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Internet in the world Essay

local languages, as well as the lack of suitable keyboards.Note: Chinese (with Baidu Baike) and Koreans (with Doopedia) have their own national equivalent to Wikipedia and are therefore under-represented in Wikipedia statistics, Hindi is little used by Indians who are 97% to consult Wikipedia in English against 1% in Hindi and 80% to contribute to English Wikipedia for only 3% in Hindi (which is only the 4th language by contributions from India), added to the fact that 'according to the 2011 census, only 3% have access to the internet; Arabic is the major language which progresses the most, followed by Turkish, although these last two are still very far from the top 9. .A big missing from the table below is Hindi, a of the most widely sp...

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Essay On Cinema Entertains As Well As Educates The Masses Essay

as of this writing, wikipedia contains over 41 million articles in english and ranks as one of the.The results of the sat cr + math and/or act the quality of the personal essay one academic teacher or guidance counselor letter of recommendation.Can we write there isessaywriter writes both admission essays and school argumentative essay topics an essay about english as a global language how.Free essays on corruption wikipedia in hindi for students india-myanmar strategic will the anti -corruption movement bring change to india?Below given are some helpful tips on how to write a good abortion argumentative essay feel free to use this manual at your convenience.

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Energy needs Essay

Resources of geothermal energy range from the shallow ground to hot water and hot rock found a few miles beneath the Earth’s surface, and down even deeper to the extremely high temperatures of molten rock called magma.May interesadong katangiang kimikal ang hindi metal na elementong ito na maaaring ikawi sa sarili nito at sa malawak na iba’t ibang mga elemento, binubuo ang halos 10 milyong mga kompuwesto.Kabilang sa pangkalahatang kahulugan na ito ang mga kompuwestong uri na may ibang hindi kaugnay na mga kimikal na kayarian, katangian at gamit, kabilang ang langis ng gulay, petrokimikang mga langis, at pabagu-bagong mga mahahalagang langis.Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of e...

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Indore Essay

The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) was established in 1956 and is responsible for public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, recreation infrastructure, sanitation, food in water, town planning and social assistance services.Maharani Usha Devi, daughter of Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II, is the director of the club, while the honorary chief minister of Madhya Pradesh is the president.Subsequently, it opened its doors to business and economic elites.As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Mission for a Clean India), the city of Indore has made considerable efforts, placing it in the first rank of Indian cities in terms of cleanliness.You can also hear a number of Hindi dialects spoken there, such as Bundeli, ...

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Prime Minister and Academic Plan

According to Academic Plan.Movie Making/Photostory, Theme: Water Conservation (roll no.Write up on ‘ criminals are not born but made by society!’ HINDI: According to Academic Plan .SANSKRIT: According to Academic Plan.l. Revise for FA4 assessment.

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Indian tradition and culture

India also known as, by its olden name in Hindi, ‘Bharat’.The food which is offered to god is well thought-out to be blessed, which is called Parsad and taking parsad is considered to be spiritually beneficial.To devotee stays with Guru and follow his instructions in order to attain the ultimate goal of spiritual life.India’s national language is Hindi.For Hindus it is not compulsory to visit temples.

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Philippine culture Essay

Quezon City: Akademya ng Sikolohiyang Pilipino.Kapwa has two categories, Ibang Tao (other people) and Hindi Ibang Tao (not other people).It is then placed on glowing embers, removed when it starts to crack, then transferred to a small receptacle of water.As it cools, its softened form spreads on the water surface and assumes a shape that may suggest the cause of the illness, often one of several indigenous forces: dwarfs, devils or other evil spirits (na-nuno, na-kulam, na-demonyo).The water in the vehicle is then used to anoint the ailing part or parts of the body to counteract the evil forces or illness.

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Programme: Academic Degree and Post Graduate Diploma Essay

10600/English & Hindi English & Hindi 68. .Master of Arts (Social Work) Master of Arts (Rural Development) Master of Arts (Tourism M anagement) MSW MARD MTM No Bar No Bar 2 Years 2 Years 5 Years 5 Years English & Hindi English & Hindi Prof. D. Gopal Prof. E. Vayunandan Prof. Alka Dhameja SOSS SOSS Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognized University No Bar 2 Years 5 Years Rs.in 29533436/29572908 [email protected] com [email protected] com 29534248 SOSS SOSS SOCE SOSS SOL SOCIS SOE English, Hindi & other Dr. Deeksha Kapur language English & Hindi Prof. A. S. Narang Mr. Anand Gupta 94 .Civil (Water Resource Engineering) (offered in January Session only) BTWREpp (a) Three years Diploma in C...

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Poem Analysis

Even if you try to swim through, the water may have creatures that may eat you.Whilst the physical wall can be broken into using equipments like hammer, you cannot break through water.That is why he says “it is flowing with fright.” Even Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by water for many years at Robben Island.When you are imprisoned by water you are totally helpless.In the same stanza, he cited the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem which according to the Wikipedia (2011) with the rise of Zionism movement in the early 20th century, the wall became a source of friction between the Jewish community and the Muslims.

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Jaipur Essay

Towards the end of the 18th century, the Jats of Bharatpur and the Raja of Alwar each seized a part of the principality, which experienced a period of turmoil and confusion following its confrontation with the Marathas, its conflicts with the principality of Jodhpur and the exactions of Amîr Khân, the Afghan adventurer, and his dacoïts Pindarî.In 1727, the city of Jaipur (Jayapura) was founded and the state took its name.By a treaty of 1818, the principality came under the protection of the British in exchange for an annual tribute.The ruling dynasty of Jaipur provided the Mughal Empire with some of its most distinguished generals.During the Sepoy revolt, the mahârâja supported the British and his successors remained in power.

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Characteristics of Indian Languages

dhan dualat pa ne ke liye din raat kaam karna hai 3.ONOMOTOPEIA: .neku leda illu gillu 2.EXPRESSIVES : .Echo expressions with idiosyncratic phonology, and possible Semantics, seem to be a common feature of the Indian subcontinent Such formations are highly productive: Examples of an echo expressions are uppu cappu illu gillu ekkada akkada kaappi kiippi paampu kiimpu puli kili Aisa Waisa Eidhar Udhar _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ‘taste’ ‘house’ ‘here and there’ ‘coffee and other beverages’ ‘snakes and other reptiles/pests’ ‘Tiger and such like animal’ ‘ this way that way’ ‘ here or there’ (Telugu) (Telugu) (Telugu) (Tamil) (Tamil) (Tamil) (Hindi) (Hindi) tendency amongst younger speakers of Telugu to produce sentences such as.Some representative examp...

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The following sheep dung treatment for bleaching has been described by some artists, -Gada cotton fabric is scoured by immersing it overnight in a sheep dung/water solution (1 lump of dung for 10 liters of water).* The cloth is exposed to the sun for a day by spreading it on the banks of the river.* On the second day the sprinkling is stopped in the late evening to allow the cloth to dry.WASHING/SCOURING CLOTH .* The cloth is then re-immersed in a freshly prepared sheep dung solution and the process is repeated.

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Opression in a Thousand Splendid Suns Essay

Society’s refusal to change theses Hindi beliefs and practices create the oppression of women by making their mistreatment seem justified and by making them seem less than human.Kalyani is a character in the movie Water.These three characters show how traditions and old religious practices have made the oppression of women possible all over the world.When people fail to do this, bad things start happening such as the oppression, humiliation, and subjugation of women who are actually just as intelligent, strong, and able as any man.By displaying this message in the authors’ books and movies, the authors hope to encourage all people around the world to not follow blindly old traditions and practices.

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Factors That Contributed To The Punjab Crisis History Essay

Rajiv-Laungoval Accord : This was never implemented for the fear of political reprisals in the Hindi- belt by the Congress led by Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, who had agreed to conditions from the Anandpur Sahib Resolution.The reorganization of Punjab on a linguistic platform also led to further division of water resources and central funding.The language divide further isolated the Sikhs, as they were increasingly treated with mistrust when they did not accept Hindi as the spoken language and instead began projecting Punjabi as the spoken language.On water sharing between the states to be arbitrated by a tribunal .The division of water resources severely affected agriculture in Punjab, which added to the loss of electrification since most of the h...

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Hindi Nationalism

I have experienced it myself, I belong to the Hindi belt and even after belonging to Hindi belt, I face difficulties in reading and writing my mother tongue which is Hindi.“Hindi” came from Hindi, a narrative intimate stabilization and dispossession.In the case of Hindi, there was a genuine demand and there was a radical element in the demand to make Hindi a modern language.This essay also helps us to understand the relationship between the Nationalism and Hindi, it was not by chance or luck that the initiative to create a new language as modern Hindi, occurred more or less at the same time when the nationalist movements were emerging.Because of the emergence of “Hindi”, the uses of Hindi became timid.

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Land pollution Essay

www.ukessays.com › Essays › Engineering‎ .www.alhea.com/Pollution+Of+The+Land‎ .Need any … Ad related to land pollution essay in english .Searches related to land pollution essay in english short essay on land pollution environmental pollution essay in english pdf land pollution essay for kids essay on land pollution in hindi noise pollution essay in english water pollution essay in english simple essay on environmental pollution environmental pollution essay for kids .There are various types of pollution like water pollution, air pollution, land pollution.

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Explicit Sexualization Of Both Men And Women Media Essay

They found that whereas detergents can be advertised effectively in Hindi, English is preferred for Luxury items like chocolates.Figures 1 and 2 use the same approach of photographic imagery of the sea and shore, the colours – blue and white – associate with water hence the fragrance name ‘Cool Water’ and the text for the advert.The ‘Cool Water for Men’ implies that not only will the product make you as a man, feel cool and fresh, but it will give you full of energy so that you ready for any action.The message from ‘Cool Water for Women’ clearly states that as a woman, this product will make you look and feel fresh, cool, relaxed and confident, so confident that you do not need to wear anything else but the fragrance.They use the jingle ...

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Jesus Christ and Miracles Essay

Nevertheless, the prevailing perception still is that miracles are the good, yet improbable things that happen in a person’s life and that Jesus Christ is the main performer of these miracles .According to Wikipedia, Jesus Christ performed many miracles which include curing the sick, exorcising demons from people, controlling nature, and raising dead people, among others.Moreover, possibly the most popular miracles that Jesus performed based on Wikipedia are the turning of water into wine, the exorcism of seven evil spirits from Mary Magdalene, the healing of the mute, the blind, the deaf, and the leper, walking on water, the multiplication of small amounts of fish and bread, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, the transubstantiation...

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No. Essay

La différence la plus notable est l'écriture des deux langues avec deux alphabets différents (alphabet arabe pour l'ourdou et devanagari pour le hindi).Nom l'inverse, en hindi, de nombreux mots de vocabulaire concernent la religion et les pratiques hindoues, et ne concernent donc pas les locuteurs de l'ourdou.Also, a speaker of Hindi communicates easily with a speaker of Urdu, which is almost the same language: the differences are in the accents and the words with religious characters; about Islam for Urdu and Hinduism for Hindi.Ces derniers forment un ensemble régional que l'on appelle la «Hindi Belt» (ceinture hindi) et dans lequel le hindi peut être considéré comme la langue maternelle de la grande majorité des habitants.L'intercompré...

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Elie Wiesel's Night

Hindi talaga ginagawa ng Diyos ang anumang inaasahan natin sa kanya.Hindi nito tinutulungan ang naaapi, sa halip, tinutulungan nito ang nang-aapi.Tayong mga tao mismo dapat ang gumawa ng paraan upang hindi na mangyari ang nangyari sa mga hudyo.Huwag nating bibigyan ng "absolute explanation" ang Diyos dahil hindi natin alam kung ano nga ba ang "absolute definition" ng Diyos.Kung isasara natin ang ating mga isipan at piliing magbulag-bulagan na lamang, hinahayaan lang natin kung anumang hindi kanais-nais na iyon na mangyari.

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The Evil in the Bottled Water

At less, when you are in a place that can drink the tap water, don’t drink the bottled water.As the citizens, we should drink less and less bottled water and try to drink the tap water.The consumer rights organizations of united states: Nearly half of bottled water from the tap water .“The United States is the largest consumer market for bottled water in the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil.” (Wikipedia) Here is some data about bottled water in 2008, “U.S.Then, we can use the money that is saved from the bottled water to help the poor people, and we also can use this money to help the people who live in places that do not have the clean tap water to drink the clean water.

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Official languages of India Essay

The current position is that the government of India continues to use English in addition to Hindi for its official needs, as an official secondary language, while asking to set up and carry out a program tending to gradually increase the use of Hindi.In 1950, article 343 of the Constitution of India declared Hindi written in Devanagari to be the official language of the Union.This is why the Parliament of India enacted the Official Languages ​​Act 1963, which allows the use of English in official contexts alongside Hindi after 1965. .Two languages ​​are official: Hindi and English.Other central offices in the rest of the Union must use Hindi or English and the country is divided into three zones A, B and C where: .

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An Analysis of Jose Corozon De Jesus Essay

Takot pa ang pag-ibig mo, hindi ka pa umiibig: .The only way to find true security if one is to make an oath is to swear by the duty that shall love.Tumanda ka’t nagkauban, hindi mo pa maunawa.It could change into its opposite, into hate or it can become the sickness of jealousy.To have the hand of the girl, a man must know how to get water from the well, get firewood in the forest or in the mountain and giving the girl some fruits or vegetable from his farm.

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Solutions for the Water Deficit

Integrated water resources management (IWRM) which has been defined by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) as “a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources, in order to maximize the resultant economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems”.The second cause is water deficit in Al-Batinah coast which is about 350 million cubic meters per year because sea water goes through groundwater layers and this causes groundwater pollution.Some citizen are suffering from drought because they depended on these wells to provide clear water for them to drink it, but, few of those citizen impacted by maxing of sea salt water fresh gr...

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Slumdog Millionaire A Short Summary Film Studies Essay

Beggar-makers do round-up forsaken juvenile kids and mutilate them in alignment to make them more agreeable, while it is highly unlikely that any such progeny will ever possibility upon a $100 account, much less be adept of recognizing it by feel and scent alone.Slumdog has enraged numerous Indians because it tarnishes their insight of their homeland as an expanding financial authority and a bonfire of democracy.So at times pathetically artificial, many of the film’s heart trembling scenarios are motivated by a miserable, but well-documented truth.India’s English newspapers, said mostly by its middle classes, have conveyed many bristling reconsiders of the film that articulate an acute sense of wounded nationwide dignity.(Wikipedia, the ...

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Languages in India Essay

The Hindi states thus form what is called the “Hindi Belt”.Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, with 422 million speakers, or 41% of the population, mainly in the north of the country.Thus, Hindustani - of which Hindi and Urdu are two registers - is very influenced by Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic.In 1837 English replaced Persian as the administrative language, and in the 19th century a Hindi movement set out to replace Persian vocabulary with a vocabulary derived from Sanskrit.Hindi has many dialects: Khariboli from the Delhi region forms Standard Hindi.

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India’s Society and Culture

Although the youth do not believe in the traditional aspects, the culture will vary with time and will not be traditional anymore because of the modern world.The government has recognized 18 official languages; Hindi, the national language, is the most widely spoken, although English is a national lingua franca... To conclude with, there are different aspects of the Indian culture.Therefore the Indian Culture is a very unique culture and has various practices.Each aspect is practiced by people but not everyone believes in the different aspects.

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Indian Literature

Sant Kabir and Tulsidas were the greatest exponents of the Hindi literature during this period.Sarojini Naidu’s Works: .The Golden Threshold, published in the United Kingdom,1905 The Bird of Time: Songs of Life, Death & the Spring, published in London, 1912 The Broken Wing: Songs of Love, Death and the Spring, including “The Gift of India” (first read in public in 1915), 1917 Muhammad Jinnah: An Ambassador of Unity, 1916 .The Sceptred Flute: Songs of India, Allahabad: Kitabistan, posthumously published, 1943 The Feather of the Dawn, posthumously published, edited by her daughter, Padmaja Naidu, 1961 .The Indo-Aryan prakrits also gave rise to languages like Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Nepali, Marathi, and Punjabi, which are no...

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Famous Women of Uttarakhand Essay

She distinguished herself as a great warrior queen, and fought against the Mughals in 1640.Rani Karnawati ‘Nak-Kati-Rani’ Filed in : Heroic, Historic Rani Karnavati was the wife of Mahipat Shah, the king of Garhwal, who ascended to the throne in 1622 and died young in 1631.After his death the queen, Rani Karnavati, ruled the kingdom on behalf of her young son, Prithvipat Shah.In recognition of her contribution to Hindi literature she was given several awards and honours including Bhartendu Harishchandra Samman (1979); Padmashri (1981); Mahadevi Verma Samman (1994); Subramannyam Samman (1995) and Hindi Sewa Nidhi Rashtriya Puruskar (1997).In 1935, Shivani’s first story was published in the Hindi Children’s magazine ‘Natkhat’, at age twelv...

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Urdu Essay

Sounds shown in parentheses only exist in certain dialects.The sounds indicated in parentheses only exist in certain dialects.In Asia, Indonesian is a vehicular language, a synthesis of Malay languages, very close to the Malay spoken in Malaysia, and which has become the national language of Indonesia.However, the gap with Hindi has, in recent decades, been narrowing due to the growing influence of the Indian economy and cinema.This is true for the cities of Lucknow, Aligarh and Hyderabad.

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