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Media Regulation vs Freedom of Expression Essay

Chitkara University, Punjab.These cable channels being a major source of information and consequently have a very strong opinion making effect among the public.It is a practice in TV cable channels that news is given under the title of “AJJ DIAN SURKHIAN” “Today’s happenings”.Five local TV channels of Kalimpong in East India stopped showing any kind of news or daily entertainment programs.In 26/11 case the Supreme Court granted death sentence to Ajmal Kasab for involvement in 26/11 Mumbai attacks but also expressed serious concerns and pulled the media for its role.

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Dth Industry Scope Essay

In nut shell, the rise of rural consumption, reduction in the entry level price, variety of content, wide spectrum of value added service, large landscape still under cable dry area and the approach towards personalizing the services to the customers will continue to act as opportunity areas in the forthcoming years for DTH service.With the government aggressively pushing in for digitization of TV, Multi System Cable Operators (MSOs) are expected to lose their subscribers to DTH during the 4 phases that requires the complete digitization of four metros namely Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, then 38 cities across India, all the urban areas and finally complete India by 31st December 2014.The presence of all channels across the country...

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Dth Services In India Marketing Essay

.. (Email ID: [email protected] ) .. Market share of the company at pan India level is 26% and 35% in Mumbai.Though the current government regulation related to DAS (Digital Addressable System) is giving added advantage to DTH service providers in comparison to Cable Operator but competition among the DTH players cannot be ignored... It’s again area specific, in Mumbai its 5% HD PLUS, 21% HD 74% STANDARD.DTH services have 11% of market share of entertainment industry, facing tough competition from Terrestrial TV and Cable TV services (Exhibit 8).Also with CAS (Conditional access system) not been implemented is not giving level playing field to DTH operators as most of the customers of cable industry uses analog signal.

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The Rural Strategies Of Godrej Consumer Products Marketing Essay

The company has also set up mini petrol pumps for the supply of diesel in the rural markets and has collaborated with Apollo pharmacies for Aadhaar outlets called Apollo Aadhaar pharmacies.This besides creating new markets has improved brand awareness and visibility of the company in rural India.As one of Mumbai’s largest land owners, Godrej is developing the property in Vikhroli (a large part of central suburban Mumbai) in a bid to reorient towards rural markets and low income housing.For example Godrej launched UV water purifiers for the urban market priced at Rs 6,500 will use different technology for its rural product ... Another hurdle to be overcome is the expectation of rural consumers for subsidies on solar-powered devices and w...

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Indian Media And War Maturity Media Essay

The way Indian media responded to the crisis, mobilized its resources and organized Television programmes, newspaper reports, analyses, discussions, features, the famous “rogue army” posters and a wide array of coverage convinced the world that Pakistan was on the wrong foot and the Indians were the aggrieved party.Recently we witnessed a well coordinated terror attack on Mumbai.Prior to the start of the Gulf crisis, US intelligence officials estimated that Iraq would not be capable of producing an atomic bomb for at least five years.We must draw important lessons from the recent crisis in our own backyard, Kargil.The scope of this study is restricted to the role of international and Indian media in covering the military operations durin...

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Essel Group Essay

Zee TV has announced the launch of an interactive game show Kam Ya Zyaada.Zee Telefilms Ltd has informed that Zee TV Partners Cartoon Network, Snap Ties with Nickelodeon.At last but not the least I want to thank my friends who appreciated me for my work and motivated me and finally to God who made all the things possible… Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd It is the second-largest Indian media and entertainment company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.The Company also proposed to develop Pay TV industry and with this in view is jointly promoting Zee Cinema, the first Hindi movie Pay TV Channel along with the News Corp 995 The Company along with NewsCorp’s promoted another company viz.Zee TV up to 1999 has been operating four channels, three o...

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The Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link Construction Essay

Care must now be taken while undertaking the remaining projects of the Sealink (from Worli to Haji Ali) to make sure that the issues faced don’t crop up and cause delays and wastage of money.The Bandra-Worli Sea Link, also officially the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, is a cable-stayed bridge with pre-stressed concrete viaduct approaches, which links Bandra and the western suburbs of Mumbai with Worli and central Mumbai, and is the first phase of the proposed West Island Freeway system.Twin tower supported 350m Cable Stayed Bridge at Worli Channel for each carriageway.Project Plan- Building the cable strayed bridge.The sea-link should link Bandra and the western suburbs of Mumbai.

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Doordarshan – Indian public service broadcaster

Once private television channels were allowed in 1991, Doordarshan has seen a steep decline in viewership in homes with cable and satellite television, which in 2002 was just at 2.38% for DD National.The Regional Languages Satellite channels have two components – The Regional service for the particular state relayed by all terrestrial transmitters in the state and additional programs in the Regional Language in prime time and non-prime time available only through cable operators.However this is unlikely to be imposed keeping in view the financial constraints of the average Indian.46 Doordarshan studios producing TV programmes today.Doordarshan operates 21 channels – two All India channels – DD National and DD News, 11 Regional language S...

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Reliance Infocomm

– Value Added Services: First Call Center of 2,000 seats in Mumbai .– In India, even though prepaid is not known to yield high average revenue per user (ARPU), it certainly is a proven tool for bolstering bottom lines.Prepaid automatically addresses all the three problems.One, the revenue loss, for which the cellular industry average is estimated at 10-15 percent, can be reduced to a minimum of 5 percent.The revenue loss is mainly due to three reasons–bad debt on account of collection problems, fraud, and revenue leakage.

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Cartoon Channels Essay

It is a free-to-air channel available on most local cable television networks.Turner produces exclusive shows for Pogo under the brand name Pogo Originals.Chhota Bheem is produced by Green Gold Animation, Hyderabad.The Music Art and Dance show M. A. D. is India’s No.It is Sun TV Network’s first ever television channel for kids.

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Cable vs. Satellite Tv Essay

In the early days, someone probably denounced cable by saying, “Television is like water, and no one will ever pay for something they can get for free.” Still, people subscribed.Cable TV almost always offers a full range of local channels, while satellite TV’s local channel availability is much more robust now than in years previous (most cities should have access to a full list of local channels).There are outages with cable TV service, but they are infrequent.Cable can then be easily brought into your home and connected to a cable box or directly into your TV.Both cable and satellite TV offer digital and HD channels, along with varying amounts of on-demand and pay-per-view programming.

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3g Data Cards-Product Survey

The five most expensive circles were Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.Airtel won 3G licences in 13 telecom circles of India: Delhi, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (East), Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, North East, and Jammu & Kashmir.The circles it will provide 3G in are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.The company has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which connects the submarine cable connecting Chennai and Singapore.Place – It provides 3G data services in Gujarat, Haryana, Kolkata, Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai , Tamil Nadu, Uttar...

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Mumbai Monorail

[10] As of October 2009, BWSL had an average daily traffic of around 37,500 vehicles.The overall project consisted of five parts, contracted separately to accelerate the overall schedule.Road in Bandra • Package III: Construction of solid approach road from the interchange to the Toll Plaza on the Bandra side along with a public promenade • Package IV: Construction of the central cable-stayed spans with northern and southern viaducts from Worli to the Toll Plaza at the Bandra end • Package V: Improvements to Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Road Package IV was the main phase, with the other packages providing supporting infrastructure.[9] All eight lanes were opened on 24 March 2010.BWSL reduces travel time between Bandra and Worli during peak hou...

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Water Scarcity Could Result in War Essay

They have identified 46 countries that are vulnerable to a water crisis arising from climate change and other crises that could result in violent conflict.Various studies and models suggest that climate change will have a significant impact on the availability of freshwater resources, on water quality, and on the demand for water.India is one country that is experiencing a water crisis and it is not expected that the level of precipitation in India would increase to make up for a relatively high rate of population increase.The water crisis in India could even spark war with China as the latter diverted the flow of the Brahmaputra River, coming from Tibet flowing into the mainland and into India, in order to bring water to water-scarce ar...

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Cable Based Television – Retaining Customers

.. Cable TV providers have lost over 20% of their market share to satellite TV providers during the last decade.The products that Bright house is offering fall within 4 categories including basic cable, digital cable, telephone service and internet service.With the introduction of technology the addition of internet service provider to the cable companies has been a very smart way to create an increased need for the services and the effect of this shall be explored within the marketing plan, including the differences between the different services offered by the satellite TV and Cable TV providers which are often a deal breaker when deciding to stay or change companies.Any movie in demand for 60 days when you upgrade from basic cable to...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in India Essay

Is Coca Cola Greenwashing?Coca Cola is not Greenwashing Coca Cola is Green washing because… because… We’ve built a lot of rain harvesting sites since 2006 to recharge ground water!Depletion of Water Table (continued) One report, in the daily newspaper Mathrubhumi, described local women having to travel five kilometers to obtain drinkable water, during which time soft drinks would come out of the Coca-Cola plant by the truckload.Is Coca Cola Greenwashing?Coca Cola is not Greenwashing Coca Cola is Green washing because… because… We’ve invested US$20million for our water conservation project!water conservation• Coca-Cola India called, ‘Abhiyan — The Movement’.• Focus on Environmental Responsibilities • Several initiatives concerning water, ...

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Save Water And Save The Future Environmental Sciences Essay

If Mumbai British Administrators has not seriously about the agitation over drinking water problem in 1845 perhaps, would have been as stressed for water as Chennai’s people are now Like Chennai, Mumbai would also depended on wells and ponds/lakes for its water supply.Mumbai can make use of abundant availability of seawater, desalinate for potable water and thus, augment water supply instead of going in for complex method of constructing dams & reservoirs and supporting that system .Rainwater harvesting by capturing runoff from the rooftops / terraces and surrounding surface water will not only increase ground water recharge and stop ingress of sea water but will get Mumbai out of its monsoon floods problem.Desalination of sea water ...

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Television and Media - Censorship of TV Violence Not Necessary Essay

Censorship of TV Violence Not Necessary Censorship of televised media often begins as a result of the concern many adults show over what their children watch.Communication Research, 21 (4), 516-546.Palmer, E.L. (1988).His research shows that TV programs made for children typically contain over 20 acts of violence per hour.Television and America's children: A crisis of neglect.

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Case Study Analysis Netflix Essay

They have done well during the financial crisis most difficult times, and their rate of growth is of average 20% over the last years.By using the cable providers of network Netflix can build their own core competencies, which are the key to sustainable competitive advantage.(Revised April 2009.)Recession- due to economic crisis companies needed to find a way to cut costs.However the financial crisis did have an impact on their growth in 2007 and 2008, with the average growth rate of 13.22%.

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Netflix: A Case Analysis Essay

VOD (cable, digital, & subscription) .VOD Providers are a similar ease of use to Netflix given that consumers can just click a few buttons on the TV and instantly be watching their chosen film.However, VOD services through cable, digital, and subscription also saw major increases.This noticeable fluctuation in their growth rate can most likely be contributed to the financial crisis that swept the nation during that year.If the large supplier companies (cable networks & providers) all started offering their own VOD, competition from smaller independent renting firms would disappear.

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Impact of Globalisation on India

People are more spending their time on computers on social networking websites or messaging on cell phone or playing video games or watch TV instead of utilizing their time in productive outdoor activities and interacting with real people.Other than that, with globalization, teenagers are adopting western culture of drinking and some magazine and TV channel display such information, which is inappropriate for young readers.In the Budget Speech, Finance Minister Chidambaram asserts that Mumbai is a world class financial centre which is having 13 million populations in which 54% of them are in slums and it is estimated that 100 to 300 new families come to Mumbai everyday and most land up in a slum areas.It is consequently apparent that a g...

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Media Is The Most Prevailing Tool Of Communication Media Essay

Not just that now more and more channels have emerged that started transmitting Chefs making various continental and intercontinental dishes and desserts on TV channels like Zaiqa TV.Cable TV network in our country is giving undue projection to foreign films based on taboo themes, obscene shorts, erotic and intrigued stories without any reciprocity at parallel level.Pakistan has been facing energy crisis since the past few years but still they did not take China’s offer and tried to solve the issue themselves.For instance China’s offer to help in our energy crisis can surely help in the betterment of the country.Cable TV plays an immense role in this situation because of its accessibility and availability to the most of the population of...

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Origin Of The Term Identity Politics Cultural Studies Essay

The women’s movement and feminist theory went into a crisis with the advent of post modernism and identity based movements.Young people in most parts of the world are familiar with the Coke and Jean culture, American films and TV serials.Large numbers of them participated during the Mumbai Riots of 1992-93 after the demolition of the Babri Masjid against Muslims and in support of the sati of Roop Kanwar [1987] against feminist groups and progressive movements asking for a ban.It has changed its lexicon, challenged its assumptions and visibilised many sections of women and transgendered people.The lessons for the women’s movement in general is that it has to respect and build bridges with different identity groups, take on board their age...

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Feasibility study- Crescent Cove Recreational Resort Essay

CCRR is the first accommodating establishment in the Malingay Cove, the hidden bay which is of Maira-Ira PointIt is famous for its crystal blue water and fine white sand.RENTS (FOR RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES) Activity/Gadget Cable Car Once Php.SWOT Analysis Contingency measures to overcome possible threats •Frequent Guest Award or looking for Mass mediator such as Blogger to write things about our resort and the rest of our ways to gain our target market.Hospitality Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Miguel D. Del Rosario BSHM 3-1 Ms. Rosan Pizarro Professor-in-Charge.CCRR •Economy •Standard •De Luxe •Single Bed, CD Player, Radio •Double Bed,DVD Player, TV Set •Queen Bed,DVD Player, Cable TV Set, •(Minimum of 1Maximum of 2) •(Minimum of...

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Critical success factors of cable tv (pay-tv) against other competitors in hong kong

The main purpose of our study is needed to find out the comparison of Cable TV and Now TV.Now TV is more emphasize their promotion to attract the potential customer now, but Cable TV just keep quality of their original service.I believe Now TV will have a developed system what is better than Cable in the coming several years.In marketing, Cable-TV is like a cash-cow, .. Cable TV has the excellent news TV programme, and English league direct seeding.Cable TV spend a high cost to get the right of footfall direct seeding, and increase the price to cover the cost.

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Quebec television Essay

The year 2004 marked the arrival of digital channels available on cable.The channel begins with a cable position in the evening, it becomes a 24-hour service two years later.The year 2006 was marked by the television crisis, and so-called "heavy" programs, which are very expensive, were threatened.Several cable channels are doing their best to offer more content to viewers and the TVA and Radio-Canada networks devote long time slots to coverage of the developments of the pandemic.During its first three years of broadcasting, this station was only available on cable, occupying the position of community TV (channel 9) in the evening.

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Stop Panicking About Bullie

Everyone has to take action against bullying.’ His comment here completely contradicts your statement of contention, that America is not in a bullying crisis.This issue of bullying amongst our American schools is one not to be taken lightly.Yet, we have the president telling us ‘We’ve all got more to do.’ .This is an issue not taken lightly by some, and to question society’s morals with the rhetorical question, ‘Is America really in the midst of a ‘bullying crisis’’ has caused up roar in America.There cannot be articles being written persuading the uninformed American that this is not a matter of concern.

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Major Players In The Television Industry Marketing Essay

Increased competition within DTH and with cable is putting pressure on ARPUs.Influenced by intense competition between multiple players, coupled with price correction due to recession, the ARPU of analog cable players has reduced and this is expected to glissade further in the future.Zee currently operates over 15 different television channels, a cable company Siti Cable, a record label Zee Records, a production company and other businesses as well.The television advertising industry, that has shown a growth of 11.5% over the last four years, slowed down in the last year (2009) to a meager 6% as financial crisis that resulted in lesser spending by the corporate houses... As digital platforms like digital cable and DTH gain foothold owin...

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Will Tv Succumb to the Internet

Other cable networks, including A&E and the History Channel, participated in the Comcast test.By making more television shows available online, but only for cable subscribers, the cable networks hope to preserve and possibly expand the cable TV subscription model in an increasingly digital world.Hulu has blocked services such as Boxee that try to bring Hulu to TV screens, because that would draw subscribers away from cable and satellite companies, diminishing their revenue.Cable service operators have begun worrying, especially when the cable networks posted some of their programming on the Web.According to Oppenheimer analyst Tim Horan, cable companies will start feeling the impact of customers canceling subscriptions to view online...

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Ethics in Reality TV Shows Essay

Why we watch: The Attractions of Violent Entertainment; ©1998; Goldstein, Jeffrey H.; (Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0-19511-8219)Voyeur Nation Media, Privacy and Peering in Modern Culture; ©2000; Calvert, Clay; (Westview Press; ISBN: 0-8133-6627-5) 8.From the very first black and white television drama, “The Queen’s Messenger” up to current full-colored “reality TV” show “Joe Millionaire”, a lot has happened.Ethics in Reality TV Shows “A man is standing on a swing, holding both metal lines that support it.Based on the time-frame, TV programming was divided into seven eras that constituted: • Vaudeo (1948-1957): Era of sitcoms (situational comedy); lots of visual comedy effects; studio-bound technical requirements.

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