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Water Quality Study of the Semenyih River

Researchers studied the water quality in the Semenyih River Basin based on many parameters such as BOD, COD, DO, NH3-N, TSS,TDS and others, they stated that the range of deterioration in water quality in the river varied depending on the percentage of change in land-use.Semenyih River is chosen as a sampling site in this study also this river is of particular importance in the study of surface water pollution because effluents from industries, mining, municipal sewage, agricultural and urban run-off are discharged into it bringing about considerable change in the water quality.The physical and biological properties of water resources are driven by numerous environmental variables such as climate , water waste effluent (Creek 1999).Water ...

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Water Quality Of Perlis River Environmental Sciences Essay

Thus, there is a need to assess river or surface water quality due to the increased understanding of the importance of water quality towards public health and aquatic life (Ying, 2005).According to the Interim National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia, the status of water quality at Sungai Perlis is classified as Class III.River or surface water is precious and vital natural resource for all life on Earth especially human being as it provides water supply for human domestic use, irrigation for agriculture, as a means of transportation, industries use and so on.Besides, it allows the identification of possible factors or sources that affect water systems and therefore a reliable management of water resources as well as swift solution ...

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Hydrological Impacts of Wimbleball Reservoir

In the beginning, water management practices were very much focused on issues like water quality and flood control measures and the overall strategy was never so broad to include other aspects like water quantity, stream flow management and restoration (BD, Richter, etal,1997)2.for storing and using water for domestic, energy and hydropower, artificial parks and various other uses have started taking their toll on river waters and water bodies substantially degrading the quality, quantity and importantly squeezing the downstream water flows(Benue, A. C. 1990).Water quality, quantity & flow conditions are in way inseparable features considering the fact that the amount of flow in a river effects many issues of water quality and water ...

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Meat Product Quality from Different Sheep Breeds

This indicated a lower quality attributes for the products prepared from the Harnali breed.Hence it is very important to analyse the meat quality parameters of newly developed breeds.Several studies have been conducted to compare meat quality of sheep but detailed information of these parameters in sheep with respect to breeds is missing in tropical countries like India.Meat composition is an important aspect of meat quality and is normally assessed by chemical analysis of constituents i.e.Hence both the objective and subjective analysis of the meat products indicated that Harnali has inferior product quality characteristics than the Munjal.

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The Clean Water

The goal of the federal Clean Water Act, “To protect and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the nation’s waters,” establishes the importance of assessing both water quality and the habitat required for maintaining other aquatic organisms.(2006, 2008) suggested that the water quality of bore wells of Gandhinagar taluka (Gujarat) is poor for drining purpose as per water quality index A water quality index is a means to summarize large amounts of water quality data into simple terms for reporting to management and the public in a consistent manner.Key words: Water Quality Index, Rivers, Lake, Canal, Surface water Introduction The term “water quality” includes the water column and the physical channel required to sus...

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Processes of Water Treatment

According to the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2001, Manganese is a part II national chemical parameter with maximum concentration value of 50, unit of measurement as µg/Mn/1 and its point of compliance is in the consumer’s taps... By stating the water supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2001, “precision also referred to as the random error is being calculated as twice the standard deviation (within a batch and between batches) of the spread of result about the mean”... Stating the water supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2001, “trueness also referred to as the systematic error is the calculated difference between the true value and the main value of the large number of repeated measurements”.The Abstracted water in Peidiwch...

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Geohydrology and Structure: Groundwater Resource Estimation

Observation wells were monitored for the spatial and temporal variation in water levels and quality.Indian Standard Drinking Water -Specification ( Second Revision).Integration of water quality maps generated for different parameters based on groundwater chemistry were used to prepare groundwater quality zonation map and has been used to delineate the spatial and temporal variations of groundwater in the study area.Analysis of the results shows that groundwater chemistry is controlled mainly by the climatic and rock water interaction and there exists a spatial and temporal variation in groundwater quality.The chemical qualities of the groundwater sample collected during two seasons were analyzed from th state level water testing laborato...

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Development of Water Treatment Plant

The water dosed with coagulant is discharged into the bottom of the clarifier and as the water flows upwards so the particles bound together by the PAC form a sludge blanket just below the surface of the water... Water from the raw water reservoir enters the Flash Mixer where a coagulant Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) is added to bind any small particles.Apart from this the people should be aware enough to utilize optimum amount of water and the people should consider it as their moral responsibility to prevent contamination of water by their activities.Key indicators:- .. Till now we have discussed the parameters and respective standards prescribed by various organizations for drinking water quality.As the ‘guardians of drinking water q...

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The Water Hammer Effect Engineering Essay

This paper investigate the parameters that causes the water hammer effect .Parameter that may affect would be area of pipe, material of pipe, pressure in pipe and length of pipe.The first to successfully investigate the water hammer problem was the Italian engineer Lorenzo Allievi which Water hammer can be analyzed by two different approaches, rigid column theory which ignores compressibility of the fluid and elasticity of the walls of the pipe, or by a full analysis including elasticity [11].Experiment would be conduct to investigate the parameters that affect the water hammer effect.In this project, an experiment would be conduct to analysis the parameter that affects the water hammer effect.An experiment is set up as figure 1 to analy...

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The Importance Of Flood Inundation Modeling Environmental Sciences Essay

where  is the water free surface height [L] at the cell node (i,j), and are the cell dimensions [L],   is the effective grid scale Manning’s friction coefficient for the floodplain, and and describe the volumetric flow rates [L3/T] between the floodplain cell node (i,j).Thirdly, Bales and Wagner (2009) investigated the Tar River basin and revealed that high-quality topographic data, along with the appropriate application of hydraulic models are likely the most important factors affecting the horizontal extent and vertical water surface elevations of flood inundation maps.The flow depth, hflow, represents the depth through which water can flow between two cells, and is defined as the difference between the highest water free surface in th...

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Satellite-Based Remote Sensing Coursework

Sc., 5, 798-804.However, it was noted that either of the two approaches could be used at different times of the year since there was co-variance of parameters.To help the investigator distinguish surface water phenomena from objects like ships, it is important to enhance data contrast by making some adjustments on the 250m bands2 of the sensor (Li et al., 2003, p.559).Moreover, MODIS sensors have got several quality water applications.To determine if the sensor was able to evaluate water quality fluctuations, the researchers formulated a daily Two Time Complete Series approach.

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The Slope Stability Analysis In Geotechnical Engineering Biology Essay

Water infiltrate through crack in deeper layer and increasing moisture content.This parametric study requires some parameters for analysis, these parameters have chosen prior to the literature study.The initial pore water pressure simulated with 5 orders of magnitude less than the rainfall intensity.In other words, the rainwater infiltration through cracks increase pore water pressure and it consequently decrease in shear strength of soil slopes (Azman et al., 2008).The hydrological effects remove the water content from soil by evapo-transpiration through vegetation (Greenwood et al., 2004), which action increase the soil suction (negative pore water pressure) hence, increases the soil shear strength.

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography Experiment

Ultra sonicator 3.5L 100(pci) .. Water HPLC grade .Normal Phase Chromatography (NPC): In normal phase chromatography, the stationary phase is more polar then the mobile phase, and the mobile phase is a mixture of organic solvents with out added water (e.g.Quizi zhang et al: has been developed, a high performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of Rizatriptan benzoate in human plasma.using asingle step liqid liqid extraction with metyl tertiary butyl ether, the analytes separated usig amobile phase consisting of 0.05%v/v triehylamine in water adjusting ph 2.75 with 85% phosphoric acid and acetonitrile.fluroscence detection was performed at an excitation wavelength of 225 nm and an emission wavelength of 360 nm.The lin...

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Quantification of Bioactive Compounds in Mentat Tablet (MT)

To the best of our knowledge, there is no method reported for the simultaneous estimation of selected 28 multi-markers in herbals by UPLC-ESI-MS/MS and no such approach has been explored on this important drug combination for quality and consistency evaluation of this herbal preparation.This method is intended not only for quality control of commercial polyherbal formulated products but also for efficient evaluation of raw materials.Milli-Q Ultra-pure water was obtained from a Millipore water purification system (Millipore, Milford, MA, USA).Therefore, selecting multiple constituents from different medicinal herbs as evaluation markers has been gradually applied for the quality control of HMs [6, 7].The quantitative results were furthe...

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Capital budgeting techniques: Sensitivity and Scenario analysis

Scenario analysis takes sensitivity analysis a step further.Market price of water is $4 – $5 per litre therefore, four different water price scenarios would need to be analysed to reach the best economic parameter, they are: $4, $4.25, $4.5 and $4.75... XYZ Water Filtration Plant needs to construct a new water filtration plant to filter 20 million litre water and deliver to consumers.Table 4: Water Sales Price Scenario .. .Rather than just looking at the sensitivity of the NPV analysis to changes in the variable assumptions, scenario analysis also looks at the probability distribution of the variables.

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Water Crystallization: The Relation Between Water and Crispness Essay

Physical Quality in nutrisari, there are 3 main parameters to maintain physical stability: .Water Crystallization .The relation between water and crispness is that the more aw in the food products, then the less crispness in it.Citric acid dissolved quickly in water.Water and Stickiness, Caking and Collapse .

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Effectiveness Of Biologigal Wastewater Treatment Environmental Sciences Essay

Impact on Groundwater and Water Resources in the form of improper disposal of wastewater can directly impact the quality of an area’s groundwater and water resources and since their movements are dynamic, contaminants can spread far beyond the immediate pollution area.Dilution water is prepared, sample added and incubated at 200C for 5 days to determine dissolved oxygen, remove stopper from the BOD bottle and 2ml each of manganous sulphate solution, sodium azide solution, alkali- iodide solution, immediately after the addition of alkali-iodide reagent a brown flocculent precipitate forms therefore the bottle is shaken to ensure that all the dissolved oxygen reacts with the reagents, when the floc settles add 2ml orthophosphoric acid and ...

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Bioavailability And Bioequivalence Studies

Bioanalytical method validation parameters: .Mass filter parameters (sensitivity, mass resolution, peak widths and mass assignments).Washing/rinsing of stationary bed: This is mainly for the removal of interferences and matrix components from the cartridges by using solvents (water, buffers, and very dilute organic solvents).Detector parameters(detector sensitivity ,magnitude of the signal) .. Optimisation of mass parameters involves setting of proper mass range, proper threshold, and verification of system performance and maintaining of system performance.To ensure the of quality of a drug product during the early stages of marketing in order to determine the influence of manufacturing factors, storage and stability factors on drug abs...

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Development of UPLC-ESI-MS/MS Method

MRM parameters: DP, EP, CE and CXP were optimized to achieve the most abundant, specific and stable MRM transition for each compound as shown in and the MS/MS spectra were shown in and The type of polarity switching used in the LC–MS/MS system was continuous switching between the positive and negative ionization mode.Final gradient elution with 0.1% formic acid in water and acetonitrile at a flow rate of 0.3 mL/min with the column temperature of 25°C resulted in sep aration of the 28 compounds in 10 min chromatographic runtime was selected for analysis.It is suggested that the quality control study of MT should be focused on the raw materials control as well as in the procedures of processing/manufacturing and parameter optimization....

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Newater Brand And Singapores Water Reclaimation Environmental Sciences Essay

.. NEWater Technology is the only realistic solution available for Singapore to solve its future water crisis, besides its existing local catchments and desalination process which are dependent on weather and sea water sorely.However, NEWater has yet to be a commercial and global product.NEWater could be packaged in attractive bottles and sold globally.International and local celebrities could be used as “Models” to promote the drink so that worldwide and local customers are attracted to it.The pricing of NEWater as a bottled drink should be lower than the existing mineral water drinks in the market.The pricing will definately be a pull factor for most budget minded consumers who wish to try out a new and different taste than compared t...

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Water Analysis to Determine River Tees Chemical Composition

There are many factors that affect the chemical properties of both fresh and sea water, such as pollution, natural occurrences (e.g Algae blooms) and acid rain, and it is imperative that constant monitoring of our water systems is undertaken to be able to act proactively and swiftly to any changes.The pH values of both the fresh water and sea water samples analysed all fell within close proximity to each other and within the parameters of normal surface water of pH>6.5 – pH<8.5, (Environment Agency, 2014) as shown in table 1. .One such example of where water analysis has been instrumental is after the recent floods in the UK where overflow from sewers, rivers and run off from industrial sites has allowed chemicals to enter into wat...

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The Applications of Waterjets Essay

Two different codes have been developed, one for the analytical assessment of the main waterjet propulsion system parameters and the other of numerical investigation of the inlet duct impacts.This is because cavitation occurs in the water that is unfavorable to both drag and efficiency.Sea water enters the system with the velocity and leaves it with a different velocity.Main geometrical parameters for the design of waterjet propulsion system have been determined by the present method.These cavities will collapse when they reach a higher-pressure region and cause a small “water hammer” to form.

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Comparing Different Types of Drinking Water

In respect to renal function tests, people who are entirely dependent on Zamzam water have a similar pattern with the 3 other groups, except a significant decrease (P <0.05) in serum urea in GIII (those persons whom their daily maximum water intake is mineralized water) (Fig.The water intake pattern is varies among people living in Makka, Saudi Arabia; some drink Zamzam water only, others are dependent on mineralized water and a few are dependent on well water.Different types of drinking water are available in Makka including Zamzam water.Furthermore, the chemical composition of drinking water varies widely depending on the source of water.They were classified into four groups according to their water intake pattern as follows: GI (n=...

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Concentration Levels of Essential Metals

Zinc is essential element for plants and exists in water and soil as an organic complexes and inorganic salts.The distributed parameters for the selected essential metals in the drinking water are shown in Table-2.In Pakistan, only limited population has access to the purified public water supply while the rest of population is dependent upon direct withdrawal of water from both surface and underground sources.It was observed during the present study that mean concentrations of Ca, Mg, Na, K, Fe, and Zn in the drinking water of Islamabad were found to be 19.65, 18.04, 19.80, 3.06, 0.39, and 0.42 ppm respectively.Most of the quality problems in Pakistan are due to lack of waste disposal regulations non-availability of treatment facilities...

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Biogas Production From Various Fruit Peels Environmental Sciences Essay

Water was added to the reactors after addition of substrates.Keywords: Bio-methanation, process parameters, process stability, downward displacement of water ..Total volume of gas production from various peels was measured at fixed time in each day by water displacement method.Reactors were kept at 33-37ͦC under incubation and the production of gas in each reactor was measured by water displacement method.The effect of parameters such as pH, temperature, inoculum to substrate ratio, slurry ratio was studied and the problems that occur due to the fluctuation of these parameters during the process of bio-methanation were identified.

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Oedometer Laboratory Testing Report

The soil becomes more tightly packed and there are less voids for water to travel through, thus reducing the permeability of the soil.The aim of this experiment was to investigate the consolidation and swelling process of a sample of clay by using a simple odometer test to gather settlement data and then using it to calculate parameters such as voids ratio, consolidation parameters, constrained modulus, permeability and the consolidation coefficient of the soil.Consolidation occurs due to the generation of an excess pore water pressure.A number of significant relationships between these parameters were identified.* Water was added to the water jacket to prevent drying of the soil sample.

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Porter’s Diamond Theory Analysis

India needs to develop its infrastructure for maintaining the quality for leading in the processing facilities.Only 2.0 hectare area of water is own by the more than 90% of the aqua farmers.In the four elements of the analysis one more element Government – is added as this element plays a vital role in competitive environment nationally for the industry.Although to understand these kinds of parameters, the theory of flexibility is useful but somehow Porter’s Diamond Theory also suggests about these parameters.From a area of brackish water production of shrimp in India is 1, 43,000 metric tonne within a field of 140,000 hectares (MPEDA, 2006).

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Eutrophication Process Steps

In a given situation, if the primary use or uses of a waterbody is hindered by existing water quality, or else requires water quality or trophic conditions not being met in the waterbody, this signals the need for remedial or control programmes to achieve the necessary in-lake conditions.Obviously, there are water quality conditions to be avoided because of their interference with water uses.Ideally, for example, a lake or reservoir used as a drinking water supply should have water quality as close to an oligotrophy state as possible, since this would insure that only a minimum amount of pre-treatment would be necessary to yield a water suitable for human consumption.Further, in areas with extremely limited water resources, virtually all...

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Profiling Human Hair with FTIR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

The modeled patterns will be used for data analysis in future.PCA is a well-known pattern recognition method for pertaining to any procedure involving multivariate (two or more variables) data analysis problems... Chemometrics helps in analysis of spectral data by solving the calibration problem.These steps will be repeated again and for the last steps, the hair fibers will be rinsed and sonicated in de-ionized water inside the glass vial for 10 minutes.The doubled centred matrices will be imported into the software that cans multivariate analysis and experimental design.

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Physicochemical properties of honey

The samples cool again and mix with 10 ml distilled water and 0.5 ml concentrated HNO3and slowly heat to 200 oC until the white malodorous gasesobtain.honey samples will allow to be heat at 65 oC in a water bath until liquefy to permit easier handling and decrease viscosity for more uniform distribution.After that, the samples cooled again and mixed with 10ml distilled water and 1 ml H2O2 (500 g/L) slowly heat to 240oCuntil white malodorous gases obtain.The quality and properties of honey are related to honey maturity, the production methods, climatic conditions, processing and storage conditions as well as nectar sources of the honey [7] Honey is mainly composed of carbohydrates, water, traces of organic acids, enzymes, amino acids, pig...

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