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Save Water Save Life

Simply put, water scarcity is either the lack of enough water (quantity) or lack of access to safe water (quality).Depending on the definition of water scarcity using the various indicators, there are varying opinions on the degree and severity of water scarcity in large parts of Asia and Africa in 2025.Most small islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific are facing severe water scarcity and will face increasing water scarcity.When taking into account the water needs of ecosystems, then there are considerable parts of Europe, North America, part of South-West Australia, and part of South America that already face considerable water scarcity, particularly where irrigated agriculture and ecosystems compete for water resources.There is broad...

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Water Scarcity Could Result in War Essay

html> “Water Scarcity: A Cause for War.Sonny Perdue wanted to cut the release of water from Lake Lanier into Chattahoochee River which means taking water from Alabama as Georgia is suffering from a severe drought (Dille).With a limited supply of potable water and a demand that is expected to increase by 40 percent in the next two decades, the world is facing a water crisis (Kirby).The water crisis in India could even spark war with China as the latter diverted the flow of the Brahmaputra River, coming from Tibet flowing into the mainland and into India, in order to bring water to water-scarce areas in the country.In 2001, United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan said that war, instead of being triggered by the battle for oil, would...

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Water Scarcity in India Essay

Water scarcity encourages people to store water in their homes.Water scarcity underscores the need for better water management.Water scarcity forces people to rely on unsafe sources of drinking water.The industry has become cautious of the wasteful use of water and realized the recycling process as an integrated concept while planning water use..In the area of water management -it is known that water quality deteriorates due to repeated use, no serious attention has been paid to the qualitative aspect of water resources.

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Issues Contributing to Water Scarcity

Literally much of the region is primarily considered to suffer from economic water scarcity, which means that investments in water resources and appropriate human capacities are not substantial enough to meet water demands of the population (IFPRI 2013).Global issues (2010) points out that another reason for water crisis is the commoditization of water.In Africa south of the Sahara, where agriculture is predominantly rain-fed (that is, it relies on rainfall for water), farmers’ access to water is limited based on time (during droughts and dry seasons) and space (in arid areas).To ensure sustainability, steps should be taken to ensure that water is used in such a manner as it does not reduce the potential for the future generation to have...

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Water, Food And Agriculture

According to a report published by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on 11 June 2011, the world will face a water scarcity for agriculture as a result of climate change.This will make them realise the threat and motivate them to take steps in conserving water and food.Drip irrigation and water sprinklers are effective.There is an unquestionable need for us to save water and stop lavishly frivolling away with food.But this does not mean that it does not face any problems regarding food supply and water scarcity.

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Water crisis in India Essay

A soaring population, the warp-speed sprawl of cities, and a vast and thirsty farm belt have all put new strains on a feeble, ill-kept public water and sanitation network.”  (SENGUPTA) Some of the Indian states have lot of water resources while the others lack it.Unlike many other countries, India’s water problem is not related to scarcity of water resources, but it is related to the mismanagement of the available water resources.Extremely poor management, unclear laws, government corruption, and industrial and human waste have caused this water supply crunch and rendered what water is available practically useless due to the huge quantity of pollution” (Brooks) .SENGUPTA SOMINI , 2006, In Teeming India, Water Crisis Means Dry Pipes an...

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Water stress Essay

In several regions of the world, the pressure on water is increasing, due to the withdrawals made by humans in surface water or groundwater, which are increasing, but also in due to global warming which disrupts the water cycle.Water stress, which can also be water scarcity, is a situation where the demand for water exceeds the available water resources.These measures will not only preserve the biota, but also make more efficient the natural flushing and transport of the water cycle which makes water systems healthier for humans.The most cost-effective way to decouple water use from economic growth (according to the panel) would be for governments to create comprehensive water management plans that take into account the entire water cycl...

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Water Security Concept And Factors Environmental Sciences Essay

Historical investments in water management institutions and infrastructure, the economy’s reliance on water resources for income generation and employment and its vulnerability to water shocks will all be relevant.Slow depletion of these glaciers would greatly reduce the river water flow especially to India, intensifying existing problems of water scarcity and competition.Overall, climate change is expected to lead to reduced water availability in the countries that are already water scarce and an increase in the variability with which the water is delivered.Water security simply means availability of water and secure rights to use potable water for the present and future generations.The concept of water security includes regional and gl...

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Key Causes of Water Scarcity and Researched Solutions Essay

5.0Recommendations In order to improve water use in Australia, the factors that need to be considered are; water reuse by using reclaimed water to flush toilets, wash clothes and water gardens, educating farmers on water use, by informing them on irrigation techniques and watershed methods.The substitution of this water can improve the issue of water scarcity.Industries therefore depend on these large amounts of water for production and simultaneously are one of the essential instigators in the ever-increasing problem of water scarcity.Thus with population increasing by a vast number every year, the demand for fresh water will additionally increase, therefore adding to the water scarcity in Australia.2.0Causes of Demand for Water 2.1Indu...

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Water: An Important Source Of Life

Within Pakistan there are many water issues like shortage of waterless crops cultivated which results in food crises and huge reserve be spent to overcome the problem and externally many issues rising like India stopped the supply of water to Pakistan from every canal flowing from India to Pakistan.In replacement to the permanent water diverted by India, Pakistan, in return got storage water in Tarbela Dam Reservoir on the Indus, and Mangla Dam Reservoir on Jhelum River, both are Pakistan’s own rivers, allotted under the Treaty.Though relevant policies like National Environment Policy, National Water Policy (Draft), National Drinking Water Policy (Draft), National Environment Policy; regulatory framework like the Pakistan Environmental P...

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Population Dynamics

The final outcomes of this are air pollution, global warming, climate change, water scarcity and water pollution.The water pollution in India comes from three main sources: domestic sewage, industrial effluents and run off from activities such as agriculture.The amount of water available per person has declined in recent decades primarily because of population growth and water scarcity is projected to worsen in the future.The households in eleven states and five union territories were access to safe drinking water more than the national average, and the households in 13 states and two union territories were access to safe drinking water below the national average during 1991. .Ground Water Resources, Water scarcity and water pollution Ou...

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Over Population’s Effects On Nature

Other reason for water scarcity is irregular rain fall in these nations, which puts an additional pressure on water reservoirs.The population of developing countries is gradually increasing, but demand for the cultivation of crop is not increasing in the same way, which is due to scarcity of land and infertile soil.So developing countries like India, China, Brazil, Africa have high illiteracy and most of the people live below poverty line .This is due to over increase in population, such vast population result in tremendous demand for shelter, food, water and sanitation facilities.These effects can be reduced by stopping release of toxic substance into the water.Water: – Another important issue in developing nation is scarcity of water.<...

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International Water Conflict Essay

The International Water Management Institute in Colombo projects that in 2025, 3 billion people will be living in countries facing water stress.Under special circumstances it is a possibility that scarcity of fresh water resources may give rise to serious armed conflict.The scarcity of water is increasing worldwide and the quality of the water is continually deteriorating.However, wars over river water are likely only under a narrow set of circumstances, as there are also more examples of water cooperation than water conflict among countries.Nevertheless, the increasing scarcity of water raises doubt about the sustainability of these cooperative agreements over the international rivers.

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Water Scarcity is a Real Threat Essay

As many as 83% respondents identified inadequate availability of water as a major risk to their business, in a survey of 27 major industrial sectors conducted by the US-based Columbia Water Center in association with industry lobby FICCI.Interestingly rich nations like Australia are not immune to water scarcity.Water scarcity affects business of 60% Indian companies: An overwhelming majority of Indian companies consider water scarcity an increasing business risk, prompting them to conserve the commodity, a survey has revealed.When asked why they weren’t being used for the original purpose, they attributed this to water scarcity.Populist measures of providing free use of electricity and water for agriculture must be weaned down and agricu...

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Water Scarcity: Privatization is Not the Solution Essay

This has been attempted to be solved by privatising water services, since it is believed that water available for free has generated an overexploitation of this resource.• Mashhood, F. (2012) Rethinking water: Growing population, limited supply mean costs destined to rise, experts say.This is why water supplies are crucial, because through them this substance is provided sadly these services are being perturbed by various obstacles that at the end are provoking a severe water scarcity around the globe.The first one has caused an increase in shortages of consumable water and that is probed by a situation acknowledged by the coordinator of the India Resource Centre, “Strict deficiencies of water are occurring in communities surrounding Coc...

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Water conflict

As availability of water resources is reduced, countries are obliged to obtain more water resources.Agriculture is heavily dependent on water withdrawal, and water deficit will bring disastrous impact to irrigated agriculture.Water shortage will not only lead to starvation, but also hinder economic development as almost all economic activities are dependent on water .They are mainly caused by scarcity of water and inability of peace agreement between countries among water issues.It has been estimated that water shortage in terms of aquifer over pumping is 160 billion tons annually in India, China, the United States, North Africa, and Saudi Arabia.

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Coke vs. Pepsi: An Economic Analysis Essay

Coalitions like Council of Canadians and Food and Water Watch work to ensure the food, water, and fish we consume is assessable and sustainable.In India drought has made water a scarcity and some of the blame is being put on Coca-Cola Bottling Plants in the area.Pepsi also has many of the same or similar brands like Tropicana, Sobe Life Water, and more to coincide with Coke.One big issue for both Pepsi and Coke is water scarcity and that most likely will have an effect on the companies’ productions costs which are in turn passed on to its consumers eventually.Coca-Cola Charged with Groundwater Depletion and Pollution in India.

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Water Scarcity by 2050 Essay

Aside from food and water scarcity, the world is also likely to face a depletion of the ecosystem, drought and many other diseases caused by the need for more water and food.As indicated also in the article of Tom Damassa (World Resources Institute Earth Trends, 2006), other sources of water scarcity are the excessive use and pollution of the natural water resources in advanced countries.According to the World Health Organization Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater, excreta and greywater (2008), using excreta or faeces, urine, faecal sludge and septage, and grey water or waste water from the kitchen, bath amd laundry, in cultivation of food crops will alleviate the water problem that the world is facing.The number of countries faci...

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Microeconomics about Fresh Water Supply Essay

One-third of Africa’s people already endure conditions of water scarcity, and water supplies are in jeopardy in China, India, Japan, Spain, southern France, Australia, the southwestern U. S. and many other parts of Asia and Europe.The overall condition of fresh water supply gives a clear indication that in the near future the fresh water supply will not only will be reduced but it will also become costly and the consequences will be very harsh and brutal for poor people who are already deprived off clean water supply may be completely left without water supply in the future.(Mideast faces fresh water crisis, By Staff Writer on Sunday, March 16, 2008) Due to shrinking water supply in Dubai, last month, the Dubai and Water Authority increa...

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Water resources in India Essay

The general public is not willing to pay for the treatment of water and sanitation services in India, although there is high demand for water in this country.Also, the water transmission network in India is old and badly maintained and as a result, physical water loss sometimes rises up to 50 percent (Homer-Dixon, 2000).Supply of water in India is an institutional procedure and therefore the structures put in place for effective supply of water have to comply with the policies and regulations of the organizations under consideration (Siegfried, Brown, Heikkila, & Lall, 2008).0 Government Policy Issues and Assessment Done The policies formulated by the government of India and other regulations on water management have not yet fully el...

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How Can Everyone Have Sufficient Clean Water Without Conflict? Essay

For instance Africa, where the conditions are already worse, will see different countries fighting for the Nile, Zambezi, Niger, and Volta river basins to meet their water needs.Less water for irrigation means less food grains production and eventually a global food crisis.Population growth in countries like Ethiopia, Pakistan, China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Peru will have adverse effects on their water resources.Similarly in USA, agricultural requirements are fighting for their share with urban needs of water.Water extraction rate from natural resources like lakes, rivers and underground water wells is faster than their replenishment rate.

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Mankind Is Dangerously Harming the Environment

Falling water table and rising temperature have reduced rate of irrigation and increased pest’s occurrence respectively.The move by china to buy 8 million tons of wheat in 2004 marked the beginning of grain scarcity in the world.This has been evidenced by the collapsing agriculture production, the shrinking world forest cover, the ever expanding desert, the rising level of carbon dioxide to the environment, the falling water table and melting glaciers, and other factors.Brown, R. (2005): Pushing beyond the earth’s limits.World food security is tied to water security and therefore falling water levels have serious effects on provision of food.

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Plight of street children in India

India has the largest number of street children in the age group of eight to eighteen years; these children are exposed to a risky social environment daily.If there is not enough water, people become thirst.The environment destruction and declining resources leads to scarcity and poverty.In foreign countries, such as Canada and the United States, it is difficult to comprehend the caste system, yet in India the system is completely straight forward.Street children in India are extremely far away from reaching the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, since homeless children are not introduced to proper health care, are not protected from the precarious people on the streets of India, are not accepted by their families thus leading to a low self-este...

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Macroeconomics in the Asia Pacific Region

(Yahya 2005, 475)  Farmers in India have suffered from the Malaysian exporting to India.As Yahya states, “India signed a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Thailand in July 2003, a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) with Singapore in June 2005, and is negotiating another CECA type FTA with Malaysia.” (2005, 478)  All of these deals with different countries ensure India that it will benefit from prolonged trade and a continuous relationship with the countries involved.(Janes 2006, 976)  Another scarcity issue is the diminishing supplies of food and water.Globalization, Water and Health: Resource Management in Times of Scarcity.Because 90% of trade is commenced by water, “China currently has 1,430 ports and 34,000 d...

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Water Scarcity & The Importance Of Water Essay

Around one fifth of the world’s population currently live in regions affected by Physical water scarcity, where there is inadequate water resources to meet a country’s or regional demand, including the water needed to fulfill the demand of ecosystems to function effectively.[5] Water scarcity can be a result of two mechanisms: physical (absolute) water scarcity and economic water scarcity, where physical water scarcity is a result of inadequate natural water resources to supply a region’s demand, and economic water scarcity is a result of poor management of the sufficient available water resources.Large parts of Africa suffer from economic water scarcity; developing water infrastructure in those areas could therefore help to reduce pover...

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Water Scarcity in Kenya Essay

Many people in which are mostly the women in these communities are responsible for traveling from three to four hours per day to collect water from shallow wells of contaminated water.Kenya’s natural water resources also do not provide an adequate amount of water for their entire population.Background of the Research: A. Africa is fundamentally a semi-arid and water scarce country in which only receives nine percent of its water being converted to runoff.Rural areas of Kenya are left without water and urban areas aren’t much better off, as Kenya’s unfortunate bankrupt government does not have the necessary funds to run certain water cleaning systems and the current systems remain in disrepair.An even closer look at water scarcity nationw...

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The Introduction To The Kashmir Conflict History Essay

As there is a rapid growth in urbanization there is a scarcity of potable water.One cannot rely on the Treaty being a resolute stance taken by both the countries and any form of water scarcity in any country could lead to non-conformant of the agreement.Both have so far managed to uphold a World Bank-mediated Indus Water Treaty (IWT) that provides mechanisms for resolving disputes over water sharing.Hostilities over water sharing between India and its more benevolent neighbor Bangladesh has already started and one can only expect the same relationship between India and Pakistan if any scarcity arises.The Kashmir imbroglio has always been looked upon as a territorial dispute and water sharing have been given little thought to water sharin...

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The Crossroads of Justice and Realpolitik: Coping with Water Scarcity

In more immediate terms, water pricing will have two primary opponents: those that fear being unable to afford water (the world’s poor) and those that use immense quantities of water (agricultural producers).Since water is the foundation of all life, the implications of water scarcity are clear.Regulations affecting water use in appliances and incentives to shift from irrigated lawns to ‘water smart’ landscapes are examples.”  Unfortunately, outside of Obama’s single speech, both political parties have been relatively silent on water scarcity outside the United States.At the domestic level, water scarcity is a battle between states; rivers and other water reservoirs pass between different states and the competing claims for jurisdiction ...

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Water Scarcity Essay

Another difficulty to reduce water scarcity is technique problem.The main reason is that when workers misuse some chemical reagents to the water, it can cause the water pollution and water eutrophication.Another method to reduce water scarcity is the national government makes a national policy to limit the use of water.Although there are some methods may reduce water scarcity, some places may have difficulties to run those methods.Although water scarcity is an issue which needs to be solved quickly but, water scarcity is not easy to be reduced and when the project failed, it may cause more problems can make problems worse than before.

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Bisleri and Aquafina Essay

The tradition of bottled water and mineral water is not very old.In India, with exposure of media and international life styles, deteriorating levels of potable water, drastic increase in a number of water borne disease cases, increased in awareness about health and hygiene and other related factors led to acceptability of concept of mineral water.Due to the vast number of players present in bottled water in India, Parle Bisleri has tried to differentiate its brands from the competition.This started the trend of using mineral water for drinking purpose to exploit the therapeutic value of the water.As the Packed bottled water is growing at the rate of 19% in India and is expected to grow from 8000 crores to 10000 crores by 2013 it is the ...

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