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Water Quality Study of the Semenyih River

This method consists of drawing a measured volume of water through a filter membrane fine enough to trap the bacteria, and placing of filter on a growth medium (chromocult coliform agar) in a petri dish.Water samples (25 ml) and 25 ml deionized water will put in two cylinders and three drops of mineral stabilizer will be added into each cylinder.This often makes it difficult to identify water conditions and pollution sources, which is necessary for effective pollution control and water resource management (Kunwar et al.In Malaysia, the riverine ecosystem is of particular interest since river water provides about 98% of the country’s water requirements (Azhar 2000).The monitoring of river water quality is under the responsibility of the D...

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Khat Plant: Alkaloid Extraction and Identification

The mobile phase was filtered and degassed by passing through a 0.45-mm nylon membrane filter (Whatman, Maidstone, UK) under a vacuum before use.The composition of alkaloid; cathine, and norephedrine were about 81 and 17% respectively.The mobile phase used for khat extract alkaloid and standards (norpseudoephedrine-HCl and norephedrine-HCl) were consisted of 1,2-dichlorethan, methanol, acetic acid, diethylamine and water at ratio (v/v) of 800: 200: 10: 5: 7.5 (Geisshüsler and Brenneisen, 1987).The collected freeze-dried extract powder was partitioned with chloroform and water (1:1, v/v).The foil packets were transported to the laboratory of Pharmaceutical technology discipline, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia...

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Project topics – Journal of Engineering Research and Studies Essay

Fig no 3: Pictorial presentation of the process for comparison of yield of pectin from the dry cake residue left after simple distillation and leaching .Citric acid in distilled water solutions of desired pH values 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are prepared.resulted in to two phases, oil and water.quantity of water which is simple distilled off for .Comparison with Conventional Hydrodistillation.

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Water Rationing in Malaysia

Climate change has affected the whole water cycle, decreasing water resources and resulted in water shortage.It can be an effective ways to increase consciousness among all people from all walks of life regarding the shortage of water and what people have to face in the future if the uncontrolled water usage is not stopped.Supply may actually be sufficient in certain place but in some places with irresponsible user, the water is water at an uncontrolled level which led to nowhere to find fresh water.In the Malay Mail newspaper, it shows that “The water supply from the dams is not enough to supply water to more than 7 million users in the Klang Valley.” In the Klang Valley together with Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor states, the current...

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Newater Brand And Singapores Water Reclaimation Environmental Sciences Essay

Humans produce dirty and untreated water on a daily basis without fail.Its a natural process and one that is vital for the core development process for NEWater.This process was illustrated in Chapter 2.Currently in Singapore, there are a total of 5 NEWater plants.The latest and biggest among those plants was constructed in Changi.Together with the other existing 4 plants, 30% of the water demands in Singapore will be solved by these plants.In addition, NEWater process and technology is not dependent on any weather conditions as its direct source is from the dirty and untreated water; discarded by humans.These plants are also environmental and nature-friendly as they dont require any natural resource for its production.In fact, the SembCo...

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Main Causes of Water Pollution

Water remains one of our most important primary resources, vital to our survival on Earth, yet water pollution is happenning.Water borne diseases like jaundice, hepatitis, gasteroenteritis will be more prevalent due to water pollution.Diseases caused by water pollution are the major cause of human death across the world.According to Malaysia Environment Quality Report 2004, the Department of Environment has recorded 17,991 water pollution point sources in 2004 comprising mainly sewage treatment plants (54%), manufacturing industries (38%), animal farms (5%) and agro-based industries (3%).Water pollution can be classified according to the nature of pollutants, the sources releasing them and the water bodies into which they are discharged....

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Analyze And Address Strengths And The Weaknesses Business Essay

The bottled water industry is divided into two segments: the mineral and drinking water segment.Overall, Spritzer has produced many varieties of bottle water products such as natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated fruit flavoured drink, non-carbonated fruit flavoured drink, and functional drink.While drinking water is simply tap water without minerals, boiled and/or filtered and then packaged out.Mineral water of Spritzer is sourced underground and is a product of natural rain water after years of being filtered through layers of the earth and absorbing the various minerals on the way.Spritzer sources its mineral water from five Health Ministry approved points 400 feet underground at ...

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Analysis of Water Quality | Experiment

Tap water showed the least amounts of contaminates, Dasani water was mid range, and Fiji water had the highest number of existing contaminants.Fresh water is essential for all living things and contaminated water must be treated before released into the water supply (Bottcher & Rex, 2012).Phosphate test results shows a range of 0ppm, 10ppm, and 50ppm in table 5, and in table 6 the results from the tap water and Fiji® Bottled Water was .15ppm and Dasani water was 0ppm.Lastly, there was a comparison of the contaminated water and treated water.In beaker one it had10 ml of tap water, in beaker two 10ml of oil was added to tap water, in beaker three 10ml of vinegar was added to tap water, in beaker four 10ml of laundry detergent was added...

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DNA Extraction Lab Report Essay

The obvious reason is that more DNA was extracted from the cells of the strawberry than from the cells of the banana.This result could have been due to the amount of solution was present in the bag after the strawberry was mashed compared to the amount present in the banana bag.Once the minute was up, the coffee filter was made into a funnel shape and placed on top of the beaker to filter the solution into the beaker.The solution was filtered to remove seeds and cell debris such as cell membranes, organelles, proteins, and cell walls allowing only the DNA and small cell debris to filter through.The actual amount of water varied from group to group.

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Slow And Filters And Rapid Sand Environmental Sciences Essay

Also to make sure there is adequate water supply and slow sand filter function properly, the flow rate should be maintained between 0.1 to 0.3 cubic meter of water per hour per square metre area of filter media.If the turbudity for influent water is higher than 20 NTU, the water need to be pretreated with facilities such as grit chamber, settlink tank or a combination of various other pre-filtration systems as shown in figure below.It assists in both providing support to the filter medium and to drain of the treated water to escape from the underside of the filter.3.5.7 Filter bed and filtration sand size of slow sand filter: There are various alteranatives to sand in sand filter bed like crushed coral or burnt rice husk.Part b shows the...

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Water refilling station Essay

Water refilling stations managed by private entrepreneurs offer a cheaper and more convenient solution to the public’s drinking water needs than bottled water or the use of household filters.Here are the partial list of water refilling stations: Agua de Camarin Alaskan Spring Aqua Zone Aqua King Aqua Safe Ligtasna Crystal Clear Highland Mist Too Water CarePure and Fresh Aqua Cool Snow Valley Crystals Arvsons Agua MiaAqualeen Alex’s Wateria Microwater Crystal Geyser Aqua Supreme Water Club Purifil Island Stream Aquafil Agua Siempre Spring Fresh Bavesco Aqualite Mountain King Anchor Water Depot Danum Quench Aqua Sweet Aqua Grande Agua Ultima Jennssell Bugis Aqua Mary Spring Mist Mr. H2OForest Spring Alps Water 4 U Rain Mist Aqua Health Aqu...

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The Importance Of Water Treatment

The goal of all water treatment process is to remove existing contaminants in the water, or reduce the concentration of such contaminants so the water becomes fit for its desired end-use.Sea water desalination process is actually done by converting salty sea water into fresh usable water.This is to increase the oxygen content in the water, to reduce the carbon dioxide content in the water, and to remove organic compounds such as methane, hydrogen sulphide and other volatile which is responsible for taste and odour of water.Distilled water and deionised water have been the most common forms of purified water, but water can also be purified by other processes including reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, micro porous filtration.For the wat...

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Cockle Isolates of Vibrio Vulnificus | Research Experiment

Antibiotic Resistance and Plasmid Profiling of Clinically Significant Vibrio vulnificus Isolated from Coastal Water in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.The ability of bacteria to splitting of tryptophan to indole tested , test tubes contain 9 ml of tryptone water inoculated with loop full of culture and incubated for 24- 48 h at 37ºC, adding 1 ml of Kovac`s indicator(P-dimethyl amnobenzaldehyde in amyl) , positive reaction immediately forming red color ring in the broth.Elhadi N, Radu S, Chen CH, Nishibuchi M.(2004) Prevalence of potentially pathogenic Vibrio species in the seafood marketed in Malaysia.The main objective of this study was to detect the incidence of pathogenic in cockle samples collected from five sites in Malaysia, 25...

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The Debt Crisis in Malaysia Essay

Therefore, we can see that filtering the employees’ recruiting process is essential.Background Paragraph Debt crisis is becoming common and faced by most citizens in Malaysia.Conclusion In a nutshell, debt crisis should be treated immediately with actions such as providing sufficient training and courses, improving individual’s personal finance skill, and filtering the recruiting of employees’ process in order to prevent it from extent.Debt crisis in Malaysia is getting more severe due to lack of management among individuals.Because good employees can bring up a good organization, at the same time good organization generate good profit and able to produce good GDP to our country as well and hence we can hedge against budget deficit that ...

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Extraction of Caffeine from Tea Leaves Essay

The collected crude caffeine is washed with ethanol and heated in a water bath until the caffeine has completely dissolved in the ethanol.After boiling it is then cooled in running tap water and an ice cube is added to the boiled solution to cool it down.Through the experiment, caffeine was isolated from commercially sold tea in bags through boiling it in water.The water soluble materials in the tea leaves are extracted into hot water.The hot solution is allowed to cool and the caffeine is then extracted from the water with dichloromethane (methylene chloride), which is an organic solvent that is insoluble in water.

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Separation of a Mixtures Lab Report Essay

The expectations were to take the heterogeneous mixture of sand, salt, pebbles, iron filings, and water and use separation techniques to isolate the salt and iron filings (the water wasn’t needed at the end, and the pebbles and the sand were not separated from each other under the teacher’s express permission).The heterogeneous mixture was poured into the filter and the salt water was poured in droplets into an Erlenmeyer flask.The pebbles and sand were discarded, and the salt water was left.The filter paper was folded twice in half and was inserted into the funnel, making a coffee style filter.Applying the evaporation technique required the use of a hotplate in which the Erlenmeyer flask with salt water was placed on top.

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Water and Quality Contamination Essay

Experiment #3: In the third experiment, tap water and bottled water were tested and compared to determine if there are health benefits in drinking bottled water.It is important to know that the water you are drinking in safe and it is healthy it doesn’t matter if the water is from the bottle or the tap.In some states, however, bottled water requirements are stricter than those for tap water are (people.chem.duke).I thought that the tap water would be the only contaminated water when it was just the most contaminated while the bottled water was indeed clear and filtered, but it was not 100% clear of all contaminants.The smell of tap was the smell of city public water while the treated water smelt like bleach.

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Rate of Activity of the Enzyme Catalase in Hydrogen Peroxide Experiment

This caused the production of oxygen (bubbles) to happen sooner and since both sides of the filter paper disks are reacting in the beginning (as compared to only one side reacting at the beginning until it somewhat rises into the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution) it resulted in a decrease in amount of time taken to rise to them top of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution which increases relative reaction rate of the enzyme catalase.The dried filter paper disks become less sticky and fall off the rubber stopper (when trying to insert them into culture tubes) into the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution before the culture tube was inverted.To fix this problem, heat up the catalase enzyme extract solution to the desired temperature condition and use that c...

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Allelopathy Paper Essay

In the second Petri dish (labeled control), we added 10 mL of distilled water so that the water soaked the filter paper layers as well.Finally we poured the blended mixture through the funnel/cheesecloth to filter the solution.Next in each of the Petri dished we added 20 radish seeds on top of the 3 pieces of filter paper, evenly spaced.To test the Allelopathic effects, we then needed to place 3 pieces of filter paper in each of the bottoms of the two Petri dishes.Then we placed another piece of filter paper on top of the seeds in both dishes.

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Green Roofs in Malaysia

This study investigated influence on runoff water quality from two full scale vegetated roofs (an intensive from Japan and an extensive from Sweden).Research on energy and building that has been done by Chang et al (2011) on Optimal Design for Water Conservation and Energy Savings Using Green Roofs in a Green Building under Mixed Uncertainties.The water membrane system is positioned between growing medium and roof deck to carry away access water and also have a filter system to make sure that the plants have a sufficient water supply during dryer day (Long et al., 2006, Piper, 2003).Malaysia still do not have the design guidelines for green roof system based on the preliminary interview that has been done with Encik Ishamuddin bin Mazlan...

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Brita Products Company Essay

Positioning choicesAt the beginning Brita company positioned the pitcher as a purification system providing water of unique taste.This functions as an asset to support and boost the sales of Brita’s pitcher (or any other water purification system), as there is high degree of brand awareness.Filters decrease health hazards by low quality tap water (even if not all dangers are eliminated).We believe that Clorox made an important decision for the promotion and advertising campaign under the idea of taste (“great tasting water”, “clear, fresh, wonderful”) because it was also consistent with the attributes of the core product (water indeed tasted better after filtration with a Brita pitcher).The publicity given to health problems due to water...

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Introduction Of Water Resources Quality In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

In Malaysia, The Department of Environment has recorded 17,991 water pollution point sources in 2004. .If the polluted water is fed directly in to the rivers lead water contamination.There are two primary methods employed to classify the river water quality monitored; the Water Quality Index (WQI), which in turn is rooted on the Interim National Water Quality Standards (INWQS), a set of standards derived based on beneficial uses of water.Installation of wastewater treatment systems are needed to filter their water pollutants before being dumped into rivers.The reasons behind the sewage treatment are the scarce in natural water resources and the higher demand of clean water supply.

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Monopolized Water Industry Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides, those who happen to run out of water have to spend extra money on buying mineral water and laundry service throughout the water rationing period.Every country or state has its own water industry to help in water quality control and water supply to all the resident area, industrials area etc.The firm is also trying to change the public perception of water into instils public that the water is safe for consumption and is clean though its Water Quality Improvement Master Plan.To cope with the rising demand for water, Malaya decided to build Klang Gates Dam and the Bukit Nanas Treatments plant in 1959 to end the water rationing and the long period of water shortage.In SYABAS’ case, when the monopolized water industry cannot afford t...

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A Preprocessing Framework for Underwater Image Denoising Essay

This filter removes or attenuates unwanted artifacts and remaining noise.Light attenuation limits the visibility distance at about twenty meters in clear water and five meters or less in turbid water.The blue color travels across the longest in the water due to its shortest wavelength.Another main concern is related to the water that bends the light either to make crinkle patterns or to diffuse it.For this denoising filter choose a nearly symmetric orthogonal wavelet bases with a bivariate shrinkage exploiting interscale dependency.

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Water Quality and Contamination Essay

In experiment 2 water treatment, this experiment is done using one method to filter and purify contaminated water.Based on the results of all three experiments, there were many observations and data provided such as for experiment 1: In beaker (1) the water were clear with no odor, beaker (2) water were cloudy with the oil sitting on top of the water with no odor, beaker (3) water had a slight odor, and in beaker (4) water were cloudy with a light green color with a pleasant smell with bubbles on top of the water.The last experiment were performed using Dasani, and Fiji bottled water and Tap water to determine the quality of drinking water.In experiment 3 drinking water quality, I will test the quality of two different types of bottled w...

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Lipase Producing Rhodococcus Strains Analysis

Appropriately, local strains, an actinomycete isolated throughout Peninsular Malaysia was not been evaluated for lipase production.In case of a popular snack in Malaysia, the oil is prone to autoxidation due to the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), therefore, the oil has been chemically modified (Kamsiah et al., 2012).Review in Asia countries like Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand on the other hand, estimates to produce waste cooking oil for 40 000 tonnes per year (Hanisah et al., 2013).In order to emphasize high occurrence of waste cooking oil production especially in Malaysia, a survey was conducted in Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang, a local area popularly known for food business.Nevertheless, if this “dead oil”...

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Identification of Cryptosporiopsis Spp Causing Cashew Blight

In another set instead of spore suspension only sterile water was sprayed which served as control.Healthy leaves of cashew plants from a greenhouse were excised at the petiole with sterile razor blade and covered immediately with a moistened sterile filter paper and transferred to the laboratory in polyethylene bags containing moistened filter paper.After drying the pieces on sterile blotting paper they were transferred to the Petri plates containing sterile filter papers (9 mm) and sterile distilled water.The healthy young (3-6days) leaves of susceptible cashew were collected and washed in sterile water.Two millimeters of sterile water were added to the filter paper to maintain moisture.

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Introducting Brita to China Global Marketing

This is not just due to a water shortage, but also to extensive water pollution, which has led to increased and above-average mortality rates among those without access to safe drinking water.The government has no real answer to address either the water shortages or the extensive pollution that plagues their water supply, and makes its way into the mouths of 300 million of its citizens.The competition is now fierce in China for water filtration companies, as the drinking water remains poor.There is little to gain in promoting the BRITA filtering water bottle within China’s lower income and rural areas; instead, we will build our promotion around an idea that will provide clean water for many of China’s less fortunate citizens.BRITA Water...

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Media Prima

Council of Churches Malaysia general secretary Rev Dr Hermen Shastri in a statement had clarified that Valentine’s Day is a secular observance and it is not celebrated religiously by churches in Malaysia or in other parts of the world.Malaysia is a multi-racial country therefore cultural sensitivity has been an issue.Anything contains suggestions that may offend religious, racial, political or sentimental of any community is against Codes of Advertising in Malaysia.Christian groups in Malaysia had firmly refuted about Valentine’s Day is a Christian event which was accused by the Muslim authorities.Based on the Malaysia code of advertising practice, Malaysia advertisement need to promote identity and culture, support the Rukun Negara and ...

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Anatomy of the Urinary System

The increase of water within the plasma increases the blood volume resulting in high blood pressure.A dialysis machine will filter the blood and return the clean blood back into the body and remove the waste.Next is the thin part, then the thick part, both of these sections reabsorb ions, but do not allow water through.The kidneys balance the water within our blood plasma by reabsorbing as much or as little as we need.The renal medulla is the middle section of the kidney, this forms the renal pyramids, triangle shaped sections that point towards the renal pelvis and are made up of millions of henle that control the amount of salt and water within the urine.

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