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Environmental protection

Retrieved October 21, 2006 Website: .(see Wikipedia) .The Relative Roles of the Consumer, Retailer and Manufacturer (9 June 1999) from .Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Eleventh Report Retrieved October 21, 2006 Website: .Latimer, Luna and Williams, Roxanne (n.d.).

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Leed Green Building Rating System

Hearst Tower (New York City).Despite of the global outrage brought about by the rapid devastation of man’s natural environment the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink is continually degrading, the standard of urban living is not getting any better and future of human’s survival is getting dimmer instead of greener.In addition, tube pipes made from Polyethylene are installed under the floor and is filled with cold water during the summer and warm water during the winter.Pressurized water is also driven from the top floor to the water sculpture on the main lobby below.Efficient Windows Collaborative.

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Using Points in Civil Engineering Essay

The mapping of points and point coordinates on a surface increases the accuracy of data to be used in engineering design, construction and improvements.Points are the elements of processes in topographic works such as the identification and location of natural features and improvement, analysis of slope and grade requirements.For example, to determine if a structure or object is changing shape or moving, three-dimensional positions of specific points on the object are determined and compared with the a set of positions re-measured and calculated after the passage of time.It is necessary to satisfy required accuracies by to ensure that plans, designs and the construction process will not endanger end-users.(Columbia Encyclopedia, 2008) By...

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Help: Arguments to avoid during a removal procedure Essay

I think that the arguments of conservation of the time are still valid, the book X and the articles Y and Z published over a span of several years proved that this phenomenon exceeded the Internet sphere in its time.On the other hand, even if the IT and human resources were really unlimited, a subject which is not addressed by reliable sources cannot be addressed on Wikipedia: otherwise it is the open door unpublished work and lack of neutrality.But this may be insufficient, in fact, a recommendation states that an article is admissible if it meets 1 or more specific criteria chosen by the community, but also if a consensus is forged for conservation , regardless of these criteria.To make this argument more effective, it would be desirab...

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Sustainable Packaging Design

In order to meet the demands of those consumers and support calls for environmental conservation, a new packaging strategy has emerged and it is called sustainable packaging.Packaging waste Apart from the products themselves, the creation of packaging also uses natural resources, such as forests, water and electricity.(Wikipedia 2012) 1.1 The effect of manufacturing the packaging Figure 1. .In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.Wikipedia contributors.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Essay

(Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007) Homoerotic love This novel is replete with instances that show homoerotic love.(Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007) Through his portrait sitting sessions with Basil, Dorian Gray meets Lord Henry Wotton.(Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007) Dorian falls in love with Sibyl Vane, a young, poor actress.(Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007) .(Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007) Given the conduciveness of the situation, Lord Wotton decides to take his “mentorship” with Dorian further by giving Dorian the ‘yellow book’ containing the exploits of the book’s hedonistic lead character.

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Report On France

France through the terms of the EMU (Economic and Monetary Union) agreed to decrease fiscal polices to keep their deficit below 3 percent (Encarta Encyclopedia).France is in the process of establishing a type of capitalist country that will maintain equality among taxes, social spending and laws (Wikipedia).This has spawned racial among the country directed mostly at African immigrants (Encarta Encyclopedia).Clovis I made Paris his capital and adopted Christianity which seems to be a political move for control (Wikipedia).France has concentrated its efforts on conservation.

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The Fairness Doctrine Essay

(AuBuchon) They suggested that because of the large amount of voices in the media marketplace, the doctrine was to be considered unconstitutional; stating that, “The intrusion by government into the content of programming occasioned by the enforcement of The Fairness Doctrine restricts the journalistic freedom of broadcasters and actually inhibits the presentation of controversial issues of public importance to the detriment of the public and the degradation of the editorial prerogative of broadcast journalists.” (Fairness) The government was trying to keep any broadcasting networks for personally attaching someone or some issue without giving that person or organization the opportunity to express their point of views and reasons.Ameri...

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Classical Liberal position and the Conservative position on the issue of drug Essay

Assignment 1 – Political Ideologies and Youth Work Practice Magda Zylinski: Student # 6040557 .It can be a construct of political though, often defining political parties and their policy (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)”.(Heywood, 2003; Liberal vs. Conservative from a Free Market/Freedom Perspective, 2006; Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) .The National Drug Strategy.Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Global warming: a human impact Essay

org/wiki/Global_warming Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.” Certain human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and agricultural activities result in release of green house gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.org/globalWarming/f101.org/globalWarming/fcons.Works Cited Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

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The Biology Of The Algal Bloom

Besides the chemical cause of human activities, the Wikipedia encyclopedia has found that the continued rise in temperature, especially in the tropics has also offered a favourable ground for the sprouting of the microorganism, although it is not clear the exact optimal temperature which favors the growth of algae.This phenomenon can occur in bodies of water that range from small ponds to lakes to large coastal regions.The algae occur in masses both in salty and fresh water bodies.Red water: .Lastly, the Wikipedia encyclopedia has found that .

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Essay The Fall of Communism

Children Of The Revolution - TIME.Hungary: 20 years after the fall of Communism.The wall became a metaphysical symbol of the Iron Curtain b... ... middle of paper ... ...0.html Purvis, A.Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Smoke and pollution from coal power plants formed heavy pollution in the air and the drinking water.

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Heritage Listed Sites- Should It Be Open to Public or Kept Private Essay

Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia.For instance, The Great Barrier Reef was declared as a world heritage area in 1981, there have been more than two million people visited the reef each year and generated more than “$AU2 billion in tourism dollar, making tourism a major earner for the north-eastern Australian economy” and also gave negative impact that damaged fragile corals by reef walking, polluted in the water with human activities not only fuels from boats but associated with ”run -off sweat and suntan lotion” affected on the reef environment (Australia Government, 2007).The business should be encouraged to design trip-packages that embrace nature resources and culture s. For example, star watch tour; photography tour; camping on the s...

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Essay Inhabitation: A Look at the Make It Right Foundation

Clinton Global Initiative “Infrastructure Special Session: Building a Better Future – A Progress Report on Making It Right in New Orleans.” ClintonGlobalInitiative.org.Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.“Make It Right: Helping to Rebuild New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward.” Make It Right."Hurricane Katrina."“Programs that Help.” The Salvation Army.

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Water Conservation Essay

A controversial way of water conservation is recycling water.Water is such an important resource and water conservation should be practiced every day of our lives.Without water conservation, chaos and even war may erupt from feuds over water use and rights (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, 2003, 10-11).Ways to Conserve WaterThe most important step in water conservation is that people must realize that they are in a crisis that demands the conservation of water.During a hydrological drought, the scarcity of water may lead to potential feuds over what little water is left and restrictions might be put on people’s water usage.

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Creation, Evolution and Intervention Essay

2 Feb 2007, 02:20 UTC.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.13 Jan 2007, 15:06 UTC.title=History_of_creationism&oldid=104954907>.Intervention theory.

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Turbines Case Essay

The jets of water do not impinge on a runner; but rather, they leave the runner, and this momentum is not converted into force, as opposed to an impulse turbine.The processes taking place in a hydraulic turbine is simple: falling water hits a set of buckets or blades connected to a shaft.In the case of flowing water, it comes available in purely mechanical form (water in nature is one of the most useful and efficient sources of kinetic energy).Scientific calculations show that 1 cubic meter of water can actually produce 9.8 kilojoules of pure mechanical energy for every meter that the volume of water descends.Water or hydraulic, wind, and steam turbines are generally used for the generation of electricity; while the remaining one, gas tu...

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Wikipedia Essay

All the prizes awarded to Wikipedia can be seen on Wikipedia: Meta, on the Trophy shelf page.As of July 2020, Abstract Wikipedia is a Wikimedia Foundation project which aims to create a language independent version of Wikipedia, using structured data from Wikidata.The Wikipedia project also influenced the creation of an extreme right-wing encyclopedia which calls itself an “alternative encyclopedia”, Metapedia, created on October 26, 2006 in Swedish, then its Slavic counterpart, Wikislavia.Each community also establishes procedures to label articles according to specific criteria, this process leads for example to two categories of articles: "good article" ("good article" on Wikipedia in English) and "Quality article" ("featured article"...

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Early Civilizations Essay

Mycenae had then become a major center of the ancient world by 1600 B. C. The exact relationship of Mycenaean Greece to Crete between 1600 and 1400 B. C. is, however, particularly complex (wikipedia.In the Middle Minoan period (c. 2200 B. C. –1500 B. C. ) the great palaces appeared at Knossos and Phaestus (wikipedia.Moreover, the Latin alphabet was definitely influenced by the Greek alphabet (wikipedia.From a room that appears to have been set aside for bathing, waste water was directed to covered drains, which lined the major streets.The Indus Civilization grew out of this culture’s technological base (wikipedia.

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Discussion help: Arguments to avoid during a removal procedure Essay

Considering that such fields do not deserve to be approached on Wikipedia, the speaker concludes that the article concerned, which deals with a "more serious" subject, should by comparison be treated within the encyclopedia.If worse articles exist, this probably means that they may not be intended to stay on the wikipedia.As for the recommendation “also respond to other arguments for conservation”, I don't see what it does in this paragraph.I am surprised that in the section "Usual questionable arguments to delete a page", "No notoriety" is cited as an argument to be avoided, and that the section "Usual questionable arguments to keep a page" does not include the argument to to avoid otherwise "Notorious in its field", an argument just as...

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Elements Of Poetry Essay

With each line containing 11 syllables, “the hendecasyllabic offers the opportunity tomaintainthe basic Sapphic rhythm for a long period, building up momentum” (Wikipedia, 2014).direct=true&db=lfh&AN=14854873&site=eds-live&scope=site Wikipedia contributors.When peering in the well at the dark deep water the onlything in which the speaker sees is a reflection point towards himself “Gives me back in a shining surface picture / me myself in the summer heaven godlike” (Frost,1995).Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 4 Nov. 2014.The semblance of a god-like face within 2 the pool of water creates the image of someone who could do no wrong, being more of a god than human.

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What Is a Quirk?

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 17 Jan. 2012.“Topness.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 16 Jul.“Strangeness.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.“Isospin.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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Henry David Thoreau Essay

For example, his vision of the environmental issues in the 19th century became a ground for the book ‘From Walden to Wall Street: Frontiers of Conservation Finance’ written in the current times.In other parts of the world conservation is used more broadly to include the setting aside of natural areas and the active protection of wildlife for their inherent value.Conservation investment is an expression of our faith in the future of natural systems that are essential to life on Earth.“I lay down the book and go to my well for water, and lo!We invest in conservation because it is an expression of our faith in the future.

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The Canadian Flag Debate Essay

“The Great Flag Debate,” CBC Learning 14 November 2001 .(“Flag Debate,” The Canadian Encyclopedia) .The Canadian Flag Debate .“Flag Debate,” The Canadian Encyclopedia .Jeremy Snyder .

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Disillusionment as Common Thread during Period of 1920-1950

, Article: The Great Depression; London, 2006. ., Dean Best, Praeger Publishers, London, 2003 (p. 6) ., Dean Best, Praeger Publishers, London, 2003 (introduction, p. xx) ., 12 Feb 1927, Dean of Princeton University .see citation #8 .

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Effect of concentration on Nacl solution Essay

Amount of water (in ml) .3 “The HiddenCures G-2 Water Ionizer User Instructions.” Google.During measuring the amount of water we took a considerably accurate account and tried to make sure that there wasn’t a big difference.Demineralized water – 425 ml in a washbottle as to make it easier to be more accurate while pouring water in the beakers .4th solution – Take 80ml water and then add 20 ml of NaCl solution.

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De-icing on the floor is mostly always done by spraying airplanes with a de-icing fluid made from propylene glycol, almost the same to ethylene glycol antifreeze used in car engine coolants.“If large pieces of ice separate when the aircraft is in motion, they can be ingested in engines or hit propellers and cause catastrophic failure.” Frozen objects can easily block control places, stopping them from moving properly.They turn into ice when they are hit by the wings of passing airplanes.“Because use of this potentially severe consequence, de-icing is done at airports where the temperature were likely to be around 0 degrees Celsius.” During flight, most droplets of very cooled water often exist in stratus and cumulus clouds.“Deicing – Wik...

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Development of Nude Photography Essay

” NY: McGraw-Hill, 2000 “Nude Photography.org/action/displayAbstract?Bibliography Hirsch, Robert, “Seizing the Light: A History of Photography.org/wiki/Nude_photography “Pictorialism.org/wiki/Pictorialism van Schendel, William.

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Essay on Foundation for Stability for the Horn of Africa

East Africa Living Encyclopedia.Culture of Kenya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.(2010, December 19).This was the first catalyst for protests and demonstrations (East Africa Living Encyclopedia).African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania.

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Excretion and Osmoregulation Essay

Similarly, the body fluids collected (extracellular fluids) are known to be denser than water itself.In freshwater species osmoregulation must counteract the tendency for water to pass into the animal by osmosis.Osmoregulation is the control of water content and the concentration of salts in the body of an animal.Marine vertebrates have the opposite problem; these species prevent excessive water loss and enhance the excretion of salts with short tubules.Osmoregulation is an important process in any animal as it assists in maintaining stable internal conditions in terms of water content and the concentration of ion soluble contents in any given body.

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