Water Pollution In The Philippines Essays

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Water Pollution in the Philippines Essay

In conclusion, the Philippines is a country enriched of seas, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water that are now polluted due to different human activities.The reason for this is that most of the houses in the Philippines are not connected to a water sewerage system, which results to the contamination of groundwater with effluents and wastes from septic tanks.However, according to the data released by Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA) in 2005, 42.89% of the waters in the Philippines are contaminated.Unknown to many Filipinos, their homes are the biggest source of water pollution, contributing 48 percent of the organic pollution in the country.For example, to lessen the distribution of domestic wastes to the water pollution ...

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Air Pollution in the Philippines

At a press briefing to mark World Water Day on Thursday, Tuddao said the Philippines had 160 billion liters of water available but only 28 percent of that was being used by Filipinos for domestic purposes.By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions gripped by water scarcity and two-thirds of the world’s population could be facing a possible water shortage, the UN said.The causes and effects of air, water and land pollution .To celebrate World Water Day on Thursday, personnel from the DENR and other government agencies will assemble and form themselves into the shape of a giant water drop in front of Quirino Grandstand in Manila.Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said this year’s activities would focus on increasing a...

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Different types of wastewaters Essay

Water pollution creeping in – senator (Casayuran, Mario.Five of every 10 Filipinos believe water pollution is a serious threat to their health and environment, but the government is unable to enforce environmental laws.Water pollution creeping in – senator .MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines faces a creeping water pollution problem because of rapid urbanization and industrialization, a senator warned over the weekend.Half of the respondents said water pollution in the country was a very serious problem and posed great danger to their health and environment; 22 percent found it somewhat serious; nine percent, a little serious; and 19 percent, hardly serious.

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The Philippine Environmental Policy

Transportation, one of the sub-industries under hospitality and tourism, can help in the issue of air pollution through being responsible with the smoke they emit during the business operations.Noise pollution is also categorized to air pollution because sound waves travels through air; and still under Air Quality Management of the Philippine Environmental, sections four and five tackles the Community Noise Standards and Standards for Noise-Producing Equipment respectively.In section twenty three of this Presidential Decree, the national land use scheme includes: scientific land inventory and classification, determination of land uses, adaptability of land, method of identification of areas and exercising control by government agencies o...

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The Coastlines of the Philippines and Papua New Guinea

It may destroy marine habitat and pollutes the water.In Papua New Guinea, although they do not suffer as much water pollution as the Philippines, the sports-diving businesspersons also observed an uncompromising environmental ethic.Moreover, the Pasig River that   runs across the heart of the nation’s capital, Manila, and empties into Manila Bay adds to the pollution of the area as garbage and toxic pollutants are dumped into it by nearby residents and industries.If it is proven that the mine pollutes the river, it will either had to spend a lot of money to prevent the pollution or to close down.Fortunately, the National Pollution Control Commission Manila Bay Monitoring Project was set up to oversee several aquaculture project launched ...

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The Philippine Is Rich In Natural Resources

Under the decree of 1978 they have the commissions to cooperate with any public or private agency in the conduct of such experiments, investigations and research for given any international, national or other public or private agency for water, air and land pollution control activities, surveys or program.For Presidential Decree 984 otherwise known as the Pollution Control Decree of 1978 is a national policy aimed to prevent, abate and control pollution of water, air and land for the more effective utilization of the resources of this country.Encouraging guests to follow simple steps, such as turning off lights and recycling water, could mean saving thousands on a resort’s water bill.It provides a program to environmental protection and ...

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Problems with air pollution in Manila

For these people, water trucks transport water from the piped distribution systems directly to their home.There should be more easy-to-access information on different methods and also more improvements in health infrastructure, such as good sanitation facilities and a healthy water resource to prevent health risks from water pollution.The poor are the ones that are the most depending on vehicle delivery, bottled water, and water refilling stations.In the Philippines, clean water is sold at water refilling stations throughout the whole country.Those water trucks can also be used to combat when there is natural disaster or a temporary water crises caused by war.

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Philippine Environment Code Essay

pdf TRM115- A92/ FJDEVERO Blastique, Chlowie Ann R. Coligado, Zherrin Quillian L Pasaporte, Lejan Anell B. Reyes, Jefferson P. .REGULATION AND ENFORCEMENT Air Quality and Noise Standards • National Pollution Control Commission in coordination with appropriate government agencies shall be responsible for the enforcement of ambient air quality emission and noise standards, including the monitoring and surveillance of air pollutants, licensing and permitting of air pollution control facilities, and the promulgation of appropriate rules and regulations.Aircraft Noise • Community noise standards around airports shall be implemented by the Civil Aeronautics Administration in coordination with the National Pollution Control Commission.MONITOR...

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The Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 Essay

Water Quality Management Area (WQMA) Action Plan for each WQMA – includes, but not limited to, the following: (a) goals and targets including sewerage or septage program, (b) schedule of compliance to meet the applicable requirements of this Act; (c) water pollution control strategies or techniques; (d) water quality information and education program; e) resource requirement and possible sources; f) enforcement procedures of the plan and (g) rewards and incentives (Rule 19.3) Groundwater vulnerability mapping- the DENR through the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) shall publish a national groundwater vulnerability map (rule 19.4), which means the identified areas of the land surface where groundwater quality is most at risk from human a...

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“A Study on the Relationship between Overpopulation and Depletion of Natural Resources that Affects the Economic Status of the Philippines” Essay

He says that while freshwater is abundant in the country, estimates show that only 39 percent of classified inland surface water bodies are potential water sources for domestic use.Water pollution is a major reason for the decreased availability of and access to clean potable water.Hence, the constant pollution of the environment, along with bodies of water has exponentially decreased the quantity of usable water for the future of our generations.As an economic resource, pricing of water is largely determined by the cost of extraction from its natural water supply source and the cost of distribution.With the ever increasing population, the demand for potable water in urban areas has also increased, while the water sources began to declin...

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Philippine Environmental Law

Disseminate information and conduct educational awareness and value formation programs and campaigns on the effects of water pollution on health and environment, water quality management, and resource conservation and recovery to encourage an environmentally actionoriented society in coordination with government agencies identified in Section 22 (f); .Exercise jurisdiction over all aspects of water pollution, determine its location, magnitude, extent, severity, causes, effects and other pertinent information on pollution, and to take measures, using available methods and technologies to prevent and abate such pollution; .6969 into water bodies or wherein the same shall be liable to be washed into such surface, ground, coastal, and marine...

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Improvements of Waterways in the Philippines

So as a proud community lets CLEAN-UP THE WATERWAYS OF THE PHILIPPINES.So treatment of say the first flush of stormwater after which the water is discharged directly to the river system bypassing the treatment.Finally after the sources of pollution have been contained and managed consideration should then be given to dredging the sediments of the waterways with a view to removing the contaminants that have accumulated over several years.The quality of the treated water from these treatment plants will enable reuse of this water for flushing toilets, irrigation, and industrial reuse and other non-consumption activities.The reason for this is that the sediments will release contaminants and pollute the clean water.

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Responsible Mining

Organisms in these water bodies do not have enough water for their survival.Pollution on water is one of the major problem of our country.The result is that the water content of the river or lake from which water is being used gets reduced.(o) “Exclusive economic zone” means the water, sea bottom and subsurface measured from the baseline of the Philippine archipelago up to two hundred nautical miles (200 n.m.) offshore.(f) “Contract area” means land or body of water delineated for purposes of exploration, development, or utilization of the minerals found therein.

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Multiple Hazards in Cities: Examples from London, Mexico City and Los Angeles

Suppliers of electricity were cut off for weeks, water became contaminated and roads and telecommunication links were destroyed.Some areas of London are now at risk from rising water levels.The main source of water for the cities 20 million residence is an .Lowland floodplains can’t cope with the huge amounts of water.* Shortages of water, as well as infectious diseases, industrial accident and poverty.

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Natural Sources of Air Pollution

(“Effects of Air Pollution” and “Air Pollution Control”) .* Under normal circumstances, the earth’s atmosphere consists of nitrogen (~78%), oxygen (~21%), small amounts of carbon dioxide (~0.03%) and other gases like water vapor and some tiny particles of liquid/solid matter like dust.(“Human-caused Air Pollution”) .(“Natural Sources of Air Pollution” and “Factors Affecting Air Quality”) .Description: colorless gas that dissolves in water vapor to form acid, and interact with other gases and particles in the air.

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Determining the Effectiveness of Peanut Shell in Degrading Pollutants in Water

What are the effects of the said experiment applied to the water as a treatment of filtering?Statement of the Problem This study aimed to determine the potential of peanut shell as tools to degrade pollutants in water and to clean industrial-wastewater pollutants.Is there any significance among the treatment applied on clean other polluted creeks in the Philippines?found in water.Chapter I The Problem and its Setting Introduction In recent years, increasing awareness of water pollution and its far reaching effects has prompted concerted efforts towards pollution abatement.

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The Current Environmental Laws In The Philippines Environmental Sciences Essay

If we are purchasing products that we need to operate our establishment, the first thing we should keep in mind is to choose products that are least polluting and most sustainable, by doing so we can avoid the risk of contributing to the pollution in our country, and because it’s sustainable we can benefit from it for a longer period of time without having to dispose the product after several uses, thus helping minimize wastage in our establishment.984 or The Pollution Control Law, this is also known as the Pollution Control Decree of 1978 is a national policy that is aimed to prevent, avoid, and control pollution of water, air, and land for the more effective utilization of the resources in the country.Water saving devices like flow reg...

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Hydroelectric in Philippines Essay

The BELEA, which is the biggest one in Philippines is located on Negros Occidental.The hydrologic cycle produces neither atmospheric nor the normal pollution.It can be predicted that the hydroelectric will develop faster and faster, not only in Philippines or China, but also around the world.In some places, to build a reservoir will make the effiency of water utilization, anyway, the flood and low-flow process of ricers is weakered at the same time.What is more, it also provide facilities for water sports, and some plants even become tourist attractions themselves.

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The Pasig River Essay

The PRRC adopts the goals of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Program, especially that which includes relocating squatters in the river area, developing parks, keeping watch on industries along the river, and monitoring water quality.This is aggravated by the fact that the zoning ordinance that stipulates that waterways must have a 10 meter clearance on both sides, is hardly put to effect” – “Case Study III – Pasig River, Philippines” by: Renato T. Cruz.This results in serious flooding along the river, affecting nearby communities and carrying polluted water to the households living close to the river.It was determined that about 315 of the 2,000 or more factories located beside the river are the principal polluters of the water, most of w...

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Water Diseases Introduction

According to the department’s National Water Quality Status Report released in 2006, only 39 percent of 525 water bodies are potential sources of drinking water.These include technologies and processes that enable the collection, storage, treatment and reuse of rainwater, storm water and grey water and water storage and distribution systems.The metropolis was forced to contend with a brief water shortage that underscored structural issues related to the privatization of Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) in 1997, which at that time, was considered as the world’s biggest water utility privatization project.Water and sanitation regulator| For public supply: National Water Resources Board (NWRB)| | Responsibility for policy ...

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The Importance Of Rivers Environmental Sciences Essay

The quality of water was also limited since the plan to take the water samples was only in the morning.At the local front, country’s scarcity of water resource is mainly brought about by deteriorating quality of water resulting from indiscriminate economic activities in the water shed results to sedimentation and siltation of the water resources.The prohibitive cost of water analysis limited the number of water samples tested.The range in human activities that affect the interaction of ground water and surface water is broad (Publishing Service Center, 2008).(2) The physico-chemical properties of water along Gravahan river Matina, Davao City in terms of Salinity, Water pH, and Oxygen Content.

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Waste management in the Philippines Essay

Compliance with other environmental standards on wastewater, air pollution, medical and hazardous wastes would no longer be difficult to comprehend and can easily be made part of the day-to-day practice of every business and industry in the country.The effects are direct ingestion through drinking, inhalation of contaminants that volatilize from heated water, absorption through the skin during washing, consumption of goods derived from plants or animals exposed to polluted water.If you carry out recycling, you will save a lot of energy, resources and thereby reduce pollution.These can cause poison and toxic in the ocean and you may see these trashes in some body of water like the Manila Bay.In September 27, 2009, Ondoy’s flood caused mil...

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Do Different Detergents Effect Plant Growth?

· Pollutants in the water will alter the overall chemistry of the water, causing changes in acidity, temperature and conductivity.One is “water loving” and the other is “water hating.” The water-loving (hydrophilic) part breaks the surface tension of water.· Altered water temperatures (due to human actions) can kill the marine life and affect the delicate ecological balance in bodies of water, especially lakes and rivers.When toxins are in the water, the toxins travel from the water the animals drink to humans when the animals’ meat is eaten.Either way, these chemicals seep into the ground water or run off into lakes, creeks, or rivers, causing water pollution.

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The Problem: “Greenpeace” Philippines Essay

Many of the disposal sites contain infectious material, thus threatening sanitation workers and waste-pickers.Incinerators, on the other hand, have significantly higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions (per kilowatt) than a coal-fired power plant when all of the carbon coming out of an incinerator stack is measured.Such emissions are banned by the country’s Clean Air Act.Mismanagement of waste has serious environmental consequences: ground and surface water contamination, local flooding, air pollution, exposure to toxins, and spread of disease.These landfills and open dumps are illegal under RA 9003.

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Factors Affecting Academic Interest Essay

This formalization extended the sanctuary to water surrounding the island up to 500 meters from the shore and declaring a portion a no-take fish sanctuary.Over fishing, illegal fishing methods, and overpopulation have all contributed to the decline of the coral reefs both in the Philippines and Indonesia.This was a new finding for the time period in which it was widely believed that the main damage to coral reefs was causes by oil spills or from pollution dumped by ships.In other words, an MPA is a marine area in which the water column and all the life that exists in it are protected through laws.It is to no one’s surprise that the Philippines have lost more than 80% since the 1920s.

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Tourism In The Philippiness Essay

An ecosystem is a geographic area including all the living organisms (people, plants, animals, and microorganisms), their physical surroundings (such as soil, water, and air), and the natural cycles that sustain them.Improperly – built infrastructure affects land stability and impacts on water resources.It often puts a strain on water resources, and it can force local populations to compete for the use of critical resources.A high demand is placed upon these resources to meet the high expectations tourists often have (proper heating, hot water, etc.).Cultural deterioration, damage to cultural heritage may arise from vandalism, littering, pilferage and illegal removal of cultural heritage items or by changing the historical landscape that...

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Philippines Endangered Animals

The Philippines, a Southeast Asian country with more than 700 islands, is in dire straits.It is also the Philippines’ national bird.Help and advocacy is needed to give them a fighting chance.These are just some of the many endangered Filipino animals that need a chance in life.The Philippines’ largest and only bovine native animal, the powerful Tamaraw used to roam freely in the Mindoro region.

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Solid Waste Management

Because of the loss of forests, we have less water since most of our freshwater comes from watersheds found in forests.* Recognizing the importance of the environment’s immediate recovery and effects of improper waste management to the Philippines, there is a need for understanding and reformation of attitudes and concern towards the protection of environment.* Pollution prevention is the process of changing the operation in such a manner that pollutants are not even emitted.* Waste reduction can be achieved in three basic ways: 1) Reducing the amount of material used per product without sacrificing the utility of that product 2) Increasing the lifetime of a product 3) Eliminating the need for the product * Waste reduction in industry...

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The Endosulfan Controversy In Padre Village Kasargod Kerala

It is established that Endosulfan may run off immediately after spraying to surface water and may not reach the ground water.They have described that the local streams and water collections no more breed any fish and frogs have vanished from the area for the past few decades.The comparison with some other plantations are irrelevant , because of non availalbility of morbidity data from such areas and unusual characteristics of the geographic terrain with plenty of open water bodies like streams ( which are impossible to cover ) and water tunnels ( Surangas ) that come from Ghats to join the streams.Even though ground water may not be polluted by Endosulfan, this has not much of relevance in the area where the sources of drinking water are...

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Toyota motor corporations new challenges

Toyota Philippines Seen Adjusting Auto Prices Due to Weak Demand, by Ma.The “air pollution levels in Metro Manila and other cities exceed national air quality standards and impose a serious economic burden on society” (web.worldbank.org).Just like other countries in the world, among the Philippines’ problems are biodiversity, deforestation, pollution, global warming, and energy scarcity.The supply for clean water is not enough for the demand because some industrial and household wastes are released into bodies of water without proper treatment... Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation.

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