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Vehicles on Non Conventional Sources Essay

A water powered car would take the hydrogen through a special separating process called electrolysis.Water powered vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen for the propulsion of the vehicle.Let’s take a look at some designs for wind powered cars that may be the wave of the future: A team of engineers has set the land speed record for a wind powered vehicle at 126 mph.Wind powered vehicles Introduction Here we use water as a fuel for vehicles which will replace fossil fuels.Probably the biggest benefit for water powered cars comes from the fact that water is more abundant, easier to get and a lot cheaper than petrol or gas.

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Advantages Of Electric Powered Over Gas Powered Cars Essay

Although the use of electric cars is more advantageous than use of gas powered cars, the world is still relying heavily on gas powered vehicles and much more attention should be given to production of electric powered cars to save the situation.Electric powered cars cost less when it comes to maintenance than gas powered vehicles.Unlike gas powered cars that rely heavily on natural products, electric powered cars use forces of nature and therefore do not cause depletion to natural resources (Ingersoll John G).Any emission is normally in form of water vapor and is odorless, making electric cars safer to use than gas powered cars.Electric cars are much faster than gas powered cars.

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Are There Any Realistic Alternatives to Oil?

The electric, or battery powered car has its own difficulties.The hybrid can work in two different ways: Either both the gasoline engine and the electric batteries power the car at the same time, or the gasoline engine turns a generator which either charges the batteries or powers the car itself.The typical hybrid car is a cross between a normal gasoline powered car, and an electric car.In this case the gasoline engine does not directly power the car.The technology requires no outside sources of energy or water, with the exception of the small amount needed to clean off accumulated dust on the solar panel from the environment.

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Environmental problems

Sawmills and pulp and paper plants contaminate water.It falls as a result of poisonous chemicals from power stations and cars mixing with the moisture in clouds.To sum up, if pollution of land, air and water continues, the damage caused by all these to nature may become irreversible.This would help to keep many litters of water especially in the summer.We can save the water from our baths and use it for the garden.

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Overview Of Cooling System Engineering Essay

So, while providing freeze protection and an increased boiling point, ethylene glycol lowers the specific heat capacity of water mixtures relative to pure water.It is not recommended to use only water as a liquid cooling because it would freeze if the temperature drop below 0oC.After the radiator is already cools back down, a vacuum is created in the cooling system that pulls open another spring loaded valve while sucking the water back in from the bottom of the overflow tank to replace the water that was expelled.Figure 1.1 : Cooling System Components [12] .. For operation of the cooling systems, it uses five basic parts or components to do the job in controlling the engine temperature that is water jackets, water pump, thermostat, rad...

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The effect of releasing gaseous acids into the atmosphere as a result of modern lifestyles

Transport fifty years ago was a lot less than in modern lifestyles as there would have only been one car per street as opposed to two cars per household today.“In 2006, annual SO2 emissions from acid rain program electric power generation sources fell sharply, with reductions of 830,000 tons from 2005 levels and an overall reduction of 40 percent from 1990 levels.When nitrogen dioxide reacts with water, nitric acid is produced (NO2 + H2O –> 2HNO3).With the pH of water below 4.5 most fish will die, this will have a detrimental effect on wildlife as if the fish die, the birds that feed on the fish will also die.Things are getting better as there are restrictions on power stations where the acid content is removed and new cars are all fi...

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Easy Ways to Save the Environment

The simplest ways to save water – turn off water taps after use.This pollutes water bodies.Use of flushes and showers can lead to wastage of water.Do you keep a check on their power consumption?Refrigerators and water heaters consume a lot of power.

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Factors Contributing To Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

Third important effect of global warming on water is increase in ocean acidification due to carbon dioxide that is being released into ocean.Acid rains affect the life on land as well as in water.For example hundreds of lakes in the adirondacls have acidity levels indicative of chemical conditions unsuitable for the survival of sensitive fish species (“Surface water,” 1999)(13).When ultraviolet rays fall on water, those rays kill many organism such as plankton.Secondly, global warming can also be reduced by using new cars instead of old cars, “If someone buy a new car that gets 10 more miles per gallon then their old car, the amount of co2 reduced realized in one year will be about 2500 pounds.

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Types of energy and energy resources

Hydroelectric and tidal power stations make use of gravitational forces.Bio fuels such as alcohol (ethanol) and methane gas are obtained from them by fermentation using enzymes or by decomposition by bacterial action in the absence of air.Spruce) grow for their wood, animal dung and sewage.In a tidal power station, the Moons gravity lifts water as the tides rise, giving the water potential energy (energy due to position) which is released as the water flows through a turbine.The Earth’s gravity pulls water downward through the turbines in a hydroelectric power station.

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Porters Competitive Forces: Nissan

The GPS built-in the car will give the car an up-to-date route to reach their destination as soon and as safe as possible.By collaborating with Google, the concept which is similar with an airplane is used to create this brand new car with a new function called the Auto-Drive, which is, the car will now be the driver and will drive the passenger onboard to their desired location just by accepting the address from the passenger.In order to solve the problem, Nissan will develop a new kind of car which is called the smart car.Recently, Chinese-made cars have been weaving through the roads in many of countries Strip as private cars or taxicabs .The Chinese cars, mainly Chery Automobile’s Speranza and others like JAC and Geely, become the ne...

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Perpetual Motion And Movement Engineering Essay

Throughout his patents and marketing material, Meyer uses the terms “fuel cell” or “water fuel cell” to refer to the portion of his device in which electricity is passed through water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.The fuel cell supposedly split water into its component elements, hydrogen and oxygen.An electric car powered by perpetual motion could recharge its own batteries forever, or a perpetual motion clock could without human intervention rewind itself for years.Meyer describes in a 1990 patent the use of a “water fuel cell assembly'” and portrays some images of his “fuel cell water capacitor”.Meyer’s claims about his “Water Fuel Cell” and the car that it powered were found to be fraudulent by an Ohio court in .

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Discovering Trip to the Mountains

Although at first minute the water seemed to be unbearably cold, after a while my feet got used to it and now I felt the water was so relaxing.Approaching to the falling water we felt spray on our faces.But when we saw about seven cars parked along the road, we decided to stop by and check what made all these people stop here.We spent there about two hours just walking around and watching charming water performance.We parked our car and walked along the narrow path leading through the wood to the attractive place.

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What Sustainability Issues Will Arise Essay

Different types of Electric cars An electric car is a vehicle that is powered by simple electric motors, how the electricity to run the motor is created or stored can vary.This unsustainable electricity would be supplying the power to recharge the batteries of the electrically powered cars, which would eliminate the some benefits of carbon neutrality from the electric car.Although the technology in the battery powered cars is straightforward, some further training would be needed to ensure the safe maintenance of electrical equipment.The difference between the typical common car and the electric car, comes when you look at the power source, in the common car an Internal Combustion Engine is used to convert fuel (generally unsustainable f...

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The International Monetary Fund ( Imf ) And The World Bank Essay

Electronic ticket machines and locomotives disappeared, while metal parts and window glass were stolen from railroad cars because of their resale value (Rodriguez-Boetsch, 2005, p. 306).As you begin to enjoy your ice-cold water, your brother places a giant straw in your glass and drinks up the remainder of your water, leaving you with a parched throat and an unfair obligation to still fulfill your end of the deal.Noticing how thirsty you are, your brother offers you 1-litre of his ice-cold water on the condition that you complete his chores for a week.To your surprise, there is no water in the fridge!Thirsty, you open the fridge to quench your thirst with a tall glass of filtered water.

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Possible solutions to the problem of pollution

It effects us in many negative.The cloud of smoke from the exhaust of a bus, car, or truck is air pollution.This can contaminate our water supplies or harm animals that we eat.If we invented a new type of car that ran on water or ran battery powered cars it would be environmentally safe.To help prevent air pollution are; we could run cars on water or batteries which are environmentally safe or even car pool more, ban aerosol cans, and find cleaner burning fuels.

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Protecting and Preserving Our Environment Essay

Finally, I think if the majority of us went to one of the mentioned solutions and acted mindfully, then we would save our precious environment from pollution, water scarcity, and many other serious environmental issues.Water is becoming scarce in different parts of the world, and this is because we don’t know how vital water conservation is.In addition, we all have to regularly check our house for water leaks.“40 Shocking Facts About Water’’ June 2009. www.metadornetwork.com/change/40-shocking/facts-about-water/ .National Geographic “Water Conservation Tips” .

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What life has taught me

Compact cars are winning the battle against big cars because of fuel prices and eco-awareness.There lie’s no doubt in the fact that, converting sun light into solar energy or power is one of the greatest technological advancements for the last 200 or more years.In this modern era, solar powered cars are considered one of the best friends of future.Cool water passes through the tubes and is warmed by the sun, streaming to a protected barrel once warmed.A solar powered car is environmentally and budget friendly and among all automobile advancements, solar cars stand alone.

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Green Technology: Impact and Uses

(Oracle, n.d.) By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere, less carbon dioxide can react with rain water and reduce the acidity of rain water.In 2007, Thailand has exported pollution control, water treatment and renewable technologies that generated revenues about US$ 2.3 billion.Non-renewable sources of energy such as gasoline and petroleum can be prevented from over exploitation by using hybrid car as an alternative vehicle.Lastly, hybrid car helps in reducing the noise pollutions in the environment as well.Highly acidity rain can affect the sea life by lowering the pH value of sea water, forest on the world due to the highly acidic soil that is not suitable for the plant to grow and human health by drinking con...

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Benefits and Limitations

No pollution: A great benefit of using Hydrogen fuel cells is that they give off no pollution, and in fact produce pure water as a byproduct.Given that a lot of issues are still to be resolved we cannot expect for the hydrogen driven vehicles to immediately replace the cars we drive today.However, with the continuous progress this should soon be stabilized.Approximate estimation of the fuel-cell car efficiency is 64 percent.This type of cars might not be cheap at the first as well as cost of refuelling them.

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Conserrvation of Natural Resources Essay

For conservation of natural resources like natural gas, one can get tank less water heater as it reduces the usage of natural gas.Either way it is a great way for conserving natural resources when it is concern with fossil fuels.The other way to save natural gas is the use of another energy source for instance hydro, solar or wind power are all healthy and great alternatives to conserving natural resources.Some hybrid cars just run on electricity.One of the great option before is Hydro-power and solar power.

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Human ecology Essay

It is still possible to splurge on appliances; although in order to save electricity, the appliances inside the house must be energy efficient especially the air conditioner, water heater, furnace and refrigerator.On the other hand, I want to build a house in a dune as this does not need cooling, hence, there would be no need for air conditioning.Furthermore, it must be built with pine or from wood coming from sustainable forests – trees that grow quick.For starters, the car I would purchase would be a Honda Civic Hybrid.The sun’s solar power can also be used to power the appliances inside.

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Coal-Fired Power Plant

However, it may be used in cogenerationplants to heat buildings, produce hot water, or to heat materials on an industrial scale, such as in some oil refineries, plants, andchemical synthesis plants.A study released in August 2010 that examined state pollution data in the United States by the organizations Environmental Integrity Project, the Sierra Club and Earthjustice found that coal ash produced by coalfired power plants dumped at sites across 21 U.S. states has contaminated ground water with toxic elements.The study brought to 137 the number of ground water sites across the United States that are contaminated by power plantproduced coal ash.The study found an additional 39 contaminated U.S. sites and concluded that the problem of coa...

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Solar Water Heating Systems

The function of filter is to purify the water before pumping in to the pipes of solar collector where the water is warmed.Heat sensors are also installed in some system to detect the temperature of water and according to the temperature flow s controlled.Other sensors are exactly placed in the water to detect the temperature of water and give the signal to programmable logic controller for panel rotation and water flow.The PLC controls the direction of flow of water by opening and closing the valves by taking specific input from the sensors.And controlling unit is used to divert the direction of water flow using pump.

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Basics Of Embedded Systems

Remember the talking car in the serial knight rider, a fully computerized car capable of doing almost everything a car lover would want to.When the water level further rises to touch sensor 3, the output of NOR gate will be logic 0, which should be in a position to terminate the operation of the pulse generator.In manual method of measuring the flow rate of water, we need to observe the rise of water in river .As soon as water reaches a fixed point in the river , we press start button on the stopwatch .After the water reaches another fixed point, we need to press stop button on the stopwatch.It is a circuit to measure the flow rate of water .Using this device one can determine the total volume of water raised in the river.The observed ti...

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Essay about History of Chemistry: Hydrogen as an Alternative Use of Energy

Many wars have been started over oil in the middle east if hydrogen where to be used as the main power source there would not be any struggle over who controlled it because there is so much hydrogen around that there would be no way to have a monopoly on it.In this paper I am going to be talking, about how the element hydrogen when chemically broken down can produce enough power to run things like, cars, planes, helicopter, etc… which is chemistry in technology.They have already started to integrate it into natural day to day living like the power plant in Italy, many car companies are starting on designs of hydrogen powered cars.... cleaner Earth without all the dirty byproducts of fossil fuels put out of the cars and power plants.Natur...

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Scientific Investigation Essay

Both Christopher and Kate concluded that store-bought rocks do not dissolve in water.What is causing the water to go down?Using what Christopher and Kate have already observed, suggest a possible hypothesis regarding how the mass of a rock changes when placed in water.They wondered how the mass of the rocks changed when dissolved in water.Temperatures have been very high in the area, but there are also a lot of animals on his farm that may be drinking the water.

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Different types of energy transfer Essay

A lawn mower cutting grass, a car racing down a hill, and students running home from school are examples of kinetic energy.The generator is powered by the movement of the turbine which produces electrical energy.A lawn mower filled with gasoline, a car on top of a hill, and students waiting to go home from school are all examples of potential energy.A nuclear power station uses nuclear energy in the form of uranium as its main energy source.For example, water at the top of a waterfall or stored behind a dam at a hydroelectric plant has gravitational potential energy.

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Summary of global warming Essay

The increased temperatures are also very likely to be accompanied with “more extreme precipitation and faster evaporation of water”.The main reason people today are not buying these hybrid cars is because they are not aware of an energy crisis.Salt water intrusion due to rising sea levels and increases in violent tropical storms, along with human destruction, are major causes in the loss of wetlands.Lastly, setting efficiency standards of existing power plants- especially coal-burning power plants- would conserve natural resources and result in cleaner-burning plants.Nuclear power was once high at public concern (and perhaps still is), however the technology we have nowadays for construction and management of power plants far supersedes ...

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Question Bank on Light

Will there be a change in the bending of a pencil kept in a glass of water when it is observed from outside to that of a glass of kerosene.How does the ray of light bend in water?Calculate the refractive index of water to diamond and diamond to water.The speed of light in water is 2.5×108 m/s.A ray of light travels from diamond of refractive index 2.42 to water of refractive index 1.33.

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An overview of global warming

Land spreading of sewage sludge is not a true ‘disposal’ method, but rather serves only to transfer the pollutants in the sludge from the treatment plant to the soil, air and ground water of the disposal site (Stauber 109).Hybrid cars (Gas/Electric Cars) are being created that let you go over 800 miles before a fill up for fuel.Like power plants, cars are only small versions of power plants, but with so many of them being driven, it could be worse than power plants.Since, Earth’s atmosphere is very much like the greenhouse model, energy from the sun passes through our atmosphere where energy is absorbed by the air, water, and plants.Like power plants and cars, trash can be very hazardous in the build up of the greenhouse effect.

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