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The Effects Of Democracy On Nepal

The Nepali Congress also aimed at increasing revenue collections, reduce expenditures and realize increase in tourism income, water resources, forest and agriculture (nepaldemocracy.org, 2001).The Nepali Congress party has undertaken major changes in the Nepal republic since the establishment of the Democracy system in the country (nepaldemocracy.org, 2001).The government which was put in place after the 1991 general election and other governments formed after 1994 and led by Nepali Congress achieved a lot economic prosperity and transformed peoples’ lives.The party promotes self confidence and provision of social services in every Nepali citizen (nepaldemocracy.org, 2001).The Nepal’s fast economic growth rate has made the Nepali Congres...

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Determinants of the Economic Development in Nepal Essay

Some of the important natural resources of Nepal are: Forest, Water, Soil or Land.Nepal is the second richest in the water resources in the world after Brazil.Nepal is rich in water resource.Nepal is quite rich in mineral resources.Water is the most important natural resource of Nepal.

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The Nepali festival Tihar Essay

This includes making of the famous Nepali bread known as Nepali Roti or Sel or Sel Roti (as two words together).Tihar is a time to see Nepali homes and Nepali streets with flower garlands all around!The official holidays are 3rd day of Tihar (Laxmi Puja), Fourth Day of Tihar(Govardha Puja) and the Final Day: 5th Day of Tihar(Tika Day) Tihar and Cooking – Sisters prepare unique Nepali meal at home for brothers.Nepali Sel Roti is popular for its crispy and crunchy taste, and is the number one treat in any festivals in Nepal.Tihar vs Diwali : Nepali Tihar and Indian Diwali festival are similar in many ways.

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The Tourism In Nepal Tourism Essay

This has meant that villages are changing from being self-reliant into beingdependent on “tourist dollars and outside resources to meet their .The first three of these protected areas are recognized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) now the .“Tourism provides the single largest source of foreign exchange for the country’s development plans and the largest source of employment besides agriculture for Nepali .“the impact on the forests is devastating.” One trekker alone consumes five to ten times more fuel-wood than one Nepali.“It has been estimated that four times as much fuel wood is needed to cook a meal for a Western tourist than for a Nepali due largely to differences in diet.” Add ...

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Impact of Population Growth on Environment

Castree, Noel et al.United Nations, perhaps with the backing of the rich countries.Over-irrigation may lead to water pollution.Irrigation reduces underground water levels.In 2009, the world consumed the resources that would have belonged to 1.35 earths.

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The Country Development: Nepal

It is almost blindingly simple, but it cannot be stressed enough, tourists, locals, potatoes, rice, bottled water, generators, medicines, troops , ideas, chickens, bricks, pipes, computers, aid workers, anything that can be used for development must first get to its location.Given Nepal’s endemic Royal corruption, caste and ethnic discrimination, deep rural poverty , and a near total concentration of power and wealth in the Valley, the Maoist’s call to rewrite the nation resonated across the plains, the hills and the mountaintops, affecting all segments of the Nepali population.Allegations of mismanagement concerning the electricity crisis, enforced by 16 hours without power a day, have been launched at all levels of the Nepal Electricit...

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Nepal’s Film Industry

But to our disappointment, only a few Nepali involved in the industry have a university degree.A sad truth is that 60%of the Nepali film artists haven’t passed 10th grade.Baikuntha Masker (Bachelor,Photography), Tapa Nath Sukla (Sound Engineer), Pradeep Kumar Upadhaya(Sound Engineer) are other educated pioneer in the Nepali film industry.The making of Nepali films is said to have begun with D. B. Pariyar’s Satya Harishchandra, which was the first Nepali- zlanguage film to be shot.The history of Nepali movies is not that long but it has grown a lot in recent days.

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A Speech by a Human Resource Manager Essay

–Diversity among the staffs is another challenge for them.No doubt other organizations will also face the similar challenges.I think some of these practices can be transferred to the other Nepali organizations.All employees are not alike either in skill level or in their backgrounds.The vice president plans to retrain the human resource in terms of effective managerial skills and competencies such as project management and team building.

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Strategies Against Trafficking Of Nepali Girls And Women Criminology Essay

Although human rights organizations in Nepal have reported extensively on the forced trafficking of Nepali girls to Indian brothels, and sensationalist coverage of trafficking issues is a regular feature of the local press, the great majority of cases are never publicized, and even when traffickers have been identified, there have been few arrests and fewer prosecutions.8) To protect Nepali women and girls against abuse by Indian police, the Indian government should ensure the presence of women police officers in all places of detention.10) The Indian government should ensure that arrangements with the Nepali government for the safe return of trafficking victims ensure the protections guaranteed by the Convention on the Suppression of Tr...

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Assets Of Commercial Bank In Nepal Analysis

But the lack of research in Nepali commercial banking sectors has further prompted to economic instability.The aim of this project is to assess the level of non-performing assets and its repercussions in overall financial stability of commercial bank in Nepal through the comparison between proper Nepali bank and the joint venture bank.Other Priority sectors .The proposal is to concentrate on two commercial banks of Nepal: Rastriya Banijya Bank (a proper Nepali bank) and Everest Bank Limited (a joint venture bank); RBB and EBL respectively in acronyms.What resources do the banks devote to control non-performing assets?

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International Trade and Nepal Essay

I will tell Nepali citizens back home that a new era has dawned.Due to its long stint with monarchy and feudalism, Nepal has one of the most uneven distributions of resources and wealth in the Asia.Indian External affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee promised the Nepali Prime Minister Prachanda that he would “extend all possible help for peace and development.” .There are lots of reasons for this such as the small size of the economy, technological backwardness, landlocked geographic location, civil strife and its susceptibility to natural disaster.In 2008, Indo-Nepali ties got a further boost with an agreement to resume water talks after a 4 year hiatus.

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My experience of learning second language

Bagbazar,kathmandu.Sharma Uma Nath,(2009).Foundation of Language &Linguistics.So, Nepali is my first language that I acquired subconsciously.As originally from Brahmin community of hilly region I didn’t get a chance to learn the languages other than Nepali.Nepali also obstructed in learning phonemes.

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What is Earthquake Essay

UNICEF appealed for donations, as close to 1.7 million children had been driven out into the open, and were in desperate need of drinking water, psychological counsel, temporary shelters, sanitation and protection from disease outbreak.[155][156][157] .First responders, from Nepali citizens to the Red Cross, the Nepal army and the United Nations used this data.It distributed water, tents, hygiene kits, water purification tablets and buckets.After concerns were raised, it was clarified that “Non-profits” or NGOs already in the country could continue receiving aid directly and bypass the official fund.

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Ethnic Conflict Or Insurgency In Nepal Politics Essay

The Nepal Communist Party (Maoists) emerged because of political, economic, and cultural discrimination; widespread dissatisfaction, inequitable distribution of resources and disproportionate economic development.Although there was no profound discriminatory economic policy, unequal economic opportunities, unequal access to resources, and vast differences in the standard of living were seen as unfair and illegitimate by the disadvantaged members of the society.The two major political parties, the Nepali Congress and the Communist Party of Nepal – United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML), and other political parties formed different alliances to claim paramount state power.These countries always had an interest in Nepal for their own security an...

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Globalized Homogeneous Society And Culture In Nepal Cultural Studies Essay

Most of the people are using mixed Nepali language: Nepali plus English.The researcher has found most of local people are using broken language; English plus Nepali in the study areas.A number of theories of the global condition are eager to point out that the current phase of cultural globalization neither implies that we are merely witnessing a new kind of cultural imperialism not means that world cultural is becoming more homogeneous.Mixed (Nepali and other foreign) languages, and majority of people speak English in their daily life.Traditional Nepali and other Languages according to Region and cast.

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Essay Agriculture in the Himalayas of Nepal

Whelpton, John.Lowndes, ÒExplorations in the Nepal Himalayas: Discussion.Ó The Geographical Journal, 117 (1951): 273-274. .Nepal: A Country Study.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. .[2] This paper will introduce a variety of agricultural systems and practices found in the Himalayas, and it will also explore the relationships that the Himalayas' Nepali inhabitants have with weather conditions and the climate.

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Hydropower in Nepal Essay

The new Hydropower Policy 2001 seeks to promote private sector investment in the sector of hydropower development and aims to expand the electrification within the country and export.There is shortage of power during winter and spill during wet season.There is only one seasonal storage project in the system.This imbalance has clearly shown the need for storage projects, and hence, cooperation between the two neighboring countries is essential for the best use of the hydro resource for mutual benefit.In fact, the perennial nature of Nepali rivers and the steep gradient of the country’s topography provide ideal conditions for the development of some of the world’s largest hydroelectric projects in Nepal.

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Elderly People in Nepal: Health, Nutrition, and Social Status

However, knowledgeable experts and specialized organizations in the country were contacted for validation and up-date of available information from the secondary sources.The review covers broad spectrum of countries and their programs with focus on socio-economic, health and nutrition aspects of elderly.Recommendations are based on the identified gaps during the review work and are presented under different sub-heads: • Institutional Development and Human Resource • Research or Information Generation • Literature Development • Awareness Building • Policy Development Specific programs are also proposed based on the experience of both the developed and developing countries that could be reasonably adopted for Nepali conditions with some ad...

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Government and New Public Holidays

Inclusion is by no means limited to the adoption of public holidays.However, the government cannot forever go on granting public holidays to every group that demands them.Accordingly, public holidays have also come to signify the diversity of the people.But amidst fears of ethnic backlash, the MoHA failed to reduce public holdidays to 10 days a year.Public holidays reflecting ethnic and religious diversity are important in that they are a symbol of state recognition but holidays alone are not going to ensure inclusion.

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The Inheritance of Loss Essay

The backdrop to the action in the novel is political unrest in Kalimpong where Nepali Ghurkas are campaigning – at first quite quietly and then with increasing force – for an independent Ghurkaland.The picture of India drawn is intricate and fascinating.Her yearnings and passion for Gyan, the long wait , the quarrel of English values and Nepali struggles only make her realize and look at life more closely, the very human soul which had been quite frozen and regularized with strict orders in the missionary convent school in Dehra Dun.The characters are complex and the writing is simply stunning.The novel is amazing in many ways.

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Economic Analysis of Nepal

[N6] Pls see IRP guidelines for footnotes .However, it was estimated that approximately 1.3 million male and 153,000 female Nepali migrants work in India (NIDS, 2010).This report have incorporated all the statics and analytical aspect related to Nepali labour market.[N8] May not be necessary.[N9] Write few more reviews on other books/articles.

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Automatic Number Pate Recognition System Information Technology Essay

plate candidate verification .horizontal segmentation .Cray-level distribution consistency considerations .c) Nepali OCR .Javaanpr open source available at sourceforge.net worked as prototype for building our Nepali automatic Nepali number plate recognition system.

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Himalayan Tourism in Nepal Essay

Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang and Nepalbhasa are the various languages which are spoken by more than half a million people.The facilities for converting foreign currency into the Nepali Rupees are available at the international airport, banks and hotels.More… Languages of Nepal Most of the people speak the Nepali language.Currency in Nepal The main currency of Nepal is the Nepali rupees (NR).Every aspect of Nepali life can be seen in Kathmandu, which is the center of travel and adventure activities.

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The Political System And The Federalism – Essay

The whole concept is start building a federation, thinking as a kind of community or ethnicity.Domestic Federal models have to try and build a Nepali identity; the value has to be Nepali, respecting the diversity and accommodating it and promoting it.One of the things for federalism is always an issue of how to design the central government so it represents the diversity of the country.After the unification of Nepal by King Prithivi Narayan Shah up to present government has adopted policy of equity majority of the people are failed to explore those opportunities by individual.The failure for forming a federal regime is when the people think that the federal government belongs to only one or two groups and another feels excluded.

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A Study On Internet Banking In Nepal

There are so many constraints while doing the work such as inadequate time, load shedding, and resources etc.Some of the information was also collected from interview with the respondents.Thus to gain practical knowledge of Internet Banking in the Nepali context, this research is conducted as a qualitative study to explore the perception of Internet Banking among Nepali Banks.All possible and useful data available have been collected.The secondary sources of data are the information received from books, journals and article concerned with the study for example website of the Nepal Bank Limited, thesis and dissertation submitted at Shanker Dev Campus, Central Library T.U.

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PESTLE Analysis of Qatar

Conservation of oil supplies, preservation of the natural wildlife heritage, and increasing the water supply through desalination are high on Qatar’s environmental priority list.Sales volume and new orders seen declining .Most real estate businesses expect a decline in sales.It is the world’s largest LNG exporter of more than 31 million metric tons per year this shows the huge demand for QATAR’S natural gas in the world.Pollution from the oil industry poses a threat to the nation’s water.Ethnic groups: Qatari (Arab) 20%; other Arab 20%; Indian 20%; Filipino 10%; Nepali 13%; Pakistani 7%; Sri Lankan 5%; other 5%.Limited natural fresh water resources are increasing dependence on large-scale desalination facilities.

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Historical Perspective Of Nepalese Foreign Policy

It reflects the pathetic state of not making a productive insight in conceptualizing Nepali state and society in social sciences, let alone contemplates Nepalese international relation theory.Nepal had its second communist party led government in the wake of a parliament cum Constituent Assembly which could have put the Indo-Nepal relations in test, yet again which would have put diplomacy on crucial issues, such as the ongoing ‘water talks’ in hiatus.In addition, attracting adequate resources to build sustainable, inclusive and prosperous post-conflict Nepal will be equally crucial.What are its comparative advantages?The future foreign policy of Nepal will depend on it sorting out issues like what are its priorities?

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Alpine Pharmaceuticals Distributors

So they constantly communicate with the workers in the company on this matter.This is the most common method of Oral communication used within the business.So as a single party cannot take the whole decision, meeting is very important in a company.Similarly Alpine Pharmaceuticals has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Alliance Pharmaceuticals; it is one of the emerging Nepali medicines producing company.Alpine Pharmaceuticals Distributors is a medicine wholesale company which imports and distributes International and national medicines in the Nepali market.

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Nepal Essay

Boehm, Richard G. World Geography.More than 1,000 miles long and hundreds of miles wide.The most common and national language , Nepali, stems form the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo European family.Norton, Peter B., and Joseph J. Esposito.The most famous of these is Mount Everest.

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The Socio Cultural Analysis Marketing Essay

“HowStuffWorks “How Marketing Plans Work”.” HowStuffWorks “Business & Money”... “What is Human Resources?.” wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions.“What is distribution strategy?Obringer, Lee Ann... Human resources” (HR) is a phrase that is used in business to refer to the people who work for a corporation or association.

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