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Water Scarcity Could Result in War Essay

Water is a very important resource since no one can live without water.They have identified 46 countries that are vulnerable to a water crisis arising from climate change and other crises that could result in violent conflict.Various studies and models suggest that climate change will have a significant impact on the availability of freshwater resources, on water quality, and on the demand for water.India is one country that is experiencing a water crisis and it is not expected that the level of precipitation in India would increase to make up for a relatively high rate of population increase.(van der Molen & Hildering 136) However, climate change may not be the real reason behind the water crisis, also considering that climate chang...

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Save Water And Save The Future Environmental Sciences Essay

Desalination of sea water will obliterate the need to set up newer projects that require transporting water from 100km at a high capital cost; it will also make that resource available to other needy water scarce areas.About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water but 97% of this is seawater, 2% is locked in polar ice caps and glaciers and hardly 1% of water is available as freshwater.If Mumbai British Administrators has not seriously about the agitation over drinking water problem in 1845 perhaps, would have been as stressed for water as Chennai’s people are now Like Chennai, Mumbai would also depended on wells and ponds/lakes for its water supply.Even if water from bore-wells is used for toilet flushing (50lpcd) and cleaning (...

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How Can Natural Disasters Effect Children Young People Essay

Community organizations involvement in disaster relief validates a family’s feelings of grief and loss caused by the disaster (AAP, 1999).In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recognized the effect development plays in children’s reaction in their report of the role of pediatricians in post-disaster interventions.Disasters often elicit responses of anxiety, depression, guilt, and sleep disturbances for both children and adolescents (AAP, 1999).During times of crisis, children are especially aware of a parent’s worries and stress (AACAP, 2008).Disasters can have long-lasting impacts on communities by disrupting occupations, altering environmental resources (food and water), and societal structures (education and government; Mu...

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Essay about The American Academy Of Pediatrics

The AAP website is reliable because the organization has credibility.It stands above the rest and reflects the AAP’s position as a leader in children’s health.The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization comprised of thousands of pediatricians dedicated to improving the health of Americans.The longevity of the organization leads the audience to believe that the AAP ha... ... middle of paper ... ...r more children have ADHD or more children are receiving a diagnosis of ADHD...” (Causes of ADHD: What We Know Today, 2015).This allows readers to have a debate and potentially develop their own opinion on the topic.By meeting these three criteria, the AAP created a page that can inform anyone on different aspects of ADHD.

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Informative Speech on SIDS

H. addition, spread the word & inform who care for babies, child care providers, babysitters, family, & friends help reduce SIDS.American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends placing babies smoke free areas o.Some of these steps prevent baby if SIDS may be difficult to follow, bt if done, can save many lives.G. now every one of you have better knowledge about ways prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome from safe sleeping practices to safe sleeping environments all can help reduce ur baby or any baby’s risk dying from SIDS.m. Babies sleep same bed as parents are higher risk of SIDS, suffocation, or strangulation Parents can roll onto babies during sleep or babies get tangled sheets/blankets n. Babies sleep in same room; however, ...

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Elections in India Essay

The most unfashionable thing you can do today is- not to vote, credits the ECI.If you want to raise a finger at your government, you need to have it stained with that ink, or else you are not eligible even to criticise.“Whoever wins or loses, we still go shopping after the elections.” .This concern for the nation is limited for party discussions and writing essays, but the fact remains, to quote Imelda Marcos.Remember, it is your own right you are despising.

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Preventing In Hospital Newborn Falls Health Essay

A hospital safe-sleep policy that encompasses the AAP safe-sleep guidelines will help promote safety for newborns.Since co-sleeping is a term easily confused with others, the AAP (2011b) recommends using room-sharing and bed-sharing to describe sleep practices; room-sharing is the recommended sleep practice by the AAP (2011b).a specific type of cosleeping when the infant is sleeping on the same surface with another person” (AAP, 2011b, p. e1350).sleep in close proximity (on the same surface or different surfaces) so as to be able to see, hear, and/or touch each other” (AAP, 2011b, p. e1350).The five AAP recommendations are as follows: supine sleep position, firm sleep surface, recommendation of room-sharing without bed-sharing, ensuring ...

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Emerging Real Estate Market in Mumbai

Mumbai accounts for one-tenth of factory employment and value-added manufacturing, while the port handles more than one-third of the total value of foreign trade (Deshpande, 1996), making the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation one of the richest, with a budget of more than USD 1.2 billion (Mohan, 2003), exceeding the budget of nine States and Union Territories of India.Mumbai is the sole largest contributor to the national GDP and the economics of Mumbai further supports the fact.Comparing Mumbai to other similar sized Asian cities, (Bertaud 2004) found that within a radius of 25 km from the city centre, sea and water bodies occupy 66% of the total area for Mumbai while it was 22% in the case of Jakarta and 5% for Seoul.Tier I cities, M...

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Mega Cities Essay

One of the busiest roads in the city will normally be filled with traffic but on this day not a car will be in sight.An example of this is in Mumbai (India) where up to 20 people may have to live in the same small house.Many people in Mumbai steal electricity off each other by rewiring wires from house to house.Some examples of Mega cities are : Mexico city, Mumbai (India), Bangkok, Cairo and manilla.In Mumbai, a water truck arrives in the morning only, to fill up anything from containers to pots for the local people.

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The Indian Hotels Company Limited

Commonly known as ‘Bombay’ until 1996, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India.Generation of waste packaging & water .Today’s Traveller Award 2012 Voted The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai as Best Hi-End Luxury Facility Hotel Travel & Leisure World’s Best Awards 2012 Voted The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai as Top City Hotel in Asia with a score of 91.53 Whisky Bars of The World Gold Award 2012 Awarded to Harbour Bar at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai Expedia Insiders’Select 2012 Voted The Taj Mahal .Energy, water and raw materials consumption .Equipment for producing hot water and heating .

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Migration: City and Rural Areas Essay

Will Garden Cities solve our housing crisis?.– Bhavika Jain.– Zainab Gimba, Mustapha G. Kumshe.– Pravin Kumar Singh.62% of Mumbai lives in slums: Census.

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Effects of the Financial Crash on Australia’s Economy

The cash rate is sitting 2.5% for 16 consecutive months (RBA, 2014) but it was not good enough to turn the wheel of Australian Economy, and from the parliament bribing of the Honourable Treasurer Joe Hockey it could be argued that the Federal Government may push Reserve Bank of Australia to further decrease cash rate in 2015 to 2% along with taking other measures hoping it may help to improve the growth to 3% which Mr. Hockey is hoping to achieve.The Australian Business Review published a report by Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank chief economist on 14 of November 2014 (AAP, 2014).World economy, investor’s confidence, fiscal and monetary policy as well as other internal and external factors will determine the end result.IMF, The Treasurer of A...

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Mumbai Slums Essay

According to Professor RN Sharma, (the head of the Urban Studies Unit in Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Mumbai, the city is unquestionably disintegrating into slums.The emergency services under the local and state government ensure that the public is safe by dealing with the crisis.html Slums: The Magnitude of the Problem.He said: “This talk about Mumbai having predominantly slums is rubbish.It is estimated that everyday 100 to 300 new families come to Mumbai.

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The American Media: A Postmodern Look at the Role of Media in America Today

When used carefully, television can be a positive tool to help your child learn,” reported the AAP.27 Nov. 2006 </www.nielsenmedia.com>.Playing, reading, and spending time with friends and family are much healthier than sitting in front of a TV screen,” reports the AAP.That is not an opinion anymore; it is now a fact, according to AAP.In an intent to inform parents, the AAP developed a helpful list for parents: ..

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project

The State of Maharashtra and the MMRDA gave a statement that no reclamation would be carried out in the Kurla Complex area and no mangrove in the Mithi Water body and its estuary would be disposed off.Mumbai city road Movement of Vehicles has worsened by around four hundred percent in the last twenty years.The result of the report is based on a strategic transportation computer model based on cost and time of travel and calibrated for Mumbai city.Almost 800 million litres of sewage is discarded everyday in the Mahim Creek, besides the thousands of industries that release effluents that are located in Dharavi and upstream of the Mithi Water body.Constitutional Legitimacy of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link Project The project is supposed to be b...

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Indo-pak relations

After six months of house arrest, Hafiz Saeed is a free man, and the government says it cannot act against him unless New Delhi provides concrete evidence linking him to Mumbai attacks.19.A common threat needs a common defence.Latest probes in Mumbai have revealed their definite links with the Mumbai terror attacks and many such incidents across India in the past.Most recently following the Mumbai massacre, Pakistani troops were moved out of NWFP towards the eastern border... 8.A year after the Mumbai attack, two questions have persisted: was the ISI or any other state element of Pakistan an accomplice in the attacks?

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The problem of rising deaths due to Malaria in Mumbai, India

Also if malaria is decreased in Mumbai dramatically, so much so that Mumbai is declared malaria-free, then it is likely that tourism in Mumbai would increase, as people feel a lot safer traveling to an area where there is less chance of them contracting a deadly disease.There is also a chance that insecticidal residues may run off into human water supply, which, if at dangerous levels, could carry with it significant health risks.This could be because there are many stagnant water puddles at these construction sites, which the Anopheles mosquito requires to breed.In Mumbai, 400 biologists (5) have travelled around the city looking for areas of stagnant water, and other signs of breeding of the malarial larvae.Overall there is no single s...

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Population Growth: The Problems Created By Urbanization Essay

However, hopes for a better life are often dashed as overpopulation puts a huge strain on cities’ infrastructures and their ability to provide people with basic necessities such as good salaries, clean water, and adequate shelter.The fertility rate in India is 2.5, which is slightly above the world replacement rate of 2.0, displaying that the cause of staggering overpopulation in Mumbai is more so due to the millions migrating from Indian suburbs to the city to escape poverty (The World Factbook).The rise of megacities such as Mumbai, India are key examples of how urbanization in search for better opportunity has led to many problems such as poverty, poor living and health conditions, and extreme depletion of resources within the environ...

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Effect of Oxidative Stress in Fertile and Non Fertile Women

Differences between the groups were considered significant at pË‚0.05 .Read the absorbance of each tube at 415 nm against deionised water bank.A flask containing buffered PPD solution is also placed in the water bath.The contents of the tubes are mixed, and the tubes are kept unstoppered in the water bath.(3) Tubes R and B are placed in a water bath at 37ºC to reach thermal equilibrium.

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Monsoon cripples life in Mumbai Essay

weekend, the grim reality dawned Monday, as schools reopened after the summer break and many office-goers returned to work.Though Mumbaikars enjoyed the monsoon with parties and picnics during the .Till date, there have been 11 monsoon-related deaths in different incidents across the state.In the 24 hours preceding 5.30 a.m. Monday, South Mumbai recorded 9.04 cm rain, while the suburbs notched a staggering 18.01 cm rain, a weather bureau official said.Two important subways at Malad and Andheri were flooded, with about three feet of water, rendering them inoperational for the east-west traffic movement.

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Deprivation as a Result of Poverty Essay

The level of poverty experienced in the Slums of Mumbai is not only manifested in the shortest of common or basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water.file=/2009/2/16/lifefocus/3092984&sec=lifef .Moreover, poverty especially in Asia is also a reflection of cultural causes which exercise their life in conformity to their tradition and religion.The United Nations and various social institutions though are working hand in hand to at least lessen poverty since everybody deserves a decent life.“Dharavi is a sprawling, chaotic place of precariously-built brick houses, bamboo and corrugated iron-roofed huts, milky cess pits, greasy fried food stalls and noisy, dusty workshops” with unreasonably many number of popu...

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Internet safety securityn privacy Essay

In this effort, AAP records a total of 96 million of school-age children per year and apart from promoting health care, AAP would also provide Internet safety measures for children.Never download, install, or copy anything from disks or the Internet without proper permission.Never do anything on the Internet that costs money without first asking permission from my parents.Introduction Microsoft has established partnership with American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in order to ensure online safety of children.Conclusion Internet is truly benefiting to children wherein children are educated at a fast pace as never before through blackboard teaching whereas measures of care would yield good results.

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Bombay Essay

The Navi Mumbai International Airport project, which would relieve existing infrastructure, has been approved by the government.Finally, Mumbai is served by the Chhatrapati-Shivaji International Airport (former Sahar International Airport), the most important in South Asia.Mumbai is home to a large number of newspapers in the Marathi language (Maharashtra Times, Navakaal, Lokmat, Loksatta, Mumbai Chaufer, Saamana and Sakaal ) and in English (notably The Times of India, Daily News and Analysis).We can also mention the Mumbai Darshan tourist bus service, which mainly serves tourist areas.Intercity trains depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar, Kurla-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Mumbai Central, Bandra Terminus and Andheri stations.

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Safety measures in swimming

Children in water can also pass risks like diseases to other pool users.It has been noted clearly that water can be a great source of fun for young children.It is also vital understanding that when it comes to water emergencies seconds count, so take a cordless phone with you when you are watching children during water play.It is also important to check the water temperature and the PH level to ensure safety of the children... Young children need constant supervision when near water, whether the water is in a bathtub, a wading pool, an ornamental fish pond, a swimming pool, a spa, the beach or a lake.

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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

Open-ended toys — such as building blocks — encourage logical thinking skills.Consider if you want your young child exposed to these aggressive toys.The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns on HealthyChildren.org that safety should always come first when choosing toys for your little one.With so many toys to choose from for your little one, it is important to select a toy that is safe, age-appropriate, promotes healthy development and encourages positive behavior.Toys that are different textures, bright colors and make noise — even just a soft rattling noise — stimulate your child’s sense of sight, touch and hearing.

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Givotia Moluccana Analysis

The amount of glutathione was expressed as µg of GSH/mg protein, reduced glutathione was used as standard (100 µg/ml).Direct Bilirubin, being water soluble directly reacts in acidic medium.Thiobarbituric acid (TBA), trichloro acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide were obtained from SD fine chemicals Ltd Mumbai.Lipid peroxidation was determined by the method of Slater and Sawsyer 1971 .The colour developed was read at 412 nm.

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Water resources in India Essay

The process of rain water harvesting is a simple and effective economic solution for water conservation, thus ensuring that there is enough water for general use.Also, the water transmission network in India is old and badly maintained and as a result, physical water loss sometimes rises up to 50 percent (Homer-Dixon, 2000).Moreover, other alternative sources of water supply are equally in use, for instance sewage recycle and the generation of water from atmospheric humidity (Siegfried, Brown, Heikkila, & Lall, 2008).In India, adequate water supply to most of the urban areas is affected by insufficient levels of services in water management, an increased demand-supply gap as well as a remarkable deterioration in both financial and te...

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Environment in India Essay

If 50% of the water crisis is linked to the quantity available, the quality of the resource is responsible for the other half (concentration of fluoride, arsenic, etc.).30 years later, in December 2014, the site was still not cleaned up, these products continued to contaminate groundwater and local populations still did not have access to safe water.More than 20 cities in the country, such as New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, will have exhausted their water tables by 2020.In 2018, nearly half of the population faces a water crisis.Twenty-one Indian cities - including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad - are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020, and 40% of India's population will not have sufficient access to drinking water b...

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Development Of Metro Rail Tourism Essay

The functioning of Mumbai depends mainly on the transportation system for the movement of people and goods in, out and around Mumbai.So the only options which remain are either to shift the traffic under the ground, over the ground or on the water.Moreover, there is no scope to extend this city as it is geographically surrounded by water.Mumbai Metro Rail project is the joint venture of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) which is a public body, funded by the Reliance Infrastructure, a public limited company.Therefore a case study analysis will also form a part of this research in which the project management of the Metro Rail systems in Kolkata and Delhi will be tested to provide data that will help in suggesting re...

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Changing Self Is a Complex Process Essay

Tsotsi’s silence during the scene reflects Tsotsi pondering is symbolic of the friendship he will lose where Aap would be an eternal silence in his life.This makes us realise that he feels disconnected with the Aap at this moment and he is sorry about it, but he knows that letting go of Aap is best for him.These made the process of changing self complex for him.The dialogue between Aap and Tsotsi when Tsotsi says “ Come on brother” Aap replies “You’re right, we are finished, It’s over like Butcher.In Tsotsi, we see realise that Tsotsi feels disconnected with Aap as he changes himself.

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