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What is Earthquake Essay

UNICEF appealed for donations, as close to 1.7 million children had been driven out into the open, and were in desperate need of drinking water, psychological counsel, temporary shelters, sanitation and protection from disease outbreak.The United Kingdom has been the largest bilateral aid donor to Nepal following the earthquake.It distributed water, tents, hygiene kits, water purification tablets and buckets.Nepal Army and Turkish disaster relief aid workers working together About 90 percent of soldiers from the Nepalese Army were sent to the stricken areas in the aftermath of the earthquake under Operation Sankat Mochan, with volunteers mobilized from other parts of the country.[1] It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since...

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Essay on Geography and Climate of Nepal

Nepal also lies in the tectonically active zone, making it prone to earthquakes."Average Rainfall for Gorkha, Nepal."Natural hazards and environmental implications in Nepal, Emerald Group Publishing Limited."Population pressure and land resources in Nepal: a revisit, twenty years later."Nepal is divided into 3 main ecological regions: The Himalayan region, Mid Hill region and Terai region.

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Engineering ewb research Essay

When this occurs the community must draw water from a larger spring located further away from the village down the hill.These include the accessibility to water sources, the cleanliness/quality of water supply, the amount of water supplied, and the ability for the resource to be effectively used across domestic uses and productive uses.In the case of Sandikhola at each spring intake is a reservoir tank, there are three water quality testers spread across the village, one rain monitor and two flow monitors.The Gorkha district has very limited technological resources, especially when 90% of the population live in rural areas and average earnings per family per week are below a dollar which make the affordability of technological resources ...

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What Are The Impacts Of An Earthquake Environmental Sciences Essay

It gives general information about the earthquake like the affected area of the earthquake, date and time of earthquake, affected area’s location in latitude and longitude, magnitude of the earthquake and the number of deaths.The sudden offset of the ocean floor changes the elevation of the ocean and initiates a water wave that travels outward from the region of sea-floor disruption which is shown in fig 6.C:UsersSalahudeenDesktoptsu 3.png .The other earthquake which has similar magnitude to Assam earthquake is the Sadiya earthquake of 1950 which had a magnitude of M=8.6.Other possible hazards are cracking of dam walls which can cause leakage of water and causing flood, falling of electricity poles can cause live wires to be exposed and ...

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Study on literature reviews and disasters

Today, more than 800 women’s groups work on health, education, water, and sanitation in their communities.These women’s groups address urgent issues such as credit, food security, water and sanitation, health, education, and social infrastructure by initiating demonstration projects, community planning, and skills training, and by increasing their participation in local governance.World Conference on Earthquake Engineering ), In Maharashtra and Gujrat states of India a number of non governmental organizations involved who encouraged local women to participate in relief and recovery operations after earthquake occurrence.(Betty Hearn Morrow,1998 )Although women commonly organize themselves to distribute supplies, establish shelter, and po...

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Massive Wave Of The Pacific Northwest Essays

Anhorn, Johannes, Thomas Lennartz, and Marcus Nuesser.Kerntechnik 78.2 (2013): 84-91. .Major earthquakes tend to strike more frequently.Therefore, individuals need to comprehend the earthquake hazards along with the risks so as to increase preparedness.In Japan, a mega-quake send a 600-foot wave of water.

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Nepal Flu Pandemic: Causes and Solutions

All the amount of the fund is deposited in Nepal Rastra Bank or any other bank.The WASH cluster in Nepal has made a preparedness status in case of an earthquake scenario in Kathmandu.It needs global resources to contain the effect of disease.WASH looks after the water sanitation and hygiene of vulnerable communities.Its activities include long term resilience of the community through sustained waste access, water supply, initial need requirement assessment at the time of emergency situations to gather information on minimum water quantities required, minimum number of toilet and public places required, monitoring of water and excreta related disease transmission, household water treatments, and solid waste management.

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The Effects Of Planned Teaching Program For Control Hypertension Among Adults

I then better understood the role of public health in disease prevention and awareness to save many lives.I believe that getting trained from one of the top institutions like UW will definitely help me gain strong skills and knowledge and prepare me to work with leading international organizations or NGOs.As a National Pulse Polio Program volunteer, I gave polio vaccinations for four consecutive years, which made me realized that real change can happen even in third-world countries when India was declared polio free in 2014.I am also impressed by the role of the global health department in actively involving in the improvement of health status of many countries through its effective training, medical record implementation, and quality as...

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Analysis of the Indo – Nepal Mahakali Treaty

There is considerable scope for joint endeavour between both the nations on issues pertaining to water resource development and water management.However, water problem in Asia is already severe, with a large population not having access to safe drinking water.As regard to the Indo Nepal water treaty, the water resource development dates back to 1920 when the British Indian government decided to build the Sarda barrage to irrigate the United Province.the project was seriously criticised at all levels in Nepal, the complaint being that it was a sell out of national property for India’s benefits and that nothing had been obtained for Nepal in return for a huge expenditure of resources.As water is becoming a scanty and critical resource with...

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River based tourism in Nepal: An analysis

Due to political instability of Nepal, most of the time there will be strike so this directly affect the economic condition of Nepal and by this many tourist could not come to visit Nepal... Kayaking is one of the adventurous games done in the excitement of white water kayaking on warm and Friendly River (Himalayan River Operator, 2014).There are more than thousands of river in Nepal so Nepal is the second largest country in water resources after Brazil (prabin, 2010).According to Nepal Gateway,” Bhotekoshi River is also called White Water River and is one of the best and Short River rafting in Nepal with the intense of thrilling rafting adventure ( Nepal Gateway Trekking, 2014).” Almost all the rivers of Nepal flow from the mountain re...

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Facebook no danger check Essay

The service is also deployed for the May 2015 earthquake in Nepal and for Hurricane Patricia in October 2015.The company explained this selective activation, pointing out before the successive improvements of its product for each of its uses, and the concern to avoid misuse or clogging of the notification system.The first large-scale deployment of the absence of danger control by Facebook took place in occasion of the earthquake that affected Nepal on April 25, 2015, then again in May 2015, on the occasion of the multiple aftershocks that affected the country.On November 20, 2015, a hostage-taking in a large hotel in Bamako left 19 people dead, after 170 people were affected and the Malian capital was placed in a state of emergency.A wee...

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Determinants of the Economic Development in Nepal Essay

NATURAL RESOURCES IN NEPAL: .Nepal is the second richest in the water resources in the world after Brazil.Water is the most important natural resource of Nepal.Nepal is quite rich in mineral resources.Nepal is a small country but it is rich in Natural Resources.

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Literature On The Impacts Of Landslides Environmental Sciences Essay

Most droughts tend to occur during summer, as the weather is hot and water is quickly evaporated.Those natural disasters had been affected all segments of Sri Lankan community including individuals causing significant economic and social impacts, sever damage to life and human suffering, loss of property and material wealth, environmental devastation of physical facilities such as water supply, power generation and distribution, telecommunication, arterial roads linking the affected areas to other part of the country, township, health and education facilities... A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land, a deluge.The temporary accommodation areas have to share common resources a .Poorna S. Yahampath, technical of...

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India 's Effect On India Essay examples

According to this article, it seems that there many preparations to make this huge Holi festival into a big and successful event of the year.From this photograph, I learned that there was nothing wrong, it was only a celebration of welcoming spring in the upcoming months....or the Holi festival are cleaning the house, gathering woods for the lighting of the bonfire called Holika, and so on”(1).Also, it states “People take extreme delight in spraying colour water on each other with pichkaris or pouring buckets and buckets of it” (5).India is a country in South Asia and is surrounded by the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Bhutan.

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Religion in Nepal Essay

Religion is omnipresent in the streets or in the countryside of Nepal.In May 2006 the Nepalese Parliament inscribed in the provisional constitution Nepal the secular state to no longer be only a Hindu country, establishing an equal right for everyone to practice their religion.Following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, South Korean and Singaporean evangelical missionaries arrived with reconstruction assistance, and they are sometimes accused of proselytizing.Most Christians are Protestants, with the Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal only counting 7,000 Catholics in the country.The Nepal Baptist Church Council was founded in 1992.

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Leisure Tourism in Nepal

A SWOT analysis shows that Nepal has very strong WWR resources.Houston, P. D, 1998, November, Navigating Dangerous White Water Together.(Nepal Association of Rafting Agents, 2008) Despite its enormous tourism resources and its friendly people, Nepal has in recent years been beset with large scale peace and order problems caused by agitating Maoists and other anti monarchists.The country has extremely inadequate infrastructural facilities like train services, competent local tour operators, drinking water availability, waste disposal systems, and availability of guides with knowledge of foreign languages... Rivers Suitable for WWR in Nepal (Nepal Association of Rafting Agents, 2008) .. Word Count: 4428 .. Ansoff, I, 2005, Strategic Cho...

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Glacier Study

The main objectives of GEN are to clarify such characteristics of glaciers in the Himalayas as the relations between distribution and variation of glaciers and climatic conditions, and also to obtain basic data for water resources development.Nepal-Japan cooperation in glacier and climate research 31 conditions, especially during the summer monsoon season; to obtain basic data for the development of water resources in glacierized basins.Observations by GLOF experts of Japan International Cooperation Agency (T Yamada, HU: 90-92, T Kadota, NU: 92-94); in cooperation with Water and Energy Commission Secretariat, HM Govt of Nepal DIHM: Department of Irrigation, Hydrology and Meteorology DHM : Department of Hydrology and Meteorology TU : ...

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Disadvantaged groups in education and emergencies

One study examined community-based education system in Nepal, that the use of community based school improvement plan to bring elite processes, the process of creating incentives and equity.Schools can a neutral body to maintain and improve the child’s “value” when their environment is sensitive.In emergencies, they have no claim to resources or proof of age when relocating.National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) with a modification or restructuring of the school program, but can reach only a few.Schools (and colleges) can collapse in an earthquake and a hurricane in the worst case with students and teachers are still in them.

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Persuasive Speech: You Should Travel to Nepal

But, remittance dependent country Nepal has wide prospects of development in technology and tourism sectors.Wide Prospects of Hydropower Nepal ranks second after Brazil in water resource in the world, and has great prospects of the hydropower of around 83,000 MW.And, most importantly, Nepal was never ruled by any country, never ever.Arranged marriage prefer Nepal has a caste system in place that dictates the live... ... middle of paper ... ...nt follows Buddism.In a nut-shell, Nepal is rich with a wide variety of flora and fauna, Nepal beholds some of the rarest species like the one-horned Rhino, the Bengal tiger and their national flower Rhododendron.

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International Trade and Nepal Essay

The second factor was to have easy and free access of British and Indian goods and material into Nepal and Tibet (via Nepal).The Nepalese Water Resources Secretary Shanker Prasad Koirala said the Nepal-India Joint Committee on Water Resources meet decided to start the reconstruction of breached Kosi embankment after the water level goes down.In 2008, Indo-Nepali ties got a further boost with an agreement to resume water talks after a 4 year hiatus.If we have a look back on the border management system between Nepal and India, anyone entering into Nepal particularly to the Kathmandu valley and towns of Tarai in general, had to get Rahadani or visa from the district administrations.India would also provide a credit line of up to 150 crore ...

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Tourism in nepal Essay

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation.Nepal, a very beautiful, renowned for world heritage places for tourists worldwide.We are knowing Nepal by different sectors, like Nepal is the richest country of mountains and it is knowing by the temples country and the second richest country of rivers.Our country is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha who is the founder of buddhism religion.The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world’s largest temple of Shiva which is located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists.Tourism Sector plays a vital role for increase the GDP of Nepal.

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Food Security and Nutrition Situation of Nepal

A total of 55% to 85% of drinking water sources are micro-biologically contaminated (OCHA, 2008).Food security in Nepal depends on land productivity as managed by small holders who face challenges in productivity and sustainability, and the country is prone to natural disasters that can have serious consequences for agricultural production.Additionally, the households that are most likely to be food insecure tended to engage in livelihood activities such as petty trade, unskilled labor, natural resources exploitation, handicrafts, and farming.2009 a. Nepal Human Development Report 2009: State Transformation and Human Development.Income possibilities, limited access to productive resources, lack of functioning services and substandard man...

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Role Of Armed Forces During Disaster Relief

The role of the armed forces during relief, rescue operations after Uttarkashi earthquake, Latur earthquake in Maharashtra, Chamoli earthquake and Floods in Orissa are well known.Therefore, it is essential that the state governments prepare detail disaster management plans and keep the resources in terms of men and material ready for use at short notice.In spite of breakdown of communications and the absence of a major strength of troops and resources, the response of the armed forces has always been prompt and won the respect of all concerned.The Ministry of water resources has an effective flood forecast system with 157 flood forecasting centres covering 62 river basins.They also works as the eyes and ears by acting as the intermediary...

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Tourism policy issues in Nepalese economy

Drinking water and hygienic food also represent a big .immense possibility of developing adventure tourism in the mountains and rivers of Nepal.developments in Nepal and peace agreement with so called rebel group are improving the .With Nepal tourism brand ‘Naturally Nepal, once is not enough !’, the government of Nepal .Rural community development such as health, water, roads, power supplies etc.

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Tourism in Nepal Essay

Even it much stronger in mineral resoures, because of low investment on it, lack of modern techniques, lack of investors and deforestation, Nepal is not able to utilize these resources and giving more contribution in Gross domestic product.This was the first plan where the basic needs of people was also included, like food, cloth, shelter, education(primary school level education and skilled based education), freedom, fuel wood, health care, drinking water, and transportation for rural areas was also included in this plan.In Nepal, there are so many traditional festival celebrates highlighting various customs and beliefs, so here it can be seen Nepal has comparative advantages in development of tourism because of various attraction, like...

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Historical Perspective Of Nepalese Foreign Policy

Nepal has been suffering a huge trade deficit for the want of prioritizing the areas of investment of our natural and human resources so that the national economy does not depend on just remittance and foreign aid.King Prithvi Narayan Shan had suggested for “the need for a delicate balance of relationship between [Nepal] and its two big neighbours, a fundamental rule of Nepal’s foreign policy” When the Ranas came into reign with the “bloody Kot massacre episode in 1846” they deliberately swore affinity with the East India government and adjusted the foreign policy of Nepal towards India accordingly.India’s faith in Nepal could dwindle if Nepal does not tighten its security.The era has been termed as a period of consolidation of Nepal’s...

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My understanding of continental drift Essay

Eruptions of Hawaiian Volcanoes: Past, Present, and Future: Department of the Interior/U.S. Geological Survey Publication, Washington, D. C. , 1987.Only lithosphere has the strength and the brittle behavior to fracture in an earthquake.Almost Everyone’s Guide to Science: The Universe, Life and Everything.Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

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Population Explosion in India

Then is population explosion a boon or a curse for India?Unless, we want our future generations to live the life of barbarians, it is imperative that we control the population explosion and thus control the usage of the available resources.However, this does not change the fact that birth control is extremely important in order to improve the life of the future generations in India in terms of better availability of resources and a better and clean world.The amount of resources that could have been available to one person a few years ago now need to be shared between two people, which is not sufficient for either of them.Being a parent, is that not our responsibility to wish for the best for our future generations?

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Importance of Computer

NATURAL RESOURCES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR COUNTRY .It is also flowing like the water of a river, blowing like the wind and passing together with the time.We are rich in natural resources.If we miss time.it is like the blown wind or flowed water.Due to the reach in natural resources, tourists love to visit your country.

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The 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka Analytical Essay

As a result of a water displacement (caused by the resulting upward movement of the sea floor) that was caused by the 9.0 earthquake, a series of three tsunami waves was formed (Liu 106).Thus, the displacement that was caused by the described tsunami resulted in a vertical displacement of a very large volume of water; hence, creating a tsunami (Moore 129).Once an earthquake occurs on a sea bed, a large mass of water is displaced upwards.Print Van, Frank, the Science of Tsunamis, New York: International Institute For geo-information Science Press, 2006 Print Vitarana, Tissa, Sri Lanka after the Indian Ocean Tsunami New York: International Institute for geo-information Science Press, 2006 Print Yadav, Agarwal, Soil, Water Conservation.Sinc...

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