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Wildlife sanctuaries of India Essay

Water is a limiting factor and much has to be done to alleviate the situation. Wildlife sanctuaries of national importance to conservation, usually due to some flagship faunal species, are named National Wildlife Sanctuary, like the tri-state National Chambal (Gharial) Wildlife Sanctuary for conserving the gharial.

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Strategies Of Sustainable Tourism In Maharashtra Tourism Essay

Thirdly, the most competition can be seen in Heritage tourism, beach tourism, back water sport and special interest tourism. Currently, MTDC has started the Scuba and Snorkelling diving school in the water of Arabian Sea at Konkan (MTDC, 2010).

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Soil conservation Essay

The characteristic features of the programmes include : (a) implementing field measures such as terracing, contour farming, intercropping, etc., for controlling run off and erosion, (b) raising wind breaks, shelter belts to check wind erosion, protecting crops from hot fast wind and fixing sand dunes, (c) land devel­opment and shaping, (d) a foresta...

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Preservation and Conservation of Books

It means binding section of this library is also very alert in preservation and conservation of library resources. 19 asked to take the information about preservation and conservation of non books.

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The Management Issues Of Ajanta Caves Tourism Essay

This will helps to create awareness of the ancient monuments and importance of conservation of it on young generation. Penetration of small woody roots of vegetation over the top of caves has been creating minute crack over the rock surface and water leakage is causing the deterioration of rocks for years.

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Therapeutic and Nutritional Values of Fruits From Nanded

10) Rumex vasicarius l. Polygonaceae (Hummayd and hammad ,sour-wort ) : It is found in Nanded,Hingoli,Parbhani districts of Maharashtra. 6) , belong to family Sapotaceae commonly known as Moha : This plants was found in all districts of Maharashtra except Osmanabad.

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Hindusatan Unilever

✓ They have also started India Water Body, an initiative aimed to challenge water scarcity. It has been working since decade in different parts of country to conserve water.

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Maharashtra Essay

Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra. English has only around 15,000 native speakers, but around 7 million people in Maharashtra speak English as a second language.

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Higher education Essay

1WADI A)AGRI-HORTI-FORESTRY B)WATER RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT C)SOIL CONSERVATION 1. Kimberley – Clark supported SSM for a project of Water Conservation and Literacy in 2011.

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Environment in India Essay

Groundwater, the source of 40% of India's water needs, is rapidly running out according to a report released in 2018 by a government agency. 30 years later, in December 2014, the site was still not cleaned up, these products continued to contaminate groundwater and local populations still did not have access to safe water.

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CSR initiatives by Mahindra, Nokia and Nestle

A key focus area of their Corporate social responsibility initiatives is to help provide Clean Drinking Water. Nestle’s main emphasis is on creating value for the public in terms of better nutrition, water, and food production.

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Kapshi Model Village Essay

The water table of the region had dropped so low that the village reeled under severe drought conditions for three years an had to depend on the tanker water supply for their survival. It helps in gradually raising the water table of the area as well as preventing top soil erosion by hasty run-off of water.

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Narmada Bachao Aandolan

Award of the National Water Dispute Tribunal is the basis on which the work is carried out on the dam until today. Narmada Valley Project is a scheme to use the water of river for irrigation, electricity generation and domestic water consumption.

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Nagpur District

Also, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) provides treated water from its sewerage treatment plant. The Maharashtra government has already taken care of infrastructure availability like roads, water, power etc.

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Gardens of India

People of Maharashtra willing to be trained in horticulture and fill the job roles necessary to sustaining the garden 3. People from Maharashtra willing to go through training and education classes to benefit the community garden .

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Mid Day Meal Scheme in Maharashtra

The rates also have been increased in Maharashtra about 66%. In Maharashtra near about 50% of sample schools have increased the student attendance in school and increased the awareness towards school and education.

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Physical Demands In Handball Physical Education Essay

Maharashtra State Handball Association will permit to conduct the test on the subjects. The study geographical restricted to the Maharashtra state only.

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Geohydrology and Structure: Groundwater Resource Estimation

Field work included water level measurement, litho-log preparation, collection of water from wells for quality analysis, well inventory etc. The chemical qualities of the groundwater sample collected during two seasons were analyzed from th state level water testing laboratory of Tamil Nadu Water supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board at Chennai.

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Tamilnadu Power Crisis Reason Essay

We should use energy efficient motors in agriculture sectors that would avoid wastage of water and cut energy bills, in building sector new thermal doors, thermal windows, roofing insulation should be used, use energy efficient motors for all our industrial sectors. The term conservation is derived from two Latin words “con” means together and “serv...

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Information about states in India

Adventure sports such as white water rafting and trekking are offered in Ladakh. The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general lifestyle of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest region.

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Alternative Energy Sources In India Environmental Sciences Essay

The most potential states with biomass production capabilities include Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable energy that comes from resources ranging from shallow ground to hot water and hot rock found a few miles beneath the Earth’s surface, and dow...

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The Dangers of Land Degradation Essay

(a) Erosion by Water: Erosion by water can be of several types, for example, sheet erosion, gully erosion, stream bank erosion, shore erosion and slip erosion. Nature of Soil: Porous soils with good water-absorbing capacity are least subject to erosion, while the impervious soils are gradually eroded by the action of water.

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Nagpur Essay

Nagpur is the seat of the winter session of the Maharashtra State Assembly. The city's climate is generally dry.

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Evolution Of Forest Laws In India

While states such as Orissa and Andhra Pradesh were silent about it, states such as Maharashtra defined it as land, water and forest. Also Forest conservation Act, 1980 also came into being but even these did not provide for any forest dwellers’ rights.

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Industries in India Essay

The main reasons for this concentration are availability of raw jute, fresh water, cheap water transport, power resources, cheap labour, capital and port facilities. Heavy electrical motors, transformers, water wheels, electric fans etc., are manufactured at Bhopal, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tiruchinapalli and otherplaces.

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Textile Industry of Mumbai Essay

[15] Seven mill structures were granted heritage protection status by the Government of Maharashtra. There are conservation efforts underway to preserve the old mills as museums.

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A New Era in GW Management Essay

Katti Committee (1986) gave stress on community based water budgeting whereas Maharashtra Water and Irrigation Commission (19... ... middle of paper ... ...or the scrutiny. Chapter 5 GSDA Phase III -– Participatory Mode (Year 2000 onwards) A few discrepancies of the last 50 years of water resource development and management in the State brought abou...

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Bombay Essay

The very large population of the city presents certain problems, so there is a lack of water and electricity and their access is sometimes cut in the commercial districts. The water supply is provided by six lakes: Vihar, Vaitarna, Upper Vaitarna, Tulsi, Tansa and Powai, to which is added the Bhatsa dam.

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The Social and Economical Impacts of Organic Farming on Agriculture and the Environment

Carpenter(for construction) Man days 3 200 600 Total 2830 Sieve m 2 35 70 6.

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Two wheeler Industry in India Essay

In 1984, the second production plant was set up at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. |TWO WHEELERS | |>> MOTORCYCLES | |Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 |Suzuki Intruder M1800R |Suzuki GS 150R | |TVS Apache RTR FI |TVS Centra |TVS Fiero | | | |TVS Fiero F2 | | | |TVS Fiero FX | |Suzuki Max 100 |Suzuki Max 100R |Suzuki Samurai | |Suzuki Shogun |Suzuki Shaolin |TVS ...

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