilingual, multicultural personality.

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Speech on Indian Cuisine

The coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi have slightly varying cuisines, which make extensive use of coconut in curries and frequently include seafood.Kerala .Malpua is a popular sweet dish of Bihar, prepared by a mixture of maida, milk, banana, grated coconut, cashew nut, raisin, sugar, water and green cardamom.It is chilled and served as dessert.Tamil food is characterised by its use of rice, legumes, and lentils, along with distinct aromas and flavours achieved by the blending of spices such as curry leaves, tamarind, coriander, ginger, garlic, chili pepper, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, coconut and rose water.Because water is at a premium, food is generally cooked in milk or ghee, making it quite rich.

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Various Languages in India Essay

On the other hand, 2 languages with fewer than 2 million native speakers have recently been included in the 8th Schedule for mostly political reasons: Manipuri/Maithei with 1.5 million speakers (ranked 25th) and Bodo with 1.4 million speakers (ranked 26th).The government of India has given 22 “languages of the 8th Schedule” the status of official language.The number of languages given this status has increased through the political process.SIL Ethnologue lists 415 living “Languages of India” (out of 6,912 worldwide).Some languages with a large number of speakers still do not have this status, the largest of these being Bhili/Bhiladi with some 9.6 million native speakers (ranked 14th), followed by Garhwali with 2.9 million speakers, Gondi...

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Dussehra Essay

Vijayadashami (Bengali: বিজয়াদশমী, Kannada: ವಿಜಯದಶಮಿ, Malayalam: വിജയദശമി, Marathi: विजयादशमी, Nepalese: विजया दशमी, Oriya: ବିଜୟାଦଶମୀ, Tamil: விஜயதசமி, Telugu: విజయదశమి, Konkani: दसरो, Pendjabi: ਦਸੇਰਾ) also called Dashahara, Dussehra, Dashain, Navratri or Durgotsav, is a Hindu festival, very popular in northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh.In Mysore, this festival is celebrated with great pomp: a procession, led by the mahârâja enthroned on a caparisoned elephant, parades through the city illuminated for the occasion.Large extracts from the Râmâyana are recited, even staged by amateur theater troupes.At the end of a long battle between the army of the monkey people and that of the demons, Rāvana was killed by Rāma.On Dussehra day, devote...

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Times of India Essay

With over 100 acclaimed masters including Deepak Chopra, Jaggi Vasudev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar the site encourages spiritual conversations among users across multiple forums.It has emerged as a hassle free platform for buyers as well as car and bike enthusiasts looking for new car search as per budget or make, latest news in the industry or hot launches, and exclusive previews and videos.It features easy-to-use widgets such as the new car & bike prices, Resale value of used cars, information on dealerships across cities and best deals.TIMES GROUP NETWORK Zigwheels: ZigWheels brings to its visitors reviews, road tests, technology, tools and tips, as well as special features on cars and bikes.VPL used to publish two Kannada newspapers...

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Non-membranous Percussion(GHAN)

It is played while sitting on the ground in a vertical orientation.The pitch can be slightly altered by the application of plasticize clay or water.Of all Indian instruments, it is said to most resemble the sound of the human voice – able to imitate vocal ornaments such as gamakas(shakes) and meend (sliding movements).The bottom part of the front of its hollow wooden soundbox is covered with animal skin.A sarinda is a stringed Indian folk musical instrument similar to lutes or fiddles.

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Spoilage and Fermented Milk Products

Probiotics are usually consumed as part of fermented foods with specifically added active live cultures; such as in soy yogurt, yogurt, or as dietary supplements.Among all its hydrolytic enzymes, proteases are found to be relatively rich and are possibly accountable for the different medicinal properties showed by the extract.The sweet prepared just by boiling the colostrum in pressure cooker is called Junnu in Telugu, kadamb paal in Tamil, ginnu in Kannada, Kharvas in Marathi and posu in Konkani.It is produced from milk by removing almost all water.The beneficial effects of probiotics: .

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Research into Phonological Mean Length of Utterance (pMLU)

Balasubramanium & bhat (2009) reported the same in kannada speaking typically developing children.Van der lely, H. K. J.& Ullman M. T. (2001) Past tense morphology in specifically language impaired and normally developing children.Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 55, 101-17. .Language and Cognitive Processes, 16: 177-217. .

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Impact of Globalization

The IT boom prospered everyone, but the gap between the rich and poor probably widened.Educated professionals migrated for higher income jobs and workers came in for labor jobs.the road to Electronic city.(BBC News, n.d.).This forced the state government to include Kannada as instruction language instead of Hindi.

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Languages in India Essay

People speaking this language are called Tamils ​​or Tamilans.The reign of Krishna Deva Raya (16th century, in the kingdom of Vijayanagara, is considered to be the golden age of Telugu literature.From the 18th century, within the state from Hyderabad, Telugu is also influenced by Persian.Inscriptions found in this language date back to 578. .Dravidian languages ​​are classified into four groups: northern, central (Kolami, Parji), south-central (Telugu, Kui) and southern (Tamil, Kannada) languages.

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Independence Day Celebrations

The celebration became more meaningful with the Blood Donation Camp set up at school, by the Rotary Wing, Indiranagar.Indeed the most appropriate way to begin the new academic session!And thy love I shall give To every brother nation that lives’.Overall the celebration encouraged the audience to learn from the past, to be grateful for the present and to work toward a brighter tomorrow.As the Indian and Korean Independence Days coincide, in true International spirit at Indus, Lt. General Arjun Ray unfurled the Korean flag along with the Indian.

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Times of India Essay

ECONOMIC These types of industries are normally evergreen industries , but at recent times there is a fall in capital due to lots of compititors over the market.Speaking Tree: Speaking Tree.With over 100 acclaimed masters including Deepak Chopra, Jaggi Vasudev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar the site encourages spiritual conversations among users across multiple forums.om: HealthMeUp covers modern day health concerns like diet and fitness, workouts, weight loss advice, healthy living tips, and even low-fat, quick and easy recipes.in is the India’s largest online spiritual network that offers one on one interaction between spiritual masters and seekers.

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Teugu Geevitam

Wilkinson, Robert W. (1974).Telugu, along with Kannada, was declared as one of the classical languages of India in the year 2008.“Tense/lax vowel harmony in Telugu: The influence of derived contrast on rule application”.^ Nationalencyklopedin “Världens 100 största språk 2007” The World’s 100 Largest Languages in 2007 ^ Laurie Bauer, 2007, The Linguistics Student’s Handbook, Edinburgh ^ “Declaration of Telugu and Kannada as classical languages”.[20] Dialects of Telugu are Berad, Dasari, Dommara, Golari, Kamathi, Komtao, Konda-Reddi, Salewari, Telangana, Warangal, Mahaboobnagar (Palamuru), Gadwal (Rayalaseema mix), Narayanapeta (Kannada and Marathi influence), Vijayawada, Vadaga, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Toorpu (East) Godavari, Paschima ...

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Indian cinema Essay

One remarkable thing is the rapid diffusion of the speaking film throughout India and in all the “languages ​​filmed”, Ayodhiyecha Raja (1932), in Marathi, Narasinh Mehta (1932), in Gujarati, Dhurvkumar (1934), in Kannada, Sita Bibaha (1934), in Oriya, Joymati (1935), in Assamese, Sheila (1935), in Punjabi and Balan (1938), in Malayalam.Some of the most prominent include: .Kannada cinema directors like Girish Kasaravalli, P.Sheshadri have achieved national recognition.The American company Netflix has also made its debut in India and is launching its first television series, The Lord of Bombay.Iconic icon, actor and playback singer Rajkumar was prominent in the Kannada film industry.

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Indian rupee Essay

India has several currency workshops in its territory, coordinated by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India: in Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida and Hyderabad.These languages ​​are printed in alphabetical order: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepalese, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.The Indian rupee was used in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon before these countries were separated from India.On the reverse side of each banknote, there is a table showing 15 of India's 22 official languages.It is inspired by other symbols in force for the double horizontal bar (eg: €, ₤, ¥).

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Water Conservation Essay

Water treatment can get extremely expensive, causing water prices to rise, and water prices also grow when water supplies are tight.Typically, water conservation orders restrict water use by setting rules about how and when water can be used.In the late 20th century, water emerged as a major issue, especially in the developing world, where many people lack access to safe drinking water, and the issue of water conservation began to attract a great deal of attention.A water conservation order may be issued to oblige citizens to conserve water in some communities.Using water for things like gardens, car washing, and industrial production may be frowned upon in some communities where people would prefer to reduce the overall amount of water ...

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Water Conservation Essay

Place a bucket in the shower to catch excess water and use this to water plants.Water conservation is the rational and careful use of water resources.Koichiro Matsuura, the director general of UNESCO said “Of all the social and natural crises we humans face, the water crisis is the one that lies at the heart of our survival and that of our planet Earth.” With this quote in mind, we should immediately take swift and drastic measures to protect our limited water supply and in order to do this; we should make ‘Water Conservation’ as our number one priority.It says: “While water scarcity will intensify conflicts between states, there is little evidence to suggest that these situations will explode into fully fledged water wars.” But still, m...

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Conservation of natural resources – essay writing Essay

For water species, water is not only a basic home but also a place for them to get food.Not different from the human kind, animal need water to support their buddies to survive.Ok, to begin with, let’s have a look on what the important of water conservation.To human, water provides us a huge need for the basic needs as we need fresh water for drinking, to cook thing and to use in things we cook; for example, in the soup, cake, dessert, porridge and so on and we also need freshwater to wash ourselves for being clean and hygiene, to wash clothes for being fresh, to wash dishes for getting away from any kinds of gems, and even to wash our vehicles as needed.But without a proper condition of water, there must be a bad effect on all types of ...

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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development Essay

Most of the links are outdated, and there is barely any discussion as to the benefits of water conservation.The site also provides an area for related links to other sites that provide water conservation tips.This site describes ways in which people can conserve water use in their backyards.There is also an area on the website entitled residents corner, which aims to provide research materials in order for residents and the general public to utilize and become more involved with environmental conservation.The website defines water conservation as a term that “refers to reducing use of fresh water, through technological or social methods.

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Pongal Essay

We then prepare a dish called Ellu made from sesame seeds, coconut, sugar, etc.Makara Sankranthi refers to the entry of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Makara, that is, Capricorn.In Karnataka, the holiday is an opportunity to visit neighbors, friends and relatives to exchange wishes.A proof of devotion is requested, where devotees of Shiva are asked to master his wild mount, with bare hands and at their own risk, the vehicle of the god Shiva being the bull, a practice called Jallikattu.The holiday has an astrological significance, it marks the beginning of the period of Uttarayana, when the sun travels in the sky its six months of northernmost race.

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Profile Of Zaheerabad : Zaheerabad Essay

There are 4 girls’ religious (Madaris) institutions.Data has been collected by observation, interview and discussion technique with selected samples.Urdu, Telugu and Kannada are spoken here....note that there saw not even a single Urdu medium school in the Momin Mohalla till 2011 study area though it houses for more than 95 percent population of Muslims who generally seeks Urdu medium education, at least at primary level meeting their cultural and social obligations.There are more than 40 Educational institutions located in Zaheerabad, Which provide modern education and 11 religious (Madaris) institutions are promoting Islamic education among Muslim.

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