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The Effect of Economic Progress on the Environment Essay

In Bangladesh, there is an example of river pollution.Most of the industries are situated in the bank of the rivers and they release their wastes into the river water which is harm full for the water as well as for the people who are using the water.Even now the local people cannot use the water of that river.“Buriganga Pollution: Reasons & Prospects.” ResearchGate.Especially, industries on the bank of the rivers, deforestation, using animals in a wrong way in business sectors which destroys the balance of ecosystem, are the main causes of the unexpected changes of the environment.

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The Ganges River Essay

If this river does get destroyed it will devastate many people, especially the Hindus.Better ways of controlling their pollution will need to be made to save this river.The Ganges River flows a total of 1,557 miles and provides water for southern Tibet, northern India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.Some efforts are being made to clean up the Ganges river.This is a very important river for everyone, especially the Hindus, but f we do not take care of it will be destroyed by pollution.

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State Environment of Bangladesh Essay

Industries which specialize in the science, technology, and processing of metals; these plants produce highly concentrated and toxic wastes which can contribute to pollution of ground water and air when not properly disposed.Water System: .The nutrient products of wetlands in Bangladesh are carried by rivers and floodwater, and the systems downstream.The process through which fresh (drinkable) water becomes salt (undrinkable) water; hence, desalination is the reverse process; also involves the accumulation of salts in topsoil caused by evaporation of excessive irrigation water, a process that can eventually render soil incapable of supporting crops.Occurs when water channels and reservoirs become clotted with silt and mud, a side effec...

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Revisit Your River, Save Your River

However, rivers, the main source of drinking water, are facing an array of threats in Bangladesh as well as around the world.But, memory of river is a common characteristic of the people of Bangladesh, a country crisscrossed by rivers.To highlight the many values of rivers and to increase public awareness while encouraging the improved stewardship of rivers around the world, today, on the last Sunday of September, World Rivers Day is going to be observed in Bangladesh as well as the rest of world.This Day has been endorsed by various agencies of the United Nations and is intended to complement the broader efforts of the United Nations Water for Life Decade.A report published in The Daily Star on September 25 said the relevant district ad...

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The Ganges

The major rivers which flow into the Ganges are Brahmaputra River, Gomti, Kosi river, Gandak, Ghaghra river, Yamuna river and Son river.This is a major cause of water pollution.The main stream Ganges enters Bangladesh.The water of the Ganges is used extensively in agriculture in the fertile Gangetic plains.Industries which require a large amount of water are set up on the banks of the river.

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Economy versus Environment Essay

The river Buriganga is a highly polluted river and one of the main causes behind its being polluted is the industrial area near it.The temperature of the earth has been increasing; the characteristics of the main aspects of our environment- water, earth, air etc have greatly changed.World society for the Protection of Animals, n.d.In Bangladesh, there are many examples of river pollution.The chemicals, which are very toxic and bad for the health of any living being, get mixed with the water and can even cause death.

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Introduction and map of Ganga

In central Bangladesh it is joined by the Brahmaputra (ब्रम्हपुत्र) River and Meghna rivers.Millions depend on water from the holy river for several things: drinking, bathing, agriculture, industry and other household chores.It is believed that drinking water from the Ganga with one’s last breath will take the soul to heaven.In most Hindu families, a vial of water from the Ganga is kept in every house.The river is shown snaking through the Himalayan mountains as one long, sandy stretch minus any water.

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Do Different Detergents Effect Plant Growth?

The growth of algae due to food items, feces, or urea in the water source is also a source of water pollution.One is “water loving” and the other is “water hating.” The water-loving (hydrophilic) part breaks the surface tension of water.· Pollutants in the water will alter the overall chemistry of the water, causing changes in acidity, temperature and conductivity.· Altered water temperatures (due to human actions) can kill the marine life and affect the delicate ecological balance in bodies of water, especially lakes and rivers.When toxins are in the water, the toxins travel from the water the animals drink to humans when the animals’ meat is eaten.

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Climate Change and Bangladesh

Furthermore, the floods not only destroy crops but they also taint the waters available to the people thus causing a higher risk of water borne diseases such as cholera (Mostofa).This means that the water and wind coming from the Bay of Bengal will affect this part.One big problem facing Bangladesh is that there is too much water during the monsoon and too little water during the dry season.Several laws and budgets are being held in these two countries on the amount of pollution that they can emit.Our friends in the country of Bangladesh are losing their land, homes, agriculture fields, and even their lives by climate change disasters.

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The Rivers of Bangladesh Essay

Our rivers have a great influence on our lifestyle, culture and literature.With the proper utilization, dredging and checking pollution the rivers can be more beneficial to us.The rivers are doing their job, now it is our turn to get the best from them and make our land better than ever.Most rivers in the Northeast region are used to produce electricity.The Water Development Board has already implemented big irrigation projects like the Gangas-Kabodak project, the Teesta project, the Muhuri River project and so on.

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Ganga River Pollution In India Environmental Sciences Essay

It was concluded that the water quality gradually deteriorated as it passes from Bhairoghat pumping station to the J.K. Rayon water intake point in summers because in this stretch the river received waste waters from number of sewage drains.Swaminathan, the then member, Planning Commission asked the Central Board for Preventation and Control of Water Pollution, New Delhi to conduct studies on the state of the river Ganga.Water borne diseases are rampant, fisheries are on decline, and even cattle are not spared from the onslaught of pollution.Study carried out in 1986-87 on physico-chemical properties of river Ganga water at Buxar (Unnao) clearly revealed that extent of pollution varied in different seasons.But a recent study by Uttarakha...

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Microeconomics about Fresh Water Supply Essay

The shortage of water may arises political conflicts among countries, the example is India and Pakistan, both of them uses 2 or more than 2 rivers the India have advantage of having the upstream water of all the major rivers which flow towards Pakistan.(Mideast faces fresh water crisis, By Staff Writer on Sunday, March 16, 2008) Due to shrinking water supply in Dubai, last month, the Dubai and Water Authority increased the tariff of water and electricity.Deliberate misuse of water should be considered a crime and extensive punitive measures should be taken in order to curb deliberate misuse and pollution of water supplies and resources.(Mideast faces fresh water crisis, By Staff Writer on Sunday, March 16, 2008) Another major cause of sh...

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History of Ganga River Essay

Atmospheric deposition of heavy metals emitted from vehicles and presence of industrial units adjoining the Ganges is adding to the pollution load on the river, researchers have found on May 2010.The Alaknanda River meets the Dhauliganga River at Vishnuprayag, the Nandakini River at Nandprayag, the Pindar River at Karnaprayag, and the Mandakini River at Rudraprayag and finally the Bhagirathi River at Devprayag, to form the mainstream, the Ganges.Discharge of untreated wastewater from towns along Ganga constitutes the major source of pollution load for the river.The bench expressed concerned over the pollution in river Ganga and said that at Sangam in Allahabad river Ganga is dirty and its colour is brown.According to the information obta...

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Unplanned Housing in Dhaka City: Finding Solutions Essay

Only two-thirds of households in Dhaka are served by the city water system.Moreover in rainy season, these roads and streets become almost unusable due to water logging after heavy rainfall.As industrial area and residential area are not separated, air polluted by smokes of industries and water is polluted by mixing of industrial wastages into water.As unplanned housing has enhanced lack of proper drainage and sewerage, it also pollutes air and water.Due to gradual sinking of ground water level is making the situation worse.

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Environment in India Essay

More than 20 cities in the country, such as New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, will have exhausted their water tables by 2020.The project was also to provide drinking water to 40 million people, and produce electricity with a capacity of 1,450 MW.230 billion cubic meters of water are withdrawn each year in India.In 2018, nearly half of the population faces a water crisis.The Cauvery River has been the subject of a conflict concerning water withdrawals by the various territories, since 1892.

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Green Banking Policy

An inventory of water, paper, electricity, energy etc used by officers and executives at offices and branches of the Bank will be prepared by the General Services Division and submit the same to the Green Banking Unit/Cell quarterly.Improve the image of the Bank by showing and serving its commitment to the environment Significantly reduce operational cost due to less consumption of office stationeries, energy and water.reduce usage of paper, water, use energy efficient lights and equipments, technologies, etc.)The environment and climate change effect on human existence as well as the planet are now a global concern because the changes have direct impact on biodiversity, agriculture, forestry, dry land, water resources and human health.G...

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Farakka Barrage And The Ganges Dispute Environmental Sciences Essay

As future water demand is expected to rise drastically in both countries, water sharing will play a decisive role in managing water resources.During the dry season, control of the river water at Gazoldoba renders the Dalia Barrage literally ineffective for diversion of water due to low flows.Bangladesh wants to divide the water at 50:50 ratio at the Indian barrage in order to have an assured supply of half of the water all through the dry season.(k) The water released to Bangladesh at Farakka shall not be reduced below Farakka except for reasonable uses of water, not exceeding 200 cusecs, by India between Farakka and the point on the Ganges where both its banks are in Bangladesh.Any unilateral basin shift of the river water in future wil...

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The Human Impact On Environment

Water Pollution [Online] Available: .Humans contribute to pollution by the use of machinery in industry causing pollution to the environment.The King River is Australia’s most polluted river, suffering from a severe acidic condition related to mining operations.100, 000 marine mammals, 1 million sea birds and other aquatic lives are killed due to plastic waste in water and coastal area.Since the outbreak of technology and industrialisation humans have greatly had a negative impact on the environment, such as; air pollution, habitat destruction, water pollution, the burning of rainforests and land pollution.Ecosystems can be severely changed or destroyed by water pollution.

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Essay on Cultures of Bangladesh

Cultures of the World: Bangladesh.Water pollution, arsenic concentration in groundwater, air pollution, and other natural disasters are all things that play into the environment of Bangladesh.Due to siltation, the process by which a path or channel is gradually choked or obstructed with silt, has made the wetland ecosystems lose connections with larger water bodies.“Bangladesh is overpopulated and poor, and the journey to economic stability has been compounded by political turmoil.Bangladesh: Past and Present.

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Areas Of Overpopulation And Areas Of Underpopulation

Another type of pollution due to population growth takes the form of domestic waste; a record 1.42 million tons of sewage was dumped by the cities in 1995. .The lack of land and water has called for an increase in production in China’s farms in an attempt to feed its people.Another example of the problems caused by the lack of population control is the severe lack of water in northern China.The GNP in Bangladesh was 220 dollars in 1992, which is extremely low.To meet this growing demand, the use of chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides not only ruins the quality of the soil but also pollutes the drinking water supply.

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The Problems With Ship Breaking In Bangladesh Environmental Sciences Essay

As a result ship breaking, oil residues and the other refuses are being spilled and mixed with soil and water in the beach.If the ship breaking industry is to bring development in the country, the same shall also be applied to ensure minimization of pollution effect.Food sources, such as fish and crustaceans both marine and fresh water, may be tainted and the consumption of tainted food causes human health problems and also loss for export trade in foreign market.Since the majority of people in Bangladesh derive their livelihoods from the use and extraction of all types of resources, the living condition in Bangladesh, especially of the poor, becomes extremely vulnerable to environmental damage .The paint coat, contaminated air, soil an...

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The Swot Analysis Of Burma Country

In yangon water pollution is 50.00%.It’s a plentiful water sources and both for hydropower potential as well as irrigated agriculture.Reputable brands of bottled water or soft drinks are generally fine, although in some places bottles may be refilled with tap water in Myanmar.Tea or coffee should also be OK, since the water should have been boiled.Pollution from economic activities is one threat because less education awareness.

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Technology has bad effects on environment

Though adverse pollution of environment due to increased production in the manufacturing and processing industries, weapons testing and high usage of automobiles such as cars.Air pollution, water and noise pollution are the key components of an environment that has been continually polluted as a result of technology.To start, environmental pollution occurs as a result of technology mismanagement and lack of control measures.Emission of large quantity of gases such as CO2 in the air by large industries causes air pollution which in turn has degraded environment immensely.Again, disposal of waste into the rivers and water systems by industries and other institutions is an environmental hazard through water pollution.

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National & International Environmental Laws and Regulations

The Treaty includes the requirement that neither country should cause water pollution in its water which will cause injury to health or property in the other country.Syeda Rizwana Hasan, chief executive of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA), said, ‘in most of the cases, genuine people’s perspective are absent in the efforts of the government to enforce laws.Currently, Bangladesh lacks proper implementation of environmental rules, regulations, acts, policy, standards, institutions, expertise, monitoring of environmental degradation and compliance with the environmental laws.A management plan which exclusively observes the waste management systems of Dhaka city and provides a guideline.| 2000| Open Space and Wetland Protec...

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Water pollution Essay

In Vietnam, water pollution caused by rain, floods, storms ... is the main reason that affects the quality of drinking water sources.A subset of surface water pollution is marine pollution.The consequences of day-to-day water pollution more serious, the ability to spread pollution higher.These actions include a diagnosis of the causes of pollution by basin, an action plan including training and advice, diagnosis of diffuse and occasional pollution at farm level, the establishment of buffer zones as well as collective investments limiting transfers of pesticides to water.Water pollution can take different forms, particularly chemical, but also bacteriological, thermal pollution, and the water or bodies of water concerned can be fresh, bra...

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Effect of Detergents on Plant Growth

So it is very easy to imagine the widespread effects of water pollution with all the contaminants disposed in it.Acid rain, a form of water pollution caused by chemicals in rainfall, contains sulphate molecules, which can harm marine life in relatively smaller water bodies like lakes and ponds.Its effect on humans can be briefed in the facts of the countless health issues that have been associated with water pollution.The effects of water pollution are copious; some can be short lived effects, which are recognized immediately, while others can be extremely invisible and long lived, and might take months or even years to show up.Water pollution affects major and minor water bodies like oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, sources of everyday d...

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Communication System in Bd Essay

There are many large and small rivers as well as lake in Bangladesh which are an important factor for communication.In its communication system Bangladesh has a remarkable network of land transport, water transport and air transport.The transport facilities available in the water ways of Bangladesh play a dominate role in its communication system.In modern times knowledge of science and technology came in a big way to help people to devise ways and means quicken and more comfortable movement of men and goods mot only on land and water but also in the air.The internal water transport facilities are looked after by the Bangladesh Internal Water Transport Authority.

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Environmental Issues Of Ganga River

Adopting more efficient water conservation practices could have reduced the need for abstraction of water from Ganga.Pathogenic causes of pollution in water are usually the bacteria as well as other microorganisms that are commonly food in the surface of the water.In some areas of the world water pollution issue is totally out of control, and in these areas polluted water spreads different toxins and other chemicals into environment, making it dirty, and above all unhealthy place to live in.Since our rivers are the source of drinking water for crores of our common people and also for the animals and STPs cannot convert sewage into potable water, industrial effluents and hospital wastes treated or untreated and also sewage from the cities...

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How the Environment Effects Food and Supply

Another great drastic issue is raising water levels.The rise in sea level also leads to the intrusion of sea water.Such type of contamination can bring about negative impacts on the underwater ecology and creatures, while at the same time affects the source of water used for humans’ life as well as farming... Water in lakes or rivers where the melting glacier flows through can be contaminated with pesticides.They are the field pollution due to over fertilization, unbalance of marine organism caused by over fishing, air pollution because of industrialization and urbanization.

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Should Drainage Basins be Managed or Natural?

Although Bangladesh is an extreme case (only 17% of Bangladesh is above normal flood levels) it illustrates the problems of the natural approach to flooding.Without all of this management, there would be fewer settlements around the river, as there would be no means of transporting water to them.This happened because the dams stored up the excess water until they were forced to release some, because of this the river level rose and caused some leves to be breached.In the 1920s an agreement between the 7 states was developed, it allowed any state to build a dam and use the water as long as it didn’t take water away from a dam lower downstream.The Colorado river is now managed to provide flood control, Hydro-electricity, irrigation, urban ...

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