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Water Privatization Essay

As an institution the United Nations through its UN- WATER program monitors global progress on the supply of affordable safe drinking water and additionally strengthens coherence in the implementation of global water agenda.This global water crisis continues as solutions continue to be put on the discussion table, whether the privatization of the water services industry is the most feasible option in wake of a challenging global crisis is not an option, all factors need to be critically analyzed and sustainable solutions drawn.The Merits of Privatization of Water Services To accelerate the rate and efficiency of production, distribution and to enhance the management of water and water services there has been an increasing trend towards p...

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Water crisis, why water is a human right and why we should not privatize water Essay

The right to water gives human beings or individuals the right to access water services whether poor or rich.Water being a basic commodity should not be sold dearly because this will mean curtailing the right to water particularly for the poor citizens.Privatization of water services in a country often results in lay offs of staff.Other than increased consumption of water resulting from population growth, waste water disposal generated and disposed into fresh water sources may reduce amount of fresh water available.Water is a human right It has been said many times that water is life.

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Case Study: The Privatization of Water Essay

Focus should not on those who have access already but to providing access to those who do not have good modern water systems because they are the ones who pay more (by drilling wells, paying private water vendors, among others).The involvement of domestic water companies may also help in expanding water access in remote areas.The pricing system recommended is the block tariff system where the more water you use the higher charges you pay.The Case Against Privatization From the Anti-Privatization Forum in Johannesburg, Trevor Ngwane asserts that water is a basic need and as such it is the government that is mandated to ensure it provides all basic needs and services which is in the public interest.This will prevent wastage of water.

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The Demerits of Privatization of Water Services Essay

These alternate directions include the need for an independent review of all water privatization efforts, these reviews must establish clear cut guidelines that ensure that there is fair access to water for all regardless of the levels of income and such measures should aim to protect the environment and build the need for transparency and integrity in the decision making process.Those against water privatization have always cited numerous concerns and in some instances potentially violent opposition.Fluid Dynamics: A debate on water privatization, part one and Part two.Greens Call Worldwide Water Privatization ‘Theft’ of Public Resources.In these instances focus should shift to harnessing the traditional water harvesting methodologies a...

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An Natural Resource For Human Survival Essay

Despite claims that privatization results in cleaner and safer water, as well as more efficient distribution of water, the commodification of water has numerous adverse effects that are irreversible.Hence, it is imperative that a firm stance is taken against complete water privatization in order to successfully combat the world’s water crisis.Unless measures are taken to combat the commodification of water, it may well be the case that “the wars of the next century will be fought over water”, as warned by Ismail Serageldin.The World Bank has advocated the privatization water and has declared it to be a solution to the worldwide water crisis.There is a real universal scarcity of water, and the privatization of water is exacerbating the wa...

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Blue Gold: World Water Wars Essay

The movie argues that water privatization is one of the big culprits of our vanishing water supply.It points out that when water is being pumped into the desert for agriculture through water reloc... ... middle of paper ... ...ollution are depressing.Blue Gold: World Water Wars also highlights the fact that Wall Street investors are going after the desalination process and mass water export schemes.Blue Gold: World Water Wars’ main argument is that fresh water is a basic human right, and it should not be treated as a commodity; while investors are looking at water as the new oil.I was a little shocked to see the amount of water the private water companies have bought rights to world-wide.

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Water Privatization: Private vs. Public Essay

Water remains a function of municipal government in 90% of cities around the US and Suez Environment and Veolia Water are the top two water companies.2 The consensus throughout the US is that water should be the publics responsibility because water in privately owned water facilities is more expensive and in some cases below standards and less desirable.6 People in the US want to keep their water in their hands because they feel better knowing that people like them control and consume the same water as they do and not people who do not.Segerfeldt, Fredrik, “Private Water Saves Lives,” CATO INSTITUTE, 2005, web.Water privatization is putting water rights into private corporations.Mead, Andy, 2006, Newberry Wins – ‘No’ on Water, Vote Puts...

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Water Privatization

Moreover in Africa 1 out of 10 children will die before the age of 5 because of lack of clean drinking water, and yet much of Africa’s water is privatised however many of them wait for as long as 4 weeks waiting for water to come out of the faucet.The first reason why is that many cooperations have consistently increased water bills after taking control of their public water system, knocking out poor consumers out of the market entirely, leaving them with no access to water at all because they can’t afford it even when it is physically accessible.‘Suez’ which is one of the top private water companies in the world, had an 80 million dollar investment into the treatment of their water.Many people are fed up with water privatisation because ...

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Essay on Ethics and Privatization of Public Systems

Water supply systems have also been a target for privatization in many countries, especially in low-mid income countries (see figure 1).Privatization of public systems has been going on in both developed and developing countries for many years, maybe with more strength on developing countries in the last decade because of their higher reliance on public companies.The fact is then that the central government is supportive of price rises but the provincial government, that has to deal with unpopular price rises, tends to protect the customers.Fig 1: Investment in privatization of water supply systems in millions of dollars from 1991-2005 for low-mid income countries As we can see in Fig 1 the areas with higher concentration of water supply...

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GDF Suez: Taking Over the Water We Need to Live Essay

Privatization of water throughout the world is a government’s decision to legally allow a private company to service the water needs of an area, with or without the citizen’s support.Many governments throughout the world have made a choice to transfer their water utilities from public ownership to some form of private venture to serve their water needs.GDF Suez is currently the second largest provider of water privatization in the world.As time passes and water is used up, the ethical choice in relation to the world’s drinkable water is not to have GDF Suez, or any other corporation, in control of it.GDF Suez began in 1858 as Suez Company, formed with Egypt’s King and French entrepreneurs, to build the Suez Canal from the Red Sea to the ...

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Techniques For Providing Water To Arid Regions An Environmental Sciences Essay

.. Water privatization was taken on in 1989 by Margaret Thatcher’s government.Since accessibility of conventional sources of fresh water lacks for drinking use, seawater water desalination, in accumulation to partial groundwater resources, are the chief water supply sources for urban utilization.On closing the dam, the water level in the reservoir rises, resulting in key changes in the area inundated with the water... Brisk industrialization, urbanization, and population growth in arid countries are wielding rising pressure on local water authorities and water planners to gratify the emergent urban water demand.The extreme pumping from local aquifers to suit the growing urban water demand consequences in substantial turn down in water ...

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Kant’s Philosophy: Water and Ethics Analytical Essay

From the literature reviewed, it is evident that, in its entirety, water privatisation does not pass the moral test according to Kantian ethics.As rational agents, therefore, private water companies and other agencies overseeing water privatisation may indeed by acting inconsistently if they did not treat those with minimal capacity to pay for the services (poor people) the way they themselves would want to be treated.Hughes, RA 2010, ‘Pro-justice ethics, water scarcity, human rights’, Journal of Law & Religion, vol.Owing to the fact that critics of the ongoing water privatisation initiatives contend that water will definitely become a market good and hence would be made unavailable for the poor of the planet (Barraque 2004), it can be a...

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Essay on Water Privatization is Re-endorsing the Apartheid State

Forsaking this original mandate, the national government now allowed water bureaucrats the authority to provide water only if there was a full cost recovery of operating and maintenance costs (Mackinnon, 2005).How “Water for all!” policy became hegemonic: The power of the World Bank and its transnational policy networks.Coalition against Water Privatization.Water is life: The Anti-Privatisation Forum and the Struggle against Water Privatisation in South Africa.In January 2001, the Johannesburg metro privatized their water services and signed a five-year contract with French water company Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux (Mackinnon, 2005).

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Water Resource Issue in Isokoland

There are three (3) basic sources of water supply in Isokoland, which include rainwater, bores and surface water.Comparing urban-rural water sources showed that most urban dwellers of Ozoro and Oleh patronize bores than the two water sources.Even at Ozoro where the urban water board dispenses water, the people complained of erratic water supply and at times no supply for some weeks.Epileptic power supply ranked the highest factor of inadequate water supply in Isokoland, According to most of the inhabitants (93%), frequent power failure always leads to increase in price of water and reduction in the quantity of water consumed per household daily in the area, To overcome this problem government should ensure regular power supply to Isokola...

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Analysis Of The Book ' Blue Gold ' By Maude Barlow & Tony Clark Essay

Nerveless countries cannot do anything about the issue since the water is privatized, if the countries want back the water system, they probably have to pay high amounts of dollars in order to get back their water to the public sector otherwise a country will more likely to be sued as like Bolivia.As we as human we are capable of inventing many so if we can be available invent a house that floats in the air without contaminating the air, water, and soil etc.but the most important thing is to help water become sustainable for many years and fresh water.After the so-called privatization, corporations and water companies start making abundant profits for their own be... ... middle of paper ... ... how we use water for example: taking 10 t...

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Kantian Perspective on Water Privatisation Analytical Essay

Schorr, DB 2006, ‘The First Water-Privatization Debate: Colorado Water Corporations in the Gilded Age’, Ecology Law Quarterly, 33, 2, pp.Putting the organizations that sell water or privatising water at the expense of poor consumers; it is obvious that it cannot allow the act to be acknowledged as a universal law.Schorr (2006) argues that water privatisation will encourage provision of water accessibility and efficiency to the poor.Cocq, K, & McDonald, D 2010, ‘Minding the Undertow: Assessing Water “Privatization” in Cuba’, Antipode, 42, 1, pp.Draper, SE 2008, ‘Limits to Water Privatization’, Journal Of Water Resources Planning & Management, 134, 6, pp.

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Essay on Water Scarcity: Privatization is Not the Solution

Ironically, even the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji, India, has often water shortages.Water doesn't r... ... middle of paper ... ...ater issues: a human rights perspective."Foreign companies go into poor countries with bad water sources, shmooze the government with an offer to pay off the country's World Bank debt in exchange for a contract, and these white knights set up shop to make the water drinkable.As many around the world are learning, water treated as a commodity has a lower quality, higher price, and for many, may be the cause of much suffering; therefore, water privatization is a poor solution for the water crisis.Companies buying and selling water as a good has brought many unseen downfalls.

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The benefits and risks of private sector involvement in infrastructure Essay

water delivery.“A Discussion Paper on the Role of the Private Sector in the Supply of Water and Wastewater Services.” Australian Government, 2006.This could be seen through the enhancement of water users’ safety due to this involvement (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 7).They involve transportation, communication systems, schools, water, and power lines.For instance, over 10 percent of Sydney Board’s capital expenditure, including cash and assets, and about 25 percent of assets for providing water and sewerage services in Melbourne since 1991, have been funded by developers (Neutze 23).

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Implications of Privatising Public Utilities and Accountability Issues Analytical Essay

In conclusion, it is important to point out that the government should be fully responsible for certain public utilities like gas, water, electricity and other universal services.Another example is the privatisation of ActewAGL and United Water in 1995 by the Australian government (Australian Government 2006).It includes, but not limited to, such items and assets as telephone services, road transport, rail transport, water services, insurance services, banking services, sewerage disposal, health care, education, electricity, postal services among others.14 Taylor, A & Balance, T 2005, Competition and economic regulation in water: the future of the European Water industry, IWA Publishing, London.2 Australian Government 2006, Department of...

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Drinking Water Privatization Essay

Fresh water composes an incredibly small percentage of the overall water supply in the world.The United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights does not protect the right for every person to have access to clean water.Having a large company own a public resource like water is a dangerous idea.Oceans contain salt water, undrinkable and even toxic to humans.Knowledge is the only weapon that will prevent wars for water in the 21 century.

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Glass v. Goeckel Case Study

Thus, the implication of this is that any person or group of persons can now hold parties and picnics along water edges.to consist of non-passable streams of Mono Lake, thereby holding that the state could stop the Department of Water and Power for the Los Angeles from utilizing its lawfully held water rights.Based on their deed, the Goeckels’ property reached up to the high water mark, or the meander line of the said lake.State of Wisconsin, 617 N.W.2d 519, 522 (Wis. Ct. App.Docks & Slips v .

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Groundwater Pollution and Drinking Water Scarcity Essay

The idea of water privatization has been tossed around for years, but recently had become a reality for some in 3rd world countries.This overgrowth can clog waterways, and prevents light from reaching deep into the water, killing off life which was sustained at a deeper level.However, what is clear is that there is a movement to make water a resource which is owned by companies, and will no longer be in control of governments/the public.In the future, we will probably find that clean drinking water will go to the highest bidder, and even more people will find themselves without easy access to drinking water.Supporters of the programs believe that efficiency will be increased and at the same time will reduce the use of water by putting a ...

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The Need of Water Essay

In 2001, lead vocalist Dan Haseltine visited Malawi and saw villagers drinking dirty water from mud pools."The Privatization of Water: Nestlé Denies that Water is a Fundamental Human Right."Haseltine says, “Not only is clean water vital in 3rd world countries, but it helps the communities a lot.They built a catchment system to collect fresh water in the desert."Water Privatization Conflicts."

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Chile Water Privatization

This resulted in failure of Lo Castillo to use its water rights to meet the growing demand, thus, proving regulatory contracts very important in state-owned enterprise reform along with performance and management contracts.In answering the question of divestiture of all or portion of the water companies to private operators, I would suggest careful examination of the proposed regulatory reforms.Although three new water treatment plants were planned to be constructed under BOT with EMOS, targets of treating 100 percent of all wastewater by 2005 set by the Chilean administration did not seem realistic given an increase (up to 80 percent) in the amount of funding now needed for annual investment.Lo Castillo’s problem may have resulted from ...

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Migration From The Countryside To Cities Environmental Sciences Essay

Lack of pipes of water means lack of sewerage system, according to Bilham (1999) the pollution in shanty towns in particular the pollution in water has increased rapidly because some cities have no sewerage system therefore sewage is still drained directly to rivers and to main sources of water.One of these services is to connect those settlements by main sources of water.These settlements are always built in illegal ways therefore they lack of the basic elements of services such as water, sewerage system and health care (Bilham-Boult et al, 1999).Hence, squatters are required to pay for water carts and this will cost them a considerable amount of money and sometimes paying for water will be unaffordable for them because most settlers ar...

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Environmental economics Essay

This market failure takes place when the market does not allot limited resources like water and electricity to produce the utmost social wellbeing.Most of rising nations dread to involve themselves in carbon dioxide release reduction programs as they believe it will hold back their economic growth.The economic justification requires the utilization of differential tariffs to direct economic externalities personified in paying for water and electricity services.The research indicates that the challenges facing energy externalities include the natural history of energy pollutant, uncertainty and dimension issue, income allotment, intergenerational impartiality, economic progress among others (Tisdell 36).It is shown that oil spills, oil an...

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The Role of Government in Microeconomics

)Salvaged water rule – If a person is able to save water (I.e.Consider the following taxing methods to control water usage:Mayor asks bill = $.002/gal.Flat fee = $10/month MC = 0Flat fee = $30/monthBilled at $.01/gal.Even though water isessential for life and diamonds are not, water is cheap and diamonds are expensive?Enforceable?skateboardgunlibrary bookhamburgerGarden viewBottled waterLake water 20 Wali MemonStream water 21.An Overview of U.S. Water LawRiparian Common Law – people who own land along streams, lakesand springs have a right to “reasonable use” of the water.First -in-time, First-in-right – the first person to divert water and useit has the first right.

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The Philippine Is Rich In Natural Resources

Also, the commission may cooperate with any public or private agency in the conduct of such experiments, investigations and research for given any international, national or other public or private agency for water, air and land pollution control activities, surveys or program.Encouraging guests to follow simple steps, such as turning off lights and recycling water, could mean saving thousands on a resort’s water bill.the P.D 1152 this is the policy for the various aspects of environmental management such as air and water quality management, natural source development, land and waste management.Under the decree of 1978 they have the commissions to cooperate with any public or private agency in the conduct of such experiments, investigati...

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Infrastructure Constraints And Development In Vietnam Economics Essay

So far, all the provincial city has an investment project with the renovation, upgrade and expand water supply systems.The total capacity of the irrigation infrastructure has secured directly irrigated 3.45 million hectares, creating a potential for 1.13 million ha, targets 1.4 million hectares, 0.87 million hectares of salt water prevention and rehabilitation sour alum 1.6 million hectares, water supply levels and create 5-6 billion m3 per year for living, industry, tourism, services.Total Water and sewerage .Clean Water supply: The total design capacity is 6.2 million m3/day, threefold increase in 1998 (2.1 million.m3/day), the rate of urban population with clean water supply reached 76% the ratio of loss is about 30%, the usage of cle...

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A World Without Water Essay

Humans, being a living organism need water to survive; we do need water but it must be clean and sufficient in supply.Too sad to see people of a certain community being deprived by their own land’s water supply, they become envious while looking at a clean fountain of water in a certain company as shown in the video.I could say that I am more than lucky that I have easy access to clean and safe water from birth and up to now.How I wish that Bolivians and other people suffering from deprivation of their own right of safe water will also have easy access to clean, safe and sufficient water.But for now, as a student, what I can do is to conserve water, appreciate its importance to us, and minimize consumption of bottled drinks like canned s...

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