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Coffee Plantations in Wayanad

Scarcity of labour is a major concern and given the intensity of labour required for adopting more of natural farming methods in coffee cultivation all throughout the year, this problem should be resolved by providing better opportunities to both labourers (who need to be paid reasonable income for their employment in coffee gardens) and farmers (who need to generate a decent income to pay off the labourers well).The coffee production in Kerala accounts to about 28 % of the overall coffee production in South India which includes the three states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.Although there have been certain government schemes to promote rain water harvesting in Kerala which are rare, the farmers being unaware of such schemes actuall...

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Female Empowerment In Kerala

Kudumbashree units also impart IT education in 158 schools in Kerala, with a Rs.10 crores grant from the Union Govt.The floor is designed such that no dung or water stagnates, and is drained out effectively.ABSTRACT : Government of Kerala Kerala empowerment .The Kudumbashree is having an impact across Kerala... Cultivation of turmeric is not widespread in Kerala.

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Speech on Indian Cuisine

Kerala also has a variety of breakfast dishes like idli, dosa, appam, idiyappam, puttu, and pathiri.Spicy fish from Kerala .Gram flour is a mainstay of Marwari food mainly due to the scarcity of vegetables in the area.Coconuts grow in abundance in Kerala, so grated coconut and coconut milk are commonly used for thickening and flavouring.Kerala also has a variety of breakfast dishes like idli, dosa, appam, idiyappam, puttu, and pathiri[40] Madhya Pradesh .

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SWOT Analysis of Venezuela and Kerala

Ecology plays an important role in the Kerala economy by providing a diversified natural resource base, enabling a large degree of occupational diversification... Kerala is located at the southern tip of India and was formed in 1956.Higher (tertiary) education is developing in Venezuela, and is almost completely neglected in Kerala... Kerala and Venezuela are similar on grounds of following a path towards very high GDP.Like Venezuela, Kerala too is a resource-driven country, exporting its ecology .This is in the form of tourism and also the export of primary products like coffee, coconuts and spices.

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Disney Consumer Products Indulging In Unethical Practices

The plant here used about 900,000 litres of water last year, about a third of it for the soft drinks, the rest to clean bottles and machinery.The water is virtually free to all users.The promise was simple: every time a consumer bought one liter of Volvic water, Volvic pledged to fund construction of wells in Niger, so that ten liters of drinking water can be drawn.In March 2004, local officials in Kerala shut down a $16 million Coke bottling plant blamed for a drastic decline in both quantity and quality of water available to local farmers and villagers.the villagers in Niger who benefited from drinking water infrastructure .

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Kerala’s approach in controlling population group

In Nigeria, only 60 per cent of households have access to improved drinking water sources, while access to satisfactory sanitation facilities is small.The population policies of China and India, in particular of Kerala state, show very different approaches to the need to limit rapid population growth.There are still many health problems in rural areas due to polluted drinking water and a shortage of water for daily hygiene.The poor condition with respect to water and sanitation contributes to high morbidity and mortality among children.Approximately 80% of households have less than 30 litres of water per person per day.

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Hindu mythology

It’s because when lord Parasuram(one of the hindu incarnations) threw away his weapon parasu in the ocean after destroying all the Kshatriyas(a warrior caste in India) of earth 21 times,the water of that region was threw away and the land which came out became Kerala,beauty and other things may also be accompanying but the original truth is that.Lord Parasuram is considered as one of the 24 incanations of the god in hindu mythology.According to Hindu mythology, Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu by throwing his axe across the sea to create new land for his devotees to live peacefully.It is called so because it is the tagline devised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala to promote the touris...

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My favorite destination

The leisure options at this beach are plenty and diverse – sunbathing, swimming, special cultural programmes, Catamaran cruising etc.Thiruvananthapuram ( Trivandrum ), the capital city of Kerala, is just 16 km away from Kovalam and getting there is no hassle.Thiruvananthapuram ( Trivandrum ), the capital city of Kerala, is just 16 km away from Kovalam and getting there is no hassle.The tropical sun acts so fast that one can see the faint blush of coppery tan on the skin in a matter of minutes.A massive rocky promontory on the beach has created a beautiful bay of calm waters ideal for sea bathing.

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The Future of Ecotourism

Pucci, Carol (2006).Make yourself at home in India’s Kerala.(Kerala, India).If nothing is done to try to improve Kerala and impose awareness on people about ecotourism, there is a very high possibility that the beaches will lose its beauty, the rich waters will fade and the wildlife population will decrease.This provided for the improvements and upgrades of basic environmental services such as water supply, solid waste management and transport (Pucci, 2006).Also, one of their plans is for the periphery of the sanctuaries of Kerala so that it will not be affected with the pressures of tourism.

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Kerala-Sustainable Development

In Kerala, around 13.31 per cent of the economy is contributed by the Keralite tourism industry.Being on the coastal belt, 1.1 million people of the state solely depend upon the vast water body for food, occupation and tourism.The objective is to build an airport in every major town of Kerala; therefore two more are in the process of being established.With its scenic beauty and export quality products, Kerala is given a lot of importance not only in India but other countries as well.All these sections when put together brings Kerala to be one of the top five Eco tourist places and have also listed this state to be a part of the “50 must see destinations in the world” by the National Geographic and the “100 great trips of the 21st century...

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Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in India: A Question of Multinational Corporation

For the locals living in Plachimada, this news was terrible because for many, the local groundwater was their only source of clean water.This ultimately leads to increased underdevelopment in Kerala and other areas being affected by the drinking corporations because the people of the region are basically sinking deeper into poverty without sufficient water, increased disease, and lack of food .So not only were the people of Plachimada being poisoned by their water, but also by their food thanks to Coca-Cola.Looking firstly at the issue of environmental issues that have arisen in India (namely within Plachimada in Kerala), water shortages and lack of safe drinking water have been the cause for major debate (Aiyer, 2008).Now women are expe...

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives Essay

Coca-Cola forced to close India bottling factory over excessive water use, pollution.Due to water depletions, the community is aggressively taking action to have the plant shut down.However, Coca-Cola was instructed to replenish twice as much water they extracted as part of the ruling, and in 2014, the government made a promise to the local village council that the factory will be demolished because the land belong to them and the construction of the plant was illegal, (“Coca-Cola Forced To Close India Bottling Factory Over Excessive Water Use, Pollution”, 2014).For both locations in reference to the water issue.If depletion of was not bad enough, the water they used was contaminated and were found in about a dozen of the finish products...

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Literature Review On The Government Of India Tourism Essay

Efficient use of energy, water, and waste water management, protection of flora and fauna, all comes under environment initiative.Adequate availability of water supply, electric power, sewage and solid waste disposal and telecommunication .In Kerala, Homestay tourism provides a unique experience for the tourists.They will get financial support from the government for renovating houses and moreover they can use Kerala tourism brand as a marketing tool [keralatourism.org] .In other words, Kerala, homestay is one pattern of the tourism industry that arranges tourism to obtain the following objectives.

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Thiruvananthapuram Essay

Today, this network is controlled by the Kerala Water Authority, which divides the city into seven sectors.This paradox - high human development and low economic development - is common to all of Kerala: it is often nicknamed the Kerala phenomenon (Kerala phenomenon) or Kerala (development) model.Public transport is provided by the state-owned Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation - KSRTC).The main water sources that supply the city are the Peppara and Aruvikkara dams.Other major economic organizations include Chithranjali Film Complex, Kinfra Apparel Park, Kinfra Film and Video Park, Kerala High-tech Industries (KELTECH), Kerala Automobiles Limited and English Indian Clays Ltd. .

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The Kerala Model Of Development Economics Essay

The dependence on surface water for drinking is less than one per cent in the state.According to K. R Nayar 47 per cent of the rural population and 74 per cent of the urban population are covered by protected water supply.For example, Kerala is relatively slow in recognizing the potentials of a relatively highly educated labor force beyond sending them out as migrants.KERALA – THE LAND OF DEVELOPMENT PARADOXES K.K.George and N.Ajith Kumar .Another example may be really to recognize or to take advantage of the fact that Kerala is one of India’s major places of Ayurveda, which is becoming a major global industry in the context of biotechnology.

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Contraceptives and the Population Problem

The 2003 World Development Report which is published by The World Bank Group indicates that farmers in third world countries are being forced to farm on marginal lands due to the growing scarcity of arable lands.National Research Council.One such study was conducted in Kerala, one of India's poorer states.Also, Kerala is an exceptional state in that they give a much higher status to women than most other regions in the world.(1963) The Population Dilemma.

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Sustainable Development Of Pilgrimage Tourism Tourism Essay

They stated that only Kerala was making use of information technology in tourism.However, conflicting relationship between tourism and environment caused huge problems like visual pollution, sewage problem, water and air pollution, and lastly ecological problem.The authors revealed that Manali was experiencing environmental problems like acute shortage of water, overcrowded roads, heavy traffic, excessive garbage, unplanned growth and illegal constructions and sanitation problems.The study revealed that heavy flow of pilgrims and tourists during the peak season from April to June lead to problems relating to accommodation, catering, sewage, sanitation, water supply, tariff and ecological degradation.The author found that the tourists fac...

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Information about states in India

Adventure sports such as white water rafting and trekking are offered in Ladakh.Trivandrum ( Thiruvananthapuram ) – The Capital city of Kerala.A typical Kerala village with paddy fields and coconut groves nearby is an added attraction of this beach .Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking.Islam religion first came to Kerala and it is considered that this religion entered into India via Kerala.

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TCC-Travancore cochin chemicals Essay

Hydrogen gas from the electrolyser is washedwith water in washing chamber, cooled using tower water and admitted directly toHydrogen blower,after separating the condensate.Chlorine is a basic material required for water purification and without chlorine the water workers will not be able to supply good drinking water to the public.The excessChlorine at the time of plant shutdown or startup and also from cylinder fillingstationgoes for Soda bleach preparation, 32% Caustic soda lye is diluted using de-mineralized water.Chlorine treatment and liquefaction involvescooling,washing filtration, drying, compression liquefaction, storage and liquidChlorine filling in the cylinders, the Chlorine from anode chamber of the electrolysisis first coole...

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The International Tourist Destination Tourism Essay

This is especially distressing in view of the fact that a major part of tourism depends on nature: mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, wildlife, water bodies and the like.One good thing about the government of Kerala is that they are smooth operators of law and order which helps in confronting any man-made disaster to happen.The government has tough airline policies such as keeping in mind Kerala does not have an international airport as one of the major generator of tourist revenue.The most important turning point in the state of Kerala was the private-public partnership to promote tourism in Kerala.The current marketing strategy promotes Kerala as a destination and has made such an image even if there is a miss happening in the count...

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Water Scarcity & The Importance Of Water Essay

2006 Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region.Around one fifth of the world’s population currently live in regions affected by Physical water scarcity, where there is inadequate water resources to meet a country’s or regional demand, including the water needed to fulfill the demand of ecosystems to function effectively.Symptoms of economic water scarcity include a lack of infrastructure, causing the people without reliable access to water to have to travel long distances in or fetch water, that is often contaminated from rivers for domestic and agricultural uses.Physical water scarcity and economic water scarcity by country.While the concept of water stress is r...

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Water Scarcity in Kenya Essay

A. Kenya’s natural water resources also do not provide an adequate amount of water for their entire population B. Kenya has a lack of a freshwater resource C. Recent natural disasters has caused major soil degradation and displacement throughout the country V. Sources A. Bran, Edward.“Water Scarcity: The Importance of Water & Access.” The Water Project.Rural areas of Kenya are left without water and urban areas aren’t much better off, as Kenya’s unfortunate bankrupt government does not have the necessary funds to run certain water cleaning systems and the current systems remain in disrepair.The rate of exposure is extremely high because the water is not only contaminated at the water basins and pumps where water is collected but the ...

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The Crossroads of Justice and Realpolitik: Coping with Water Scarcity

The relationship between humans and water has evolved over time, but it has never deviated from two primary forms: humans have either brought themselves to water or brought water to themselves.Today, however, water scarcity menaces global prosperity to such an extent that old paradigms of water usage are obsolete.Second, although environmental refugees will pose a grave challenge if water scarcity is not solved, conflict between governments ultimately represents the most troubling aspect of water scarcity from a realist perspective.At the domestic level, water scarcity is a battle between states; rivers and other water reservoirs pass between different states and the competing claims for jurisdiction will not be easily resolved at the fe...

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Examining The Agricultural Crisis Affecting Gods Own Country

The farmers of Kerala require income in making their products competitive in the international markets.It is a food of Kerala state, next to rice.* Renovate all existing ponds, water sources, canals, streams to promote irrigation.community irrigation projects, developing new water sources, constructing irrigational infrastructure, installation of pump sets etc.Kerala has been facing a severe agricultural crisis and majority of the .

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Kaveri River water dispute Essay

Karnataka on the other hand stated that the water levels were hardly enough to meet its own demands and ruled out releasing any water in the circumstances that prevailed.Within a few hours from this, Karnataka stopped release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu [19] On Oct 9, 2012, Tamil Nadu chief minister directed authorities to immediately file a contempt petition against the Karnataka government for flouting the verdict of the Supreme Court by unilaterally stopping the release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.On Nov 15, 2012, The Cauvery Monitoring Committee, directed the Karnataka government to release 4.81 tmcft to Tamil Nadu between November 16 and 30, 2012 [22] On Dec 6, 2012, The supreme court directed Karnataka to release 10,000 cusec...

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Issues Contributing to Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is the defined as the lack of access to adequate quantities of water for human and environmental uses However, the Water Project (2014) states that water scarcity can be explained in two ways, it is either the dearth of ample water (quantity) or it is the inability to be able to access safe water (quality).Tread softly (2013) explains that the over extraction of freshwater and other human intrusion with the water cycle is the immediate cause of water scarcity.Global issues (2010) points out that another reason for water crisis is the commoditization of water.In Africa south of the Sahara, where agriculture is predominantly rain-fed (that is, it relies on rainfall for water), farmers’ access to water is limited based on tim...

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Study On Gods Own Country Of Kerala

Like the rest of the country, people in Kerala expressed their discontent against the British rule through numerous revolts and uprisings during the 18th and 19th century and the state takes pride in its freedom fighters Thampi and Achan who sacrificed their lives for their motherland.The fighting came to an end with the British forces emerging as supreme winners both while contending with Tipu and e adding Kerala to its already expanding political stronghold in India as well.The port of Calicut, located in the northern part of Kerala, enjoyed flourishing trade with the Chinese and the Arabs and thrived in art and cultural aspects as well.In this contemporary era, Kerala is bereft of its Syrian Christian population as well who have migra...

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Water Scarcity Essay

The main reason is that when workers misuse some chemical reagents to the water, it can cause the water pollution and water eutrophication.Another difficulty to reduce water scarcity is technique problem.Therefore, solve the water scarcity problem should be the priority for some drought countries all around the world.For instance, The United Nations is running a plan called The “WATER FOR LIFE DECADE”; the aim of this plan is to help some places where lack of water to face the challenges of water scarcity (FAO 2006).However, there is the increasing number of water issues are appearing in the modern world and issues tend to be serious, especially the supply of water.

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A History Of Indian Tourism

As the sceneries and scenic beauty and hospitality of Kerala are great, this has been using as a marketing strategy to explore the prospects of tourism in Kerala (Sunderland, S., Nelson, R. (1995), pp.In this research work, this aspect of Kerala is trying to be explored.Kerala has a vast and vibrant arena, where drama unfolds in the form of spell bounding heritage cites station, un -spoilt beaches, picturesque hill, roaring water falls, old temple towns, exotic wild life, bustling cities, surrounded with back waters, varied adventure sports and a vibrant way of life.Any unbridled and indiscriminate growth of tourism leading to the problems of pollution, environmental and economic hazards and culture degradation will definitely be opposed...

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Plight of Indian Farmers Essay

In the last four years, cases there were about 905 cases in Kerala, 387 in Gujarat, 75 in Punjab and 26 in Tamil Nadu.The scarcity is artificially created by middlemen and merchants.But farm prices are not fixed on the basis of cost production of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, water and other in-puts, besides electricity and manual labour.* To integrate surface and groundwater irrigation schemes and integrate the line departments in order that the schemes are implemented efficiently.* Revamping of extension services in lines with e-choupals; and dissemination of information such as agricultural prices and methods of low-cost organic farming.

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