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Feasibility study of Ultrasonic Waves as Larvicide to Mosquitoes

We therefore conclude that the mosquito is faster to die in water than in air because the particles are closer to each other using the ultrasonic device.Based on our experiments we use 2 jars half on the first and none with the water with 20 mosquitoes each we see that in the jar with water 16 mosquitoes die and 9 with non-water.It encompasses the process how can or did acoustics will be used to kill larva mosquito.of water is transferred in jar 1.Jar 1 was filled with water and Jar 2 was not.

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Distribution And Abundance Of Marine Invertebrates Biology Essay

During this time in the water column larvae feed and grow, and many species move through several stages of development.Larvae that have spent too long in the water column may settle and recruit juveniles that have less chance of survival to adults.In order to understand the processes by which larvae are dispersed in the water column and to assess recruitment potential, new chemical methods of identifying larval species with similar morphologies using an environmental sampling processor may make it easier to detect, identify and quantify different larval species in situ in the marine environment (Jones et al 2008) Where different behavioural patterns between species evade or take advantage of the general effects of physical oceanographic ...

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Effect of Tulsi and Neem Extract on Mosquito Larvae

These larvae were chosen because they were most abundant in the water bodies which are very active fast wriggling movement.Percentage of mortality = Number of dead larvaeNumber of larvae introduced X 100 .. Dependant variable- Number of larvae killed .The large sized Culex larvae were about 0.7 cm and the small sized Culex larvae measured about 0.2cm in length... 250 ml beaker, Mortar and pestle, Pipette, Stirrer, Water, Fishing net (for catching larvae), Dropper, Watch glass, Petri dishes.Controlled variable-Number of larvae, Volume of water, Temperature, food .. Null Hypothesis (Ho): Neem and Tulsi have no significant the mortality of the Culex larvae.

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Garlic as a Natural Pesticide | Experiment

Besides, mosquito larvae of the same species could be used to ensure that the effects of larvicides on that particular type of mosquito larvae only are determined.Larvae collected are placed in a covered container and are monitored to prevent accidental introduction of mosquitoes in case any larva managed to complete its life cycle.Therefore, although garlic might be effective against mosquito larvae, it may not be practical to use such a time-consuming substance to alleviate the problem with mosquito larvae.Instead, the mosquito larvae were observed every five minutes and any dead larva was noted.Abate granules also did not dissolve completely in distilled water.

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The blowflies

The containers were then left for 40 minutes in order for the water to be absorbed, after which fifteen larvae of Lucilia were added into each of the six containers, three wet and three moist.500ml of water was added to each of the remainder and these were labelled as wet.After the larvae were buried to a depth of 10cm or 20cm, observations were made to check how long it took for the first maggot to reach the surface, and the number of larvae on the surface was counted at 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.The same was done to the larvae of Calliphora, and the time of how long it took the larvae to burrow into the soil was observed, i.e., how long is it before the first and last larva burrows down.The same was done to the larvae of Calliphora, an...

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Potency of Selected Plants Essay

Pupae alsolive near the surface of the water, breathing through two horn-like tubes (called siphons) on their back.Irrigation is frequent and light, and standing water should not remain for more than half an hour.This study aims to prevent destroying first the source of the problem by terminating first the larvae without triggering bad side effects.This study entitled ‘Buyo (Piper betle L.), Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), and Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Leaves Powder against Mosquito Larvae ’ aims to investigate the effectiveness of the three leaves powder on the idea of destroying first the source of the problem by terminating first the larvae.This study, ‘Buyo, Lime, and Papaya Leaves Powder against Mosquito Larvae,’ focuses on the potentia...

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Effect of Temperature on Metabolic Rate of Larvae

For example, the maggot that move slowly and do not respond to change in temperature as the maggots in test tube is soaked in water bath for only 30 seconds to climatize.Time taken for lucilia sericata larva to complete 70 wriggles after being soaked in water bath is measured.For the method by using water bath, I took a maggot of lucilia sericata and put it at the bottom of a test tube and soaked it in water bath for a while... Table 2 shows the number of wriggles of lucilia sericata larvae in one minute period after being soaked in different temperature of water bath for about 30 seconds... Rate of movement of lucilia sericata larvae represent metabolic rate of organism and can be calculated by number of wriggles in one minute after b...

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Reshwater Invertebrates in the Tillingbourne River at Abinger Hammeron

The reason for this is because the invertebrates have to be adapted and suited to the velocity of the water because if it is too strong then it will pull the invertebrates away and send them downstream with the water.When taking the oxygen levels ensure that the oxygen metre is placed gently in the water and the oxygen levels are measured accurately.More predaceous water boatmen feed on small insect larvae and other small aquatic animals.The reason the water temperature was not greater at the edge of the river is because the water is constantly moving and the circulation of water makes the temperature the same everywhere.I feel that we should’ve been given a longer period of time in which to measure the oxygen levels, velocity, and tempe...

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Maggots have a standard development

As soon as, the larvae emerge from their eggs, they begin to consume on the surrounding dead or decomposing organic material.(2009) From behavior to fictive feeding: Anatomy, innervation and activation pattern of pharyngeal muscles of Calliphora vicina 3rd instar larvae.Pinkies are small, light maggots best suited to canals, still waters and slow-moving rivers as they tend to fall slowly in the water and fast flowing water will wash them away.They are usually used as loose feed and like the Pinkie are more suitable to still or slow moving water as they sink very slowly.The squat is a slow moving sluggish maggot that displays little activity when it is on the bed of the water.

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Relationship Between Mosquito Breeding And Environment

The larva lives in the water and comes to the surface to breathe.Most of the transmissions of mosquito borne diseases are sensitive to weather conditions for several reasons here, mosquito need standing water to breed, and a warmer temperature is critical to adult feeding behavior, the rate of larval development and speed of replicate of virus (Hales and Panhius, 2001).Besides that, even in a drier condition it also breeds in water in subterranean sites such as wells, telecommunication pits, sump pits and gully traps.The life cycle of the mosquito is begins with the female mosquito will lay eggs at any surface water, which hatches as a larvae in the right conditions.According to Queensland Government (2005), the mosquito is frequents bac...

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Pandan Leaves

d) T3= 20mL of Pandan leaves extract and 5mL water .Cockroaches were exposed to 20mL Pandan leaves extract were mixed with 10mL water .Then the time it took the different concentrations of Pandan leaves to repel cockroach larvae were observed.c) T2= 20mL of Pandan leaves extract and 10mL water .T1= 20ml Pandan Leaves Extract, 15ml water .

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The Feasibility Of Makahiya Edited

60% makahiya extract and 40% water within 5 mins., 15 mins., 30 mins., and 45 mins.The variables involved in this study making the Makahiya root extract are stopwatch, mosquito larvae, water, and plastic container.80% makahiya extract and 20% water within 5 mins., 15 mins., 30 mins., and 45 mins.In set-up C with the use of a medicine dropper, apply 10 ml of makahiya extract in the mosquito larvae.The set-ups had different numbers of the following ratios: 8ml makahiya extract: 2ml water; 6ml makahiya extract: 4ml water; 10ml of makahiya extract.

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Temperature Effect on Embryonic Development in Fish Eggs

The breeders set were released into FRP tank of 3000 L capacity having provision for flow through water system after the hormonal administration.This can be attributed to different physical condition of brood fish and lower temperature of water at the time of breeding.The incubation period of eggs depends largely on water quality parameters such as salinity and temperature (Kuo et al 1973; Lio et al 1975).The water quality of hatchery was measured for temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids and dissolved oxygen by HANNA HI 9828. .After proper acclimatization and maintenance, the healthy and mature breeders (90-550g) were selected according to sexual dimorphism and transferred to hatchery shed in FRP tank of ...

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Vector Organisms and the Diseases They Carry

Nymphs are a little bit larger than the larva.The first stage is the larva.This makes the use of DEET much more reliable.Mosquitoes have been known to breed in fresh water, salt-water marshes, or water found in old tires or plastic containers.After closely examining the positive and negative aspects of ways to prevent bites, I am concluding that it is more reliable to use DEET rather than another chemical.

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Animal Sciences Investigatory projects Essay

• The average difference in mass of the fishes subjected to brackish water is 2.945 grams higher than freshwater and the average difference in length is also higher than fresh water by 1.265 cm.• Results showed that raising ar-aru fishes in brackish water is better than in freshwater and saltwater.• Brackish water is the best water treatment for the growth of Anabas testudineus.• This study was a big help to control mosquito population that can be diluted to potable water to kill the mosquito larvae.Water extracts were subjected to water bath at 50’C-60’C for 5 minutes for pasteurization.

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Animal Sciences Investigatory projects Essay

The required amount of marine salt and water were also added and the pH of each water treatment were also obtained three randomly selected Anabas testudineus were subjected to each water treatment in each replicate.• The average difference in mass of the fishes subjected to brackish water is 2.945 grams higher than freshwater and the average difference in length is also higher than fresh water by 1.265 cm.• The treatments used were as follows: • T0- Water (control) • T1- Neem tree • T2- Kakawate • T3- Makabuhay • T4- Karot • T5- Guava • T6- Patani • T7- Chili Pepper • Results of the study showed that among the eight treatments, T2-(Kakawate) had the best result in controlling mosquito larvae.• Results showed that raising ar-aru fishes in...

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Determining the Percent Copper and Zinc in Pennies

Which are acceptably close to the actual density; 8.84g/cm3.Fill a 100mL graduated cylinder to 40mL or enough to fully submerge the pennies with water record the volume in data table.I believe that the execution of our experiment was consistent with our set procedure, however the validity of our collected data is not acceptable.Discussion/Data: .Carefully place the pennies into the graduated cylinder, record the final volume of the water in data table.

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Role of Clays in Metal Adsorption

The desert soil has sand (90 to 95 every penny) and clay (5 to 10 every penny).Peaty contains acidic water, but growers use it to regulate soil chemistry or pH levels as well as an agent of disease control for the soil.Waste water irrigation can reduce the water shortage to some extent, but it can also bring some toxic materials, to agricultural soils, especially heavy metals, and cause serious environmental problems.It is soft and easily condensed due to its high water content, and rich in organic matter.It is very dry and rough to touch, because the particles have huge spaces between them, it can’t hold the water because due to large crack the water will drains rapidly.

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Pgylogenetic Studies Of Dreissena Polymorpha

This can be explained by the fact that these geographical areas are closely interconnected and there is a possibility of mixing up of water flow and therefore species and genetic interchange.In: Fresh water Zebra mussel                 Dreissena polymorpha(Pall.)Apart from the other factors such as the high pelagic larval dispersal ability, the planktonic larval phase and the  rapid long distance dispersal by water vessels, the high level of genetic diversity can also be explained by the fitness differences that exist between genotypes.3 .The rapid spread in the Great Lakes basin can be attributed to the pelagic veliger larvae and the high fecundity.15 However, neither pelagic veliger larvae nor high fecundity enhances  genetic disconti...

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Lab Report: Striking It Rich

Analysis: While looking at the graph, I noticed that both types of pennies (in water) had almost the same weight.· While the pennies were dropped in the cylinder, splashes were made and some water either splashed out or made little drops on a higher lever in the graduated cylinder.With the 25 pennies used before, drop 5 pennies into the water, and record the new water level.Fill the 50 mL graduated cylinder to 20 mL of water.Add 5 pennies again and record the new water level.

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Biology Lab for virtual school.. Lesson 1.04 Essay

This relates back to the way soapy water and tap water act in everyday situations.This shows that soapy water has a lower surface tension, thus making it not able to hold as many drops of soapy water could on the penny.I noticed in my data that in trials 3 and 4 that the penny held more drops of soapy water than tap water.The soap causes the surface tension to be less than that of water so if you poured soapy water onto a kitchen counter the solution would disperse as broadly as it could over the entire counter.After I added the drop that caused the water to flow over, I recorded how many drops stayed on the penny, and I then dried the penny with a paper towel.

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Measuring the Density of Pennies

The density of the Post-1983 Pennies is 7. .This means that although the penny’s density is close to that of copper, the penny is not all copper, but an alloy made up of different metals, but primarily of copper.You should tilt a graduated cylinder when you drop in objects because if they drop directly into the water, they might make a splash and displace some of the water, that is measuring the volume of the object, outside of the graduated cylinder.We measure irregular-shaped objects with the use of water displacement because it would be nearly impossible to get the exact measurements of items with irregular shaped surfaces manually.Potassium is the only metal on the table that has a density less than water because water has a density ...

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Platyhelminthes: Characteristics and Types

The tube cells’ flagella drive the water towards exits called nephridiopores, while their microvilli re-absorb re-usable materials and as much water as is needed to keep the body fluids at the right concentration.Excreted proglottids release their eggs into the water, and the eggs hatch into ciliated swimming larvae.The larva makes its way to the herbivore’s muscles and metamorphoses into an oval worm about 10 millimetres (0.39 in) long, with a scolex that is kept inside.Flame cells, so called because the beating of their flagella looks like a flickering candle flame, extract from the mesenchyme water that contains wastes and some re-usable material, and drive it into networks of tube cells which are lined with flagella and microvilli.Th...

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Preoperational Stage Observation

Christian told me, “I couldn’t tell so I drank them both, this one has more water!” and pointed to the wider glass.After performing this drill with Justin he thought the water amount changed in the new glass, which was a taller and thinner glass, than its wider counterpart which had the same water in it just five seconds previous.When I did the same task with Christian, after pouring the water into the taller glass, he sat and analyzed the two glasses, staring extremely close into the clear glass as if he was looking through a scope to get inside the water.He finally backed away from the glasses without saying anything and proceeded to drink the water from the taller glass as fast as he could.He finished the eight ounces of tap water I f...

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Oyster Restoration in Chesapeake Bay

Wieland, Robert.As seagrasses decline, they are less able to trap sediment, which would lead to an even greater reduction in water clarity owing to increased sediment resuspension.“Oyster Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay: Can Native and Asian Oysters Co-Exist?” (2006).Mesh side are cleaned regularly by gardeners to permit good water exchange.Eggs are fertilized in the water column, and planktonic larvae settle on to provided cultch (crushed gravel or broken shell), where they are grown to the juvenile stage.

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Evolutionary Analysis of Culex Species

From the 4 instar larvae, the total DNA was extracted and was then finely ground in 50 µl of homogenate buffer (28).Further, to understand its evolutionary relationship the phylogenetic analysis was performed.Thus collected larvae were reared and were identified morphologically for Culex quienquefasciatus under the microscope.REFERENCES: .. .Culex larvae were sampelled from various parts of Hyderabad during the breeding season from different locations, say stagnant water, coconut shells, tires etc.

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Genetically modified food benefit both farmers and consumers Essay

An antifreeze gene from cold water fish has been introduced into plants such as tobacco and potato.1 Transgenic pollen harms monarch larvae (Nature, Vol 399, No 6733, p 214, May 20, 1999) 2 Assessing the impact of Cry1Ab-expressing corn pollen on monarch butterfly larvae in field studies (Pro- ceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol 98, No 21, p11931-11936, Oct 2001) 3 © 2000 CSA What are some of the advantages of GM foods?Consumers do not wish to eat food that has been treated with pesticides because of potential health hazards, and run-off of agricultural wastes from excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers can poi- son the water supply and cause harm to the environment.With this antifreeze gene, these plants are able to t...

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Intermolecular Forces Lab

After completing the lab I was able to conclude water has the greater surface tension compared to rubbing alcohol.* Use an eyedropper to transfer one drop of water and rubbing alcohol onto the wax paper.Finally water was able to withstand ___ pennies before overflowing when rubbing alcohol only held ____ pennies.It was determined that water has a greater surface tension and greater intermolecular force.Water was able to last in a longer vortex compare to rubbing alcohol.

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Radon Gas Case Study Essay

The chemicals for the test are contained in a small tablet, which is dissolved in water.Unfortunately, water that is corrosive slowly eats away at the pure copper, as well as at the copper oxide.In this experiment, if the water is corrosive enough to strip off the copper oxide then you will see the progress of the reaction by watching the pennies go from dull and dingy to bright and shiny.Levels of copper found naturally in ground water and surface water are typically very low—about 4 μg of copper in one liter (L) of water or less—however, drinking water may contain higher levels of copper, usually as a result of flowing through copper pipes.In the procedure, dingy copper pennies will be placed in either plain water or in water with acet...

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Larval Cyathostomes in Horse: Case Study Report

Chemotherapeutic strategies are not always successful in severe cases however the main two drugs licensed treatments for encysted larvae are FBZ or MOX.The synchronous reactivation of the encysted larvae (EL3) into the gut lumen can cause extensive bowl inflammation which can not only result in enteral protein loss and impaired nutrient absorption, but also entrance of bacterial toxins into the tissues (Abbot, 1998, Giles et al, 1985 and Reid et al, 1995).The presence of red worm larvae on the rectal sleeve following rectal examination indicates the presence of larvae.The corticosteroid lessens the immune mechanisms contributing to larval arrestment allowing the mucosal larvae to resume maturation and therefore more susceptible to the ac...

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