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Hydrothermally Green Synthesized Ginger Properties

double distilled water was added in to beaker and basic extract was carbonized at 200 C for 3 Hours.So these water soluble CNDs derived from natural herb and in basic medium by carbonization process can be used as tagging and coating material on bioactive nanomaterials for cell vectorization or probing and for biocatalytic, antioxidant and anticancer applications.in water prepared after drying CNDs suspension at 100 C with water as blank.water taken in cuvette and 1 ml.Carbon nanodots (CNDs), as a new member of carbon nanomaterial family, have aroused great interest because of their outstanding water solubility, high sensitivity and selectivity to target analytes, low toxicity, favorable biocompatibility, and excellent photo stability ...

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Charles Darwin’s Theory Essay

Punctuated Equilibrium shows a sudden change in a species gene pool usually due to an environmental disaster after a long period of no change in the gene pool.Each of his contribution became the foundation of evolutionary biology and can be seen in the wild very commonly.AP EDITION BIOLOGY.This idea is demonstrated by the rise of mammals and the downfall of reptiles and other organisms.Campbell, Neil, and Reece, Jane.

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Diffusion Of Diffusion And Osmosis Essay

We observed different solutes (NaCl, Ovalbumin, Glucose, Sucrose, and Water) in the dialysis tubing.The dialysis tube represented the cell membrane to act as selectively permeable to water and some solutes.When water diffuses into the cell, this causes the cell to be enlarged.The hypertonic solution has a higher solute concentration and lower water potential.Osmosis is specifically the movement of water through membranes.

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Osmosis Lab Report Essay

The independent variables in this lab are the beakers of distilled water, and the amount of sucrose (0.2-1.0M).Osmosis has occurred, because the water molecules have diffused into the dialysis tubing.Run the bag under water for just a moment.* Place the bags into their corresponding beakers and fill the beakers with distilled water enough that the dialysis tubing is completely submerged in the distilled water.My hypothesis is: if the dialysis tubing that is filled with sucrose solution and fully emerged in a beaker of distilled water, then the water will seep into the dialysis tubing and the tubing will become a greater mass.

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Classification of Macromolecules

AP Biology Identification of Proteins Lab Instructions of September 12.All the test tubes were then placed in a hot water bath using the hot plate.AP Biology Identification of Carbohydrates Lab Instructions of September 12.The Biuret test was conducted by added 2 mL of each solution to a test tube, along with a distilled water control.AP Biology Formal Lab Results of September 12.

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Photosynthesis – Homework

Discuss why has this process not been selected against (or has it?).During the light reaction the proton gradient across the thylakoid membrane can be as great as 3 pH units.On which side of the membrane (stroma or lumen of the grana) is the pH the lowest?In order for Dr. Smith’s African violets to grow and flower, what photosynthesis to respiration ratio (Ps:Rs) must he create for them?Write the basic equation for Photosynthesis (Ps).

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Anti-cataract Activity of Abies Pindrow & Luffa Cylindrica

Kinoshita JH, Merola LU, Dikmak E. (1962) The accumulation of dulcitol and water in rabbit lens incubated with galactose.There is no literature available for anticataract activity of AP and LC.In cataractogenesis, the parameters commonly considered are malondialdehyde (MDA) and proteins (total proteins and water soluble proteins).In conclusion, the study demonstrated that monotherapy of AP and LC had potential to prevent cataract due to their strong antioxidant potential.AP (20%) & LC (30%) maintained the vision for 39.5 & 42 hours respectively.

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Anatomy and Physiology Notes Midterm 1 Essay

1 Propogation of Action Potential AP must be transmitted to next neuron, depolarization of adjacent membranes away from origin Unidirectional because area where AP was just generated has inactivated Na+ gates.Wherever salt goes, water follows), water goes to wherever there is more solute Ex.voltage-gated channels on axons open & close in response to local currents (graded potentials), enough will cause potential to reach axon hillock and fire an action potential It is an all-or-none phenomenon:either happens completely or not at all, local depolarizations (graded) must sum to reach threshold or no AP Depolarization: will make the resting membrane potential more positive (less negative) so it has less a distance to go to reach thresho...

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Rate of Cellular Respiration | Experiment

Moving the vials and putting your hands in the water could have caused contamination.Begin by setting up a 10°C bath to allow time for the temperature of the water to adjust.Then place the first three vials into the 10°C water bath.In the experiment apparatus, if H2O temperature and volume remain constant, the water will move toward the region with lower pressure.Put 20 germinating peas in the cylinder and measure how much water was displaced.

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Determining the Water Potential of Potato Tubers Using Gravimetric anc Chardakov Techniques

Measuring the Water status of Potato tubers.In this experiment The Gravimetric and Chardakov techniques are used for determining the W for potato tubers by incubation in inc... ... middle of paper ... ...of the water potential of stored potato-tubers.A Critical Evaluation of Tissue-Immersion Method for Measurement of Plant Water Potential.Water potential is depends on different solute concentrations, pressure and matrix a particle; measured in Mega Pascal’s (MPa) and written as: W = s + p + m In plants dissolved solutes such as ions, sugars, proteins, amino acids and other substances decrease the availability of free energy and induce solute potential (S) , having a negative value.Also the binding of water to colloids which decreas...

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Vertebrate Adaptions for Terrestrial Life Essay

Land vertebrates have developed a different approach to the problem of gas exchange, as water is not present in all of the terrestrial environment.Air enters through the nasal passages, or the mouth, passes through the trachea, then branches off at the two bronchi, and goes through many branching passages called bronchioles, which end in alveoli.Terrestrial vertebrates have developed lungs to solve this problem.Four problems faced by animals on land are breathing (respiration), water conservation in excretions, successful reproduction, and the producing an egg which can survive outside of the water.For each problem, explain a physiological of structural solution.

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Biochip Microfluidic Vortex Chamber

therefore, pure water has low conductivity.Electric conductivity of water sample is used to calculate how salt-free , ion-free or impurity-free the sample is.The boundary condition of inlet was formulated as ground , the equation v=o.On the other hand, the conductivity of water is depend on concentration of dissolved salts.The model shows that the water flowed from the inlet towards the outlet with the control channel away from the containment chamber.

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The pathway of air in amphibians, birds, fish, and humans. Essay

Gills can absorb 80 to 90 percent of oxygen from water, but use 25 percent of the organisms energy.This may sound like gills extract a high amount of oxygen, but when you compare water and air with the same volume, you will find that water has 3 percent of the oxygen that is in air.If the blood were to move with the water an equilibrium point may be reached and only half the oxygen would be absorbed.The countercurrent flow allows the fish to absorb 80 to 90 percent of oxygen in the water.When the gills are open water is allowed into the respiratory system.

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Osmosis and Diffusion Essay

Water potential is the measure of free energy of water in a solution and is shown with the use of the symbol Ψ.Osmotic potential is dependent on the solute concentration, and pressure potential which is the energy that forms from exertion of pressure either positive or negative on a solution.Potatoes had a lower water potential and higher solute potential than the distilled water.The equation to find the sum of water potential is: Water Potential = Pressure Potential + Osmotic Potential .The water moved to reach equilibrium between the solutions.

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AP Bio: Lab 6 Cellular Respiration

Temp| Green Lettuce: Ice Water| Iceberg Lettuce: Room Temp| Iceberg Lettuce: Ice Water| 0 minutes (Equilibrium)| .36| 1.2| .21| .95| .32| .92| 5 minutes| .38| 1.5| .23| 1.03| .36| 1.05| .In the first procedure, we used 25 germinating peas, 25 nongerminating peas, 25 glass beads, 6 vials, 6 rubber stoppers, 6 flat metal washers, parafilm,1 tub of room temperature water, 1 tub of ice water, 2 thermometers, 6 pieces of nonabsorbent cotton, 6 pieces of absorbent cotton, 3 graduated cylinders, a beaker of 15% solution of KOH, two pieces of paper, and food coloring.The first step of this experiment was to fill one tub with room temperature water and another with ice water and put a thermometer in each.Water | Glass Beads: Ice Water | 0 minutes...

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Genetically modified food benefit both farmers and consumers Essay

6 A farmer grows these soy- beans which then only require one application of weed-killer instead of multiple ap- plications, reducing production cost and limiting the dangers of agricultural waste run-off.With this antifreeze gene, these plants are able to tolerate cold temperatures that normally 4 Insecticidal proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis protect corn from corn rootworms (Nature Biotechnol- ogy, Vol 19, No 7, pp 668-672, Jul 2001).THE TERM GM FOODS OR GMOS (GENETICALLY-MODIFIED ORGANISMS) IS MOST commonly used to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecu- lar biology techniques.Yet there are many challenges ahead for governments, especially in the areas of safety testing, regulation, in...

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Indian Manufacturing Sector Analysis

As it is known, the Cobb Douglas Production function and how the Growth Accounting Equation is derived from it; .Registration, Tax Approvals, Environment Clearance, Land Procurement, Construction Permits & NOCs, Water Connection, Power Connection, Quality Certificates etc.The major initiatives taken state-wise were “The Single-Window Clearance Act, AP and Rajasthan”, “Online Building Plan Approval System, Karnataka”, “One-Stop Centre, Punjab”, “Single Window Clearance Mechanism, Orissa” etc.Major initiatives taken by different states are AASTHI in Karnataka, “Electronic registration, filling and payment of state VAT in AP” etc.The respondents of this survey identified certain key initiatives taken in certain states such as CARD in AP...

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Diffusion and Osmosis Shown In Solutions Essay

This means that there was a higher concentration of water than the solute, causing the water to diffuse in the cell after 30 minutes.Hypotonic is when the solution has a lower solute concentration compared to the water potential.When water diffuses into the cell, this causes the cell to be enlarged.The materials used in this procedure were beakers, water, sucrose, glucose, NaCl, ovalbumin, 20 cm-long dialysis tubing and balances.The hypertonic solution has a higher solute concentration and lower water potential.

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Experiments in Quantum Mechanics

The time independent Schrödinger equation has another important use that is making the time dependent Schrödinger equation to be solved easily once the stationary states are predicated by the time independent Schrödinger equation (Phillips, 2003).The reason why there are many different Schrödinger equations is that the situation over under which you want to solve the Schrödinger equation enters the Schrödinger equation as a potential function and we know that potential function influence the physics of quantum mechanics.Newton’s Second Law is a differential equation which describes how a classical particle moves, whereas the Schrödinger equation is a partial differential equation which describes how the wave function representing a quant...

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National Honors Society Essay

Therefore, I would like to create a program where students who have taken theses higher level courses go around the school during the two-week period when everyone is choosing courses for the next year and discuss the benefits of taking classes such as AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics.But if I had the power to change three things in my school or community, I would obligate all high school students to take a culture and religion class, encourage students to take higher level academic classes instead of just the basics, and I would encourage hosting more community activities.One might accidently comment or reference something that is offensive to their co workers creating a spark that could potentially ignite a fire.Re...

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Essay about Physics : Physics And Physics

Lastly, this experience contributed towards advancing one’s practical problem solving skills through a side project I was working on, namely being the cleaning of older substrates so that they could potentially be used again, which would be both time and cost efficient....imental setups to working through a block concerning theory, this experience proved to be one which fostered a sense of belonging to a scientific community bent on furthering advances in physics.Finally, it was determined that an ultrasonic machine, used in tandem with one of the usual treatment methods, could be the answer we were looking for, and for a fellow member of the group, this was precisely the case.The joy which accompanies solving problems in physics has pro...

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Malaria: Causes, Effects and Cures

Such a sample that is known to give a negative test is a called a negative control The blood and water samples were collected in collection tubes specially designed for this purpose.The occurrence of malarial outbreak can be related with presence of stagnant water that can support the mosquito survival in populations.Substitute equation 3 into equation 4 .Furthermore, the surface water from stagnant regions of reservoir was collected in a container and was assayed for presence of larvae of mosquitoes with help of magnifying glass.As reported in newspapers and other literature there was a population of 100,000 people living with minimal facilities of life that on a huge natural water reservoir for drinking water.

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Separation of Histone Protein

Few journals and reviews found to be support my hypothesis like Kornberg, R.D(1977) and Herbert and Linder(1992).The variants are observed in histone protein due to differing of amino acids in the sequence.Then checked the sandwich plates with distilled water to ensure any leakage occur.After the 30 minutes discard the stain solution and wash the gel with distilled water for 4- 5 times for constant time intervals and incubate at room temperature for overnight by placing on shaker.Histone proteins undergoes different biological conditions and form to be post synthetically modified like ADP-ribosylated, phosphorylated and acetylated .by using SDS-PAGE the purity of isolated proteins are identified.

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Evapotranspiration Essay

The concept of evapotranspiration and its measures appeared in the 1950s; it is important for explaining and quantifying water transfers in ecosystems, for calculating the water needs of forests, agricultural crops and more generally for the management of water in natural or semi-natural vegetated areas, or for estimating the importance of urban heat bubbles or the consequences of a change in vegetation in an environment.These two concepts ETr and ETp are useful and necessary for studying water circulation balances and in particular for determining the water requirements of crops or calculating the "oasis effect" an area where evapotranspiration is important (which may be an urban area).In a majority of basins, water losses by evapotrans...

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Essay on My Path to Public Health

Furthermore, by incorporating indicators in assessing performance and taking steps to find opportunities in improvements, hospitals can decrease certain types of undesirable conditions and events that occur while further increasing the quality of care and delivering safer performance.... middle of paper ... .My first experience was as a general hospital volunteer where my responsibilities were to interact with the patients and to provide service to them.By being more efficient in resource utilizations and in the documentations of patient information, hospitals can be greatly benefited in terms of reduced costs, time, and errors, while increasing patient satisfactions.... and nurses, have greatly improved in their efforts to provide quali...

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Application of Pinch Technology and Analysis

The above equation simplifies to: d H = Q, where Q represents the heat supply or demand associated with the stream.First Law energy equation: d H = Q ± W .After the network has been designed according to the pinch rules, it can be further subjected to energy optimization.So above the pinch: CPhot ≤ CPcold .If the unit cost of each utility is known, the total energy cost can be calculated using the energy equation given below.

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Essay

Next, the LEED system evaluates each phase of each project based on 6 main categories for which credits are granted (the number of points depends on the benchmark used): - Ecological site development (21 at 28 points) - Efficient water management (10 to 11 points) - Energy and atmosphere (33 to 37 points) - Materials and resources (13 to 14 points) - Quality of indoor environments (12 to 17 points) - Innovation and design process (5 points + 1 point if there is a LEED professional) - Regional credits (4 points) Thus, each project is evaluated out of a total of 110 points, leading to the obtaining of different certifications: certified ( 40 to 49 points), silver (50 to 59), gold (60 to 79), platinum (80 points and more).On the other hand,...

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Chemistry of Life: Study Guide

9) Identify reactants in a chemical equation .8) Identify Products in a chemical equation .When substrates are brought together, the chance of a chemical reaction occurring becomes higher.18) Substrates are molecules that enzymes help to bring together.Enzymes also lower the activation energy of chemical reactions (meaning the energy required for the reaction to start).

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Credit River Abiotic Feature Study

Lastly, the dependent variables are the temperature, velocity, depth and oxygen reduction potential in the Credit River.The nature of the depth, temperature and velocity is that as depth decreases, a higher volume of water flows in a compressed space, therefore making the surface flow faster, and since a more shallow depth occurs when velocity is high, the average temperature for a quadrat will be greater.Water depth was possible to have an error of �.5cm because of bending in the metre stick used to collect data from water pressure, the inadequate placing of the measurement device, and the water level deviating within a small range of uncertainty.There is been a positive correlation between increased oxygen reduction potential and tem...

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Essay about The Physics Of The Science

As for the other science levels, there is a slightly higher population of females, which is to be caused by having more male students in the AP courses.I believe that from my research, it will have my fellow science teachers be more aware and incorporate more female role models within their specific subject and tie relationships that female students can relate to.... more of how they feel and what suggestions they have that would increase female enrollment in AP science courses and be more interested in science.The difference between the female students in AP courses and those who are not, those students have a different outlook on how they feel regarding being successful.In the future, using this action research as a base, there can be ...

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