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Scarcity of Water in Saudi Arabia, Africa and Australia Cause and Effect Essay

The exploitation of underground water in desert areas is among the important directions that can be taken in the regions that I have mentioned so as to increase water sources.Other useful approaches that can be employed to tackle the problem of water shortage include employing water recycling techniques and desalination of sea water (Shaw 2008).Before venturing into the use of technological tools, which can be used to exploit water resources in the dry lands, it would be even more useful for man to seek ways of increasing the abundance of natural sources of water (UNDP 2009).Besides, the cleaning of polluted water resources like rivers, and the preservation of water catchments areas would also help in availing more water resources to man...

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Key Causes of Water Scarcity and Researched Solutions Essay

1.0Introduction This report is about the increase in demand for water, and its’ purpose is a twofold, firstly to examine and explore some of the causes of the ever increasing issue of the scarcity of water due to industrial, agricultural and consumer demand in society, and secondly to analyse the solutions of this concern for the Premier of Western Australia, Mr Colin Barnett.3.0Solutions to Water Scarcity 3.1Watershed Improvement in water management is one way to reduce water demand.2.0Causes of Demand for Water 2.1Industrial Demand Industrial Water Consumption Industries are one of the major key causes of the increased demand for water.5.0Recommendations In order to improve water use in Australia, the factors that need to be considered...

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Pros And Cons About Perth Tourism Development Tourism Essay

Tourism Western Australia will develop a new Statewide Major Events Strategy to create new home-grown events and attract more national and international events to Western Australia (Tourism Western Australia, 2010).Hyatt Regency Perth Hotel manages well in terms of waste water management.Within these areas policies have been developed to protect water resources from pollution.· Large draw on public infrastructure and utilities (electricity, water, sewage) which must be shared with local communities .The Department of Environment (DoE) is responsible for the protection of water resources used for public drinking water supplies throughout Western Australia (Water Corporation 2007).

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Franchise of Ecowash Mobile

In order to expand their global market, Ecowash Mobile provided franchise business strategy to build a team of entrepreneurs among Australia and several foreign markets.•Since Ecowash first stated in water-shortage Australia, foreign franchisees take risk to overcome the cultural barriers.•Franchisees can access to Global business network through ecowash online system which provides Australia franchisees pricing, technologies, experience, and expertise.There are over 50 mobile units servicing in Australia and leading firm self as the no.1 mobile waterless car washing franchise in this country.In March 2004, Jim Cornish and Stewart Nicholls established Ecowash Mobile in Sydney, which is a waterless car wash and polish instead of tradition...

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Water Shortages in the World Essay

Another activity that takes place is effective use of water (“Water Shortage!” 1).Even developed countries in deserts have water because they invest in water conservation and treatment.Proper management of water supply should be ensured to avoid spillage and contamination, which may infect people with water borne diseases.In fact, they have well organized water and sewage agencies that ensure every state is well supplied with water.“Water Shortage!” theeconomiccollapseblog.com.

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Solutions for the Water Deficit

Integrated water resources management (IWRM) which has been defined by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) as “a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources, in order to maximize the resultant economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems”.In these areas like Al-Batinah people are also facing a shortage of drinking water.Some citizen are suffering from drought because they depended on these wells to provide clear water for them to drink it, but, few of those citizen impacted by maxing of sea salt water fresh groundwater which Change water quality to become undrinkable and this cause shortage of clean drinking water.T...

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Feasibility Of Different Techniques For Providing Fresh Water Environmental Sciences Essay

If an arid region is short of sufficient water resources but with the strong economic capability, it should own a large scale of the water transfer project as it may meet the huge industry and agriculture demand.For instance, it is difficult to keep fresh water unpolluted when move water from long distances.It is known that 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered by water but 97% of this is saltwater and the other 3 % is fresh water that consists of surface and ground water.In arid regions, the large water transfer project could be a solution to fulfil urban water demand because water availability is a different distribution (Mays, 2009).However, 2.5 % of fresh water are unusable while another 0.497 % is polluted water, only 0.003 % of th...

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Developing and improving environmental problems

With the current government regulations on offer there is no shortage of assistance giving the clean technology companies the range in which to work and the support needed to get the ideas from the drawing board to the consumer market.Fifty percent of The ArkX fund is to be invested into global renewable energy with 25 percent in Clean Development Mechanism, 20 percent in trading European Union carbon credits, and the last 5 percent being invested in high-risk projects in Australia.Bearing this in mind, the real winners in this matter will undoubtedly be the environment and indeed the general public.With the environment in turmoil, the need for clean technology increases and while there are always going to be some companies that will ben...

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Overpopulation Is A Problem Of Overpopulation Essay

... middle of paper ... .In the past few decades, the humans’ populations have been increasing faster than many non-renewable and renewable resources, which leads to decline the amount of these resources per person.Overpopulation is a problem that can cause future threats, which would affect our food, water, and energy.Indeed, solving the overpopulation problem is just the beginning to solve the other problems.However, people can stabilize the human overpopulation by finding possible solutions to solve it.

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Two New Topics Revised Essay

Desalination is a process by which salt water and other contaminated water sources can be converted to fresh water for human consumption.GE Water and Processes Technology, .It is projected that by the year 2025 water demand will exceed supply by 56%, due to persistent regional droughts, shifting of the population to urban coastal cities, and water needed for industrial growth.One aspect of research that provides for sustainability with the water supply is recycling sewage water.Oceans comprise nearly all of the world’s water supply.

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Uses of Recycled Water in Horticulture Essay

Recycled water is defined as water that has been treated to a ‘fit for purpose’ standard for a specific application.Recycled water is already being used in a wide range of applications, including the irrigation of agriculture, parklands and golf courses.Australia now has more than 580 different recycled water schemes operating, which use approximately 167 GL/year.These include: • Water reclamation • Water recycling • Water reuse • Wastewater • Sewage effluent • Reclaimed water • Grey water Water recycling can include: • Recycling of wastewater from previous uses.These waters may be recycled from bathroom and laundry effluents (grey water), from the entire domestic sewage stream (black  water) or from municipal wastewater Recycling of wat...

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Natural Disaster

[10] While the size of a lake or other body of water will vary with seasonal changes in precipitation and snow melt, it is not a significant flood unless such escapes of water endanger land areas used by man like a village, city or other inhabited area.* As of 2006, states of Australia including South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Queensland had been under drought conditions for five to ten years.Flooding may result from the volume of water within a body of water, such as a river or lake, which overflows or breaks levees, with the result that some of the water escapes its usual boundaries.When mixed with water this forms a concrete-like material.[9] In the sense of “flowing water”, the word may als...

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The Origin of Life: Creationists and Evolutionists Essay

However, man has continued to mine the resource at a faster rate due to urbanization.This has been caused by the sporadic rainfall leading to fresh water bodies not being replenished.In addition, fresh water bodies have decreased due to global warming activities due to the changes in weather patterns.Throughout the cycle, water takes three forms: solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (water vapor).In northwestern Australia, arid basalt outcropping, one of Earth’s oldest rocks lies exposed to the sun.

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Impact of Labour Shortage on Economic Growth of Australia

The present study will aim to address the labour shortage in Australia that ultimately affects the economic growth of the country.Labour market and economic impacts of international working holiday temporary migrants to Australia.The term “skills shortage” is considered to be quite related to the skilled labour.From this perspective, it would be accurate to state that the shortage of skills usually results in the aggravation to organizations, as it hampers both the quantity and the quality of their productivity.Skills shortage hampers the financial growth of the country and it is a great challenge for the Abbott government, currently the “federal executive government” of Australia.

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El Nino weather anomalies

This means that more secondary impacts will result.This is very challenging for South East Asia, southern Africa and eastern Australia because these are places that are heavily reliant on agriculture and a shortage of water can be detrimental to their economies.Therefore poorer regions affected are likely to be worst hit by the El Nino phenomena so find it incredibly challenging.Large scale flooding led to problems with the water supply and sewerage, landslides and erosion resulted, with the accompanying tragic loss of lives and homes.East of the pacific warm water accumulates off the South American coast, the warm moist air rises and condenses to form rain clouds.

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Demand And Supply Of Agricultural Products

The shortage in the supply of agricultural products will eventually lead to a food inflation in UAE by the year 2013, to control inflation in agricultural products the government has come up with strategies to increase agriculture by using latest techniques to produce more by using less water.Cotton wheat and rice take a lot of water hence are impossible to be planted in a desert with limited water resources, therefore wheat and rice also adds up to the demand in agricultural products in UAE.The figures show a substantial increase in imports of vegetable products for country with shortages of water and land available for cultivation.Abu Dhabi has taken many initiatives to grow vegetables using tunnel farming enabling the farmers to produ...

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Water Scarcity is a Real Threat Essay

Water scarcity in Asia and Australia alone affects a fourth of the world’s population and is triggered by over-usage whereas in Africa, it is lack of adequate infrastructure that wreaks havoc.While 60% respondents said inadequate availability of water was already impacting their business, 87% said the scarcity would impact their business 10 years down the line.Water scarcity affects business of 60% Indian companies: An overwhelming majority of Indian companies consider water scarcity an increasing business risk, prompting them to conserve the commodity, a survey has revealed.Interestingly rich nations like Australia are not immune to water scarcity.Populist measures of providing free use of electricity and water for agriculture must be w...

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Global Perspective Individual Research

Experts have found out that the level of coliform (harmful bacteria) in water is dangerous if its 50/100ml of drinking water... After realizing the need for judicious use of water, I have reduced the use of water in cleaning my bicycle and bathing.Many water projects are underway in Australia and people are enthusiastically helping to solve the problem of unsafe drinking water.Due to Poland’s water polluted it is in shortage for water for industrial use.Waste water treatment plants collect waste water and remove solids and then treat waste water before realizing it into the environment.

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Rivers are drying up Essay

June 30, 2005 11.The Impact of Globalization on Comparative Analysis.org/economicpolicy/globalization/documents/AssessingGlobalizationP4.March 21, 2006 9.One is six countries facing food shortage.

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The Bacon Debate Essay

Animals need water to live, it takes water to grow the food the animals eat, and more water is used in the maintenance of the animals and their shelters.And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I cannot live with bacon.In addition to that, meat producers are among the world’s biggest polluters of water.Did you know that it takes 5,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of california beef?If the US meat industry wasn’t supported by the tax-payers paying a large proportion of its water costs, then hamburger meat would cost $35 a pound.

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Microeconomics about Fresh Water Supply Essay

The shortage of water may arises political conflicts among countries, the example is India and Pakistan, both of them uses 2 or more than 2 rivers the India have advantage of having the upstream water of all the major rivers which flow towards Pakistan.(Mideast faces fresh water crisis, By Staff Writer on Sunday, March 16, 2008) Another major cause of shrinking water supply is water pollution; it becomes a major problem for all the countries of world, developed countries in Europe and North America face problems due to water pollution.They attempt to make water reservoirs like dams and barrages to control the flow of water down stream and to fully utilize the river water and make it sure that not a single drop of water wastes.(Water Poli...

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Strategies for Workforce Shortage in Australian Healthcare

Another factor that has contributed towards the shortage of the healthcare workforce in Australia is the low uptake of related course within the colleges and other higher learning institutions.Since the model will be implemented in all the states across Australia, it will be effective towards addressing the key concerns that have been ailing the sector in terms of staff shortage.Also, students from different universities in Australia will be encouraged to be ambassadors of the social media campaign towards reducing the gap in the staff shortage in the Australian healthcare sector.A sector that has served as an icon for different countries across the globe faces the threat of undergoing through massive decline as the shortage of qualified...

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Comparison of UK and Australia Healthcare Systems

Twigg D, Duffield C, Thompson P.L, & Rapley P 2010, ‘The impact of nurses on patient morbidity and mortality: the need for a policy change in response to the nursing shortage’, Australian Health Review, vol.34, no.Management of multiple chronic diseases in the elderly has become a factor in Australia, as it increases the burden of health care system to trigger more requirements of more skill mix nurses and other health professions in Australia (National Health Workforce Taskforce, 2009, p4).However, it is completely tough nowadays, as not only is Australia facing with staffing shortage, but many countries have this issue (National Health Workforce Taskforce, 2009, p5).Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia plays an important role i...

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How to Save the Environment

Woodchipping to produce paper pulp is a huge environmental issue in Australia.Take a shorter shower for a simple way of saving water.Wash in cold or warm water instead of on the hot cycle.Every two minutes you save on your shower, you can also save more than 37 litres of water!Only washing clothes when you have a full load is a great way to conserve energy and water.

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Countries in the Caribbean and Oceania Regions

People praise on the long living Australia population.The people of Australia speak English, along with some Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic and others.Australia is a much massive land mass compared to Cuba.Natural gas is another natural resource found in Australia, used for heating homes in Australia.Unlike Cuba, Australia has no problem with population growth.

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Effects Of Cyclone Yasi On Australias Agriculture Economics Essay

At the original equilibrium price of $7.34/ kg, there will now be a shortage as demand will exceed supply.A shortage gap (where demand is greater than supply) then emerges as shown in diagram 3.Prices have to increase to the new equilibrium that is $11.38/ kg to cut down on the shortage.For instance, when there is a shortage, the price of a certain good will be forced up to meet the equilibrium quantity and vice- versa if there is a surplus.While Bob Kater talks about wanting to keep banana prices at their original price (initial equilibrium- $8.53/ kg), this will cause a great amount of shortage.

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Water stress Essay

These measures will not only preserve the biota, but also make more efficient the natural flushing and transport of the water cycle which makes water systems healthier for humans.Water scarcity or water stress is a situation in which the demand for water exceeds the available water resources in a specific geographic area.Only 0.014% of all water on Earth is both fresh and easily accessible (potable water), 97% of the remaining water is saline and just under 3% is difficult to access.The main causes of water shortage are related to human interference with the water cycle.The Falkenmark indicator measures the areas affected by "water shortage" according to the quantity of water available per inhabitant and per year (m3 / inhabitant / year)...

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The growth of the banana market in Australia

According to the Australia Banana Growers’ Council, they estimated that 28 million of bananas are consumed each week, which means a person consume 60-70 bananas and is around 13kg averagely (ABCG n.d).It may cause a bigger shortage.The price has shot up because there is a shortage in bananas market.The shortage would cause difficulty in rationing the limited supply of bananas.It would be an elastic supply for bananas market because there are around 800 banana growers in Australia (mainly from Queensland and New South Wales) that are estimated to produce about 23 million 13 kilogram cartons of bananas (ABCG n.d).

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Analysis Of The Banana Market In Australia Economics Essay

In an equilibrium state, problems like shortage and surplus will not happen in the market because the quantity demand and quantity supply are in balance.Jackson,J &Mclver.R 2007, Microeconomics , 8th edn, McGraw-Hill, Australia.According to the Australia Banana Growers’ Council, they estimated that 28 million of bananas are consumed each week, which means a person consume 60-70 bananas and is around 13kg averagely (ABCG n.d).The shortage would cause difficulty in rationing the limited supply of bananas.Shortage will usually happen when the price is below the price equilibrium, we can see that when price drops from Pe to P0, the quantity supply will decrease because suppliers are willing to supply at this price where they have low rev...

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Homogeneous And Differentiated Product In Microeconomics Economics Essay

Take fashionable Fiji water as an example; it is differentiated from other brands as the purest spring water, “untouched by man”, “so much more pure and so much healthier than other bottled waters” (Fiji water, 2009).Bottled water on the other hand has a relatively elastic demand curve due to water has many substituted products available in the market such as boiled/tap water, coke, fruit juice, different kinds of soft drinks, etc.The second economic issue emerged in this case is related to the elasticity of both water and petrol.And, this has made it the most expensive spring water sold in supermarket with $2.99/ litre, even more expensive than Mt Franklin water of Coca Cola – best selling brand sold for $2.96/ litre.Different firms can...

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