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Bubbles Up: a Science Experiment on Density Essay

Because the oil was denser, it stuck more to each object as they fell through and thus produced more oil bubbles in the water.Have an adult assist in the disposal of the oil – water mixtures if you are under 18 years of age.Carefully remove the marble with a spoon or tongs and wash it off with soap and water.All of the cups have four ounces of water in them so that there is the same amount of space for the bubbles to be observed within in each cup.At this point, you should have three cups – all of which have a different color oil floating on water.

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Investigating the Volume of a Drop Essay

The second thing we predict is that salt water will have a smaller volume per drop than water.This is because the density of salt water and the mass of salt water will be greater than normal water due to the added salt in the water.Objective: To accurately measure the volume of a drop of water and saturated salt water under two set temperatures.Water evaporation may have occurred when we were performing the lab, so before recording the data for 10 drops, there may have been a little bit of water that had evaporated so each drop is actually slightly bigger than what we had recorded.From our experiment, there is a slight difference between the volume of bottled water and the volume of salt water, so therefore it proves that the volume of a...

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How Caffeine Affects the Heart Rate of Daphnia

The independent variable I will change is the concentration of caffeine in the water.The results indicate that my hypothesis should be accepted as on every group the heart rate increased with a larger concentration even though they were all different.One way I could do this would be to use videoing microscope to record the daphnia heartbeat then use a computer program to slow the heartbeat down so I could count it accurately.It also means we can reduce the amount of pond water on the slide making it more accurate.In the experiment there will be several variables that I need to try and control, the temperature of the water is one of these because if the temperature is higher or lower on the day the results may end up being higher or lower...

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Biology Lab for virtual school.. Lesson 1.04 Essay

Tap water on the other hand when spilled on a counter will naturally try to come together in water colonies.I noticed in my data that in trials 3 and 4 that the penny held more drops of soapy water than tap water.My data supports this hypothesis because the average drops of tap water the penny could hold was 25.5 while the average drops of soapy water was 17.3 drops.Drops of Tap Water 35 28 11 15 39 25.5 Drops of Soapy Water 20 16 11 26 15 1.3 .This relates back to the way soapy water and tap water act in everyday situations.

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Effect Of Boiling On The Vitamin C Biology Essay

Cooking water .. (Boiled + Cooking water) .200ml distilled water was added to the cooking water.Nevertheless, if vegetables were to be boiled, it is advisable to serve the vegetables with the cooking water since vitamin C is found in the cooking water after boiling (Figure 3).Cumulative word count: 2598Figure 3: Bar chart of vitamin C content of cooking water ..Furthermore, the vitamin C content of cooking water of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and tomato were also determined to identify whether the vitamin C content was lost due to heat from boiling or leaching into the cooking water.

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Biology Lab Report on the Effects of Adrenalin on a Daphnia

6) Repeat your count of heartbeats two more times.If the heart is beating too fast count every other beat and multiply by two.Count the number of heartbeats in 15 seconds.Place it in a small drop of aquarium water on the center of a slide.Add a second drop and draw it through in the same manner.

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Behavior of Brine Shrimp in Habitat Selection Introduction

Every 10 minutes we replaced the hot water in the bag with fresh hot water because it was slowly cooling down.To do this we emptied the water from each section into a separate test tube and measured the ph.We did this by simply pouring the water from each section into 4 different test tubes and placing a thermometer in each.Another form of error was measuring the temperature of the water in each section, by the time we measured the water temp it had already started to move back to room temperature.In this part of the experiment we measured the amount of water for one sections be the data is needed to find how many shrimp per ml there were in each sections.

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Investigating the Effects of Salt on Seed Germination

As mentioned above, one of the main errors in our data and measurements was the issue of seeds falling of the cotton balls and into empty space away from the water and salt solution.I hypothesise that the highest percentage of seeds will germinate in the petri dish that contains the lowest percentage of NaCl in water- 0.5% salt salinity and the percentage will decrease as the percentage of salt in the solution increases.* Dropping the solution of salt and water directly on the seeds so that none of it is wasted and some seeds get less than others.To control the amount of water poured in each petri dish and ensure that it is the same temperature for each sample, we will carefully measure out 5mL of a NaCl solution in a measuring tube and ...

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Isotonic solution in Sheep Erythrocytes Isotonic

Table 1: NaCl dilutions in water made according to concentration level to give Final .The diffusion of water across a permeable membrane is called osmosis.Water exchange can be measured in two ways: RBC osmotic permeability is measured, and diffusional water permeability is measured (Benga and Borza 1995).Water concentration in red blood cells can cause three different situations: hypertonic solution, isotonic solution, and a hypotonic solution.NaCl (%)Water (ml)Final NaCl (%) .

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Identification of Plant Material: Corallocarpus Epigaeus L

A drop of the Tryphan blue/cell mixture was applied on to haemocytometer.The mixture was heated on water bath for 2 hrs.Here the solvent employed was ethanol and hence it is added at the concentration of 0.1% (v/v) in distilled water.To 1 ml of the extract, one or two drop of 1% copper sulphate solution was added and tothis 1 ml of ethanol (95%) was added, followed by excess of potassium hydroxide pellets.To 1 ml of the extract, a drop or two drop of Mayer’s reagent was added by the side of test tube.

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Microbial Analysis of Soil Essay

The slide was decolorized rapidly with 75% alcohol in order to present the organism from having the color of the primary reagent and it was washed immediately with distilled water.The slide finally was flooded with a counter stain safranine (a secondary stain) for 60secons and also washed off with distilled water and allow to air dry.Using loop, a little part of the colony of the organisms were grown in peptone water for 18hours and then placed in the grease free slide and covered with a Vaseline bound cover slip and then observed under x100 objective lens.Preparation of serial dilution goes thus: 1ml of the original stocks solution was poured into 9ml sterile distilled water and mixed thoroughly to give 10-2 of the original sample and t...

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The Effect of Caffeine on Heart Rate

heart rate of a Daphinia (water fleas).Tap a pencil on a piece of paper for each beat and count all the .* Distilled water .water as possible to allow the water flea to maintain sufficient .taken into consideration.

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Testing antacids Essay

The hypothesis was hard to predict because it was less likely to have an obvious answer with no evidence collected.However, the quantity and quality of evidence were limited.With approximate mass of tablet of 0.200grams, it is to be mixed with water and thymol blue indicator which would change color at the pH level of around 2.After all those materials are prepared, HCL in the burette should drop to the water and while it is dripping, the flask should be swirling around because if mixing by swirling is not completed, color changes will occur even though the color changes were not to be occurred when the mixing is completed.Burette sometimes had given away a lot of hydrochloric acid without knowing how much has dripped because awareness o...

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Total And Viable Counts Of Microorganisms Biology Essay

It can also be used it determine the suitability of water supply to firms where food and drinks are prepared on large scale.While the microbes that grow well at 37°C will not grow very well in water.For instance, when determining total microbial count in water by pour plate, a known volume of water is mixed with molten yeast-malt extract agar and given time to solidify.You will find that most bacteria capable of growth in water do so well at 22°C than at higher temperatures.In this case, carrying out of total count on water is beneficial in several ways (Paulse, Jackson and Khan 2007).

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Drinking Water Scarcity and Conservation Essay

Lastly, a few nations, especially those with very limited access to groundwater, have made great strides in the process of desalination (i.e., the removal of salt from ocean water).On a collective basis we also need huge volumes of water to ''feed'' our agricultural needs, such as corn, soybeans, cows, etc.(2001) ''Making Every Drop Count.''These efforts represent a starting point for humans willing to take our water resources more seriously in order to avoid future international conflict and instability, something all of us surely desire.Of the fresh drinking water available to us, 72 percent is frozen, which leaves... .

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The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexander Dumas Essay

He ends up losing every last drop of his 5 million francs because Luigi charges him to buy food and water and it is not cheap.Those are the three people that Monte Cristo inflicted long pain and suffering on just to bring justice to those who deserved it.Fernand Mondego is in trouble with The Count because he stole Mercedes (who is the love of his life) and had a child with her and also because he was also part of the plot along with Monsieur Danglars that had The Count put into prison for 14 years.The Count of Monte Cristo thinks that those who cause prolonged suffering must be given prolonged suffering to bring about justice.Fernand and The Count both like Mercedes.

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Descriptive Essay : Enchanted Forest Water Safari

The positive atmosphere at Water Safari is the best part though.As kids we loved riding every ride as many times as we could!They would take us to an prodigious place that was always full of people and had the most thrilling water rides we 'd ever seen!So I cherish every memory I have of him and many of my happiest ones were at Water Safari.*My grandfather and grandmother gave me some of my fondest memories by taking us to Water Safari every day while we were at the camp, and those memories stay with us today.

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Cognitive Developments Birth to 19 Years

They begin to add around 10 new words every day and understand aspects of everyday life, for example going shopping, telling the time and bed time.The glasses look very different, but they still hold the same amount of water and can reverse the steps he/she has taken, for example: 5 + 2 = 7 and 7 – 2 = 5 .They think about the future (goals, occupation, a partner, etc.)Will recognise things that are used in every day occurrence.Can count to 10 or more and can name 4 or 5 colours correctly.

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How Does the Amount of Dissolved Nacl in Water Effect the Volume of One Drop?

What will be attempted by this experiment is to measure the volume of one drop of distilled water by measuring a control and comparing it the volume of one drop of distilled water with dissolved NaCl.Therefore if the force to separate the water is less the gravitational force needed for a drop of water to fall would be less, this then means the mass of the drop would then be less as all other variables are kept constant.“Salt Water vs. Fresh Water.” About.com.Using distilled water would make sure no impurities would affect the volume of one drop.The water is then not held together as tightly and less force is needed to separate one drop from the main body of water.

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Drugeon Essay

At low water, the VCN3 can drop to 0.220 m3 / s, in the event of a dry five-year period, i.e.There are exceptional flora (49 protected species) and remarkable fauna for France (142 vertebrates and 9 protected invertebrates).From the end of April, the flow slowly decreases to end in the period of low water which takes place in July and August, leading to a drop in the average monthly flow of up to 1.96 m3 / s in August.This watershed is made up of 47.50% “agricultural land”, 37.32% “forests and semi-natural environments”, 9.06% “wetlands”, 5.11% “land” artificialized ”, to 1.03% of“ water surfaces ”.It was classified as a Special Protection Area (SPA) in January 1999.

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The Effect of Temperature on Enzymatic Activity

The intervals between our temperatures was 10 degrees which is relatively inaccurate whereas we could have used a smaller gap between temperatures to gain more accuracy .Next time, I would use 2 degree gaps between my temperatures so I would have a more specific set of data and a smoother curve for the data.So the higher the temperature the most enzymatic activity there will be until the optimum temperature and any temperature after that will result in denaturation of enzymes and drop in enzymatic activity.Since there is not many ways in which this error can be improved, we could use another factor to measure enzymatic activity such as the pH level.Place 6 ice cubes and 80 mL of water into Beaker A .

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Effect of Alcohol & Caffeine Concentration on Daphnia Magna

Using a Microscope as well as a fresh bottle of water to adjust the Daphnia Magna to the stress of the many concentrations makes the experiment a little easier.The group then subtracted the water from the slide and replaced it with the fist concentration of caffeine counting the heart beat 15 seconds again then quickly taking away the caffeine and replacing it back with distilled water... Two Daphnia Magna specimen were collected from the habitat container and then placed each in their own hanging drop slide carefully so they would not slide all over like they would a traditional flat slide... “Alcohol affects every organ in the drinker’s body and can damage a developing fetus.The water allows the Daphnia Magna to rest a moment that wa...

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Chemistry Extended Essay

5- Using a graduated cylinder measure 67 ml of distilled water added to an Erlenmeyer flask #4. .Experimental procedure: to measure the time necessary for 10 % solvolysis of t – butyl chloride (0.1 M concentration) in 70 % water – 30% acetone solvent at zero Celsius degree.1- Suspend the Erlenmeyer flasks in a water bath full with ice and water, allowing the temperature of the Erlenmeyer flasks and their contents to equilibrate for ten minutes.1- Suspend the flasks #3 and #4 in a water bath full with ice and water, allowing the temperature of the flasks and their contents to equilibrate for ten minutes.Experimental procedure: to measure the time necessary for 10 % solvolysis of t – butyl chloride (0.2 M concentration) in 70 % water – 3...

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Gold Fish Lab Report Essay

The effect of decreasing water temperature on the breathing rates of goldfish.Once the experiment was concluded, aged water was slowly added to the temperature- stressed fish in order to raise the temperature of its water.Because the water temperature did affect the normal respiration patterns of the goldfish, the null hypothesis was disregarded and the alternative hypothesis was accepted.Throughout the entire experiment, the water temperature in Beaker 2 ranged from 22°C in the beginning to 10°C at the end.The null hypothesis is that the water temperature will not affect the respiration rate of the goldfish; furthermore, the change in the water temperature will not stimulate a change in the goldfish’s respiration.

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Paper Towel Absorbency

(7) Put one cup of water in a measuring cup.Submerge a towel in the water for 5 seconds.The greater the amount of water retained in the towel, the more absorbent the towel.Measure the time it takes for the water to travel from bottom mark (at the top of the water) to the top mark.(8) Put one cup of water in a measuring cup.

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Effect of Ph and Glucose on Plant Growth

The water was adjusted at 30oC.The cultures were placed in water bath to ferment.All test tubes with different pH levels were placed in the same water bath for 24hours.Before each test tube was placed in water bath, a sample was taken to count the initial population of each.It also provides essential water soluble vitamins, amino acids, peptides and carbohydrates.

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Fomite Transmission and Microbes in the Environment

Use 4 drops then cover the dish and let sit for 30 minutes to ensure water soaks in.Take a water sample from the environment .Microorganisms are everywhere – in the water, in the air, in the animal body, and so on.Stir and mix bacteria, using a pipet, inoculate the dish labeled water.Stir and mix bacteria, using a pipet collect the water sitting on top of the soil, inoculate the dish labeled soil.

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Identification of Unknown Carbohydrates Essay

There was six tests that were carried out to help identify them, these were: Iodine Test, Solubility in Water, Benedict’s test, Acid Hydrolysis, Barfoed test and Diastix test.The water bath took longer than expected to get to a certain temperature and sometimes couldn’t reach the right temperature required.Read more: Iodine Test for Polysaccharides .After 3-4 minutes, it was removed and 5 drops of Benedict’s solution was added and it was put back in the water bath for 5 minutes.There was 1g of each solid carbohydrate contained in bottles labelled A-F, 10ml of deionised water was added to each bottle using a measuring syringe.

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Research Experiment Examining the Effect of Caffeine on the Heart Rate of Water Fleas

Count the number of heartbeats in 15 seconds by tapping a pencil on a piece of paper.Count the marks and multiply by four, to find the heartbeats per minute.Put one water flea in a cavity slide and used filter paper to remove the excess water.Hypothesis: My hypothesis for this experiment is that the higher the levels of caffeine the water flea was exposed to, the quicker the heart rate would be.Water fleas are small crustaceans whose body is enclosed in a soft shell.

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Refractive Indices of Water And Turpentine Oil Essay

• For finding the focal length of the plano-concave lens: Pour few drops of water over the plane mirror and place the convex lens over it.Let f 1 and f 2 are the focal lengths of water lens and convex lens respectively, then focal length of the combination is: .Aim is to find the refractive index of a) water, b) coconut oil using a plane mirror, and an equiconvex lens made of glass and an adjustable object needle.This forms a plano-concave lens of water between the lower surface of convex lens and plane mirror.A convex lens, plane mirror, water, coconut oil, an optical needle, an iron stand with base and clamp arrangement, a meter scale etc….

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