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Keeping the Family Tradition Alive Essay

While my sauce is simmering I get my water bath canner ready.Then I plunge them into a waiting bowl of ice water.Now I must remove the seeds and water.By draining the water off now, I end up with a thicker spaghetti sauce in less cooking time.Here’s a trick my grandma taught me: put the tomatoes, a few at a time in a large pot of boiling water for no more than 1 minute.

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Intermolecular Forces Lab

Also it was proven that it was able to withstand a paper clip’s weight and maintained a compacted shape after putting a drop of water onto a wax paper.* Use an eyedropper to transfer one drop of water and rubbing alcohol onto the wax paper.The purpose of the lab was to investigate and demonstrate hydrogen and London dispersion bonding in water and in alcohol.* Fill a jar to the brim with rubbing alcohol and another with water.Finally water was able to withstand ___ pennies before overflowing when rubbing alcohol only held ____ pennies.

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Feasibility study of Ultrasonic Waves as Larvicide to Mosquitoes

Based on our experiments we use 2 jars half on the first and none with the water with 20 mosquitoes each we see that in the jar with water 16 mosquitoes die and 9 with non-water.Analysis of Data .We therefore conclude that the mosquito is faster to die in water than in air because the particles are closer to each other using the ultrasonic device.The ultrasonic device was turned on for 5 minutes and let the mosquitoes from jar 1 and 2 be exposed in ultrasonic device for 5 minutes.Jar 1 was filled with water and Jar 2 was not.

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Chemistry Laboratory Safety Manual And Sample Lab Report

Sodium acetate (CH3COONa) and soda lime (CaO, NaOH), test tubes, delivery tube, stopper, gas jar and gas jar lid, pneumatic trough, stand, clamp, beehive shelf, Bunsen burner and balance.Safety showers generally dump 151 to 190 liters of water, which should extinguish the flames.It is not soluble in water.There will be no change when bromine water is added to the gas jar filled with methane.A few drop of bromine water was added to the gas jar filled with methane.

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Running Record Observation for a Preschooler Essay

When one boy destroys the wooden block road, he mumbles, “Oh, no, broken road!”.When he approaches his car to another car his friend is playing with, that boy shouts, “Look, police car here.It’s a police car.” He grabs it firmly with his fingers and walks backward to show it to the boy who yelled at Tom that he has the bad car before.He puts down the stick next to the glue jar, picks up dry leaves and places them on the glue part of his paper.Tom talks to the boy, ” Why don’t you build something else?”.

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Colligative Properties Essay

We were still able to record and determine the freezing point of both distilled water as well as salt water.Two ice baths were made, one with pure water, the other with salt water.First, an ice water bath was prepared filling a 100ml beaker halfway with cool tap water and adding a pinch of salt and some crushed ice.The salt water had a lower freezing point than the pure water by 2 degrees which supports the hypothesis that solutions have a lower freezing point than pure water.The freezing point depression was observed for pure water as well as salt water.

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Rock Powder Candy

* 1 cup water .When the water has started boiling, remove it from the heat and let the water settle.Lay the stick over the top of the glass jar so that the string hangs down inside the jar, but not touching the bottom of the jar.Start a pot of water boiling on the stove.The candy is made of water and sugar (melted in the water) only flavorings and food colors are optional.

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Chemistry experiments

Obviously the green water was much more dense than the yellow water because the green water mixed immediately with the yellow water, clearly proving the green water to be more dense.I’m pretty sure that the green water will just drop completely into the yellow water.The blue water did slowly enter the red water.A- Salt water is more dense than fresh water, and therefore sinks under fresh water – which is exactly what happens in estuaries, which are areas near the mouth of a river where fresh water and salt water do mix.Q-Thinking about what you learned in the lab and doing some additional research, if you mixed fresh and salt water together in the marine environment, how would the water “layer”?

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Investigatory Project Physics Essay

Green appeared to have the highest emissivity.The 10th jar was used as the control variable.The 4 jars each had calibrated glass thermometers in them to monitor the water temps.For the cooling trial, 59 degree C water was poured into the 10 jars.Each jar started with 80 mL of 24 degree C tap water.

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The Purity and Purification of Solids Essay

Theoretical weight of substance and jar= 20.0987 g. .The determination of melting points often aids in purity analysis and in the identification of substances.Experimental weight of substance and jar= 23.0600 g. .California, 2000 .Weight of jar 1 without cap= 19.0900 g. .

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Electrostatics Paper Essay

They named the invention the Leyden jar which is essentially a jar filled with water and a nail capable of storing an electrical charge inside of it.Opposites attract – like charges repel.With this law, it was now possible to calculate the electrostatic force between two charged objects.Electrostatics is a part of physics is that the study and analysis of electricity, its properties and its applications.The law states, “Like charges repel and opposite charges attract, with a force proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” Coulomb’s law basically describes the force between two charged particles.

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Two Reasons why Water Resources and Traditional Rain-fed Farming in West Africa have Declined

At the rates of their water consumption, all available water resources will be used up within 15 years.In both the northern and western regions, water demand is continuing to rise because of growing populations and expanding economies.Water availability per capita is predicted to drop to less than one-half the present inadequate levels by 2025 (Ayub, 1994,1).Day, John C. Soil and Water Management in West Africa."North African countries are also entering a critical dilemma regarding declining water resources.

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Production of Compressed Stabilized Earth Block

Adding clean water up the second-third of the jar’s height; 3.After being shaken in a capped jar filled with water, and allowed to settle, the course materials sink to the bottom of the jar: small gravels at the beginning, then sand, silt and the finest at the top, clay.After 30 minutes, add second mark to the point where the fine gravel, sand and silt have settled out of the water, as T2 will; 10. another 24 hours, adding a mark at the highest level of the fine gravel, sand, silt, and clay, just where the water and soil contents have separated visually, as T3; and, 11.That means that for each mixing we will need: 1 (72 kg) wheelbarrow + 5 (12 kg) buckets= 132 kg (earth) + 8.33 kg Soil Block + water 72 kg 12 kg 12 kg 12 kg 12 kg 12 kg .P...

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Candy Chromatography

Observation: water solution, it washed away graphite and the alcohol solution, it almost made it brighter and more clear.Water stopped at 60cm.Let the strip hang in the jar.Space four drops of water on a piece of foil.Dip toothpick into a sample colored water, dab the color onto the pencil.

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Bisleri and Aquafina Essay

This started the trend of using mineral water for drinking purpose to exploit the therapeutic value of the water.* The bottled water is considered to be safe as compared to ordinary tap water.PESTLE ANALYSIS OF THE INDIAN BOTTLED WATER DRINKING INDUSTRY .• Parle Bisleri’s latest product, Bisleri Mountain Water, is bottled in two plants in Uttarakhand (formerly Uttaranchal) and Himachal Pradesh.In India, with exposure of media and international life styles, deteriorating levels of potable water, drastic increase in a number of water borne disease cases, increased in awareness about health and hygiene and other related factors led to acceptability of concept of mineral water.

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The Healthiness of the Salt River

f. Classify the water quality for each stream and share the data with the other groups.Also, with going multiple times during the year, with the water level changing occasionally but with the chance of having the experiment conducted with high water levels, collecting the different bugs over a long span of time can tell if the rivers health id dependant on seasonal changes within the environment, one such possibility being the lower health in summer due to the pollution caused by the human population that goes to the river recreationally.An assumption would be the release of the water from the local Roosevelt Dam that controlled the water levels.In order for a river to have a healthy system, the dissolved oxygen for a fresh water river s...

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Putting Things First

The he said, ‘So now is the jar full?’ ‘No,’ said by the students.We must determine and put in our mind what is the most important in our life and what is the least to give attention with.The students did as he asked and filled the jar with rocks.One day he took an empty jar into the classroom, and he said to his students, ‘Would you all be so kind to fill this jar with rocks?Make sure the jar is full with rocks!’ .

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Gummy Bear Lab Essay

Put 100 ml of water in each beaker.Another experiment is by filling two beakers of water, making them ¾ full and labeling them.The paper towel is the cell membrane and the food coloring is the water molecules crossing the cell membrane.The dependent variable is whether the amount of water lost or gained in the gummy bears varies in a linear fashion.Then add salt to one beaker and mix it into the water until no more salt can dissolve.

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Introduction to Science

A data analysis will clearly show the amount of dissolved oxygen and the increase in fish who thrive in the water source.Using a consistent water source without effecting the oxygen dissolved to sustain fish observed.Develop a hypothesis relating to the amount of dissolved oxygen measured in the water sample and the number of fish observed in the body of water.Beans in Well Water .Each container will have the same water source but different levels of dissolved oxygen.

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Analysis of Scene 2 of Blue Remembered Hills Essay

This unexpected control Willie has is evident as when Peter once again threatens Willie with physical violence-his fist- he sees that this may completely blow his chance of getting any information so he rethinks and offers him his Dandy.Apart from the stage directions in Scene 1 where it clearly stated if they were moving and what actions they were doing if they were talking, this was no stated in Scene 2, therefore, I have no choice but to assume most if their conversation was given mostly in stationary mode.Willie is now in control as he shows to Peter that he doesn’t care and that he could buy his own comic.Because of this, Peter has to still be moderately controlled in how he acts towards Willie to get the location of the jam jars ou...

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The Different Types of Clouds Essay

Much of the following procedure will vary, depending on students’ reactions, comments, and levels of understanding.As it rises, it cools and the water vapor condenses on some form of particulate matter such as dust, ash, or moke to form clouds.Management Strategies: This activity would be most appropriately done with small groups so that all students can view the cloud formation in the Jar.Other class members could be working on researching the different types of clouds, drawing and labeling these clouds, researching and drawing the water cycle, working on a forecast for the rest of the day based on the clouds in the sky, etc.As a basis for understanding this concept: c. Students know water vapor in the air moves from one place to anothe...

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Greek, Red-Figure Hydria Essay

The neck of the hydria is decorated with a laurel—a common symbol used in ceremony, representing victory over passion; and its lip or brim is painted with waves.These two are facing each other with a water basin in the middle.The hydria is frequently used by women in the Greek society.The Greek, Red-Figure Hydria The Greek red-figure hydria possesses two horizontal handles that are used for lifting the jar and a large vertical handle located at the back that is used for pouring.This Greek red-figure hydria is a strong proof that the subjects utilized in ceramics are not only confined to gods and heroes.

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Korean Drink Sikhye Essay

The ingredients in this refreshment are Korean rice, malt powder, warm water, caster sugar, ginger, and pine nuts if want to garnish.When making sikhye, what you need to do first is to mix warm water and powdered malt and leave it for three to four hours until the water becomes yellowish.The next step is to boil the remaining water and add some sugar for taste.The famous drink is made by pouring malt water into boiled glutinous rice to leave for a while to ferment.When served in special occasions, pour the water in a glass bowl and put the floating rice and other ingredients for decoration.

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Coagulation and Flocculation Essay

The predetermined dose of coagulant was poured into a 100mL graduated cylinder and DI water was added to reach a total solution volume of 100 mL.First, 400 mL of clay and sodium bicarbonate amended DI water was measured and poured into a 500 mL Erlenmeyer flask using a graduated cylinder.Coagulation and flocculation are important part in water and wastewater treatment.The first experiment is to conduct jar tests to estimate an optimum dosage of iron salt to remove suspended solids.Jar tests also provide information on the amount of energy needed to provide the coagulation and flocculation treatments, as well as settleability of the flocs, and clarity of the water.

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Designing an Osmotic Potential Experiment with Potatoes

This variable will be manipulated by using different amounts of sugar in the solutions, the sugar will first be weighed out, then I will add tap water into the solution, upon reaching the desired volume I will stop.Tap water will be the desired choice for this experiment as it is the purest water that I can get hold of.The tap water also has a stable temperature if I run it cold first.Therefore I will use tap water for this experiment.My independent variable will be the different solutions I will use; the solutions will include a range from pure water to a saturated sugar solution.

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Bignay Wine Essay

Store in cool (20oC), dry place for at least 6 months to mature.Care must be exercised not to make too much movement on the jar so as not to disturb the sediments.Pasteurize 10% of the total volume of the “must” in boiling water for 30 minutes.Cover the jar properly and stand for 16-18 hours at room temperature.Finally, cover the bottle with a cap seal.

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Glow Stick

Water Temp.5°C-15°C25°C35°C-45°C .In the end, the hypothesis mainly states that putting a glow stick into the freezer will actually help maintain the chemiluminescence(glowing reaction in the glow stick) last longer.3.The cold water cup should be at 5-15 degrees Celsius.The observations I made were that, the glow stick in the warmer water glowed brighter but it also extinguished or died off a lot faster.The glow stick in the cold water was not as bright as the stick in the hot water, but it did produce light the longest.

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The Bell Jar Analysis

Bell jar, bell jar in plus bell.Silher Greenwood is the protagonist of "The Bell Jar" of Silvia Plath and has been cast under her own frustration and this spell has been cast.The novel "The Bell Jar" is reborn and classified as a plot according to the five stages of the prototype (falling, depression, imprisonment, nightmare, and regeneration).Esther Greenwood, the protagonist of The Bell Jar, explained that she breathed her life with a bell.Please emphasize this and give Piggy a foil of Charisma Jack.The bell jar of the bell jar sylvia is rich in patterns, all of which help to maintain the theme of the novel.Scholars will discuss the nature of Esther's "bell jar" and what it can represent.

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Analysis of the Swamp in Psycho

The water finds its strength again and consumes more of the car.And as the above analysis concludes, the answer can be a bit unsettling.The trunk lies like a Nile crocodile, its back above the water.The result of these choice is paradoxical, as Fried goes on to say that a static painting or a film’s (static in its celluloid repetition) “stability and unchangingness are endowed to an astonishing degree with the power to conjure an illusion of imminent or gradual or even fairly abrupt change.” Within the scene currently under analysis, this paradoxical choice is further amplified by the unique way film as an artistic medium can be re-watched.With Hitchcock behind the camera, the scene is elevated beyond mere plot and into a realm worthy of...

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Esther Greenwood Character Analysis in The Bell Jar

However, when considering the nature of life and death of Silvia Plus himself, and the similarity of her life with "bell jar" it is difficult to ignore the theme of psychosis.Sylvia Plath emphasized his praised novel The Bell Jar on the influence of the bell to the protagonist Esther Greenwood.Over the novel, Esther talks about this bell jar who smothers her and is aware of the definite moment when the bell rose.I am worried that she will be troubled again.The bell jar of the bell jar sylvia is rich in patterns, all of which help to maintain the theme of the novel.Esther compared her illness with insanity and bell jar in the mind.Scholars will discuss the nature of Esther's "bell jar" and what it can represent.

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