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Expalnation of Father Returning Home Essay

The lines like ‘The cold water running over his brown hands, A few droplets cling to the greying hairs on his wrists’ are used to add to the effect of the life and the world of poor father.He has also edited An Anthology of Marathi Poetry (1945–1965).Possibly the most famous of his translations is Says Tuka, a rendition of the work of seventeenth century Marathi bhakti poet Tukaram.Coming out he trembles at the sink, The cold water running over his brown hands, A few droplets cling to the greying hairs on his wrists.Paintings, 1969); written and directed an award-winning film (Godam, 1984); made a dozen documentary films and scored music for some of them; taken on the mantle of editor for literary magazines (Shabda, 1954-1960); written f...

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Ngo Csi Report

21.| Shweta | Marathi medium| .These areas have no sanitation and drinking water facilities.14.| Neeraj | Marathi medium| .16.| Rafiq | Marathi medium| .31.| Irfaan| Marathi medium| .

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Translation and its role in multilingual country

The novel was also long-listed for the Man Asian Prize of 2007.Salma is now head of the panchayat (local level government body) of Thuvarankurichi, near Trichi in Tamil Nadu.It gives us an insight into what actually goes on in the households of this section of the society and brings it out very effectively... Translating these texts into more widely spoken languages like Hindi and English has taken their voice to a much wider range of readers.The languages we are going to focus upon are Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil and Kannada.

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Bombay Essay

The very large population of the city presents certain problems, so there is a lack of water and electricity and their access is sometimes cut in the commercial districts.In 1995, at the instigation of the Shiv Sena, a Marathi regionalist party which had come to the head of the municipality, the local authorities decided to rename Bombay in Mumbai in order to distinguish the city from its colonial past.During colonization by the British, this name was anglicized in "Bombay" although "Mumbai" or "Mambai" remained in use in Marathi and Gujarati, and "Bambai" in Hindi and in urdu.The economic elite, mainly from Gujarat, pleads for an autonomous city-state status, distinct from the Marathi state.The city also the film industry in the Marathi...

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Preservation and Conservation of Books

1) Chaudhary, S. K. : Library Preservation and conservation, APH pub.In this way personnel of conservation section told that with the help of tissuing process increase the life of books for hundred years.In this way Asiatic society library’s work in field of preservation and conservation is definitely valuable in the field of library and information science.Accordingly in this library the readers, mouse, cockroaches, white ants, silverfishes, dust and rain water which comes from window these are the factors which damage or destroy the library resources.For more information I also taken separate interview of preservation, conservation and binding sections personnel.

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Nagpur Essay

Nagpur is located at an altitude of about 300 m above sea level and has an area of ​​220 km².This event took place at the current site of the Deekshaboomie, built between 1978 and 2001 to commemorate this moment and act as a place of pilgrimage.Nagpur or Nagpour (Marathi: नागपुर Nāgpur) is a city in central India, in Maharashtra.In Marathi “nag” means “snake”.The city lies at the geographic center of India, which is materialized in the city by a monument, the Zero Mile Stone.

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Role of Press in Indian Freedom Struggle Essay

The weekly yogi and the Hunkar’ also contributed very much to the general awakening.Within one year, millions of copies of this journal were published in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and English and sent to India and to all parts of the world· where Indians were residing.Dev Brat Shastri started publication of ‘Nav Shakti and Rashtra Vani’.In Bihar the tradition of national newspapers was carried forward by Sachidanand Sinha, who had started the publication of Searchlight under the editorship of Murtimanohar Sinha.The British authorities were given to understand that the poem had two meanings and that one word used in the poem could also mean that the Prince of Wales should get a shoe-beating!

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The Wave of My Life: Dalit Woman’s Memoir

I believe that there issues have to take the form of a movement in Marathi literature……I hope for social transformation and so this letter clarifying my position.” .It is said that Marathi Literature is the forerunner of all modern Dalit Literature in India because of the legacy of Mahatma Jyotiba Govind Phule and Bhim Rao Ambedkar.Pawar writes, “My mother used to weave “aaydans,” the Marathi generic term for all things made from bamboo.Women and Psychology.Her memoir “Aaydan” (The Wave of my life: Dalit woman’s memoir) is originally written in Marathi language and later translated in English by Dr. Maya Pandit and Urmilatai become an international personality.

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А princess Hindu Essay

In the development of Marathi literature, Sant Eknath is seen as a bridge between the towering predecessors Dnyaneshwar and Namdev and the equally noble successors Tukaram and Ramdas.Hazrat Muhammad Murad Ali Khan .Sufism is opposed by Wahhabi and Salafist Muslims.Sufism or taṣawwuf (Arabic: تصوّف‎) is defined by its adherents as the inner, mystical dimension of Islam.[1][2][3] A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as a ṣūfī (صُوفِيّ).

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Textile Industry of Mumbai Essay

[20] The Shrinivas Mills of Lalbaug, covering 16 acres, are being redeveloped into World One[21] – Asia’s tallest residential building.[22] A popular play, Cotten 54, Polyester 64, has been written, based on Neera Adarkar and Meena Menon’s book, One hundred years, One hundred voices.Girangaon (Marathi: गिरणगाव, literally “mill village”) was a name commonly used to refer to an area now part of central Mumbai, India, which at one time had almost 130 textile mills, with the majority being cotton mills.The Millworkers of Girangaon: An Oral History.[15] Seven mill structures were granted heritage protection status by the Government of Maharashtra.

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Maharashtra Essay

Other festivals celebrated on a large scale include Vijayadashami or Dussehra, Navaratri, Holi, Diwali, Eid al-Fitr.Maharashtra (in Marathi: महाराष्ट्र (mahārāṣṭra)) is a state in western India created in 1960, on linguistic grounds.According to the 2001 census, the distribution of religions is as follows: .The same day, we also celebrate Dahi-Handi.According to the 2001 census, Marathi is the native language of 68.89% of the population.

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Indian Literature

The Indo-Aryan prakrits also gave rise to languages like Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Nepali, Marathi, and Punjabi, which are not considered to be Hindi despite being part of the same dialect continuum.Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning, with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.The Golden Threshold, published in the United Kingdom,1905 The Bird of Time: Songs of Life, Death & the Spring, published in London, 1912 The Broken Wing: Songs of Love, Death and the Spring, including “The Gift of India” (first read in public in 1915), 1917 Muhammad Jinnah: An Ambassador of Unity, 1916 .After independence she became the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.She was the first woman governor in India.

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Indore Essay

Maharani Usha Devi, daughter of Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II, is the director of the club, while the honorary chief minister of Madhya Pradesh is the president.Other languages ​​with a substantial number of speakers include Marathi, Sindhi, Bhojpuri and Gujarati.As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Mission for a Clean India), the city of Indore has made considerable efforts, placing it in the first rank of Indian cities in terms of cleanliness.Indore (hindi: इन्दौर Indaur, Marathi: इंदूर Iṃdūr) (.mw-parser-output .pronunciation & gt; a {background: url ("// upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/ 8 / 8a / Loudspeaker.svg / 11px-Loudspeaker.svg.png ") center left no-repeat; padding-left: 15px; font-size: smaller} Listen) is the ...

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Alembic Chemical Works Ltd Essay

It becomes a collector’s series.A short write-up on the characteristics of Alcephin and the line ‘The Legend Among Antibiotics.’ It is not intrusive at all.Daughter of the noted Marathi stage actor-singer Master Dinnanath Mangeshkar, Lata revealed her musical genius at the tender age of five.Each folder is well-researched.In the same year,1942, she made her debut as a playback singer with Vasant Joglekar’s Kia Hasool in Marathi under the baton of shripad Nevrekar .But taking up a career as a playback singer was still impossible.

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Indian Literature Essay

The first of Narayan’s many works, Swami and Friends, appeared in 1935; among his more recent titles are The English Teacher (1980), The Vendor of Sweets (1983), and Under the Banyan Tree (1985).Ved Mehta, although long resident in the United States, recalls his Indian roots in a series of memoirs of his family and of his education at schools for the blind in India and America; among these works are Vedi (1982) and Sound Shadows of the New World (1986).Her In Custody (1984) is the story of a teacher’s fatal enchantment with poetry.Examples are the Caryapadas, Tantric verses of the 12th century that are the earliest surviving works in Bengali, and the Lilacaritra (c. 1280), a Marathi prose account of the words and deeds of the founder of ...

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Ghasiram Kotwal

It combined traditional Marathi folk music and drama with contemporary theater techniques, creating a new paradigm for Marathi theater.With over six thousand performances thus far in its original and translated versions, “Ghāshirām Kotwāl” remains one of the longest-running plays in the history of Indian theater .The issues that are primarily dealt with in the book still remain the same even after so many years.Women still continue to be the ruled ones and the caste conflict has now become the class conflict where the rich dominate the poor and the cycle continues.All in all Ghashiram Kotwal is a timeless piece of writing.Greed and lust for money were, are and will always exist in human nature… In 1972, Tendulkar wrote another, even much...

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Indian Literature Essay

Several noted works were written during the 19th century, but it was in the 20th century the Malayalam literary movement came to prominence.Eight Jnanpith awards each have been awarded in Hindi and Kannada, followed by five in Bengali, four in oriya,four in Malayalam, and three in Gujarati, Marathi and Urdu[3][4] and 2 each in Assamese, Tamil and Telugu[5] Contents [hide] * 1 Indian literature in archaic Indian languages * 1.Malayalam literature flourished under various genres and today it is a fully developed part of Indian literature.Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan (17th century) is considered as the Father of the Malayalam language, because of his influence on the acceptance of the Malayalam alphabet and his extremely popular poeti...

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Nation As A Myth Is India A Myth History Essay

But still India is better off from the modern Europe with their nationalistic phase, when every Indian state will start functioning as different countries or starts regarding them as different nations all together.Europe failed through history in uniting as a subcontinent, though some attempts in this direction were made (for example, Napoleon).The anti Tamil riots in Karnataka in 1991, the attacks which mainly took place in Bangalore and Mysore was to show the disrespect against the orders of the Cauvery Water Tribunal appointed by the Government of India.The only country of comparable size that has better succeeded than India through history in maintaining its unity as a country is China.The foreign ruler ship prevented this from happe...

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The Indian Hotels Company Limited

Energy and water consumption .Equipment for producing hot water and heating .Generation of waste packaging & water .Adding to that, Taj Hotels has always been committed to environment conservation.The three key areas of environmental impact are energy, water, and waste.

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Information about states in India

The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general lifestyle of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest region.[6] Marathi Bhakti movement by Mahanubbavis and Virakaripanthis of Maharashtra had immense influence on the development of Rajasthani Bhakti movement.Marathi Christians – Majority Protestants found specially in Ahmednagar and Solapur.Adventure sports such as white water rafting and trekking are offered in Ladakh.The Bene Israel (“Sons of Israel”) are a strong community of Marathi Jews originally from villages in the Konkan region who migrated in the late 17th century to the nearby cities, primarily Mumbai, but also to Pune, and Ahmedabad.

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This Is Love Essay

“This is Love” by Karlo Mila- “Leaving Prince Charming Behind” by Karlo Mila .In the poem This is Love, the use of imagery changed my opinion about love.Lastly, Karlo Mila warns us that Love is not fun and games, instead with love brings sorrow, pain and sacrifices.The unusual combination of different font types can also be seen as hiccups or obstacles, preventing the poem from flowing smoothly.Bibliography- .

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Brief Gerographic background of from where Anna Hazare was born Essay

Sant Dnyaneshwar, Marathi saint, wrote Dnyaneshwari, a discourse on the Bhagavad Gita.People of this state believe in offering their food first to the lord as a thanksgiving for all that he has given.Each food item served on the thali has a specific place.Dagdu Maruti Pawar, a Marathi author and poet known for his contributions to Dalit literature.Konkani, and Varadi.

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The three volumes published so far are titled A Noble Heritage, A Shade Crimson and The Ruby Shattered.[2] He was also the Editor of Phoolchhab Newspaper of Janmabhoomi group (which is being published till date from Rajkot).Mahatma Gandhi spontaneously gave him the title of Raashtreeya Shaayar (National Poet).He authored more than 100 books.Besides this he received many awards like Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak and Mahida Paaritoshik in literature.

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Ap Essay Sea of Trolls Essay

“‘To ignore joy while it lasts, in favor of lamenting one’s fate, is a great crime.It brought many new elements to the book that could have easily been overlooked by the untrained eye, but adds to the overall meaning and the theme.People will be saying my poem long after your moldy old verses dissapear!'” -Glamdis (The Mountain Queen)(349).“’One thing I do know,’ the queen went on.

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An Analysis Of Kamat Hotels Ltd Tourism Essay

VITS- Luxury Business Hotel, NCR Delhi, 150 rooms ..These hotel projects will be taken up at the appropriate time.As a result of increase in the stake of the Company, BW Highway Star Pvt.The Company increased its stake in BW Highway Star Pvt.2007 : Clear Water Capital Partners funding for the New Projects.

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Goan Literature and Translation! Essay

Translation from Konkani does more than that; it creates awareness of the very existence of the language and region.Translation enriches comprehension of a wounded culture, the bond of language that unites a dispersed community, and the values that have sustained it.A few important translations from regional languages to English are Gora By Rabindranath Tagore originally written in Bengali and then translated in English by many translators, “Samskara” by U. R. Anathamurthy originally written in Kannada and then translated into English by A. K. Ramanujan, “Tamas” by Bhism Sahani originally written in Hindi but then the author himself translated the work into English.But the problem with Goan literature was that most of the literature was ...

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Languages in India Essay

From the 18th century, within the state from Hyderabad, Telugu is also influenced by Persian.Marathi is written with the Devanagari alphabet, like Hindi, but has several peculiarities such as the distinction between exclusive and inclusive “us” or the existence of a neutral gender.Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, alongside Sinhala.Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra, a state formed in 1960 on a linguistic basis.Kannara or Kannada, official language of Karnataka.

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“I am not that woman” by Kishwar Naheed Essay

Poetic devices in the poem the main feature is that this poem is written in free verse.The poem also puts forward the idea that the ones who lack courage are in fact the ones who are never able to rise from the ground.She says in the third stanza “walk on water”.The poem starts by giving out the general situation of a suppressed woman in a society but then as she moves forward she gives the idea of using a footpath instead of crushing the grass she is giving the idea of having an individuality stating that women must try to rise but then as the poem ends with a sad tone saying that “The grass is really like me” tells that though asking the other women to be brave the poet is being a realist and she has surrendered in the hands of the soc...

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The Role of Myanmar Poems in Environmental Conservation Essay

I would first like to express my thanks to the organizers of the Irrawaddy Literature Festival for this opportunity to discuss my “view on the significant role of Myanmar traditional Literature and culture in environmental conservation and sustainable development”.Appreciation of beauty is one of the distinctive element that distinguishes humans from other creatures, that is, we like to live in beautiful places full of blooming flowers, green trees, singing birds as mental nutrients while we need fresh air and clean water with full of minerals as our physical nutrients.3 For that reason, it is clear that the role of aesthetic appreciation of Nature is crucial for awakening the human’s conscience with regard to ethical responsibility to t...

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Greek mythology Essay

Another untitled poem written 3 years after described characters in stories from all over Europe seen by young Friedrich as “pictures to delight” .His first work, a poem titled “The Bedouin ” was published in the Bremisches Conversationsblatt No.In his poem “To My Grandfather”, written December 20, 1833, Friedrich had shown his early acquaintances in history through stories in the Greek mythology which he described as “many a beautiful story” that his grandfather had told him .Using a pen name of Friedrich Oswald, he participated in the literary movement.There he exhibited despise to autocracy and religion, enjoyed life at its fullest and studied literature, philosophy, theology and history .

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