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Energy Consumption In India And Tamil Nadu Environmental Sciences Essay

Tamil Nadu has renewable energy grid power with installed capacity of 4790 MW which is nearly 32% of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board’s total grid capacity. Conducting Awareness campaign to educate people about use of renewable energy and energy conservation.

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Tamilnadu Power Crisis Reason Essay

We should use energy efficient motors in agriculture sectors that would avoid wastage of water and cut energy bills, in building sector new thermal doors, thermal windows, roofing insulation should be used, use energy efficient motors for all our industrial sectors. The term conservation is derived from two Latin words “con” means together and “serv...

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Guarding Our Ecosystems – Marshlands and Wetlands Essay

Here the water is usually at the surface. The land is covered by stagnant water that does not exceed 6 meters.

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Protected Areas Of The Wildlife Protection Act

The main issue of concern was the availability of water resource. There are also other reasons that affect the conservation strategies.

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Essay

But this journal failed to differentiate the equality of the women in the battle and emancipation. So this article not that much used for my argument but it helps to know about the battle background.

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Periyar in Thekkady

Nearest airport is Cochin at 200-kms and  Madurai in Tamil Nadu at140-kms.Hire a taxi to reach periyar. Nearest railway line is Kottayam at 114-kms which has good road connection to periyar.

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Kaveri River water dispute Essay

In its verdict, the tribunal allocated 419 billion ft³ (12 km³) of water annually to Tamil Nadu and 270 billion ft³ (7.6 km³) to Karnataka; 30 billion ft³ (0.8 km³) of Kaveri river water to Kerala and 7 billion ft³ (0.2 km³) to Pondicherry. On Nov 15, 2012, The Cauvery Monitoring Committee, directed the Karnataka government to release 4.81 tmcft to ...

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PepsiCo India: Performance with Purpose

Replenishing Water . Our goal is to conserve, replenish and thus offset the water used in our manufacturing process through community water recharge projects and water conservation projects in agriculture.

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Aquatic Flora of Pulicat Lake Essay

The fine anoxic sediments under mangroves act as sinks for a variety of heavy (trace) metal with colloidal particles in the sediments scavenged from the water. Similar halophytic species scattered along the banks of Buckingham canal and Vapenjeri canal flowing with brackish water.

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Soil conservation Essay

Besides Soil Conservation training Centre of Hazaribag (DVC), eight regional research-cum dem­onstration centres have been established at Dehradun (Himalayan region), Chandigarh (Siwalik region), Kota (ravines of Rajasthan), Valsad (ravines of Gujarat), Agra (ravines of Yamuna), Bellary (black soil), Ootacamund (hilly areas), Chhatra (watershed of L...

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Translation and its role in multilingual country

Salma is now head of the panchayat (local level government body) of Thuvarankurichi, near Trichi in Tamil Nadu. SALMA .. Born in 1968 in Tamil Nadu, Salma’s first poetry collection shocked conservative society where women are supposed to remain silent.

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Critical Tiger Habitat or Critical Wildlife Habitat Essays

Tiger conservation has a large dependency on the availability of healthy prey population in reserve areas. An example is that of Kalakad- Mundanthurai forest in Tamil Nadu .

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Singapore Essay

However, when the Tamil Tigers failed to fully surrender their weapons, the Indian troops took control of them by force, leading to clashes.This was a dire consequence for Sri Lanka because India’s actions threatened Sri Lanka ability to be independent in controlling its internal and external affairs. During the July 1983 riots, 13 Sinhalese soldier...

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The Rise of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Chelvanayakam, the leader of the Tamil Federal Party, which had since joined with other Tamil parties to form the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF). Under this project, water from the Mahaweli Ganga will be channeled via the Yan Oya into the valley of Manal Aru to augment its supply of water.

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Four Main Religions In Sri Lanka

One of the greatest and most profound mystics of the twentieth century, Yogaswami was the official satguru and counseling sage of Sri Lanka’s several million Tamil Hindu population. There are seven sacraments in the Catholic Church that the Catholics go after: – Baptism: is the ritual act, with the use of water, by which a person is admitted to memb...

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Protection of Biodiversity in State of Uttar Pradesh

Gene banking and cryopreservation of gametes of the prioritized fish is a powerful ex-situ conservation tool for preserving natural genetic variability in fish.. NBFGR, Lucknow is the leading organization in India having fish gene banking programmes and this is accomplished through repository of biological material and maintaining live gene bank of ...

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Food and Dining in South India

South Indian meals are served on a banana leaf so it must be cleaned with warm water. They then use a filter set to separate the coffee powder dust, few spoons of powdered coffee, enough boiling water is added to prepare a very dark liquid which is called the decoction.

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Problems Faced by Coir Industry Essay

It is imperative that the Government of Tamil Nadu evolves strategies for research and development in this field and stimulates diversification and growth of the industry through co-ordinate activities among the functional Ministries concerned with Agriculture Industry and Infrastructure Development. The longer bristle fibre is washed in clean water...

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Indo-US civilian nuclear deal

The other type of reactors those use heavy water as moderator is called Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR). (c) In the third stage, Advanced Heavy Water Reactors (AHWRs) would burn Thorium and U 233 as fuel.

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The Sri Lankan Civil War

The proscription of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham, a party that championed Tamil rights in India and Sri Lanka, and the Tamil Youth League were also seen in the same light. For the next three decades, a spectacularly bloody civil war was fought on land, in water, in air and with proxy armies, although the successive Sri Lankan governments dismissed...

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Rain Water Harvesting

[4] The main purpose of the rain water harvesting is to utilize the locally available rain water to meet water requirements throughout the year without the need of huge capital expenditure. Uses include water for garden, water for livestock, water for irrigation, etc.

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Understanding Conditions And Status Of Rural Women In Tamil Nadu

Dalit women were trained as hand pump mechanics to repair and restore the hand pumps of bore wells, on which most of the local populace depended for their water supply. Thirty voluntary leaders from 30 districts of Tamil Nadu coordinate together and take this movement to the grass roots.

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The Dangers of Land Degradation Essay

(a) Erosion by Water: Erosion by water can be of several types, for example, sheet erosion, gully erosion, stream bank erosion, shore erosion and slip erosion. In some regions, the top soil is blown away by wind in the dry season, and washed away by running water in the wet season.

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Wildlife Conservation

The second part of the project deals with the problems facing the tiger and the elephant in our country, the conflicts opposing man and wild animals, and the conservation measures taken by the government and non government organisations (NGOs). In 1969 the Bengal tiger was included in the Red Data Book of endangered animals produced by the Internati...

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Rural Industries in Indian Economy

The chief areas of tea production in India include rural hills and backward areas of Northeastern and southern states like Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The National Program of Developing Fish Seeds, Fish Farmers’ Development Agencies and Brackish Water Fish Farmers’ Development Agencies have been the major contributors to the growth in...

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Culture of Sri Lanka Essay

While the Sinhalese people speak Sinhala as their mother tongue, the Tamil people speak Tamil. The North and the East of the island has several notable Hindu temples due to majority Tamil population reside in those areas and ethnic conflict has severely affected other communities living on these areas during the times of LTTE strife.

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Essay On Political Parties In India Essay

The Communist Parties, the Revolutionary Socialist Party etc. may be said to occupy the extreme right position in the political spectrum, the Congress, the Janata Dal stand at the centre while the Communist Parties and the R.S.P.

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Study Into Female Pain During Childbirth

A study can be conducted to assess the effectiveness of other nursing measures such as music, warm water bath, breathing exercise on episiotomy wound healing and psychological wellbeing . Due to time constraints, the investigator was unable to take samples for the study.

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Characteristics of Indian Languages

Echo expressions with idiosyncratic phonology, and possible Semantics, seem to be a common feature of the Indian subcontinent Such formations are highly productive: Examples of an echo expressions are uppu cappu illu gillu ekkada akkada kaappi kiippi paampu kiimpu puli kili Aisa Waisa Eidhar Udhar _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ‘taste’ ‘house’ ‘here and there’ ‘co...

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Salinity Responsiveness in Finger Millet Analysis

Progression of salinity stress was monitored by periodically measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) of soil (from pot) and water (collected from tray) samples collected from both control and salinity stressed trays. Tissue samples collected at 21 DAS (days after stress) were washed with de-ionized water, dried in a hot air oven (70 °C) and then ...

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