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The Role of Myanmar Poems in Environmental Conservation Essay

This idea is reflected in the writings of Myanmar Poets and Authors.In this respect, judgments of pure beauty, being selfless, initiate one into the moral point of view.I would first like to express my thanks to the organizers of the Irrawaddy Literature Festival for this opportunity to discuss my “view on the significant role of Myanmar traditional Literature and culture in environmental conservation and sustainable development”.The topic I have chosen is on how Myanmar traditional poems can contribute towards environmental conservation and sustainable development from the aesthetic perspective.In this sense, environmental aesthetics stresses its interest in the potentialities of artistic representations which can stimulate aesthetic ap...

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Nation and Nationalism Essay

The first one is called Taungbyone Pwe(Nat Pwe), Taungbyone(the small town) which is in the north of Mandalay and Pwe means festival in English.The very first festival starts in October and then place to place till the end of January.The Official full name is called The Republic of the Union of Myanmar that was changed from the Union of Myanmar in 2008 as the Burmese constitutional referendum but only known among other nations as Myanmar/Burma.Many Myanmar people believe that by worshipping the spirits, they will bring them good luck and good things.I am a Myanmar who has been living in Mandalay, Myanmar my whole life until I came to study in Chaing Mai.

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The Role of Myanmar Poems in Environmental Conservation Essay

3 Barry Hartley Slater.The topic I have chosen is on how Myanmar traditional poems can contribute towards environmental conservation and sustainable development from the aesthetic perspective.‘A Sand County Almanac’, The Land Ethic.This idea is reflected in the writings of Myanmar Poets and Authors.Appreciation of beauty is one of the distinctive element that distinguishes humans from other creatures, that is, we like to live in beautiful places full of blooming flowers, green trees, singing birds as mental nutrients while we need fresh air and clean water with full of minerals as our physical nutrients.

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My Country Essay

So, Myanmar is termed as ”The Land of Festivals”.Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Maha Muni Pagoda, Kyaik Htee Yoe Pagoda and Uppatathanti Pagoda are the most prominent and magnificent pagodas in Myanmar.The hospitality of its people is a proof that Myanmar people are helpful to the others.Besides, Mandalay is famous for its culture and handicrafts of Myanmar traditional.But, no other beach in Myanmar is as beautiful as Ngapali.

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Burma’s Culture: Music, Fashion, Art

If we do not protect our culture it will be disappear in a near future.So, we must protect our culture for our nation as a youth.The importance of culture cannot be stressed enough as it is an integral part of living.Several harvest festivals such as Sankranthi, Pongal, Raja sankaranti swinging festival, and Onam, “Nuakhai” are also fairly popular.If will become more change in future.But the cultural is the representative of the country and also the representative of someone nationality.

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India 's Effect On India Essay examples

Overall, India is a diverse country with many invention that could lead the world into a better place.From this photograph, I learned that there was nothing wrong, it was only a celebration of welcoming spring in the upcoming months.... middle of paper ... .India is a country in South Asia and is surrounded by the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Bhutan.These rivers have helped throughout centuries because people used water for cooking, cleaning, traveling, and so much more.

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Myanmar Tourism Industry And Socio Economic Changes Tourism Essay

The Leader of the Burmese Democracy Movement, 1991 Noble Peace Prize Laureate, Aung San Su Kyi against the “Visit Myanmar Year” campaign and called upon foreign nations not to come Myanmar; arguing that tourism legitimizes the dictatorship in place and asking tourists to wait until the situation improves.It can also promote a chance to tourists and Myanmar alike to develop the awareness and appreciation the richness of Myanmar’s history and culture, traditional festivals.In the future, there is expected to be privatization in travel and tourism, less military involvement, positive momentum to tourism sector in Myanmar.For many decades, Myanmar tourism industry has been isolated and outpaced by neighbouring countries.After the political c...

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An Introduction to Mayanmar

Support capacity building for the Myanmar government, including attachment to and training at the ASEAN Secretariat, as well as recruitment of Myanmar nationals to work in the ASEAN Secretariat.Encouraged and supported dialogue and cooperation among all parties concerned with achieving peaceful resolution to the political problems and national reconciliation in Myanmar .Supported the ASEAN chair when interacting with Myanmar .The Republic of the Union of Myanmar was previously known as the Union of Myanmar or the Union of Burma.Tourist would come for the Ananda temple festival which falls on the full moon of Pyatho as up to a thousand monks chant day and night during the three days of the festival.

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Cropping Pattern And Cropping Schedule Environmental Sciences Essay

As water resources are affected adversely by global climate change, it makes seriously vulnerable to crop water requirement.to make adaptations in order to enhance and manage the irrigation water demand to cope with the future scare water resources.As a result, water resources become scare and it threats a serious challenge to irrigation water supply, agriculture water demand, food security, and environmental protection.Irrigation water resources and agricultural water demand are strongly vulnerable.Water resources in Myanmar are absolutely abundant and can be used to fulfill the agricultural water demand and other sectors.

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Burma Religion (Burma) Essay

According to Myanmar religion Burma traditional history, Myanmar King Anawrahta of Bagan adopted Buddhism in 1056 and went to war with the Mon kingdom of Thaton in the south of Myanmar country in order to obtain the Buddhist Canon and learned Myanmar monks in Myanmar religion history.Islam reached Myanmar at approximately the same time, but never gained a foothold outside the geographically isolated seaboard running from modern Bangladesh southwards to the delta of the Ayeyarwady (modern Rakhine, known previously to the British as Arakan, and an independent kingdom until the eighteenth century) Myanmar.The Chinese contribution to Myanmar’s religious mix has been slight, but several traditional Myanmar Chinese temples were established in ...

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Effects Of The Hurricane Named Nargis Environmental Sciences Essay

When the combination of water pressure and gravity of the mud is larger than the resisting force, the high speed mudflow will occur.The heavy rainfall brought by the cyclones made the muddy area saturated with water and thus the pressure will be built up on the mud surface.The International Federation is stepping up its efforts to get food and water to those most affected by cyclone Nargis.People had no choices but need to drink the polluted water in order to survive.Water pipes and electricity power lines were destroyed so people had to experience four days without electricity and clean water.

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Thailand Tourism

Event: Bangkok Film Festival, Pattaya Music Festival, Songkran Festival, Thailand Grand Sale, Loy Krathong Festival, Bangkok Count Down, International sport Events such as Johnny Walker Golf Classic, Volvo Women Tennis, World Pool, etc.And for children, there are water parks, a model village, and an open zoo.Pattaya City holds its Wan Lai festival annually on April 19th with activities such as water pouring for the elders, processions and the fun of dowsing and another with water, a time for Thais and foreigners alike.Sporting opportunities abound both on land and water, and include some of the finest golfing, game fishing, and scuba-diving anywhere in Asia.The water buffalo is one of the mainstays in the life of a Thai farmer but in thi...

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Environment Of North East India North Eastern Region History Essay

Water has been a major issue in India-Bangladesh relations.Than Shwe expressed his satisfaction on the construction, maintenance and repair work of the Road Tamu- Kalaywa- Kalemyo connecting Moreh in Manipur to Myanmar by the Border Roads Organisation of India and thereafter handing over most of the segments to the Government of Myanmar.Indians and the Chinese are the minority groups in Myanmar and there has been discrimination in their treatment by the Myanmar Government for autonomy and self determination.The area on the Myanmar side is infested with insurgent groups camps and due to logistics and hostile terrain, the Myanmar Government has not been able to exercise sovereignty and is a constraint for anti -terror operations.The two ha...

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The History and Geography of Myanmar Essay

The placement of Myanmar lies near major Indian Ocean shipping lanes, making trade an asset to the country.Currently, the population of Myanmar faces numerous export restrictions, production controls, and orders from the military that overpower the agricultural landscape.Myanmar, also referred to as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia encompassing a land mass comparable to the size of Texas, with an area of 676,578 square kilometers (“Burma”).By exporting more of these goods, and importing less, Myanmar would increase its GDP and begin to fix its economic problems.This policy is superior to import substitution because Myanmar’s power lies with its agricultural production.

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The resource curse in myanmar

.. Due to the combination of the bad governance and an abundance of the natural resources, Myanmar has lapsed into a miserable situation: poverty, poor economic growth, continuous civil wars, etc.In the case of Myanmar, the National League for Democracy gained the support from the majority of the country citizens in 1990 national election, and Aung San Suu Kyi was elected as the Prime Minister.Although the military junta once promised abundant electricity and water supplies along the dam sites, the local population has never received the benefit.All the cases of Myanmar, described above in the paper, have proved that the military junta has contributing to ignoring the country’s sustainable development, and inducing to create violent con...

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Livelihood in Myanmar

There is also less fresh water at that area.Myanmar is the agricultural based economy with very rich resources.Delta is by no means of poorest parts on Myanmar.Environmental resources directly support the basis of the livelihoods of poor people in Myanmar.On 2 and 3 May Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar and 31 townships were significantly affected by the cyclone in Ayarwaddy Division and Yangon Division.

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Implications of Growth and Development

Food or waterborne diseases: Bacterial and Protozoal diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid fever Vector borne diseases: Dengue fever, Malaria, and Japanese encephalitis Water contact disease: Leptospirosis Animal contact disease Rabies .Myanmar has been a World Trade Organization (WTO) member since 1995, foreign trade has not been liberalized in reality, because of its extensively controlled economy.Myanmar has no official social safety nets, and poverty is widespread.Although banks in Myanmar operate under formal regulations, but with hardly any supervision and enforcement.Myanmar is unable to establish a stock market, and has no real market for bonds.

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Long Neck in Thailand Essay

Fowl bone prognostication can be witnessed in the Kayan villages in Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province during the annual festival and during “Cleansing Ceremonies” which are held when a family has encountered ill fortune.Dreams are also used to make predictions.The Kayan have a strong belief in augury and nothing is done without reference to some form of divination, including breaking thatch grass, but most importantly consulting the chicken bones.It is also an opportunity for Kayan from different villages to come together to maintain the solidarity of the tribe.The major religious festival is the 3-day Kay Htein Bo festival, which commemorates the belief that the creator god gave form to the world by planting a small post in the ground.

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Cyclone Nargis in Burma: Aid Analysis

It was this system of human rights that was used by the international community to aid the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.For example, the first two WFP planes carrying food into Myanmar were seized by the government upon arrival.After having convinced the SPDC to let international aid workers enter Myanmar the aid agencies faced additional difficulties due to the domestic policies.The WFP responded by suspending their flights to Myanmar, however, in light of the extent of the humanitarian crisis the WFP realized that they had to resume the flights and send aid irrespective of fact that it might get sized again.Another major cultural issue within Myanmar stems from the fact it is a multi-ethnic country with several groups in confli...

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Labour Day Essay

In Poland, while May 1 is a national holiday, it was renamed from Labour Day to simply “State Holiday” in 1990 .The holiday has become internationalised and several countries hold multi-day celebrations including parades, shows and other patriotic and labour-oriented events.In Europe the day has older significance as a rural festival which is predominantly more important than that of the Labour Day movement.May 1 is a national holiday in Albania, Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary, ...

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India Implemented A Look East Policy History Essay

The solution to the many security issues facing India lies in resolving the cross-border issues like migrations, water sharing, transportation, trade, etc.During this period Myanmar refused the membership to Commonwealth and withdrew its membership from NAM.Why Myanmar is critical & how India missed the bus for Myanmar?In a marked departure from the past trends, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton visited Myanmar in November 2011 and in April 2012, Aung San Suu Kyi participated in the fledgling democratic process in Myanmar and won the by-elections to become a member of the national legislature.The pro Chinese approach and anti USSR stance of Myanmar further irritated India.

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India’s Energy Security Concerns and Its Implications

Domination of Myanmar enables China to encircle littoral and degrade India’s security environment along its North-eastern border and in the Bay of Bengal.Myanmar has reportedly world’s tenth biggest gas reserves estimated to be more than 90 trillion cubic feet.Thus, for reasons of geographical proximity, history and security, China has been going overboard trying to sweep Myanmar into its sphere of influence with a combination of economic, diplomatic and military ties[16] .(b) India’s efforts to secure energy supplies and the importance of Myanmar (China – Myanmar relations).Its naval listening facility in Myanmar is also augmenting China’s blue water capabilities.

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India’s Relation with ASEAN

Through Myanmar China could not only threaten India’s security from land but also from sea.With Myanmar joining ASEAN and ARF, there is increased pressure to restore democracy and this would draw Myanmar away form its dependence on a communist China.With the “Golden Triangle” to its West, which includes Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the “Golden Crescent” to its East to include Thailand and Myanmar India’s concerns about narcotic trafficking are legitimate.The narcotic infrastructure is very well organized in Myanmar and Thailand.The thick jungles in Myanmar form ideal bases for insurgents to hide and use these areas as launch pads for insurgent activity into India.

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Mekong River Upstream Privileges And Downstream Threat Environmental Sciences Essay

In addition, due to the fact that Cambodia highly depends on water supply from Mekong River; the changes in water flow in Mekong River Basin will accordingly damage the agricultural and cultivating area in Lower Mekong River especially in Cambodia since the 85% of the flow of river is situated in Cambodia.If there is not information sharing from each state; therefore, the state will cause damage of water usage in Mekong River as the fisheries stock availability inside the Mekong River.Moreover, they conduct the meeting every year in order to share the idea and information in term of power plant development and other dam projects that may affect the water flow to lower delta of the river... As I have mentioned in the previous section abo...

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D love Essay

Dai men are good at making the jewelry they make for their wives or future wives.They belong to the few groups from China who practice the Theravada school of Buddhism.Chicken farming is also common there.The hulusi (literally, calabash-silk), is a typical instrument of the region.In the dai tradition, men in order to obtain a woman in marriage must for three years show their fidelity, do the work of the farm and the fields and scan the mountain for precious stones and money (Yunnan is particularly rich in money).

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Urban Planning Community and Economic Development Essay

Alleviation of poverty does not end with designing and building homes for the indigent people residing in the slum areas of Myanmar.The task of serving my country may be enormous and overwhelming but with my passion for humanitarian work and my desire to help my countrymen live healthier and better lives, I am determined to reach my goals and be a catalyst of change for the future generation.There is a great need to alleviate the living conditions of the people in Myanmar.I have also taught them about the importance of keeping their surroundings clean, caring for the environment and properly conserving our natural resources such as water supply.Being a foreign student in a country that is so much different from Myanmar is a great challen...

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Mayanmar Army Essay

1.The Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw Kyee in local language) is the land component of the Military of Myanmar.20.Until 1990, Myanmar Armed Forces has Chief of Staff system and Myanmar Army was led by Vice Chief of Staff (Army).Although the Myanmar Army’s organisational structure was based upon the regimental system, the basic manoeuvre and fighting unit is the battalion, known as “Tat Yin” in Burmese, which comprised a headquarters unit; four rifle companies (“tat khwe”) with three rifle platoons (“Tat Su”) each; an administration company with medical, transport, logistics and signals units; a heavy weapons company including mortar, machine gun and recoilless gun platoons.19.With its significantly increased personnel numbers, weaponry and mobili...

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The Swot Analysis Of Burma Country

Only use water from containers with serrated seal hot tops or corks take care with fruit juice, particularly if water may have been added.In 2009 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, speaking in the context of the junta’s promotion of 1996%2010 as ‘Visit Myanmar Year’, argued that it was too soon for visitors to come “pouring in” to Myanmar.Reputable brands of bottled water or soft drinks are generally fine, although in some places bottles may be refilled with tap water in Myanmar.Peel all fruit, cook, and vegetables and soak salads in iodine water for the least 20 minutes.In yangon water pollution is 50.00%.

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Sustainability Report Essay

Myanmar Holding Company is currently facing grievances of local inhabitants for their loss of crop lands and displacement because of copper mining.The report provides underlying causes, and ways to manage to solve the problem based on the dispute between Myanmar Holding Company and local community.In 2010, the company made contract with central government of Myanmar which was military regime.This approach can improve relationship with stakeholders and show the transparency.Water resources such as ponds and tube-wells near the mining area are believed to be polluted and many local people are gnawed by air pollution with fume emitted from nearby sulfuric acid plant.

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Tourism Impact in Lumbini

The rating of facilities with which water is wasted, as they are the golf courses or the fresh water swimming pools and the city-planning mastication, etc.Diminution of the amount and the quality of the water: The arrival of tourists to many zones where the water is little has had a devastating effect in the reserves of this natural good.• diminution of the amount and quality of the water, .These nations – Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakishtan, Singapore, Sir Lanka and Thailand – later formed an advisory panel to the world-renowned Japanese architect, Professor Kenzo Tange, in his preparation of the Master Plan for Lumbini\’s development.The solid remainders as much as liquid, ...

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