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Gautama Buddha Essay

An important ritual that happens during the Wesak festival is the bathing of the Buddha.Although there is some parts of Wesak that involve acknowledging then destroying the wrong doings and bad karma of the previous year the Wesak festival is a time of celebrations and coming together.The bathing of the Buddha in fragrant water has been important since the legend of the Buddha’s birth has been told.This ritual highlights the universal message that “it is simple to wash away physical dirt but it is much more difficult to cleanse one’s inner dirt of greed, anger and ignorance.The Wesak festival is a time for devotion and remembering the important aspects of the teachings of Buddhism.

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Pchum Ben

[1][2] In 2012, the national holiday fell on the 14th – 16th of October in the Gregorian calendar.Pchum Ben is considered unique to Cambodia, however, there are merit-transference ceremonies that can be closely compared to it in Sri Lanka (i.e., benefitting the ghosts of the dead), and, in its broad outlines, it even resembles the Taiwanese Ghost Festival (i.e., especially in its links to the notion of a calendrical opening of the gates of hell, King Yama, and so on).The day is a time when many Cambodians pay their respects to deceased relatives of up to 7 generations.Anthropologist Satoru Kobayashi observed that these two models of merit-offering to the dead are in competition in rural Cambodia, with some temples preferring the greater ...

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Mekong River Upstream Privileges And Downstream Threat Environmental Sciences Essay

Moreover, there are many causes that can damage to the water supply in Cambodia... As I have mentioned in the previous section about the challenges of downstream of Mekong Basin especially Cambodia which is one of the large stake country in Mekong River Basin, in this section, I will introduce some proposed solutions which suggested by countries in Mekong River as well as external superpower countries call for water protection since the world will be facing the water security in the future if there are not enough mechanisms to manage it.In addition, due to the fact that Cambodia highly depends on water supply from Mekong River; the changes in water flow in Mekong River Basin will accordingly damage the agricultural and cultivating area ...

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Cambodia Water Pollution

Other than the floods there are many other causes of water pollution in Cambodia.The causes are waters running from industries and factories, septic tanks, wastes from hospitals, oil secretion from the water vehicles and wastes thrown from the construction sites are some of them.A long lasting effect on the aquatic plants and animals of Cambodia has been created because of the water pollution.Deaths caused from water born diseases are increased in an alarming number.The extracted minerals interact with both the ground and surface water to pollute the water resources.

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The Impact Of Climate Change On Cambodia

Similarly, Royal Government of Cambodia is trying very hard in looking for the solution that can deal with the effect of climate change on Cambodia citizens.The climate change causes the rice fields in Cambodia became infertile and did not usable for growing rice.When people took the water to use for cooking, drinking, and washing, they were affected by this factor, especially for the young people, because they had a weak anti-bacterial system in their bodies.Obviously, most of Cambodian people, especially the people who are living in the rural areas, are depending on the water from the nature sources such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and stream and so on.Although a country such as Cambodia was not the main contributor to the climate change,...

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E-Services in Cambodia Essay

In practice, water run-off occurs on all land, and the top soil is lost when no protective and conservation measures are in place.The monsoon rainfall in Cambodia, where most paddy fields are rain fed, with others supplied by seasonal flood water, and/or from irrigation.Those events include: – Excessive collection of fuelwood from woodland and forest areas; – Overstocking and overgrazing (although the number of animals is increasing, the fodder supply is decreasing); – Increased run-off of water from rice fields.Farmers Water User Communities (FWUCs) are promoted by Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) in support of de-central support to operation and maintenance.Trends Traditional paddy cultivation is developing in respo...

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Cambodia And Climate Change Environmental Sciences Essay

Apart from that Asian is the places of interest for tourists, including wildlife areas and parks may be disrupted with less tourism due to Climate Change and it also has significantly impacted on agriculture and decreasing in the supply of water and soil moisture during the dry season, which put the stress on the available of water supplies and increasing the need for irrigation.Obviously, Cambodia is likely to experience the impacts of climate change and therefore must be prepared to adapt to the changes on the environment, especially in terms of droughts, floods, soil erosion and the loss of biodiversity.Usually people who live next to the river, lakes or sea, mostly water quality is not good since water is polluted by wastes, rubbishe...

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Cambodia Typical Families Essay

Most of the people of Cambodia live in villages and farm the land or fish to obtain their food.To see the real life and culture of how over three- quarters of the people of Cambodia live, you have to leave the cities and visit the villages.Cambodia is experiencing a resurgence of traditional arts, especially classical dancing which was performed at the palace and folk dancing.Each morning you can see workers walking to the fields carrying their tools and leading their water buffalo or cattle.However, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Asia, with an average daily income of approximately US$1.30 a day.

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Burma’s Culture: Music, Fashion, Art

On the seventh day a meal is offered to monks, who in turn recite blessings and transfer merit to the deceased, concluded with a Buddhist water libation ceremony.If we do not protect our culture it will be disappear in a near future.Improving technology and the progressive, moderate thought make youth to become think the cultural as traditionalist.Traditionally funerals last for at least one week.The culture of Thailand incorporates cultural beliefs and characteristics indigenous to the area known as modern day Thailand coupled with much influence from ancient India, China, Cambodia, along with the neighboring pre-historic cultures of Southeast Asia.

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Impacts Of Negative Issues That Affect Tourist Tourism Essay

Is Cambodia dredging its rivers to death which gives negative impacts in Cambodia due to the exports of sand to Singapore and now they are killing their own people for it where fisherman needs to travel further to feeds their family.In addition the research would help the public to gain more knowledge and depth understanding on Cambodia tourism it would help them to change their negative perception on Cambodia.It is also to note the actions that have should be done by the government of Cambodia by rectifying the negative perception and to promote their tourism and to come out with proposal to boost Cambodia tourism.There are several infrastructure sectors such as electricity, telecommunications, water supply and cause the production of s...

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A Vietnam Country Review History Essay

Actually, it also creates a superstition in here that is spiritual culture of the coastal fishermen festival... After I analysis three of geographical factors that can influence culture in Vietnam are: Topography, Climate and Natural Resources.The Central Food has food that are very spicy, very spicy-hot, as positive (for the cold when it comes to soaking in water and odor resistant nature of the seafood capital nature-sound welding) and it is very salty.Nowadays, the culture of Vietnam has changed, from time to time, it is a special blend of the many ancient cultures with the indigenous culture of the Vietnamese.So I can believe “renew culture in the quest to promote social progress in Vietnam today.” .

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Conservation of Biodiversity in Cambodia Essay

Introduction Conservation of Biodiversity in Cambodia has been gathering momentum in the past few years in response to international conservation efforts and increased land degradation and loss (Conservation International 2004).Assessment of Conservation of Biodiversity in Cambodia .Ecological Economics 46:269-282. .International monetary institutions such as the World Bank and transnational NGOs such as Conservation International have been influential in changing forestry legislation in Cambodia (Reuters 2002).Update on the World Bank's Involvement in Forestry in Cambodia.

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Relationship Between Cambodia And Thailand Over The Temple

After France re-ceded independence to Cambodia in 1954, France administrations and troops withdrawn from Cambodia, as Cambodia was being reconstruction her country, Siam took the chance to send her troops to occupy Preah Vihea Temple in 1954.As we already knew after the war happened at the border between Cambodia and Thailand on 04 to 07 Feb. 2011, Cambodia decided to file the case to UNSC for intervening to the conflict.The disadvantage is that France had ceded the eastern territory of Cambodia (Kampuchea Krom) to Vietnam, whereas the advantage is that France tried her best to protect the western territory of Cambodia from the invasion and occupation of Siamese through war and Franco-Siam treaty which was made in 1904 and 1907... As we...

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Cambodia After Angkor Essay

But in seventeenth century, Cambodia still reasonably independent and Cambodia traded freely with many countries.The influence of Thai and Vietnamese over Cambodia and between pro-Thai and pro-Vietnamese Cambodia`s fractionate the court.The first European wrote about the Cambodia was Tome Pire between 1512 and 1515.The two adventurers named Blas Ruiz and Diego de Velso illuminate three themes that were to remain important in Cambodia history.If we compared the events that happened in seventeenth century to the events in nineteenth century, we would see some differences as in nineteenth century Cambodia was brought to its knees by foreign power and was isolated from outside world the same power of Thailand and Vietnam.

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How to Maintain Good Friendship Essay

Your relationship will grow if you illustrate deeper.Last but not least, the more you care about foreigner, the more relationship stays longer.At this point, other introducing of each culture include .Example, if foreigners stay in your country, you can introduce or go to those cultural places directly such as national museum, any theaters or restaurant, where has national foods.At this point you can introduce the culture widely and evidently such tradition, custom, and other introducing of culture include language, people, lifestyle, art or festival in your country.

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The Idea Of Family Love In Lung Ung Lucky Child

New York: Harper Collins Publishers .Throughout the story, Lung shows a strong family bond and their two different lives hers in the United States where she got everything and that of her sister in Cambodia where she was struggling to get daily needs.There is a strong idea of family love and bond that clearly demonstrate that blood is thicker than water.Ung, L. (2006): Lucky Child: A daughter of Cambodia reunites with the sister she left behind.She is happy in her new life but not without remembering what her sister is undergoing in Cambodia.

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Environmental Education In Cambodia Education Essay

The main activities of environmental education in Cambodia started from 1993 to 1999 including, training seminars and capacity-building workshops on environmental concepts and issues, a two-week national workshop on environmental education in Sihanoukville for 50 educators and educational/environmental administrators, managing the manual on environmental education for primary school teachers, orienting primary school teacher supervisors to work through the cluster school system to environmental concepts/issues and environmental education with regional workshops, inviting representatives of 113 school clusters in all provinces and municipalities in the country, preparing field-test approximately 2,000 teachers in more than 700 primary sch...

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The Kingdom of Cambodia Cultural Profile Essay

Cambodia is officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia is situated in the southern Asia, in the southern part of the Indonesian Peninsula, bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.Today, wedding is much simpler and less time consuming.Besides it has been conclude that Khmer writing have derived from the Indian system, this shows that Cambodian neighbours have a huge impact in their culture as well as th... .... middle of paper ... .In Cambodia the dominant religion is Buddhism and it is very important in the culture, religion is an important factor and influences in a high degree on the culture.

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Trip to Cambodia Essay

We had a nice time there; we played games and sang songs.They underwent training, and use their knowledge to educate their friends in school, this is called peer education.9% of the people were infected by it, and it’s the highest among Asia.The youth unite together; use their power to spread the news of preventing HIV/AIDS.Cambodians are all nice people; they know how to make people happy.

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The Serious Problems Of Climate Change Politics Essay

Finally, by looking at these obstacles Cambodia faces, especially the fourth one, it is believed that it is impossible for Cambodia to combat the climate change issue alone; there must be some contribution from outside because the problems are also too large for Cambodia to solve by itself.Furthermore, it is even more impossible because the international approaches also fail to regulate and enforce the policies on reducing the climate change issues, especially the failure of Kyoto Protocol, so is Cambodia.First, it is the challenge from the gap of people in Cambodia.Even although being the most affected one, Cambodia still tries to solve the problems by national and internationally even sometimes it failed.So, the fact that the internall...

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The Mekong River

Within minutes I witnessed a young boy going to the toilet over the side of his floating home, into the river, I saw his neighbour washing her dishes in the same water.The Mekong River runs through Cambodia and Vietnam where it flows out into the South China Sea.The river suffers from unstable water levels, caused by global warming and a nearby dam.The quality of the water has worsened rapidly over the past years and therefore affects the number of fish that are able to survive within it.The change in river flow and collapsing banks effects the people who live on the water and on land.

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Physical And Emotional School Environment Education Essay

To achieve this objective core activities have been taking into actions such as creating safe food, safe water, and hygienic conditions in school, health care for children, school environment and child protection (MoEYS, 2007).A discussion of the literature written in contexts outside of Cambodia is followed by a review of material that focused on the Cambodian situation.Likewise, in order to ensure equitable opportunity, new school buildings have been constructed for all levels in Cambodia, particularly in rural and remote areas and to increase scholarships for poor students.Also, to improve physical school environment, make sure that students can easily assess better school environment, together the hygienic habits of and children have...

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Essay on The Killing Fields By Richard Nixon

Its accurate when presenting the terrifying and woefully sad themes, all of Richard Nixions descion’s, four yearlong bomb campaign and all of the actors they hired.In Conclusion, I think the film, “The Killing Fields” is a reliable film, when it is depicting the horrid events that took place during the Killing Fields.In both the film and in real life, it’s referenced that Richard Nixon did in fact order an incursion into Cambodia, which resulted with the unfortunate spark to the flame, in igniting the beginning war.In summary, I do believe the film is accurate to real events.This unhumanly endeavour of the bombing of Cambodia, was referenced in the actual film.

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Doctrinal and philosophical dimension of Buddhism

It can be seen as providing, a comforting belief in the hereafter, and spiritual well-being, while also supplying a code of behaviour and a sense of belonging.The Buddhists, like many new groups were persecuted for their beliefs and radical outlook from their foundation (Buddahnet.net, 2010).Buddhism has over three million followers world-wide, is the state religion in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, and maintains a tremendous influence in other countries such as Ceylon, Tibet, China, and Japan.Buddhism certainly follows these pre-requisites and although some commentators view Buddhism as atheistic, its followers worship the Buddha as a god, and Buddhism shows numerous similarities to many other widely accepted religions.Buddhism has...

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Thailand Tourism

Other exotic local festivals include the Rocket Festival in Yasothon, the Phi Ta Khon, or Ghost Festival in Loei and the Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani.Event: Bangkok Film Festival, Pattaya Music Festival, Songkran Festival, Thailand Grand Sale, Loy Krathong Festival, Bangkok Count Down, International sport Events such as Johnny Walker Golf Classic, Volvo Women Tennis, World Pool, etc.And for children, there are water parks, a model village, and an open zoo.: Scuba diving is Thailand’s most popular water sport and the country boosts some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world – the water is clear, sea life plentiful, transport and accommodation readily available and instruction to a very high standard.Pattaya City holds its W...

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UNICEF’s child rights program works with rural communities to build pre-schools that provide children with a safe learning environment and provide literacy classes mostly for young women, including access to clean water and latrines.Even though there are many challenges that these organization faced, the action of them still provide a lot of benefit to education sector in Cambodia.Similarly, with the help from UNESCO, Cambodia enables to improve education system... To improve the education sector in Cambodia, UNICEF, UNESCO, and royal government of Cambodia have cooperated intensively... As the previous parts already mentioned about what are role of UNICEF, UNESCO, and the MDGs in Cambodia, we all know the benefits of these organizatio...

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Tyranny of the Majority Essay

By wearing the same thing, we rid ourselves of the corrupt Western creation of vanity.In the end we can conclude that the majority rule is an ineffective form of govern ent and nobody should have the right to impose their views over others.These were the rules the Khmer Rouge implemented on the people of Cambodia.“The water washes away the dirt, but it will never put out the fire of hate I have for the Khmer Rouge.Everyone wears his or her hair in the same style.

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The Wildlife Biodiversity and its Continuous Extinction Essay

Peoples Daily Online.html Xinhua (2006).The simple task of keeping the surroundings, the water and the air clean would mean a great help for the protection of our neighbors in the wild.org/All%20Current%20Pages/wildlife.Wildlife experts: Cambodia’s freshwater dolphins face extinction.

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The Current Issues of Education in Cambodia

The education system in Cambodia continues to be overwhelmed by many difficulties, including an acute shortage of qualified teaching staff, poor morale due to low salary levels and lack of suitable teaching materials... Cambodia conducted the teacher-centered in teaching and this methodology keep conducting until the last few decades which there were some changes in Education Curriculum.There were so many problems existed in education sector in Cambodia and it is still remain existing in present day such as the inequality of participation between boy and girl at school – poor attendance by girls at school, widespread difficulties in communications; the problems of hygiene and water supply within education facilities, and lack of trained...

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Aspects of Thai Buddhist Culture

The farmers of Sukhothai held a festival of floating candles.It is based on a Hindu tradition of thanking the water god(s).This is a festival to pay respects to the Mother of Water and to ask forgiveness for polluting the water in the past year.They light the candles and incense sticks, say a prayer and then float it on the water.One year, a beautiful woman called Noppamas, who was the chief royal consort, made special “lanterns” for the festival.

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