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Bombay Essay

Mumbai is home to a large number of newspapers in the Marathi language (Maharashtra Times, Navakaal, Lokmat, Loksatta, Mumbai Chaufer, Saamana and Sakaal ) and in English (notably The Times of India, Daily News and Analysis).An original dialect, Bambaiya - a mixture of Marathi, Hindi and Indian English - is common in the streets.During colonization by the British, this name was anglicized in "Bombay" although "Mumbai" or "Mambai" remained in use in Marathi and Gujarati, and "Bambai" in Hindi and in urdu.The very large population of the city presents certain problems, so there is a lack of water and electricity and their access is sometimes cut in the commercial districts.The city also the film industry in the Marathi language.

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Nagpur Essay

The city's climate is generally dry.The rainy season is short but the city receives an average of 1,242 mm of water per year.Nagpur or Nagpour (Marathi: नागपुर Nāgpur) is a city in central India, in Maharashtra.Nagpur is located at an altitude of about 300 m above sea level and has an area of ​​220 km².This event took place at the current site of the Deekshaboomie, built between 1978 and 2001 to commemorate this moment and act as a place of pilgrimage.

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Maharashtra Essay

According to the 2001 census, Marathi is the native language of 68.89% of the population.The same day, we also celebrate Dahi-Handi.English has only around 15,000 native speakers, but around 7 million people in Maharashtra speak English as a second language.Maharashtra (in Marathi: महाराष्ट्र (mahārāṣṭra)) is a state in western India created in 1960, on linguistic grounds.According to a network of NGOs specializing in the fight for women's rights: “The cane cutters live in miserable conditions, without drinking water or sanitation in their makeshift shelters.

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Ngo Csi Report

16.| Rafiq | Marathi medium| .15.| soham| Marathi medium| .27.| Sidhdhant | Marathi medium| .22.| Ravinder| Marathi medium| .26.| Satish | Marathi medium| .

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The Wave of My Life: Dalit Woman’s Memoir

This is the time we get water in the house.Jaipur: Prism Books.Urmilatai refused to accept the award and wrote to the Parishad to explain her political stand thus, 3 “The metaphors, images and symbols in Marathi Literature have remained tradition bound, fundamentalist and continue to emerge from fantasy, rarely ever generating in human beings a faith in their own agency…… In the devotional offering to goddess Saraswati, what does the goddess Saraswati symbolize?So I have to go fill it up.’’ After some days, that artist was narrating the story to someone, “The poor husband was going to store water at home and this shameless woman was laughing.Her memoir “Aaydan” (The Wave of my life: Dalit woman’s memoir) is originally written in Marathi ...

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Nation As A Myth Is India A Myth History Essay

Hopefully Indian political will would keep the Indian national interest at priority for a more stable time to come and help India avoid the European nationalistic phase.The foreign ruler ship prevented this from happening.But still India is better off from the modern Europe with their nationalistic phase, when every Indian state will start functioning as different countries or starts regarding them as different nations all together.This political view is not just challenged on the basis of Region, But also on the basis of Religion, Caste, Race and Language.The essence being, the parties capitalize of the fact that the people there have a lack of view of nationality and have a clearer picture and identification in their own culture and la...

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Indore Essay

Maharani Usha Devi, daughter of Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II, is the director of the club, while the honorary chief minister of Madhya Pradesh is the president.Originally it was intended for the descendants of the Marathi lords, the aristocracy, and Indian and British officers.Hindi is the official language of the city of Indore and is spoken by the majority of the population (97.6%).As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Mission for a Clean India), the city of Indore has made considerable efforts, placing it in the first rank of Indian cities in terms of cleanliness.Indore holds the Guinness record for the largest tea ever staged in the world, which was held on February 24, 2008 at Nehru Stadium, with 32,681 participants.

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Languages in India Essay

Hindi would also be important as a second language: it is estimated that between 20 and 25% of Indians would have Hindi as a second language in 2001.Malayalam, spoken in the south of the country and notably in the states of Kerala and Lakshadweep, as well as the territory of Pondicherry, is a language which separated from Tamil around the tenth century.Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra, a state formed in 1960 on a linguistic basis.Marathi is written with the Devanagari alphabet, like Hindi, but has several peculiarities such as the distinction between exclusive and inclusive “us” or the existence of a neutral gender.77% of Indians speak an Indo-Aryan language (of which the most widely spoken in the country, Hindi, is the mo...

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Translation and its role in multilingual country

Of Tagore’s prose, his short stories are perhaps most highly regarded indeed he is credited with originating the Bengali language version of the genre.Thus, a literal translation may lead to Target Language metaphors with different and sometimes completely opposite discoursal values.Also, the suggested meanings of these relationships can never be translated into any other language.Viewing translation as a transaction between two languages, the dominant linguistic paradigm has treated it merely as a matter of transfer from the Source Language to the Target Language.The languages we are going to focus upon are Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil and Kannada.

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Goan Literature and Translation! Essay

It has enhanced knowledge of our multilingual, multicultural personality.Translation enriches comprehension of a wounded culture, the bond of language that unites a dispersed community, and the values that have sustained it.It’s also the transference and substitution from one to another language.Many works from Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and Hindi have been translated into English.Translation from Konkani does more than that; it creates awareness of the very existence of the language and region.

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Information about states in India

Languages[edit source | editbeta]See also: Languages of India Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra.The Bene Israel (“Sons of Israel”) are a strong community of Marathi Jews originally from villages in the Konkan region who migrated in the late 17th century to the nearby cities, primarily Mumbai, but also to Pune, and Ahmedabad.Marathi Christians have largely retained their pre-Christian cultural practices.The native language of the Bene Israel is Marathi and Hebrew.Alappuzha remains prominent on the tourist trial of Kerela as one of the major centers for backwater boat trip Kumarakom – The village of Kumarakom is a cluster of little islands on the Vembanad Lake, and this small water world is part of the Kuttanad region.

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Expalnation of Father Returning Home Essay

Apart from being a very important bilingual writer, writing in Marathi and English, he was also a painter and filmmaker.Coming out he trembles at the sink, The cold water running over his brown hands, A few droplets cling to the greying hairs on his wrists.Paintings, 1969); written and directed an award-winning film (Godam, 1984); made a dozen documentary films and scored music for some of them; taken on the mantle of editor for literary magazines (Shabda, 1954-1960); written for India’s most respected publications; influenced a literary movement (the little magazine of the sixties in Marathi); convened poetry festivals; won all kinds of honours; travelled widely across India and abroad; and taught at universities worldwide.He was one of...

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Preservation and Conservation of Books

For more information I also taken separate interview of preservation, conservation and binding sections personnel.Accordingly in this library the readers, mouse, cockroaches, white ants, silverfishes, dust and rain water which comes from window these are the factors which damage or destroy the library resources.Conservation section of this library is established in 1991.11 is asked on preservation and conservation policy of the library.1) Chaudhary, S. K. : Library Preservation and conservation, APH pub.

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Language Conflicts And Subordination In India

According to N. Dorian, a noted scholar on language, most people feel a degree of attachment to their ancestral language.In Maharashtra language conflict has taken a violent turn and Marathi is now being used as the instrument to drive out all non-Marathi speakers.Other factors that threaten the survival of a language include the small size of a language group, extinction of sizeable members of the community on account of wars, ethnic conflicts, displacement, and epidemics or due to migration necessitated by economic or social factors.Scholars speak of ‘language murder’, ‘language death’ and ‘linguistic genocide’ to refer to the phenomenon of extinction of minority languages.Children from minority language communities often attend classe...

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Brief Gerographic background of from where Anna Hazare was born Essay

Dagdu Maruti Pawar, a Marathi author and poet known for his contributions to Dalit literature.Another very much popular jewellery for the Marathi women is Kolhapuri saaj, a special type of necklace.Maharashtra’s cuisine is divided into two, viz.The language spoken in this town Bhingar is Marathi.Each food item served on the thali has a specific place.

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Textile Industry of Mumbai Essay

The Millworkers of Girangaon: An Oral History.[20] The Shrinivas Mills of Lalbaug, covering 16 acres, are being redeveloped into World One[21] – Asia’s tallest residential building.Such a museum was opened at the United Mills in Lalbaug.[15] Seven mill structures were granted heritage protection status by the Government of Maharashtra.[12] The windows were kept closed to keep out the stench of the gutters and to keep dirty water from flowing into the house during the monsoon season.

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Nature & Scope Of Marketing Research Essay

Ethical condition of Market Research Information should not be misused Do not force the customer to answer Respondent reply should also be kept confidential Ask sensible personal questions .Limitations of Marketing Research Not a panacea Not an exact science Limitation of time Erroneous findings Not exact tool for forecasting In experience research research staff Narrow conception of marketing research .Problems :- Already five Marathi newspaper published daily from Pune and four from Bombay Pune hardly 180 km from Bombay, as such Bombay edition could easily reach Pune by newspaper taxi.Chances of improvement of current channels.The circulation of regional language newspaper is low.

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The Indian Hotels Company Limited

The three key areas of environmental impact are energy, water, and waste.Consumption of energy and water .Generation of waste water .Generation of waste packaging & water .Equipment for producing hot water and heating .

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Socio Political Significance of Bhakti Movement in Medival India

Finally, it improved the moral and spiritual ways of life of the medieval society.Whatever he taught, he had taught in the language of the common man.Ramananda : Ramananda was the first reformer to preach in Hindi, the main language spoken by the people of the North.It emphasised the value of a pure life of charity and devotion.At the age of 112 fourteen, he translated the Bhagawad Gita into the Marathi language.

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An Analysis Of Kamat Hotels Ltd Tourism Essay

In addition, the Company consciously follows the policy of environment conservation in the operation of its hotels in all aspects viz.2007 : Clear Water Capital Partners funding for the New Projects.VITS- Luxury Business Hotel, NCR Delhi, 150 rooms ..These hotel projects will be taken up at the appropriate time.Ltd., has become a subsidiary of the Company.

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Indian rupee Essay

India has several currency workshops in its territory, coordinated by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India: in Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida and Hyderabad.It is inspired by other symbols in force for the double horizontal bar (eg: €, ₤, ¥).It comes from an assembly of the devanagari character र (“Ra”) and the Roman capital R without the vertical bar.These languages ​​are printed in alphabetical order: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepalese, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.On the reverse side of each banknote, there is a table showing 15 of India's 22 official languages.

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Goa in india

Tourism is Goa’s primary industry followed by the fishing industry and the mining industry.Panjim is Goa’s administarative capital and the hub of the business industry, Panjim lies on the left side of the river Mandovi over looking Goa’s legislative capital Porvorim.Rice and fish curry is the staple diet of the people of Goa.Goa is one of indias richest state with a GDP per capita of one and a half times that of the country.Temperatures can reach a max of 35 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in the cool season , the rainy or wet season last between june and september.

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Alembic Chemical Works Ltd Essay

The selection covers a wide cross-section of interests.It becomes a collector’s series.It brings out the circumstances that inspired the magic in each of them.The centre-spread has the manufacturer’s plug.In the same year,1942, she made her debut as a playback singer with Vasant Joglekar’s Kia Hasool in Marathi under the baton of shripad Nevrekar .But taking up a career as a playback singer was still impossible.

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Status Of Languages In Mauritius English Language Essay

The level of improvement, if any, in the language competencies of the students with the language laboratory .There are various factors which can explain this problem and the main reasons are: the lack of motivation of the students in language classes, the lack of exposure to the languages, contact with other languages, the decline of the reading culture, the language subjects being considered as less important subjects and the exam oriented syllabus among others.Being a language teacher (French language), I have focused my study on language classes being conducted in a technology-based environment, also known as a Language Laboratory.The aim of this study is to find out whether the language lab can be considered as a solution to the vari...

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Ghasiram Kotwal

Ghashiram Kotwal is a Marathi play written by playwright Vijay Tendulkar in 1972 as a response to the rise of a local political party, Shiv Sena, in Maharashta.It highlights the harsh reality that even when times change human nature remains the same.Women still continue to be the ruled ones and the caste conflict has now become the class conflict where the rich dominate the poor and the cycle continues.All in all Ghashiram Kotwal is a timeless piece of writing.The play is a political satire created as a musical drama set in 18th century Pune.

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Skew Detection of Devanagari Script Using Pixels

.. We tested our algorithm for input images of handwritten document for Hindi and Marathi languages.As India’s national language uses Devanagari script, lot of official data is in written format before the era of digitization.The national/official language of India (Hindi) and Nepal (Nepali) uses Devanagari Script... We have proposed a methodology for skew detection and correction of word and line of handwritten Devanagari script.Many other languages like Marathi (state language of Maharashtra), Sanskrit, Kashmiri, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Bodo, Dogri etc.

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Samsung company Essay

Aggressive and risk-taking investment behaviour in search of entrepreneurial rent and the effective policy of managing technology development contributed to the extraordinary achievement of Samsung Electronics.Samsung electronics has not only utilised status-quo resources but also developed dynamic capabilities as it rose to the top.Strategically the electronics industry was considered suitable for countries with poor natural endowment and high skilled labour like Korea.They provide high technology consumer electronics.The company is the first in India to introduce fuzzy logic based washing machines, silver nano refrigerator and flat screen TVs.

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Non-membranous Percussion(GHAN)

It is played while sitting on the ground in a vertical orientation.The pitch can be slightly altered by the application of plasticize clay or water.The sārangī is a bowed, short-necked string instrument of India which originated from Rajasthani folk instruments.Its analogue in Rajasthan is known as the madga and pani mataqa “water jug”.The bottom part of the front of its hollow wooden soundbox is covered with animal skin.

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Indian Literature Essay

Works of Kannada literature have received Eight Jnanpith awards, which is the highest number awarded for the literature in any Indian language.Bengali is the second most commonly spoken language in India (after Hindi).It is t/here Dev perceives Indian literature, that is, not as a fixed or determinate entity but as an ongoing and interliterary process: Indian language and literature ever in the re/making World literature tour: India The tour heads off into familiar territory for this month, with a stopover in India.[2] Later, literature in Marathi, Bengali, various dialects of Hindi, Persian and Urdu began to appear as well.Eight Jnanpith awards each have been awarded in Hindi and Kannada, followed by five in Bengali, four in oriya,four ...

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Indian Literature

Sanskrit language dominated the early Indian literary scene whereas languages like Prakrit and Pali too had fair share as they were the languages of the common people.As more and more Indians became well versed with the English language, the number of works in English literature began to grow.The Sceptred Flute: Songs of India, Allahabad: Kitabistan, posthumously published, 1943 The Feather of the Dawn, posthumously published, edited by her daughter, Padmaja Naidu, 1961 .With the coming of the British in India, works started to be written in English language.Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning, with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.

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