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Water Scarcity Could Result in War Essay

Water is a very important resource since no one can live without water.“Water: cause for conflict or co-operation?The water crisis in India could even spark war with China as the latter diverted the flow of the Brahmaputra River, coming from Tibet flowing into the mainland and into India, in order to bring water to water-scarce areas in the country.With a limited supply of potable water and a demand that is expected to increase by 40 percent in the next two decades, the world is facing a water crisis (Kirby).In October 2007, Alabama filed a complaint against the Engineer Corp for reducing the water released from Lake Allatoona which will have serious implications on the state’s water supply as well as the navigability of the Alabama Rive...

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Save Water And Save The Future Environmental Sciences Essay

If Mumbai British Administrators has not seriously about the agitation over drinking water problem in 1845 perhaps, would have been as stressed for water as Chennai’s people are now Like Chennai, Mumbai would also depended on wells and ponds/lakes for its water supply.About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water but 97% of this is seawater, 2% is locked in polar ice caps and glaciers and hardly 1% of water is available as freshwater.Mumbai can make use of abundant availability of seawater, desalinate for potable water and thus, augment water supply instead of going in for complex method of constructing dams & reservoirs and supporting that system .Rainwater harvesting by capturing runoff from the rooftops / terraces and sur...

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Impact of Globalisation on India

Other than that, with globalization, teenagers are adopting western culture of drinking and some magazine and TV channel display such information, which is inappropriate for young readers.To conclude, it can be claimed that the advantages of economic reforms on the Indian economy would be attained, only if the negative impacts that mentioned above such as, unemployment, over growing population, closing down of local businesses and more would be diminished.People are more spending their time on computers on social networking websites or messaging on cell phone or playing video games or watch TV instead of utilizing their time in productive outdoor activities and interacting with real people.Mumbai is known as the slum capital of India and...

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Origin Of The Term Identity Politics Cultural Studies Essay

Crisis in Feminist Politics .The women’s movement and feminist theory went into a crisis with the advent of post modernism and identity based movements.Large numbers of them participated during the Mumbai Riots of 1992-93 after the demolition of the Babri Masjid against Muslims and in support of the sati of Roop Kanwar [1987] against feminist groups and progressive movements asking for a ban.The lessons for the women’s movement in general is that it has to respect and build bridges with different identity groups, take on board their agendas and issues and together move towards transformative strategies for a just society.Crisis in Feminism .

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Indian Media And War Maturity Media Essay

We must draw important lessons from the recent crisis in our own backyard, Kargil.The way Indian media responded to the crisis, mobilized its resources and organized Television programmes, newspaper reports, analyses, discussions, features, the famous “rogue army” posters and a wide array of coverage convinced the world that Pakistan was on the wrong foot and the Indians were the aggrieved party.Zee TV played hell with the truth during the Kargil crisis.There is increasing questioning of the media’s conduct in the face of such attacks and more so after the live telecast of the 60 hour long Mumbai attacks.Recently we witnessed a well coordinated terror attack on Mumbai.

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The Rural Strategies Of Godrej Consumer Products Marketing Essay

.. Another hurdle to be overcome is the expectation of rural consumers for subsidies on solar-powered devices and water purifiers.For example Godrej launched UV water purifiers for the urban market priced at Rs 6,500 will use different technology for its rural product .With the tagline of “Unnati, ghar sansaar and gaon” the initiative is aimed at improving the life of farmers in rural India by providing one stop solution to their farming issues.Fig: Logo for Godrej Aadhaar .In spite of this also allows companies to make people aware of other products, given that the penetration level of TV is about 30% in Indian villages, who are prospective buyers for other consumer durables.

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Increasing Crime Rate In India Essay

Some criminals get a hint from Indian and foreign films and TV serials.Moreover is with sympathy, it care arid human approach that many a criminal can become useful citizen .Mumbai is notorious for prostitution, and child abuse.Police people should have a human face and be friendly to seek cooperation of the public.Mumbai is dotted with shanty townships.

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Emerging Real Estate Market in Mumbai

Mumbai is the sole largest contributor to the national GDP and the economics of Mumbai further supports the fact.The proposed release of Mumbai Port Trust (MbTP) land could change the face of the eastern waterfront in Mumbai.Mumbai accounts for one-tenth of factory employment and value-added manufacturing, while the port handles more than one-third of the total value of foreign trade (Deshpande, 1996), making the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation one of the richest, with a budget of more than USD 1.2 billion (Mohan, 2003), exceeding the budget of nine States and Union Territories of India.(Deutsche Bank Research 6 may,2006) .. Navi Mumbai: Navi Mumbai is being developed as a counter magnet to Mumbai, with the basic objective of curbin...

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The Existing Promotional Mix Help Wrigleys

With the help of new promotional mix used by Wrigley’s, they have 360 degree of communication with the consumers which has helped them to increase sales in Mumbai in 2009 over 2008 by 15% which is the highest ever sales happened in the history of Mumbai Sales.Wrigley’s is the first company to have seen an increase in 6% of sales in the period of 2008-2009 in Mumbai.Underatake further research in terms of the specifics of Mumbai market, and its demographics.Given management’s perception of market opportunities in Mumbai, it does appear that management should invest more in Research and Development (R & D).Also today radio is very popular in Mumbai, most of the people listen to it in their free time so wrigley have even started to adve...

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Mega Cities Essay

In Mumbai, a water truck arrives in the morning only, to fill up anything from containers to pots for the local people.Water and Power Supplies- some pipes connected to slums are cracked and are easily contaminated, this leads to people getting sick and catching diseases.Some examples of Mega cities are : Mexico city, Mumbai (India), Bangkok, Cairo and manilla.Many people in Mumbai steal electricity off each other by rewiring wires from house to house.An example of this is in Mumbai (India) where up to 20 people may have to live in the same small house.

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The Indian Hotels Company Limited

The three key areas of environmental impact are energy, water, and waste.Energy, water and materials (mainly paper) .Today’s Traveller Award 2012 Voted The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai as Best Hi-End Luxury Facility Hotel Travel & Leisure World’s Best Awards 2012 Voted The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai as Top City Hotel in Asia with a score of 91.53 Whisky Bars of The World Gold Award 2012 Awarded to Harbour Bar at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai Expedia Insiders’Select 2012 Voted The Taj Mahal .Energy and water consumption .Equipment for producing hot water and heating .

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Migration: City and Rural Areas Essay

Last accessed 28th Nov 2012. .Last accessed 26th Nov 2012.Will Garden Cities solve our housing crisis?.– Zainab Gimba, Mustapha G. Kumshe.– Bhavika Jain.

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Nick mentioned Essay

In November 2007, IRF (Islamic Research Foundation) and Zakir Naik as president organized exhibitions and lectures entitled: “Peace Conference”, peace conference, presented by Naik and Muslim scholars from all over the world.Held in November 2002 at the auditorium of King Fahd bin Abdelaziz Al Saoud in Jeddah, Zakir Naik asserted that Islam offers practical solutions to various "problems of the West" such as adultery, alcoholism or even filial ingratitude.Naik also said that despite anti-Islamic campaigns, approximately 34,000 Americans embraced Islam between September 2001 and July 2002.He completed his degree at the University of Mumbai with an MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine.Originally from Konkan, his first educational institution was St....

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Mumbai Slums Essay

According to Professor RN Sharma, (the head of the Urban Studies Unit in Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Mumbai, the city is unquestionably disintegrating into slums.Slums in Mumbai Slums always existed in Mumbai.A Jockin of SPARC, (the NGO that works for slums) said that the rehabilitation process is the only solution to the problem of slums in Mumbai.edu/courses/GEOG61/espencer/slums.It is estimated that everyday 100 to 300 new families come to Mumbai.

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strategic analysis of mcdonalds in india

Shopping malls and movie complexes (Delhi & Mumbai) .. McDonald’s focused on superior price performance during the time of economic crisis.They ensure that their structure fits with the international environment, but also have internal flexibility geographically.TV and other media promotions.Maximizing sales & sales in existing restaurants.Satellite cities near Mumbai & Delhi.

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Ghari Detergent And Its Market Strategy

),so ghari is positioned at the bottom of the market where the real volumes lie.”ghari is everybody’s brand” has been the key reason for its success.pricing and valur for money has bene the main reason for its success.the choice of detergent has to be inevitably one that gives the maximum results at the lowest price.ghari powder is priced at rs 20 for 400 grams and ghari bar bar at rs 15 for 145 grams and this is much below the brands like surf,ariel,henko,tide etc.the aggressive price tags seem to have wroked and one of the factors that have contributed to ghari’s sucess is the PRICE-QUALITY ratio.Innovative marketing played a major role in it branding and advertising,for ex.Ghari Detergent express(a summer special train) that ran betwe...

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project

Mumbai city is geographically positioned to play host to creeks and shallow waters opposite headlands.Mumbai city road Movement of Vehicles has worsened by around four hundred percent in the last twenty years.Almost 800 million litres of sewage is discarded everyday in the Mahim Creek, besides the thousands of industries that release effluents that are located in Dharavi and upstream of the Mithi Water body.The quarry on site falls under a ‘no development zone’, Notified in development control regulation for Greater Mumbai city, 1991. .The State of Maharashtra and the MMRDA gave a statement that no reclamation would be carried out in the Kurla Complex area and no mangrove in the Mithi Water body and its estuary would be disposed off.

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Slumdog Millionaire A Short Summary Film Studies Essay

Corruption is certainly rampant amidst the policeman, and most will willingly use torment, so none is expected dim sufficient to aim an eloquent, English-talking man which is actually an expanding newspapers incident.General, in Mumbai, the maintain systems for filming were very much complicated than the yield had initially likely.Beggar-makers do round-up forsaken juvenile kids and mutilate them in alignment to make them more agreeable, while it is highly unlikely that any such progeny will ever possibility upon a $100 account, much less be adept of recognizing it by feel and scent alone.According to New York Times bathing comes regularly to Jamal, who profits from a dwelling as a chai-wallah assisting fragrant tea to call-center employ...

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Indo-pak relations

.. 8.A year after the Mumbai attack, two questions have persisted: was the ISI or any other state element of Pakistan an accomplice in the attacks?19.A common threat needs a common defence.12.Home Minister Chidamaram’s words point us in the direction of just why these issues need to be taken seriously: another major terrorist attack on India could have consequences that would destabilise both the countries and could conceivably precipitate a regional crisis.In fact the extremist groups that threaten both countries today are an unintended consequence of Pakistan’s frustration at India’s obduracy in Kashmir.Most recently following the Mumbai massacre, Pakistani troops were moved out of NWFP towards the eastern border.

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The problem of rising deaths due to Malaria in Mumbai, India

Overall there is no single solution to the malaria problem in Mumbai, but a combination of insecticides and Antimalarial drugs is currently the most effective way of preventing and treating malaria.As a result Mumbai will have a generally stronger, healthier workforce in the long-term, which therefore will boost the Mumbai economy.These drugs are being produced by Aurochem, a laboratory around 150km from Mumbai.There is also a chance that insecticidal residues may run off into human water supply, which, if at dangerous levels, could carry with it significant health risks.This could be because there are many stagnant water puddles at these construction sites, which the Anopheles mosquito requires to breed.

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3g Data Cards-Product Survey

The circles it will provide 3G in are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.The circles it will provide 3G in are Delhi, Kanpur, Gujarat, Haryana, Kolkata, Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (East) and West Bengal.Airtel won 3G licences in 13 telecom circles of India: Delhi, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (East), Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, North East, and Jammu & Kashmir.Reliance Communications Ltd. (commonly called RCOM) is an Indian broadband and telecommunications company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India.State-owned MTNL provides 3G services...

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Population Growth: The Problems Created By Urbanization Essay

Mumbai, the capital city of India is recognized today as the fourth most populated city in the world.City Mayors, 8 Mar.With a population of over 20 million people, Mumbai is recognized as the business capital of India; filled with economic opportunity and trade (Mumbai Population 2014).However, hopes for a better life are often dashed as overpopulation puts a huge strain on cities’ infrastructures and their ability to provide people with basic necessities such as good salaries, clean water, and adequate shelter.The rise of megacities such as Mumbai, India are key examples of how urbanization in search for better opportunity has led to many problems such as poverty, poor living and health conditions, and extreme depletion of resources wi...

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Monsoon cripples life in Mumbai Essay

Peak morning hour commuters and businessmen were left inconvenienced.weekend, the grim reality dawned Monday, as schools reopened after the summer break and many office-goers returned to work.The forecast for Monday and Tuesday is “heavy to very heavy rains” in many parts of the coastal areas including Mumbai, with accompanying strong winds and advice to fishermen not to venture into the Arabian Sea.The monsoon also set in over other parts of the state, offering welcome respite from water scarcity and intense heat wave conditions.The torrential, virtually incessant, rain since Saturday night has resulted in traffic moving at a snail’s pace on the Eastern Express Highway, Western Express Highway, the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road and othe...

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Background And Overview Of Tata Group

Tata Company was established by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in 1868.At first he started trading company which deals with Opium in Mumbai.Tata home appliances such as Voltas air-conditioner, Freezer, Chest coolers, Mini Coolers and Water Coolers and Dispensers are high in cost but in good in service provided by them .Appliances – Air-Conditioners, Water Coolers, Water Purifiers, Water dispensers .Landmark stores in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are located in Spencer Plaza and City Center which attracts more young peoples to collect Audio/Video Cd’s, Books, Stationary, Chocolates, Drinks etc in one place.Especially Taj Hotel is one of the biggest luxury hotels in Mumbai which attracts more rich peoples in the country.

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Deprivation as a Result of Poverty Essay

my/lifestyle/story.file=/2009/2/16/lifefocus/3092984&sec=lifef .Moreover, poverty especially in Asia is also a reflection of cultural causes which exercise their life in conformity to their tradition and religion.Slums in Mumbai are only a reflection of many facets of poverty.The level of poverty experienced in the Slums of Mumbai is not only manifested in the shortest of common or basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water.

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Bombay Essay

The very large population of the city presents certain problems, so there is a lack of water and electricity and their access is sometimes cut in the commercial districts.The Navi Mumbai International Airport project, which would relieve existing infrastructure, has been approved by the government.Bollywood, the Hindi-language film industry, is based in Mumbai and is one of the largest in the world with 400 films produced per year.Intercity trains depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar, Kurla-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Mumbai Central, Bandra Terminus and Andheri stations.Mumbai is home to a large number of newspapers in the Marathi language (Maharashtra Times, Navakaal, Lokmat, Loksatta, Mumbai Chaufer, Saamana and Sakaal ) and in...

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Media Regulation vs Freedom of Expression Essay

Prof. ,School of Mass Communication, .Ramanpreet Singh, .Self regulation is often misunderstood by the owners of local TV channels, cable operators and political parties in most rural areas of the country.In 26/11 case the Supreme Court granted death sentence to Ajmal Kasab for involvement in 26/11 Mumbai attacks but also expressed serious concerns and pulled the media for its role.Five local TV channels of Kalimpong in East India stopped showing any kind of news or daily entertainment programs.

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Navbharat Times Branding

Navbharat Times should promote itself aggressively in the other newspapers of the Times Group like the Times of India, Maharashtra Times, Mumbai Mirror and the Economic Times.This is likely to increase the number of shares on FB and re-tweets on Twitter.The above mentioned measures increase the awareness of the newspaper in not merely Delhi and Mumbai but in other Hindi-speaking regions as well.The newspaper should extend this strategy to Mumbai as well.MumbaiThe newspaper has to actively promote itself in Mumbai.Hindi being the fourth language in Mumbai; NBT circulates to 1.3 lac copies in the Greater Mumbai area (source JD-10, ABC India) and attracts 4.7 lac NBT readers according to the industry benchmark – the Indian Readership Survey...

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Dth Services In India Marketing Essay

Among DTH service providers Tata Sky with 19 per cent market share is the leading player after Dish TV (Exhibit 9).TATA SKY has a unique VOD (video on demand) feature where in a customer can choose movies and programs from a library which has a collection of 1000 programs including movies and TV shows.The major competitors for Tata Sky are Dish TV owned by Zee group, Airtel DTH, Reliance Big TV, Sun-Direct owned by Sun Network and Videocon D2H.Any present customer do get offers for certain packs on TV and through sms to the customer mobile number.The ministry of Information and Broadcasting has licensed to 800 TV channels but the most of the DTH platforms do not have capacity to carry more than odd 250 channels.

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Dth Industry Scope Essay

The recent success in installation of DTH TV in railways and buses will also unfold opportunities of such roll out in times to come.The recent successful launch of HD set top box, set top box with live recording etc… will also create a new demand for the technology, further accentuating the growth story.With the government aggressively pushing in for digitization of TV, Multi System Cable Operators (MSOs) are expected to lose their subscribers to DTH during the 4 phases that requires the complete digitization of four metros namely Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, then 38 cities across India, all the urban areas and finally complete India by 31st December 2014.The new retail chain outlets spreading all across the country will also help...

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