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Nature and our responsibility towards it

Food, water, and clean air are three natural resources that we depend on constantly.Water pollution causes many issues for our natural resources such as grass, trees, and plants.This pollutes the places where our drinking water comes from.Animals eat natural resources such as grass, hay, and a mixture of other natural resources so that they can stay alive.Acid rain damages animal habitats, pollute water, and damage the ecosystem.

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Conservation Of Natural Resources

A renewable resource is a natural resource which can replenish with the passage of time, either through biological reproduction or other naturally recurring processes.A natural resource may exist as a separate entity such as fresh water, and air, as well as a living organism such as a fish, or it may exist in an alternate form which must be processed to obtain the resource such as metal ores, oil, and most forms of energy.Natural resources occur naturally within environments that exist relatively undisturbed by humanity, in a natural form.The exploitation of natural resources started to emerge in the 19th century as natural resource extraction developed.Complete ecological units that function as natural systems without massive civilized...

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Natural Resources Essay

Resource depletion means exhaustion of natural resources in a certain region.The rain water is useful for gardening and cleaning purposes.We can save water by fixing any nozzle or tap that is broken or cracked.Overexploitation of water has caused drying of water bodies like lakes and streams.Conservation of the natural resources is not an easy task especially due to the fact that we are heavily dependent on these resources for our daily needs.

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Conservation of natural resources Essay

CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES the human population is continuously growing the consumption of natural resources is also increasing.Select a suitable site for the toilet, away from water sources and houses.Conservation of Water Conservation and management of water are essential for the survival of mankind, plants and animals.Contour ploughing: Ploughing at right angles to the slope allows the furrows to trap water and check soil erosion by rain water.Use the sewage water for growing trees; .

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“A Study on the Relationship between Overpopulation and Depletion of Natural Resources that Affects the Economic Status of the Philippines” Essay

The National Water Resources Board under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Philippines is responsible for ensuring the optimum exploitation, utilization, development, conservation and protection of the country’s water resource, consistent with the principles of Integrated Water Resource Management.Hence, the constant pollution of the environment, along with bodies of water has exponentially decreased the quantity of usable water for the future of our generations.This was the observation made by Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) Senior Research Fellow Dr. Danilo Israel whose review imputes poor management of freshwater water resources, particularly in the area of water pollution.This has critically b...

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Quality of Life on Earth

If we want to continue to survive on this planet, we should make a change to our lifestyles, by finding a sustainable way to continue living our lives without hurting the earth so that our natural resource base and fragile eco-system will be protected.To them, fresh water, forests, fish, minerals and fossil fuels are resources that they own and control.Thus, they are using natural resources at a rate that will drain the planet in near future and making our planet inhospitable to everyone, the poorest people are especially affected by the over-consumption of natural resources because over-consumption causes poverty.John (2012) stated that, “a child in the developed world consumes 30-50 times as much water as in the developing world; CO2 p...

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Conservation of natural resources – essay writing Essay

As it becoming worse because of the pollution and the climate change, water conservation is the perfect way to improve the quality of water as well as to balance the current and future water needs.That’s all I have time for the important for water conservation.Water is the basis of lives living on earth.To human, water provides us a huge need for the basic needs as we need fresh water for drinking, to cook thing and to use in things we cook; for example, in the soup, cake, dessert, porridge and so on and we also need freshwater to wash ourselves for being clean and hygiene, to wash clothes for being fresh, to wash dishes for getting away from any kinds of gems, and even to wash our vehicles as needed.Not different from the human kind, an...

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Comparing The Use Of Natural Resources In USA, China, Europe And Iraq

Using vast water resource, hydroelectric energy has been the leading in lighting homes.In term of natural minerals, Europe has reserves of minerals like natural gas, coal, petroleum, iron, lead, zinc, goal, tin, gypsum, gold, limestone, and others.The value of natural resources is taken in terms of the quantity of the resource available and level of demand of that resource.According to the US Geology Survey, United States is endowed with a lot of natural resource ranging from land, energy, water, minerals, and biota.Being the first continent to industrialize, Europe has along history of exploration of natural resources although it has been seeking a vast of natural resources from other continents as well.

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Carbon Footprint And Water Footprint Environmental Sciences Essay

Water Footprint is a novel subset of Ecological Footprint and it does not provide any light on contribution of embedded water towards environmental impact or water stress.It also refers to the amount of water required to dilute the pollutants such that the water remains above the acceptable standards for water quality... Ecological Footprint, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint are very important accounting tool to measure bioproductive area’s capacity, carbon dioxide emission and the usage of fresh water.The Corporate must also measure its Water Footprint and must always replenish the water source from where it has taken fresh water for its production of goods and services.Internal Water Footprint refers to the requisition of domestic...

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Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

Although there may be an abundance of this resource, these companies have not been using natural gases sustainably.The water contamination and the methane that is emitted into the atmosphere due to fracking make it equally as harmful as coal burning.Industries are able to move onto land near people’s homes and contaminate their air and water without any regulations whatsoever.If the United States continues to use natural gases at the rate that it does now, every recoverable source of natural gas will have been used up within the next 80 years.Many people who live near fracking sites may be forced to leave their homes on account of high levels of water and air contamination.

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Essay on The Conservation Of Rainwater Management

Environmental pollution harm has two main aspects: 1.Heat island effect from the perspective of the geographical circulation of heat, because the night lighting caused unnecessary energy loss (including generating heat loss and lighting loss), is bound to increase electric effect throughout the city, thereby exacerbating urban heat island effect.The economic significance of rainwater management is to reduce the residents’ water utilization in order to saving water expense."The harm directly reflected in, if the living condition of a certain area is too bright at night, it can be difficult to sleep, disrupt the body 's normal biological clock, leading to daytime work efficiency fall, resulting in psychological stress.The resource signific...

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Conservation Of Natural Resources

Examples of natural resources are air, water, wood, oil, wind energy, hydro-electric energy, iron, and coal.Reduce- By initially using less, we help to conserve valuable resources such as water and energy.But it doesn’t mean that we should not use natural resources.As population increases the depletion of natural resource will also increase.Man over exploits natural resource for his comfort.

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Technology in Helping the Problem of Resource Scarcity

The government should install small hydro power plants in areas where there is a natural flow of water to provide electricity to communities/villages that have no access to it or where it is not cost effect to install power lines.Lastly, it is essential to improve water management and make sure that water is not wasted.Furthermore, this regulatory body should conduct research to evaluate which areas need what amount of water and subsequently make sure that the right amount reaches the right areas, in turn eliminating the concerns with water supply through proper management.Any resource crisis that does occur, its impact will be felt first and foremost by the poorest sectors of the population, for instance should a water crisis occur its...

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Preserving Water is Preserving Life Essay

Humans, animals, and plant life will not be able to subsist without water; plant life would not be able to grow, and animals which eat plants will not have any food supply.If people pitch in and do their part for the preservation of water, life on Earth may have a chance in subsisting for generations.There are various resources that the Earth provides its inhabitants, but the most important natural resource is water.024% of all the water resources in the world is accessible, while the rest of the world’s water supply consists of oceans and inaccessible freshwater in the deep earth (Dauvergne, 2005).Water is a finite source, and only about 0.

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Natural Resources

Some resources like water and agriculture are essential for survival of inhabitants while others like energy and minerals are secondary in nature but essential for economic development.Thus, the daunting challenge of poor management of natural resources direly needs to be addressed not only to overcome the perils caused due to it but also to achieve economic self sufficiency and prosperity of the nation.The lack of vision and policy planning in utilization of water resource is also severely affecting agriculture.The most important of the natural resources in this globalized world is human resource.Despite having one of the largest irrigation systems of the world, Pakistan is facing water scarcity for crops.

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Oras Na: Documentary Reaction Paper Essay

Bangkulasi, Navotas which their water is trusted to a water truck from other place.In Tubigan, Bicol, people dig underground to have supply from the ground water and after 4 years, they will find other places to have their water supply as well as in Brgy.It gives water supply to over 3, 000 households in their town.And this kind of cleanliness in water can be seen in the rivers in our country way back Spanish time, even the Pasig river was said to be that clean.Water shortage can be experience right now in some places in Tawi-Tawi like Sitangkai which is the farthest island in the country, and in Bongao.

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Environmental Sustainability and Society

Water resources are also at risk because most factories and domestic wastes are dumped into water found on the planet.Societies are, therefore, required to develop saving ethics for natural resources such as water, energy, and fuels.The researcher studied reduced water consumption in a set of households where water consumption level of each appliance was labeled.Amongst those issues are climate change, global atmospheric change, water resources and pollution, nuclear issues, energy and natural hazards.This action on the part of society does not only pollute the water or threaten the existence of marine life, but it also increases chances of acidic rain as the water vapors created from ocean are polluted.

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Water Pollution and its Challenges Exploratory Essay

Water pollution is a phenomenon that requires attention in order to halt its devastating effects on water ecology.Runoff water from agricultural land leads to contamination and pollution because it carries impurities that clog water bodies.Natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes lead to contamination of water resources.Water pollution refers to a situation where impurities find way into water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and ground water.Various categories of water pollution manifest through activities that undermine quality of water resources.

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Population dynamics and environmental

Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand.Our lives revolve around water; we need water to satisfy our basic needs and do certain chores with it.Due to a shortage of natural storage disasters concerning water, the release of water to seaside zones, etc.Lack of water or quality water causes huge sanitation issues clinics, local restaurants, public places of convenience and other places are forced to use very little water for cleaning.This means our activities have negative in impact on water resources and there should be laws which protect the overuse of water and factories should be restricted to deposit their waste into Dams and rivers.

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Water Scarcity Problem in UAE

Also, until all the undergoing projects are not completed and the availability of water is not ensured by the government: the threat of water ending in the next 50 years is not removed, the government should install meters at all the consumer points to keep a check on the amount of water being utilized and charged for the number of units used just the way electricity is charged.The rapid population growth of the country increases the stress on the water resources by increasing the production of desalinated water which results costly and decreases the production of ground water.She said that during 2013, Abu Dhabi has collaboratively worked with the water community of Abu Dhabi in formulating a Water Resource Strategy, spread over the nex...

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Economic And Social Impacts Of The Water Crisis Geography Essay

Due to high salinity sea water has to be desalinated before using as potable water.Another technique adding water resources is “water harvesting”.All in all the natural water resources are already exhausted in a great extent, so that a carefully organized water management is absolutely essential.There it has become a major political issue and the various peace agreements that have been proposed or signed in recent years all include water.” The author of this quote reveals the critical situation in the Middle East where water is a scarce resource.Higher charges on water could enable the countries to modernize their water distribution systems and thus reduce high water losses.

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Human consumption: and its effect on the environment Essay

“Pollutants are harmful chemical or physical substances released into the atmosphere, a water source, the soil or a component of the biosphere” (Saier, 2006:205) Particle pollutants when released in the air are very lethal, and could cause severe damage to the human body.Humans are known to solely depend on earth’s resources such as; oil, forests, water, energy and others.Though carrying capacity is ultimately determined by natural constraints, Cohen stressed the role of human choices about lifestyle and consumption in determining how many people the earth can sustain within those constraints.There are various types of pollution, such as; air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and others.Humans still contaminate their air, water ...

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Non Renewable Resources

In most electric power plants, water is heated and converted into steam, which drives a turbine-generator to produce electricity.The remaining natural gas is further refined to remove impurities and water vapor, and then transported in pressurized pipelines.Environmental problems associated with oil shale recovery include: large amounts of water needed for processing, disposal of toxic waste water, and disruption of large areas of surface lands.The second loop is kept at a lower pressure, allowing the water to boil and create steam, which is used to power the turbine-generator and produce electricity.A non-renewable resource is a natural resource which cannot be produced, re-grown, regenerated, or reused on a scale which can sustain its ...

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Engineering ewb research Essay

MUS refers to a system where the water is used for a range of purposes, so as to minimize the amount of fresh water needed to be drawn from the source and increase the applicability of the source.Increase in sustainability including, efficient water transfer from the water source for domestic and productive applications.Also introduced to this community is the use of recycling water, such as; capturing overflows at spring intakes, Rainwater Harvesting (RWH), Ground Water Capture (GWC), fog water, and grey water systems.This is to reduce the amount of water requires for use by reducing waste water (sustainability), and also to make it more accessible for the villagers.In the case of Sandikhola at each spring intake is a reservoir tank, th...

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Top Down Approach To Water Resource Managment

Some of the provisions include the recognition by the act that water for basic human needs and proper ecological functioning must be taken as first priority before commercial and other water uses, the change from “water rights” to “water-use rights” and makes provision for levies to be charged for all major water users for their consumption (Asmal, 1998).Despite the peaceful political transition to democracy in South Africa, in the context of water resource management, the allocation and management of water resources was still regulated by the 1956 Water Act which is primarily based on the riparian system water rights making no provision for the integration, equity or facilitation for transparent and open decision making, ecological sust...

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Improving The Village Economy In India

This degradation can be easily measured by the measuring the indicator like decreased in the productive, increasing the soil erosion and increased in the barren land, decreased in the forest area, decreased in the ground water table and most importantly deceased in the available drinking water qualitative and quantative.Tank development programme is included the water conservation, soil conservation and natural resource conservation.Tank is the traditional resource management system took place in the colonial times, regulation of water has been maintained by the community.India has share the about 16 percent of the global population but the land posses only 4 percent of the water of the water resources (Government of the India planning c...

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The Impact Of Tourism On Water Consumption Tourism Essay

The tourism industry faces two issues with regards to water as a resource namely how it affects distribution of water and secondly the impact of the industry’s consumption on the environment and the availability of water (Goodwin, 2007).The research of Hof and Schmitt (2011) concluded that in summer 70% of the total water consumption in the residential tourist areas is used for gardens irrigation which has been identified as the main cause for increase in water consumption... To develop appropriate strategies for the management of the water resources information on the tourism sector demand for water and the different usage will be required.The European Tourism Study Group report 2007 conclude that “hotels are high consumers of water, a...

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Misuse of Environmental Resources

Q1) What are the natural resources in UAE in their opinion?.The water is the most important reason for the persistence of life on this planet, because its uses are many and varied ,and the amount of water on the surface of the Earth is not fixed and it will not increase ,for this reason the subject should be taken more seriously by looking for ways to conserve water and keep it .The metal is the basis of industry and economic power ,hence it is important to maintain it .We never wondered when we use up the fossil fuels, and they are no longer useful they end up in our lakes or oceans the bad thing is that this water has to be purify it because of all the pollutants that are present in the water and the people who are gaining from all thi...

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Overpopulation and Water shortage Essay

To this ideal, numerous water conservation programs have been established at the regional level that are geared towards the application of better water saving approaches at the individual level.In Bloomington, the main regional water conservation body is campaigning for addressing both quality and quantity water issues for Bloomington’s rapidly growing population.Bloomington seems to be taking initiative towards implementing this model by an increase in recycling strategies, decreasing the water consumption and toxic releases to the water sources and air.In the Chicago area, similar to other parts of the continent, awareness on the looming water crisis as experienced by other states in the south has resulted in local and state officials ...

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Impacts Of Water Pollution On Humans

Water is a unique natural resource.These chemicals can be migrated to surface water, local watersheds and ground water.Ground water is the major source of drinking water in many areas.These lack of resources and mismanagement leads toward the water pollution because all the unlifted waste discharges into the water bodies.When these chemicals mix into ground water they contaminate the water and pose threat to drinking water.

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