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Unplanned Housing in Dhaka City: Finding Solutions Essay

Analyzing the Questionnaire, some facts came to light as; * Newer parts of Dhaka are more planned than older ones * Government planning newer areas, but older are getting no moderations * Around 77% people (23 out of 30) have lost hope of any change * Around 63% people (19 out of 30) think, “Unplanned housing making Dhaka unlivable” * More than 86% people (26 out of 30) opine that, “Dhaka should be re-built” 5.Only two-thirds of households in Dhaka are served by the city water system.2 Planned Housing in Dhaka City As Dhaka is one of the most flourishing megacities in south-east Asia, the city is burdened with a lot of socio-economic headquarters and business possibilities.Source: J. Taylor, Sketch of the Topography and Statistics of Dac...

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Traffic jam Essay

To reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Dhaka city, the use of private motor vehicles must be abridged.Water transport should be established like other developed countries surrounding Dhaka city.The number of automobiles has been increasing in Dhaka city at the rate of at least 10 percent annually, which has been contributing to air pollution on the one hand and traffic congestion on the other.The 20 year Strategic Transport Plan (STP) includes 17400 square km of water and surface ways in Dhaka and neighboring Narayanganj, Narshingdi, Munshiganj, Gazipur and Manikganj districts.On the same road the uncoordinated road digging by Dhaka City Corporation (DCC), Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), Water and Sewerage Authority (W...

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Road Beautification of Dhaka City

As socio economic Dhaka is the most important city, so we city dwellers should love the city and increase it’s beauty and image of Dhaka City.City Beautification for SAARC: On the occasion of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Head of State meeting at Dhaka, the government initiated a program for beautification of Dhaka City in 2005 through public participation.For beautifying the city DCC has developed many water fountain sculptures and garden in different important sites of the city.Dhaka Bank: Sponsored the city beautification program initiated by Dhaka City Corporation by refurbishing Dhaka Bank Fountain in front of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dhaka Bank Park in front of Dhaka Bank Head Office, beautificatio...

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Muhammad Rafiq Azam Architect: Case Study

In response to surrounding context, exposed brick and concrete are majorly being utilized as construction materials in South Water Garden Apartment.In theorizing Rafiq’s architecture via analyzing of South Water Garden roof plan, the imbued intention of connectivity between roof and ground is being emphasized through the two roof tops design of South Water Garden.In response to the particular environment’s situation, an intention of retention among the green and originality of Dhaka’s elemental human experiences, natural features were incorporating into the South Water Garden design in order to create a building design which is concretely defined as “the place” Dhaka, as well as the South Water Garden residents’ experiences among Dhaka’s...

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Andrew Marr's Megacities - Living In The City - Episode 1 Review example

Apartments would be very expensive there but people could admire a beautiful view all over the city (Andrew Marr's Megacities - Living In The City - Episode 1, 2015).Andrew Marr's Megacities - Living In The City - Episode 1 Review Andrew Marr's Megacities - Living In The City - Episode 1 tells about four megacities in the world such as Shanghai, Dhaka, Tokyo, Mexico, and London.A crime level is high, there are 3 murders a day and around of 500 kidnaps a month in this city.All of them are rather polluted and there is a quite big amount of crime level (Dhaka, Mexico City).Mexico City is shown in the program as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

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Mega City – Dhaka

The overall physical environment in an urban area is generally determined by some specific facilities such as housing, sanitation, sewerage, drainage, quality of water, gas supply, electricity, garbage disposal and waste; all of these which Dhaka city lack or at an extremely unsatisfactory, poor quality.Compared to any other place in the country, Dhaka offers the best chance for economic opportunity; administrative headquarters and civil employments, financial and banking services, internal commerce and business are all largely concentrated in Dhaka.Under the pressure of its rapidly swelling population, this megacity faces rising real estate prices, exponentially growing slums, unemployment, exploitation, corruption, poor quality housing...

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Pre-Feasibility of Light Rail Transit in Dhaka City

There is no big city of the world with a population impact like Dhaka, where non-motorized and motorized transports exist in the same road.Dhaka Metropolitan Area is expected to become one of the largest cities within the early next century.Dhaka will become a home of 25 million people by the year 2025.Keywords: Key words: Light rail transit, traffic pollution, traffic safety, and landusedevelopment.The main inter City line entering the city from the north carries a small share of commuter traffic.

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Causes And Effects Of Traffic Congestion Tourism Essay

As an example of these projects, the Egyptian government launched a new project that aims to construct an underground metro in Cairo decrease using older cars, which increase air pollution.Besides that, some reasons contributed to increase traffic congestion such as, inefficient traffic management systems and insufficient public awareness .As a result of all previous reasons, the environmental pollution (air and noise) was increasing, and a slight negative impact on the economy in general was happening.The study released on 25th of May 2012, the results show a huge increase in pollution level that will affect people health and the environment.Dey et al, (2002) mentioned that 86% of the general people who live in Dhaka considered noise po...

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Ground Water in Dhaka City Essay

50 crore liters of water are supplied from ground water.Dhaka is now the 7th largest populated city in the world and it is anticipated that Dhaka will be the 2nd largest city in the world by 2020.This city is full of problem and one of the major problems is water crisis.Ground water depletion situation is severe in the central part of the city compare to the areas close to river bank, says DWDB.The daily requirement of water in Dhaka city is about 200 crore liters while WASA supplies 180 crore liters, leaving a shortage of 20 crore liters.

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Hazards in Dhaka City Essay

For instance, 1998 flooding was the most catastrophic in the flooding history of Bangladesh, where Dhaka city was affected by heavy rainfall and the high water levels of the river system.Unplanned urbanization is increasing water logging.This situation normally occurs due to unplanned infrastructure development, insufficient or limited drainage systems, blockage of the drainages, lack of consciousness of these problems by the inhabitants, unplanned build-up of areas within the city, filling up the canals, lakes and water bodies in areas which are mainly acquired by housing companies and brick burning industries within the city.Water Logging: .During the last couple of decades Dhaka city is one of the fastest growing metropolises in the...

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Housing Dhaka Essay

This paper also aims to highlight the problems produced as a result of creation of spaces over water and suggests measure to reverse such hazardous living conditions of the urban poor in Dhaka.The Exodus Towards Dhaka The rate ofpopulation growth for Dhaka has been.Considering the gravity of the problem the aim of this paper is to investrgate how the urban poor of Dhaka are constrained to marginal places and shed light on aspects which bring about this situation.Informal job opponunities have declined in areas outside Dhaka The sheer number of people living in this city makes any son of business prosper and thrive.On the other hand, atlempts to creare spaces or pseudo-land over and along water bodies and swamps without proper planning an...

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Traffic jam Essay

All over the world, the prime cause of traffic congestion is on street parking.Most importantly, proper traffic management system along with appropriate implementation of traffic rules is necessary to reduce the problem of traffic jam.This kind of unlawful activity has to be prevented by imposing proper law and city development plan.As the city is running with inadequate amount of traffic police than required, so it is almost must for the authority to increase the number of traffic police.It is one of the most important problems of modern time.

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Green Banking Policy

Improve the image of the Bank by showing and serving its commitment to the environment Significantly reduce operational cost due to less consumption of office stationeries, energy and water.reduce usage of paper, water, use energy efficient lights and equipments, technologies, etc.)Investment will be encouraged in building environmental infrastructure such as renewable energy project, clean water supply project, wastewater treatment plant, solid & hazardous waste disposal plant, bio gas plant, bio-fertilizer plant etc.The key areas of environmental degradation cover air pollution, water pollution and scarcity, encroachment of rivers, improper disposal of industrial medical and house-hold waste, deforestation, loss of open space and l...

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Food Adultration Essay

Greed for fast super profit and moral degradation among food traders have led to today’s alarming situation, he added.Now the number of patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, and kidney diseases are on the rise due to food adulteration,” said Dr Md Golam Kibria Khan, associate professor of Dhaka Medical College Hospital.Urea is dangerous for kidney, she said adding, “At present, a total of two crore people are suffering from kidney diseases for various reasons.” Food adulteration has been happening on a massive scale for the past half a decade due to increased investment, expanded market, and high consumer demand, according to Roy.”The pattern of diseases is changing.Some items like guava, lemon, and hog-plum [amra] are however still ...

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The causes and effect of slums in Sub Saharan Africa

Due to the nature of these dwellings however, these utilities are still not available at all times, and so they have to ration their water, electricity and gas by sharing kitchens and toilets.These pullers are second to the working women in the garment factories who make up the greatest number of employments in Dhaka.The female counterparts of these rickshaw pullers on the other hand travel as far as 37 miles on foot to work and back, amid traffic and pollution which the city is best known for.The 200,000 rickshaw pullers of Dhaka work all day for a bare $1 a day, and that too in fierce competition between the licensed and unlicensed ones, both of whom are harassed by police who not only seize their only means of earning i.e.Total 322 re...

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National & International Environmental Laws and Regulations

A management plan which exclusively observes the waste management systems of Dhaka city and provides a guideline.| 2000| Open Space and Wetland Protection Act.| An act to manage the wetlands and open space space protection.| 2000| The Bangladesh Water Development Board Act| An Act with a view to ensure development and management of water resources by rescinding provisions of the Bangladesh Water and Power Development Boards Order of 1972 under the Bangladesh Water and Power Development Board| 1977| The Environment Pollution Control Ordinance| An Ordinance to provide for the control, prevention and abatement of pollution of the environment of Bangladesh.| (lexadin, Cambridge forecast group, Ministry of Environment and forest) .The IJC ass...

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Business Plan for a new soft drinks Essay

Sugar, or other sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), fruit and carbonated water (constituting on average 94% of a soft drink) are the main ingredients of our soft drinks and are used in varying quantities.This is due to the raw materials, energy, water and waste involved in production/recycling and the impacts of disposal such as littering, landfill space and the pollutants produced when incinerated from waste to use as energy.Gradually, we expanded our business throughout the Dhaka City establishing as a private limited company and today we have 200 mobile retail outlets serving raw fruit juice and drinks, mainly sugarcane juice and lemon soda, to the mass pedestrians of the city.In this product manufacturing process (usu...

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Power and Energy Crisis of Bangladesh Essay

for use during night time only) except Dhaka city area.36 of 1990 for establishment of the Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA) was issued (published in Bangladesh Gazette, Additional issue, 23rd June 1990) in superseding the ordinance no.Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is an ancient city.To improve services to the consumers and to enhance revenue collection by reducing the prevailing high system loss, Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA) was created by an ordinance promulgated by the President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in 1990.There is a public saying that Nawab of Dhaka installed a small generator in his residence “Ahsan Monjil” and started generating power at 5pm on 7th of December 1901, which is considered as th...

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Amusement Park Essay

HOI CHOI” s Water Park is inside the dry park.The one thing is that they have also water park which is excluded from the fantasy kingdom that’s why customer have to pay extra amount for entrance in water park which is not desirable for today’s customer.Marketing Strategy Segmentation * Geographic Segmentation: As we have placed our recreation centre at Aftabnagar our main target customer will be the people of Dhaka city as well as the people of neighboring districts around Dhaka city like Gazipur, Munshiganj, Narayanganj, Manikganj etc.There are 3 types of tickets available: • Single day 1 park Pass (general and children- Dry Park) • Single day 2 park pass (general and children- Dry & Water Park) • Season Pass (For both) Penetration ...

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Transit: Impact On Bangladesh

Yet, among many other problems, Dhaka city has been experiencing severe traffic-problem which is a common phenomenon in the city.Is Bangladesh being paid water in accordance with treaty?The traffic problem of Dhaka is hindering the growth of this city and, at large, Bangladesh both.Apart from many advantages, Dhaka is burdened with many problems also, namely – housing problem, sanitation problem and problem related to water logging, etc.Any legitimate city planner worth his merits would not recommend the city of Dhaka for people over 1-2 million.

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Internship Report on Janata Bank

Janata Capital and Investment Limited, Dhaka .Janata Capital and Investment Limited Dhaka incorporated on 13 April 2010 vide incorporation certificate no.* The corporate head office is located at Dhaka with 10 (ten) Divisions comprizing of 38 (thirty eight) Departments .The Bank has opened an NRB branch at Motijheel, Dhaka to render exclusive service to non resident Bangladeshis.Another subsidiary company Janata Capital and Investment Limited, Dhaka is to act as issue manager, share underwriter and portfolio manager.

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Composition: Barisal Essay

I love my hometown Barisal and pray for its prosperity from the bottom of my heart.It is 373 km far from capital city Dhaka.The surrounding areas of the dighi has now been turned into a picnic spot.Country’s first short landing and take off airport has been completed in Barisal and a private Airlines named Air Bengal has begun its regular air flight between Dhaka Tejgaon Airport and Barisal.The city is sometimes called the “Venice of Bengal”.It has a beautiful semi-urban outlook along with divisional headquarter, medical college, cadet college, some pharmaceutical industries, textile industries and the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority’s head office.

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Historical Places of Bangladesh Essay

Lalbagh Fort or Fort Aurangabad, an incomplete Mughal palace fortress at Dhaka, is situated on the river Buriganga in the southwestern part of the old city.In 1874, Lord Northbrook, Governor General of India attended an evening function in the palace when he came to lay the foundation of a water works installed by Nawab Abdul Ghani.In the present fort area of 18 acres (73,000 m²), excavations have revealed the remains of either 26 or 27 structures, with elaborate arrangements for water supply, sewerage, roof gardens, and fountains.It is situated on the northern side of the Dhakeshwari Road near Bakshi bazar area of Old Dhaka, less than half a mile to the southwest of the Salimullah Hall of Dhaka University.With the decline of the Nawabs ...

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Urbanization And Home Ownership In Bangladesh Economics Essay

Rents are very high in Dhaka.As a result Dhaka is facing a huge rate of rural urban migration.Land prices are very high in Dhaka.The case of Dhaka: .“Emerging urbanization and the population explosion will bring more social troubles to the world: poverty, environmental degradation, and shortage of housing, food and water- factors capable of creating instability around the world.” .

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Megacities And The Built Environment

Citizens including slums who inhabit in the cities are most likely the victims of pollution.In one of his google’s talk, “City Planet”, he argues that squatter cities are “green”.Megacities such as Lagos, Dhaka and Jakarta which are having traffic problems, the Gross National Income per capita in 2008 for the countries are trapped under the lower income category.Besides, in Steward Brand’s talk, his idea of city life promotes “safer and exciting life” for the slums is fallacious and unconvincing.When a city grows, the demand of land will increase to occupy more citizens as well as to allow the development of infrastructure.

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The Production of Pepsi Essay

The company has two bottle production plants in Dhaka and Chittagong which makes all the empty bottles.Since the plant requires a large amount of electricity, the electricity is available at location on similar prices like all other areas of Dhaka.* Water treatment (for bottle filling and washing) .* They should implement more ergonomics.TBL owns and operates modern plants in Dhaka and Chittagong for bottling the renowned soft drink brands such as, Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Slice, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Diet and 7UP Light.

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Compare And Contast Of Festival Between Bangladesh Tourism Essay

Main festival held in Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh.In the cities people observed this day by elaborate programme, Especially in Dhaka.In the morning Cities people eat pant-bath (rich with water) with fried hilsha fish.Social cultural organization take out procession and parade around the town, university of Dhaka also take out another procession into the campus, news paper give out especial addition, radio, television broadcast live this function.5.1 Caribana festival in Canada: Caribana festivals come from Caribbean culture and history which is held in the summer across the city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

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Internship Report on Front Office

In addition to a number of three to five star hotels, Dhaka city has now over 400 air-conditioned rooms in small hotels located at different parts.It has a colourful history and known as the ‘City of Mosques.’ Modern Dhaka is the center of political, cultural and economic life in Bangladesh.| | |The Hotel Swiss Garden has convenient and free access to other shopping and | | |commercial areas of Dhaka.HOTEL IN DHAKA CITY: .In the past decades Dhaka has made significant improvement in respect of quality hotel and decent tourist type budget accommodation.

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Lalbagh Fort Tourism

No trip to Dhaka city is fulfilled without a trip to the Lalbagh Fort or also known as the fort of Auranagabad which was built in 1678 AD by Prince Mohammad Azam who was the Viceroy back then.The fare will be around 15-30 taka depending upon from where in Dhaka you are travelling from.After Bengal was partitioned and Dhaka became the new capital of East Bengal and Assam it was used as the premise of Dhaka college but later after the establishment of University of Dhaka it became part of the Universitie’s science division.Any rickshaw puller in Dhaka city will take you to the destination if you mention you want to go to Lalbagh fort or bus can be taken from local bus stands that will drop you off in either Shahbagh or Nilkhet and from the...

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Electricity From Municipal Solid Waste Of Lahore Environmental Sciences Essay

So adoption of a policy for electrical recovery from urban solid waste of Dhaka should be dictated by the economies and the environmental implications.Following are some MSW management options .. Its first option for waste management authorities because it has no harmful effect to the preservation of resources, environment and has no cost associated with it.It is also called source reduction because it eliminates pollution at the sources.A typical solid waste management system in our country displays an array of problems, including low collection coverage and irregular collection services, crude open dumping and burning without air and water pollution control.It prevents the emission of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants.As the ...

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