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Expalnation of Father Returning Home Essay

Possibly the most famous of his translations is Says Tuka, a rendition of the work of seventeenth century Marathi bhakti poet Tukaram.In short the father has no joy in his life; there is no closeness between the father and the children.And yet, after over fifty years of living that life of poet and artist, he stands by it, refusing to have it any other way.The old man is just a word in the syntax of life.At the ripe young age of 16, Dilip Purushottam Chitre made a decision that would change his life forever.

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The Wave of My Life: Dalit Woman’s Memoir

This is what my life has taught me.How easily, men appeared poor and women shameless.’’ In the concluding paragraphs of her Memoir Urmila Pawar writes, “Life has taught me many things, showed me so such.This is my life and that is me.” .So I have to go fill it up.’’ After some days, that artist was narrating the story to someone, “The poor husband was going to store water at home and this shameless woman was laughing.Her memoir ‘Aaydan’, which was published in the year 2003 and was translated by Dr. Maya Pandit as The Weave of my life: A Dalit woman’s Memoir’.

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Bombay Essay

The water supply is provided by six lakes: Vihar, Vaitarna, Upper Vaitarna, Tulsi, Tansa and Powai, to which is added the Bhatsa dam.The economic elite, mainly from Gujarat, pleads for an autonomous city-state status, distinct from the Marathi state.This name, "Mumbai", comes from the contraction of "Mamba" or "Maha-Amba", name of the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi (in) that would have formerly venerated the inhabitants of the places and " Aai ”,“ mother ”in Marathi, the regional language.The city also the film industry in the Marathi language.The very large population of the city presents certain problems, so there is a lack of water and electricity and their access is sometimes cut in the commercial districts.

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Ngo Csi Report

27.| Sidhdhant | Marathi medium| .21.| Shweta | Marathi medium| .We remain fully committed to providing vulnerable children with an opportunity to receive education and realize their potential in life.22.| Ravinder| Marathi medium| .* Working with this organization gave me a chance to explore and experience the real life situations.

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Nagpur Essay

Nagpur or Nagpour (Marathi: नागपुर Nāgpur) is a city in central India, in Maharashtra.The highest temperature recorded in the city is 48.6 ° C and the lowest is 4 ° C. .The rainy season is short but the city receives an average of 1,242 mm of water per year.The cultivation of oranges near Nagpur is threatened by the pollution emitted by coal-fired power stations.Since then, Buddhists, a very small minority in India, have gathered there every October to honor the memory of Dr Ambedkar.

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Indore Essay

Daly College, founded in 1870 to educate the elites of the princely Marathi and Rajput states, is one of the oldest mixed boarding schools in the world.Indore (hindi: इन्दौर Indaur, Marathi: इंदूर Iṃdūr) (.mw-parser-output .pronunciation & gt; a {background: url ("// upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/ 8 / 8a / Loudspeaker.svg / 11px-Loudspeaker.svg.png ") center left no-repeat; padding-left: 15px; font-size: smaller} Listen) is the commercial capital and the largest city in the state Indian from Madhya Pradesh.Indore holds the Guinness record for the largest tea ever staged in the world, which was held on February 24, 2008 at Nehru Stadium, with 32,681 participants.After independence, the admission criteria were revised to ref...

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Alembic Chemical Works Ltd Essay

It becomes a collector’s series.Each folder is well-researched.Daughter of the noted Marathi stage actor-singer Master Dinnanath Mangeshkar, Lata revealed her musical genius at the tender age of five.A short write-up on the characteristics of Alcephin and the line ‘The Legend Among Antibiotics.’ It is not intrusive at all.Yet it is effective.

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Maharashtra Essay

According to the 2001 census, the distribution of religions is as follows: .According to a network of NGOs specializing in the fight for women's rights: “The cane cutters live in miserable conditions, without drinking water or sanitation in their makeshift shelters.Devotion to Krishna is also celebrated during Kaartik Aamawasya (or Diwali) and Narak Chaturdashi.The Gokul Ashtami (or Krishna Janmashtami) celebrates Krishna.The Maha Shivaratri and Elephant Festival festivals celebrate devotion to Shiva.

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Ghasiram Kotwal

He began writing in the fifties but his signature style began to develop clearly with his association with the experimental theatre movement which was a beginning of modernism in Marathi literature.Based on the life of Nana Phadnavis (1741–1800), one of the prominent ministers in the court of the Peshwa of Pune.Greed and lust for money were, are and will always exist in human nature… In 1972, Tendulkar wrote another, even much more acclaimed play, Ghāshirām Kotwāl (“Officer Ghāshirām”), which dealt with political violence.The play is a political satire created as a musical drama set in 18th century Pune.Women still continue to be the ruled ones and the caste conflict has now become the class conflict where the rich dominate the poor and ...

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Nation As A Myth Is India A Myth History Essay

The only country of comparable size that has better succeeded than India through history in maintaining its unity as a country is China.The foreign ruler ship prevented this from happening.Hopefully Indian political will would keep the Indian national interest at priority for a more stable time to come and help India avoid the European nationalistic phase.With the political drama in Maharastra for the Marathi Manus has been a nuisance.But still India is better off from the modern Europe with their nationalistic phase, when every Indian state will start functioning as different countries or starts regarding them as different nations all together.

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Brief Gerographic background of from where Anna Hazare was born Essay

Marathi women commonly wear the sari, often distinctly designed according to local cultural customs.The language spoken in this town Bhingar is Marathi.Though quite different, both use a lot of seafood and coconut.Konkani, and Varadi.Anna Hazare was born and lived the 1st 6 years of his life in Bhingar which is a small town in Ahmednagar district.

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Goan Literature and Translation! Essay

Translation has, in recent years added an immeasurable dimension to our awareness of the layered texture, the resonance and the depth of Indian society.Indeed, only through good translations can there be communication and understanding of continuum of other common heritage.But the problem with Goan literature was that most of the literature was written in local languages like Konkani and Marathi and only a few people could read and understand what Goa actually is and what are the issues related to this land.Goan reflection is nothing but the projection of Goa as a land, Goa’s socio-economic life and contemporary Goan expressions.A few important translations from regional languages to English are Gora By Rabindranath Tagore originally wri...

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Information about states in India

Eastern Rajasthan has the world famous Keoladeo National Park near Bharatpur, a World Heritage Site[2] known for its bird life.This religion is a way of life and is based on the principle of Sanathana Dharma.Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking.The Bene Israel (“Sons of Israel”) are a strong community of Marathi Jews originally from villages in the Konkan region who migrated in the late 17th century to the nearby cities, primarily Mumbai, but also to Pune, and Ahmedabad.Hinduism[edit source | editbeta]Hindus form 82% of the state’s total population and Hinduism plays an important role in the lives of the Maharashtrian people in their day-to-day life.

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Textile Industry of Mumbai Essay

Girangaon (Marathi: गिरणगाव, literally “mill village”) was a name commonly used to refer to an area now part of central Mumbai, India, which at one time had almost 130 textile mills, with the majority being cotton mills.[15] Seven mill structures were granted heritage protection status by the Government of Maharashtra.[22] A popular play, Cotten 54, Polyester 64, has been written, based on Neera Adarkar and Meena Menon’s book, One hundred years, One hundred voices.Most of Bombays mills ended up located in the Girangaon area- the literally translation from the local Marathi means “mill village” – now part of Cenrtal Bombay which at its peak had about 130 textile mills, with the majority being cotton mills.[16] Indian cinema of the 1980s a...

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Languages in India Essay

The reign of Krishna Deva Raya (16th century, in the kingdom of Vijayanagara, is considered to be the golden age of Telugu literature.From the 18th century, within the state from Hyderabad, Telugu is also influenced by Persian.People speaking this language are called Tamils ​​or Tamilans.Kannara or Kannada, official language of Karnataka.Malayalam, spoken in the south of the country and notably in the states of Kerala and Lakshadweep, as well as the territory of Pondicherry, is a language which separated from Tamil around the tenth century.

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Spoilage and Fermented Milk Products

The latex and some other parts of X have been reported to have purgative, anthelmintic and emetic effects in Indian traditional medicine (Kirtikar and Basu, 1935; Jain et al.Among all its hydrolytic enzymes, proteases are found to be relatively rich and are possibly accountable for the different medicinal properties showed by the extract.Lactobacilli, Streptococcus and bifidobacteria are the three most common types of microorganisms used as probiotics; but certain yeasts and moulds may also be helpful.They should have anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties.It is produced from milk by removing almost all water.

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Socio Political Significance of Bhakti Movement in Medival India

It emphasised the value of a pure life of charity and devotion.He composed beautiful hymns in Marathi.She had lived for the most part of her life in Mathura, the birth place of Krishna and Vrindaban.She had visited all places connected with the life of Lord Krishna.He wrote all his abhangas in Marathi.

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А princess Hindu Essay

But here we can see that he gave up his life air and left his body while chanting Holy Name of Lord Chaitanya, or Gauranga Narayan Dutt Srimali: .Teachings: He preached non-violence, brotherhood, devotion towards god and to simply lead a life of a good human being.It is also stated that most important moment in our life is actually moment of death, that all our activities, thoughts, sacrifices, chanting, knowledge and meditations will determine our thoughts in time of our death.In the development of Marathi literature, Sant Eknath is seen as a bridge between the towering predecessors Dnyaneshwar and Namdev and the equally noble successors Tukaram and Ramdas.She has tried to give the message that Krishna bhakti is the best way to live l...

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Br Ambedkar Essay

[10] His family was of Marathi background from the town of Ambavade (Mandangad taluka) in the Ratnagiri district of modern-day Maharashtra.[60] Many public institutions are named in his honour, such as the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University in Hyderabad; B. R. Ambedkar Bihar University, Muzaffa .Even if they needed to drink water somebody from a higher caste would have to pour that water from a height as they were not allowed to touch either the water or the vessel that contained it.Having had little formal education in Marathi and English, but encouraging his children to learn and work hard at school.He began with public movements and marches to open up and share public drinking water resources, also he began a struggle for the ri...

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Nature & Scope Of Marketing Research Essay

Qualities of a good researcher: Qualities Entry level junior staff senior staff Strong writing skills 57 71 90 Strong analytic skills 50 67 90 Strong verbal skills 49 57 82 Professional appearance 19 28 5 Good grades 15 04 07 Good quantitative skills 13 19 41 Graduate degree 06 11 16 Good school 03 ** 01 Managerial skills ** ** 49 Client handling skills ** ** 83 .Obstacles in acceptance of marketing research Due to globalization, liberalization and privatization Narrow conception Improper orientation of the investigator Late results Conditional findings Biasness Improper research technique Inadequate skill of investigator Research inclined towards predetermined research .Problems :- Already five Marathi newspaper published daily from...

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My Mother Essay

When I was just a child, my mother used to tell me many oriental and mythological tales.My mother has taught me the importance of discipline, good manners, honesty, sense of duty and reverence towards the elders in life.She has always guided me in the right path in every step of my life.In every matter of my life, I depend on my mother’s help and guidance: Her blessings are always with me.My mother is an ideal woman in my life.

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Goa in india

Tourism is Goa’s primary industry followed by the fishing industry and the mining industry.Hindi, India’s national language is also spoken as a second or third language.Goa is one of indias richest state with a GDP per capita of one and a half times that of the country.Konkani is Goa’s primary spoken language, English and Marathi is the language used for official literacy or educational purposes.Panjim is Goa’s administarative capital and the hub of the business industry, Panjim lies on the left side of the river Mandovi over looking Goa’s legislative capital Porvorim.

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Non-membranous Percussion(GHAN)

It is played while sitting on the ground in a vertical orientation.The pitch can be slightly altered by the application of plasticize clay or water.Of all Indian instruments, it is said to most resemble the sound of the human voice – able to imitate vocal ornaments such as gamakas(shakes) and meend (sliding movements).Bowed Stringed Instrument(VITAT) .It plays an important role in India’sHindustani classical music tradition.

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Dussehra Essay

In the Kulu Valley, Dussehra is a big autumn festival in which representations of local gods are carried in multicolored canopies.At the end of a long battle between the army of the monkey people and that of the demons, Rāvana was killed by Rāma.In the evening, the effigies filled with firecrackers are set ablaze.This episode, related in the Rāmāyana, tells that Rāvana, king of Lankā, kidnapped Sita, the wife of the god Rāma, and sequestrated her on his island.On Dussehra day, devotees parade in procession with effigies, often gigantic, of Rāvana but also of his brother Kumbhakarna and his son Meghanatha.

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School days Essay

Playing with them, having lunch with them, but chatting was all of fun.So, there’s lot to write but I take a Pause what I want to tell you is, live your School days to the maximum.Many misunderstandings and contradiction took place but they were all to make the bond between us more stronger……….The flowers in the farm of their word adorned the creeper of my life.Piyush mundada.

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Language Conflicts And Subordination In India

In Maharashtra language conflict has taken a violent turn and Marathi is now being used as the instrument to drive out all non-Marathi speakers.Most other countries have a single language.How fortunate we in India are to have this treasure-trove of twenty-two major languages, not to mention hundreds of dialects.But it’s sixty-one years since we won independence.In the nineteen sixties, a new political party called the Shiv Sena became a force to reckon with because it promoted the concept of Maharashtra for Marathi speakers only, the implication being that jobs in the state and especially in Bombay, should go to Marathi speakers and nobody else.

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Role of Press in Indian Freedom Struggle Essay

Dev Brat Shastri started publication of ‘Nav Shakti and Rashtra Vani’.Similarly another .In Bihar the tradition of national newspapers was carried forward by Sachidanand Sinha, who had started the publication of Searchlight under the editorship of Murtimanohar Sinha.The weekly yogi and the Hunkar’ also contributed very much to the general awakening.It was soon after independent formed a parallel Government in Junagarh and forced the Nawab of Junagarh to leave the country.

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Samsung company Essay

Samsung phones support five Indian languages, namely Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi and Tamil.This industry required labour intensity, knowledge intensity but low input requirements of energy and raw materials.Their products in India are colour television, colour monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, microwave ovens etc.Aggressive and risk-taking investment behaviour in search of entrepreneurial rent and the effective policy of managing technology development contributed to the extraordinary achievement of Samsung Electronics.1.2 Organization Strategy .

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Indian rupee Essay

The symbols formerly used for the Indian rupee were ₨, Re., or रू, or ரூ (in Tamil) or రూ (Telougou).On the reverse side of each banknote, there is a table showing 15 of India's 22 official languages.These languages ​​are printed in alphabetical order: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepalese, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.It is inspired by other symbols in force for the double horizontal bar (eg: €, ₤, ¥).This symbol has been incorporated into Unicode (₹).

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History of India Essay

The Maurya kings are known for building their empire and managing public life, especially Ashoka who renounces militarism and spreads Buddhist dharma.He heads a center-left coalition government called the United Progressive Alliance (UPA).As its name suggests, the Marathi Empire, a Hindu leap against the power of the Mughals, finds its origin in the region that now forms the state of Maharashtra.We only observe a gradual transformation of art, thought and religious life.The British still encounter strong resistance from Haidar Alî, Sultan of Mysore, until 1782, from the Marathi Empire until 1819, from the Sikh Empire of Punjab until 1849. .

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