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Feasibility of Nationalising the South African Mining Sector Essay

If the mines are nationalised, new economic centres will be developed, new industrial development zones will be established, jobs will be created as the mines owned and controlled by the state will increase local beneficiation and industrialisation of the available mineral resources, and local economies will be developed (Shivambu, 2010). “Nationali...

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Neoliberalism Ideology Of Privatisation

(Curtis 2005) accepts that, ‘In South Africa, water privatisation has meant that half of million people were cut off non payment of their water bills during of their water bills during a three month period in 2001 out break of cholera has been also been reported as families resort to drawing water pollution rivers’. Public Sectors including provisio...

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Concept and theories in political economy

Public Sectors including provision of water, education and health might be clearly excluded from privatisation. In addition Protozons argue that ‘SAP structural Adjustment Programme are imposed renegotiating debts, and on condition that the receipts country accepts privatisation, capital market liberalisation, market based pricing and reduction in s...

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Nationalisation Of The Mines In South Africa Economics Essay

Resources are scarce, therefore during this time; resources may become depleted, resulting in huge losses for the South African economy. He has nationalised telecommunications, electricity, steel companies and a few major oil companies (Ingham, 2009).

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Nationalisation of Royal Bank of Scotland

Decisions that were made by RBS and Government were directed to the achievement of more stable bank position and additional resources for strength and further capital enlargement. The first bank that was fully nationalised in UK is Northern Rock, followed by the Lloyds Banking Group with partial control from the government.

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Introduction to Indian banking industry

But in recent years , along with many other nationalised banks, there is deceleration in its performance .To obtain a clear picture, it is worthwhile to have a close look at the performance effectiveness of Syndicate Bank , which will further reflect the state of affairs in the rest of the nationalised banks in the country. The Estimates Committee o...

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Adverse Effects of Npa on the Working of Commercial Banks

Though nationalised banks (except Indian Bank) are able to meet norms of Capital Adequacy, as per RBI guidelines, the fact that their net NPA in the average is as much as 7% is a potential threat for them. This is the margin between the cost of resources employed and the return there from.

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How Political Risks Arise in International Business Essay

79-percent of the surveyed people informed that their organisations had increased financial resources that were invested in new markets over a period of three years (Economic Intelligence Unit, 2006, p.3). Political instability, high corruption prevalence, and unstable institutions to control and punish organised crimes such as looting organisationa...

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The Development of State Capitalism in Europe

——————————————– . Natural monopoly applies to a situation in which the technical requirements of an industry or economies of scale are such that only one supplier may profitably exist (railways lines, water and electricity distribution).

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Nationalization of Bolvia’s Oil and Gas Sector

So services can utilize all the unused resources of nationalized industries for productive purpose. Maximum utilization of resources: All the oil, gases, minerals and other national resources can be utilized maximum in order to achieve economic development.

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Nationalization Case

Zambia nationalised all of the key sectors of its economy in the 1970s, including the mining sector. In conclusion we can see that nationalization of the mines will not serve to solve any of South Africa’s problems, we rely on it far too much and are in great need of the mines being run effectively because of how much money it brings into the country.

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Clement Attlee’s Government

It also did not create as much controversy as other aspects of the Welfare State, as Conservative governments had also previously nationalised some companies. As it could hardly import or export anything, it relied heavily on the Lend-Lease agreement for food and other vital resources to keep it going.

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History and Development of Banks in India

However Nationalised banks in their enthusiasm for development banking, looking exclusively to branch opening, deposit accretion and social banking, neglected prudential norms, profitability criteria, risk-management and building adequate capital as a buffer to counter-balance the ever expanding risk-inherent assets held by them. One more phase of n...

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The Mines And Mineral Environmental Sciences Essay

Deregulated the prices of all grades of coal. It is engaged in the promotion & conservation of minerals, protection of mines’ environment and scientific development of mineral resources of the country, other than coal, petroleum and natural gas, atomic minerals and minor minerals.

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Achievements of the Attlee Government and the Birth of the Welfare State

From 1942 onwards there was public support for Beveridge’s ideas on social insurance ‘from the cradle to the grave’. Although when the Conservatives came to power in 1951 they reversed the nationalisation of road transport and steel, they left the rest of the nationalised industries in State ownership until the late 1980s.

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Banking: Comparative Analysis Essay

The total deposits in the banks nationalised in 1969 amounted to 50 crores. This move increased the presence of nationalised banks in India, with 84% of the total branches coming under government control.

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Abuse of monopoly power Essay

What you should know ? ?Their power may be abused, damaging consumers’ welfare.

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Nationalisation Of Banks In India The Economic Effect Economics Essay

However, even though one may say that there have been negative impacts on the economy by reason of nationalization one can safely say that the positive contribution overshadows this negative impact and nationalization brought about a complete reform of the banking sector at at time when it was needed the most. It is the process whereby the means of ...

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Banking Industry Analysis: Zimbabwe And India

Zimbabwe does not have legislation compelling companies and businesses to direct their resources towards the environment and corporate social responsibility activities outside of the Aids levy earlier mentioned. Social responsibility is not well adopted in Zimbabwean, whereas almost all major nationalised, private and foreign banks are making huge e...

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Iceland’s Economy During the Credit Crunch

They could not access their savings because their bank had been nationalised and they were panicking. The UK and US economies were big enough and diversified enough to be able to move in and recapitalise their banking systems with national resources.

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Explanatory Concepts in Political Science Essay

‘New’ Labour has also rejected its former ideology of nationalised industry and public ownership replacing this with a much more free market approach and even privatisation of some former publicly owned services such as the London Underground. ‘New’ Labour is no longer the preserve of the socialist working class; it has been transformed into a party...

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Monopoly is against the interest of the consumer

Another way in which monopolies may be of an advantage to the consumer is that there will be rationalisation of resources within the industry, this is another way that the company can cut their costs and hence perhaps cut the final cost of the product to the customer. i.e., telecommunications, public transport, electricity & water.

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General Strike of 1926 – Causes and Impact

This essay will measure how precise source C is at interpreting the violence of the location using evidence obtained from looking at other resources. Whether it was a ‘working class conflict in opposition to the establishment’ or an ‘uprising of the unthankful lower classes’, it was a stepping stone in Trade Union movement, however it did not appear...

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Political Ideology of the Conservative Party Essay

Taylor, Andrew (2002) “Speaking to Democracy: the Conservative Party and Mass Opinion from the 1920s to the 1950s” S. Ball and I. Holliday (eds) in Mass Conservatism: The Conservatives and the Public since the 1880’s. New York: Oxford University Press .

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Free Market and Privitization in the UK Essay example

The utilization of nationalised industries in Britain has a deep rooted history, particularly from the Great Depression on. Regardless of political or economic opinion, there’s little argument that the era of privatizing nationalised enterprises in the UK, particularly from the late 1970s through the 1990s, has been one of the most contentious issue...

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How far was Lloyd Georges fall from grace in 1922 the result of his own mistakes after 1918? Essay

Bibliography: . The 1918 election had given the Conservatives the confidence they needed after having several years out of power.

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Efficiency Of The Indian Banking System Economics Essay

The result shows the mean efficiency value of the public sector banks during the post reform period show decline marginally. The mean efficiency score of the Indian Public sector have been explained in the following table (Table 1).

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Labour party Essay

New Labour tends to focus now on improving the delivery of the policies it has already implemented. Its principle reforms, therefore, have been to the public services and to the welfare state.

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Banks in India – Nationalisation of Banks

It was the only merger between nationalized banks and resulted in the reduction of the number of nationalised banks from 20 to 19. Nationalised Bank VS Pvt.

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Cardinal Principles Of Lending

Twenty odd banks have been nationalised to server the nation. is highest compared to the resources of state govt.

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