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Scarcity of Water in Saudi Arabia, Africa and Australia Cause and Effect Essay

Here (Africa), unless the water scarcity problem is addressed, the level of water supply is projected to fall below 1000 cubic meters per person per year in at least eleven countries by the year 2025 (Issar 2006).The exploitation of underground water in desert areas is among the important directions that can be taken in the regions that I have mentioned so as to increase water sources.Usually, ground water sources have low traces of tritium and are more aged than underground water sources (Gonfiantini 2000).Business Council f Australia, 2011, Water under pressure, Business Council of Australia Press, Sydney Chartres, C., 2006, “Can Australia overcome its water scarcity problems?” Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture, Vol.Ge...

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Water Shortages in the World Essay

In fact, they have well organized water and sewage agencies that ensure every state is well supplied with water.Neglect of water catchment areas through deforestation and mining has also caused water shortage.Moreover, water agencies in poor countries are facing an uphill task in supplying clean water for consumption due to increased desertification, corruption, poor planning and increasing pollution (Resnick 1).Proper management of water supply should be ensured to avoid spillage and contamination, which may infect people with water borne diseases.Other causes of water shortage include pollution of rivers and lakes, deforestation and poor planning on water conservation methods, among others.

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Argumentative Essay On Drinking Water Shortage Environmental Sciences Essay

Avoiding water wastage ensures that the water resource is conserved and that there is enough water to meet all human activities.Harvesting of water is a form of water conservation and it ensures that there is minimal water wastage.These activities damage the environment, contaminate water sources or put pressure on water resources leading to a shortage of drinking water.Water pollution occurs through discharging waste into water sources while contamination of ground water sources occurs after the use of certain chemicals including fertilizers which contaminate ground water after use, making such water toxic to humans.Since water infrastructure and resource has generally remained constant over the years, population growth rate strains the...

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Medical Issues of Africa Essay example

These problems usually occur from dirty water and living environments, as well as STD’s.Page 6-Zimbabwe economy: IRIN humanitary news and analysis .Problems that would be dealt with accordingly consist of the pandemics of polio, malaria, bilharzia, the issue of unaffordable healthcare, etc.When these larvae are released into the water they are capable of penetrating unbroken skin of their human host.Many factions of medical assistance that should be in Africa are not being sent, the different factions of medical assistance includes dental, general medicine, optometrical, and missionary (volunteer) work.

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Factors Influencing Availability of Water in South Africa

Strategies that have been implemented will be effective in reducing the usage of water by Industries, and programmes that aim to educate the youth and the elderly on water conservation will alert people to the fact that “We don’t have the luxury of choice and time.” .“The application of water conservation and demand management (WC/DM) principles in the irrigation and farming sector will have a significant effect on the availability of water to other sectors.” In order to successfully manage water resources then stricter boundries must be set on each sector using and only allowed a certain amount of water.It furthermore serves all five recognised user groups identified by DWAF (domestic, agricultural, recreation, industrial and the natura...

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Two Reasons why Water Resources and Traditional Rain-fed Farming in West Africa have Declined

At the rates of their water consumption, all available water resources will be used up within 15 years."Water Supply: The World's Next Challenge."Two Reasons why Water Resources and Traditional Rain-fed Farming in West Africa have Declined .Declining water resources are one of the causes of the efforts to raise the productivity of the traditional rain-fed farming in West Africa and have affected the growing season and water conservation.With the shortage of water comes the potential for conflict between several African countries.

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The Effects Of Water Scarcity On Africa Essay

It is estimated by the year 2030 millions of individuals will be living in high water stress zone that will be unstable for settling.Infants are especially susceptible to these diseases because of their young immune systems that can hardly fight bacteria leading to death, an elevated infant mortality rates in many regions of Africa.Health, The most immediate impact of water scarcity in Africa, is in the continent 's health.Research implies that one in each six individuals needs access to safe drinking water.Water storage in households would result to water bone disease these water-borne diseases result from untreated water sources regularly containing small infection conveying worms and microorganisms.

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The Global Issue Of Food Shortage Environmental Sciences Essay

In less fortunate countries water would be considered a critical resource and agricultural success would be left to depend greatly on the richness of its soil and the climate.Water supply in terms of both heavy rainfall and drought are popular culprits.The countries which suffer from food shortage have a population that lacks the motivation to achieve any educational progress.In countries where rainfall is rare, such as the deserts of United Arab Emirates, it would still be possible to grow crops that naturally grow elsewhere; however this comes with a high price, including a constant supply of water.The effects that food shortage has on societies as well as individuals can be very damaging.

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Water conflict

Water shortage will not only lead to starvation, but also hinder economic development as almost all economic activities are dependent on water .It has been estimated that water shortage in terms of aquifer over pumping is 160 billion tons annually in India, China, the United States, North Africa, and Saudi Arabia.They are mainly caused by scarcity of water and inability of peace agreement between countries among water issues.As water is become more scared, both countries intended to dominate the water resources of Yarmouk River.Needless to say, the next step of water shortage will be food shortage.

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Water first Essay

The film captures the green countryside showing a large water reservoir then moves on to show girls moving in a brownish environment (a symptom of dryness) carrying heavy loads in their heads- presumably water.It is hard for food to exist without water and it can therefore be assumed that the UN considers water a basic human rights.I would recommend the film to anyone interested in getting a feel of what the average person in a country without water is going through.The developing countries are clearly not prepared to commercialize the provision of water because a substantial part of its population still does not have access to it.Most of the roles listed for women will need water to perform and it is therefore incumbent upon them to ens...

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Global Issue – Water Crisis

This idea has been put into action, however another would be to build dams which flows into water storage tanks ready for the wet season, so when the rain falls it will not just drop to the ground, it will be collected in the storage tanks, therefore clean drinkable water will be plentiful.From my findings, I have come to the conclusion that the water shortage is mainly due to the droughts that have passed, and the increasing competition for water and fertile soil between farmers in the region, resulting in migration and other social changes.These droughts that gripped Sudan in the 1980s forced social changes and immigration have no doubt, played a role in the conflict by increasing competition for water and land, between farmers.I have ...

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Examining Water Provision Methods In South Africa Environmental Sciences Essay

All people must be given the access to the water for their requirements in these arid areas and benefit them from the use of these water sources.4.3 Water Harvesting: There is another method of water provision that describes the collection and concentration of various runoff forms.There is requirement of the aquifer storage which stores the water in subsurface instead of the water at the surfaces.5.0 Objectives of the water services: Following are the three main objectives of water services in the arid areas of the South Area.4.2 Aquifer Storage: The process of Sand Water Storage is the indigenous where infiltration causes the movements of the underlying ground water.

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Water Scarcity & The Importance Of Water Essay

While the concept of water stress is relatively new, it is the difficulty of obtaining sources of fresh water for use during a period of time and may result in further depletion and deterioration of available water resources.[1] Water scarcity involves water stress, water shortage or deficits, and water crisis.[5] Water scarcity can be a result of two mechanisms: physical (absolute) water scarcity and economic water scarcity, where physical water scarcity is a result of inadequate natural water resources to supply a region’s demand, and economic water scarcity is a result of poor management of the sufficient available water resources.Around one fifth of the world’s population currently live in regions affected by Physical water scarcity,...

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The Reasons For Shortage Of Clean Water Environmental Sciences Essay

“It is an idea favoured by the government – which is optimistic that water meters can reduce the average water usage per person from 150 liters to 130 liters per day by 2030 – and supported by the EA, which says homes with meters use 10-15% less on average than those without them”.At the World Water Day event, Margaret (2012) the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General said that: “Globally scarcity of water had already affected 4 out of every 10 people”.Meanwhile with a development economy, there will be rise in demand for water by industries, which may lead to the scarcity of fresh water for consumers, farmers and also workers.When the demand for clean water of fauna and flora increase, the amount of water exist in their habita...

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Compare and contrast the way the poets show the problems affecting the

set in a hot country, where there is a shortage of water, as told in .emphasis the rush of water there is no full stops.So it gives us a sad ending by saying that the water is today's .there is a shortage of water, and secondly they live in huts.because of the lack of water, but then there is happiness and to .

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El Nino weather anomalies

channel straightening and dam construction.Furthermore, the Western side of the pacific is affected very differently to the eastern, experiencing cool and arid weather often giving rise to droughts.This includes the coastal and inland areas of southern Africa, South East Asia and western South America.Furthermore, if the country is poor they are less likely to be able to prevent the hazard from taking place in the first place e.g.Large scale flooding led to problems with the water supply and sewerage, landslides and erosion resulted, with the accompanying tragic loss of lives and homes.

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The Water Crisis In South Africa

Because of this huge inequality, water in South Africa is very scarce and not readily available, causing us to import water from other countries such as the aforementioned Lesotho.Distribution of water in South Africa is very uneven as there is a shortage of water in the west but an abundance in the east.Irrigation methods such as canals and spraying are unreliable, because while the water is in the canals it can infiltrate into the soil or evaporate before it reaches the crops so extra water has to be used.Agricultural sectors can reduce the amount of fresh water they use by using grey water from areas such as drain pipes to water crops and gardens.Another form of managing water is Water harvesting.

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How Can Everyone Have Sufficient Clean Water Without Conflict? Essay

No country or community will be sheltered from the growing water shortage.It becomes difficult for rivers and groundwater resources in UK to satisfy the augmented water demands of summer heat.For instance Africa, where the conditions are already worse, will see different countries fighting for the Nile, Zambezi, Niger, and Volta river basins to meet their water needs.Shared water resources among countries will add to this fight.Different states in India are fighting for their share of water bodies.

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Environmental Conservation

And lacks of food, medical material always goes hand in hand with them.As the UN noticed, about 1. .And we are suffering them : shortage of food, shortage of water.But it isn?t too late to act.Unarguably, environment is in the worst mood.

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Shortage Of Clean Water And Air In Nigeria

Oil spillages can cause inadequate water supplies to the nearby population.Kretzmann, W. (1997): Human Rights and Environmental Operations Information on the Royal Dutch, Shell Group of Companies; pp.11-12, Human Rights Watch; Africa; Permanent Transition pp.40-41 .Resource Management Factors That Contributed To the Shortage .UNEP (2006): Global environmental outlook 2006: Earthscan Publication London UK.Reference .

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HIV AIDS affects health

Another cause also directly attributed to hunger is the food shortage and food wastage.This wastage also includes the wastage of other resources such as water, energy, etc are used in the production process.In fact, every 10 seconds we lose a child because of starvation.For example, some areas in North Africa, where major crop failures are caused by temperature.Because war wreaks havoc on human beings, there is no source of food available for use.

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Water stress Essay

Water scarcity or water stress is a situation in which the demand for water exceeds the available water resources in a specific geographic area.The most cost-effective way to decouple water use from economic growth (according to the panel) would be for governments to create comprehensive water management plans that take into account the entire water cycle: from its source to its distribution, economic use, treatment and recycling, reuse and return to the environment.Water stress, which can also be water scarcity, is a situation where the demand for water exceeds the available water resources.The main causes of water shortage are related to human interference with the water cycle.Only 0.014% of all water on Earth is both fresh and easily ...

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Water Rationing in Malaysia

Safe guarding water catchment areas will preserve the raw water quality and reduce cost of treating water which will be translated to affordable water tariff.Climate change has affected the whole water cycle, decreasing water resources and resulted in water shortage.Water rationing means the water company will limit the fresh water supply to domestic and industrial area.In the Malay Mail newspaper, it shows that “The water supply from the dams is not enough to supply water to more than 7 million users in the Klang Valley.” In the Klang Valley together with Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor states, the current water rationing program initiated in last February 2014.With less water used on days when the water is rationed, it is best to real...

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Water Scarcity in India Essay

The industry has become cautious of the wasteful use of water and realized the recycling process as an integrated concept while planning water use..Water scarcity encourages people to store water in their homes.The United Nations World Water Development Report 2, 2006^ “Public Services”, Gapminder video^ Fredrik Segerfeldt (2005), “Private Water Saves Lives”, Financial Times 25 August^ David Zetland, “Running Out of Water”^ David Zetland, “Water Crisis”^ WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation (2008), Progress in Drinking-water .India is the wettest place in the world which receives an annual rainfall of about 15,000 mm and yet the village often faces drinking water shortage because of widespread deforest...

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Producing Enough Food for the World’s Growing Population

One solution in combatting food shortages and ensuring healthy yield is ensuring that crops are chosen for planting which are able to grow with a minimal amount of water.Genetic modification of crop plants is one way in which plants can be grown which need less water.Alternative Approaches to Combatting Food Shortage .Selective plant breeding is an alternative to GM crops that can also help address the food shortage issue.This is currently a focus for seed producing companies as an estimated 69-70% of the world’s fresh water is used for irrigation (6 & 7).

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Global Perspective Individual Research

If states today will fight for water, tomorrow individual people might fight for water and a small issue about water may start a fight that might be difficult to contain or halt.Due to water pollution, the water which was considered ‘Amrita’ (Elixir) has now become poisonous.Due to Poland’s water polluted it is in shortage for water for industrial use.Waste water treatment plants collect waste water and remove solids and then treat waste water before realizing it into the environment.An analysis of different water bodies in downstream of Aji dam indicates the most of water bodies within city limits are contaminated.

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Water Pollution Problems in Africa and India Essay

These texts are the Water Act of 1974, which regarded prevention and the control of pollution, the Water Cess Act, which also had to do with the prevention and control of pollution, and the Environment Act of 1986 which dealt with the protection of the environment.The supply of water in the lower reaches of rivers has been over stretched by high levels of irrigation abstraction in dry seasons and high water demand .“Such techniques would include the improvement of the efficiency of current water uses, particularly large scale irrigation projects, as well as water conservation measures as improving soil texture to reduce evaporation, adopting proper operation rule for upstream dams and intra and inter-basin water options within the basin”...

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Purpose And Importance Of Tertiary Treatment Environmental Sciences Essay

Although 2/3rd of the earth’s crust is made up of water but all this water is not available for drinking and for other human activities as either it is locked in the form of ice or present in the form of vast saline oceans and seas.This is because if the unchecked water supply is to be released into the natural water system (river, pond, etc.)The excessive nutrient removal is the most viral step in the last stages of the water treatment before the water is released to the environment.In filtration, the water is allowed to pass through filters to separate the contaminating solids from the water.Agriculture is also overusing and polluting the ground water thus depleting the natural source of water.

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The Crossroads of Justice and Realpolitik: Coping with Water Scarcity

[21] For a more scientific discussion and study of water pricing and its effects on water usage, see: Margriet Caswell, Erik Lichtenberg, and David Zilberman, “The Effects of Pricing Policies on Water Conservation and Drainage,” .At the domestic level, water scarcity is a battle between states; rivers and other water reservoirs pass between different states and the competing claims for jurisdiction will not be easily resolved at the federal level.If disaster is to be averted for the billions who face the impending crisis of water scarcity, humans must find a third way; rather than move water or move people, the human relationship to water needs to be re-conceptualized to ensure global water security.Between water pricing and drip irr...

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Adaptation To Climate Change In Mauritius Environmental Sciences Essay

Their rating of seriousness of water resources compared to a range of environmental issues will also be assessed in addition to which extent they consider droughts and water shortages to be a personal concern.saline intrusion from sea level rise, soil erosion, unplanned sewerage development, bad waste water management amongst others in underground water sources), poor agricultural production and the negative effects on food security (for e.g production shortages, disruption in the vegetative growing, traditional irrigation methods etc) and other problem factors related to water specific to each SIDS (for example airports of Maldives suffered significant damages due to flooding in addition to impending threat of sea level rise, tsunami ca...

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